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Sep, by Colin in colombia Alternate Title: Medellin is prone to violence, but I never felt unsafe during my three trips totaling over 6 weeks. I always wonder how these gringo killings go down. And I always conclude that Medellin may not be as safe as it feels. The newspapers mentioned that Goldberg ran a travel agency, but none reported that it catered to sex tourism.

I only learned recently from an offhand comment from a reader email. I started researching the case and wound up going down the rabbit hole. The city of Medellin and greater Colombia undeservedly took the blame. He worked out deals with hotels to create sex tourism travel packages. He got cuts from every angle. He was building and promoting a full-time sex tourism business with multiple revenue streams. He was immersed in the industry. He quickly made enemies and relocated to Colombia.

Much of this article uses less-than-concrete sources. However, this much has been established as fact: Noah Goldberg ran Medellin Paisa Tours , a travel agency catering to sex tourism. He made enemies in Costa Rica and Colombia. He was killed while with a client. He was killed by two gunmen who were drinking beer at an adjacent table. There were no words beforehand, no argument. There was no robbery. They stood up, produced pistols, and shot him twice — once in the head, once in the shoulder.

The rest of this article is based on anonymous witnesses, forum posts, etc. Medellin Paisa Tour Update: After coming back from Santa Fe, we decided to extend our trip and see more of Medellin. There was a last-minute cancellation of a reservation in this penthouse in Castropol, Poblado…and Medellin Paisa hooked us up with a great deal. So we decided to stay for 3 more days, and our friend from Miami flew in and we stayed in this 5-br penthouse overlooking the city…incredible place, great deal, with views of the whole city.

Got set up with a private chef…amazing Italian meal…we then sat in the group jacuzzi. Friends and I were hooked up with amazing women…no bs, no clock-watchers, and not one time did any of them pick up their cell phones. Original deal was for 3 hours with them, and they stayed and partied with us all night.

The girls left in the morning and thanked us for a good time. I had a delicious red snapper, my friends were all happy. When we asked what the surprise was, he kept smiling his devilish smile. When the surprise was finally unveiled, we were all pleasantly surprised…we were taken to this discrete, and very private after hours club.

We went up to the gate, and were welcomed in and escorted to the second floor, where there was a bar, a dance floor with a pole, and many lounge rooms. In the far back, is an outdoor terrace, where people were smoking cigarettes and talking. The management and staff clearly knew Medellin Paisa very well. Everyone came up and gave him a kiss or shook his hand. We were given a bottle of aguardiente on the house, and escorted to a private lounge with couches and tables.

It was a very relaxed atmosphere…we sat down, and immediately were greeted by 6 beautiful paisas who asked us if there was anything we needed. We watched some girls dance, the owner, a beautiful blonde paisa, came over and sat down to talk with us. We spent a couple hours just chatting and drinking with the women.

No one ever asked us for anything…no pressure at all. About women walked through the door, and we had the choice of women in the place. I chose a tall, black haired beauty from Baranquilla…rocked my world, and only for 70, pesos.

She eventually came home with me. I was surprised to see the sun rising…had no idea how much time had passed. Lucky we still made our flight at 2 pm. The last night was definitely one of the most interesting nights of my life, still with a smile on my face as I type this.

Clients could book an entire tour on the Medellin Paisa Tours website. This is how Goldberg irked many in the mongers community, which organized to share information and benefit from collective knowledge. I just spent a week in Medellin and I booked my trip thru Medellin Paisa. The Lincoln Hotel was very good. Medellin Paisa introduced me to a few very nice ladies. It was strange that no Colombian women give blowjobs, They all hate it.

I don not understand why I need to send them Western Union but, they are poor, so what the Hell. Everyday I was informed of the multiple muggings all around town and the many hotel break ins.

I am glad I have a friend for life now. When these criticisms were leveled, Goldberg often mocked and insulted the members. CRT members can be tough and demanding with their service providers. Fortunately, the successful CRT sponsors live and breath customer service, have very thick skin and offer decent value for their goods or services. You can learn alot from the gulch business owners who address issues and complaints on here. They listen to the feedback from the guys on here and make adjustments accordingly without feeling hurt and throwing insults at potential customers.

This is not uncommon among legit, non-sex tour guides I know in Colombia. There are many places in Medellin that are not for the faint-of-heart. The trick is to be discrete!! Todo es Muy Discreto en Medallo.

If you offend the wrong person you may be on your last trip to Medallo!! But the members on this Board seemed to express a true interest in visiting this type of Club there are many more of these types of underground clubs in Medallo.

Take a look at the Trip Report by Kansas Cowboy on the first page in this ever-expanding thread. Medellin can be a dangerous place but the owner of this Club is a wonderful woman Her name is Kate La Gata who has expressed an interest in entertaining foreigners. I always feel more than welcome in her Casa. Just remember that the Narcos like to share their chicas.

If a fellow guest expresses an interest in your chica de noche I would suggest that you offer to share…In return they will share their chicas with you!! But at the same time I would never bring a loud-mouth client to this Club Wink-Wink. It would only be a headache for everyone involved!! Our job is to anticipate any type of trouble before it even happens.

Being a good Brujo is part of what we are all about!! Just relying on a translator can get you in a lot of trouble. Many Colombians would never consider frequenting this type of Casa. As they say down here in PaisaLandia…. Usted tiene que leer los ojos de la gente!! I am being a little bit cautious because I am not completely confident that CRT members can go to a place like this without a proper escort.

Perhaps, Jimmy will volunteer to be our test case! If he survives the experience it will prove that almost anyone can go to this type of Club! To answer your question: There is no bar fine involved! They are Narco Party Girls but you need to be very careful with them if you decide to leave with one of them. One more bit of advice: This is not the kind of Casa where you just pop-in to take a look at the menu like other Casas in El Centro!

The etiquette is that you come in…. If you want to just pop-in for 5 minutes I seriously doubt that they will ever let you back in through the front door ever again. They also might suspect you of being a DEA agent or some other type of police officer!

Just remember that this is an underground type of Club. There are rules that must be followed, and these rules are not written down! That is why I strongly suggest that if you frequent a club like this that you go with someone who has experience dealing with this form of Paisa Entertainment.

It is highly unlikely that you will see other Gringos in this type of Club! Thank God I am not Colombia Jake. Most of his clients seem to get Drugged these days if the rumors are true.

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