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The number of prisoners and detained people, which was 59 thousand in , the year when AKP first came to the power, this number increased by percent in nine years and rose to thousand in the year of According to the data by the National Judiciary Network Project , a total of thousand people are held in prisons in Turkey.

Among these people, 36 thousand are prisoners on remand, 17 thousand are jailed without definite conviction and 73 thousand are convicted. While 17 thousand are jailed without definite conviction, among them 17 thousand are made up of men and the rest made up of women. Of thousand jailed people in Turkish prisons, seven thousand are at the age range of , consisting of women and seven thousand men.

Among the prisoners in prisons, 78 are at the age of above On 29 January Deniz Kaya declared the indefinite hunger strike with turns was changed to indefinite hunger strike without turns. Kaya noted the prisoners would also refuse visits until 5 February. According to the report: The bitter hope of the families of thousands of people who disappeared in the s in the region is that a bone fragment found belongs to one that went missing two decades ago.

The only ending they can hope for is to perhaps finally have a piece of their son, daughter, father or brother to bury at a site to call a grave.

The 27 hand grenades marked the start of the investigation into Ergenekon, a network with members in powerful positions in the bureaucracy and the military, as well as civilians such as influential journalists and writers, which had masterminded many assassinations -- killings to overthrow the government. The skulls were unearthed during restoration work being carried out in the area, but they resulted in wider excavations for more bones and skulls. Prosecutors are now looking for more bones.

The Ergenekon trial has opened a new opportunity to turn Turkey into a real state under the rule of law, but it means so much more to the people of the Southeast. Many of the suspects who are currently jailed as Ergenekon members, such as Gen. Perhaps, some of the military officers arrested in the Ergenekon investigation were unknown by most of the country, but there is not a single person in the Southeast who can possibly forget who they are and the things they did.

They want to know that their villages will not be set on fire again. This date was when the unit first materialized -- although never on paper -- as a department to fight terrorism more effectively.

First, it was to conduct operations only in the cities of Silopi, Mardin and Batman. Later, it would establish itself in all parts of the Southeast, terrorizing citizens and killings thousands. A report by a parliamentary commission investigating human rights violations found that 17, people were killed. Some say this figure includes regular murders and might be slightly elevated.

The number of unsolved murders whose perpetrators are yet to be found is 3, For now, 2, of the cases filed are treated as having certainly been committed on the basis of a political motivation. In the Southeast, bone fragments belonging to bodies have been unearthed in excavations over the past three years.

DNA research on the rest is under way. Sixteen years after they disappeared, their bones were returned to their families. The ruling was made in Aygan was recruited by Cem Ersever, a major who would become the victim of an unsolved murder himself. Aygan used the name Aziz Turan between and and later fled to Sweden, which offered him political asylum. Since then, Aygan -- both in statements to the Turkish press and prosecutors investigating the Southeast murders -- has pointed out a large number of individual murders, giving much detail about the perpetrators.

His testimony has also served to find the whereabouts of Murat Aslan, one of the victims of the murders he described. The death of former Gendarmerie General Commander Gen. Erserver and the suspicious suicide of Col.

This suspicion is backed by strong evidence including falsified autopsy reports and witness testimony. A prosecutor who attempted to indict the former chief of General Staff, Gen. If bones found in an excavation in the place they describe does not match their DNA, ambiguity starts as to what will happen to that particular investigation. DNA from all families should be collected in a bank to match against any bones found during the investigations.

Or who killed him. People need some sort of closure, so they can mourn their losses. When this is impossible, very serious trauma is experienced. Parliament is currently working on the archives of the early republican era and the controversial rulings of the notorious Courts of Independence, in a move that many say will contribute to the transparency of the Turkish state and make the country confront dark incidents in its history.

He also released a number of state documents about the incident and read excerpts from archive documents related to the massacre. There is now growing pressure on the state to confront the notorious rulings of the Courts of Independence. All of them were closed in A total of 1, people were executed by these courts, according to reports.

Parliament is currently working on the archives of this court -- , pages of documents and old notebooks. So, there were fears of a public backlash if the rulings of the Courts of Independence were exposed.

