Cs go matchmaking bunnyhop

This time I included keypresses on screen I could not include jump as I use the mousewheel to do it and few ways to practice. I will make somewhat and text tutorial right here. In the video I included the basics to bhoping to people that are new to it and those basics are strafing and key binds.

Strafing is the MOST important thing in bunny hopping. What strafing alows you is to gain speed while in mid air. Strafing is done by pressing the directional key mid air A,D with synced movment of your mouse Pressing A you need to move your mouse to the left, D moving your mouse to right. Best thing you can do is only to practice, a lot.

You will fail a lot of jumps and ehat you need to do is just stop for a second and not to try bhoping if your speed goes under Run for 2 seconds and try again. Practice makes it perfect. Key binds are somewhat important and make your jumps easier. Binds I use are these: Adding a jump to it and you constanly have 1 strafe bhop. You can gain up to speed in matter of seconds with this.

Now I want to talk about bhop styles. There are 3 styles that are mose common: Weaving Weaving is when you mouse your mouse 80 degrees before each jump. This is the most common tehnique. Flicking Flicking is moving your mouse to one side more than the other. You move to left for 80 degrees and just "flick" to right really fast and back to left etc. This is what I use to bhop in competetive.

Wiggling Wiggling is constanly moving left and right really fast and for this you really need to sync your strafes with mouse movement. This is the hardest of three. It took quite some time to make and I was tired while doing it so excuse me on any mistakes I made.

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