He complained there has been a belief in Turkey until now that the people are not ready to talk about the Courts of Independence, and the republican regime has not yet found its ground in society.

He said such claims underestimate the intelligence and maturity of the Turkish people. They met democracy a long time ago. The Turkish people met an uncensored press, political opposition and the right to assemble long ago. Yet, we need to stress this: Should many people die for tyranny to be considered to have been large-scale? The Courts of Independence are an aspect of our republican history about which little is known.

These will remove a deficiency. I do not think very shocking or startling details will come out of the archives. He said members of the Courts of Independence were not all jurists, but they were highly educated people who were not seeking to fulfill justice but to please the government. Russia follows Turkey with cases and Ukraine with According to Bratza, Greece 69 , Romania 58 and Poland 54 violated at least one article of the convention.

The secretary-general of the Council of Europe, Thorbjorn Jagland, recently said during a meeting that about 16, cases are currently open against Turkey, making it the country against which the second-highest number of charges has been filed. Turkish government claims that it has made substantial progress in improving human rights situation in the country.

Justice Minister Sedat Ergin recently said in a conference that a series of reforms had been adopted to prevent human rights violations in the past few years, adding that similar legal amendments will continue to improve the situation. The most important breakthrough in judicial reform was achieved last year with a landslide approval in a public referendum amending a number of constitutional articles -- many related to judicial changes. For the first time, it introduced the individual right to petition the Constitutional Court for alleged violations of fundamental human rights.

It also established the Ombudsman Office for grievances regarding the misconduct of government employees and agencies. In its report, the Strasbourg-based court again listed Turkey as the country most often found in violation of the convention in its rulings. The highest number of judgments finding at least one violation of the ECHR concern cases from Turkey , followed by Russia , Romania , Ukraine and Poland In , Turkey accepted the right of individuals to make applications to the ECtHR to apply individually to the ECtHR and in recognized the compulsory jurisdiction of the court.

However Turkey has still not ratified some of the protocols of the Convention despite signed them. The report indicates that unsolved murders were at their peak between and With the current judicial regulations, if the unsolved murder cases between and are not investigated soon, they will be closed due to a statute of limitations. The abuse of individual rights started when the state implemented counter-guerilla techniques and outright war.

But in there was a huge increase in the number of unsolved murders: In there were unsolved murders and in There were unsolved murders in , in , 65 in , 45 in , 52 in , 13 in , 24 in , eight in , 16 in , eight in , four in , 21 in , two in , 30 in , 18 in , nine in and 13 in She also stated that her husband died on Dec.

His wife expressed doubts at the time that her husband was killed in a clash with PKK terrorists, as officials claim was the case.

Moreover, prison administrations prevent letters of detainees and convicts about rights violations to be sent to journalists. The report touches upon rights violations in prison. The report is based on almost one hundred interviews with detainees and prisoners in prisons in the Marmara region north-western Turkey , i. According to Aslan, both judicial and political prisoners face great difficulties in going to hospital and medical examinations.

Many detainees and convicts with health problems have not received medical treatment. Handcuffs of the prisoners are not even taken off for examinations. These applications are unacceptable" Aslan emphasized. News about F type prisons banned in F type prsions Aslan pointed to data of the Ministry revealing that 1, people died in prison between and She claimed that this figure has exceeded two thousand by now and that in their opinion these deaths did not have natural reasons.

It is not allowed to write letters to journalists". Also the letters I wrote did not reach their recipients. The letters about rights violations sent to journalists were confiscated". News about F type prisons in particular are never given to us". They wrote about our cruelty" dealing with the fact that the paper was not given to convicts. The according trial was handled by the Erzurum 2nd Criminal Court of First Instance and included a total of eight defendants.

The defendants were convicted because they "made organizational propaganda by chanting slogans". Additionally, posting a banner reading "We want free education" was also accounted for as evidence. Another reason for the trial was posting a banner featuring the slogan "Release detained students". Socialist International called on the Turkish government to show respect for the independence of the judiciary. The police was informed and the public prosecutor and the police officials who came to the working area suggested that the excavation should be started with work machines.

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