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Australia and Nigeria have a long history of bilateral relations and enjoy a strong relationship with deepening trade, investment and people to people links. I look forward to working with my Nigerian counterparts to continue to advance the bilateral relationship and will take regular opportunities to visit different regions of Nigeria. We are committed also to supporting the growth of ties between Australia and our countries of accreditations who also form part of this diverse and dynamic region.

If you are an Australian travelling in the region, please register your travel on www. As they say in Nigeria, you are welcome. These scams are run by criminal gangs and will only steal your money by fraud. There is no job and there is no visa.

Legitimate Australian Government border related email addresses end with dfat. Anything that contains a. Report suspected fraud to: Beware of fraudulent Scholarship Agents Potential Australia Awards — Africa applicants are vulnerable to being targeted by individuals who pose as scholarship agents promising to guarantee a scholarship to study in Australia. Potential applicants, are often urged to pay money, in return for support and guidance in filling a form and submitting a successful application.

If you are a potential applicant, use the website: The site will publish accurate and relevant program information which will help you with your application. If you would like to verify whether the program employs an individual that has offered to help you with your application, email us at enquiries australiaawardsafrica. International financial scams International scammers continue to tempt people around the world with promises of lucrative rewards, usually in return for assistance in transferring vast sums of money.

Read the Smartraveller Travel Bulletin. Cruise Ship Employment Scams The Australian Government is aware that clients in Africa have been targeted by unsolicited e-mails fraudulently offering employment from Australian cruise ship companies.

It appears that the fraudulent e-mails originate from other countries, not Australia. The Australian High Commission is unable to verify employment offers from Australian companies. In some instances, persons have also experienced physical harm as a result of the actions of the criminal networks operating these scams. Information on all relevant fees and charges associated with visa applications can be found here.

Any questions about the standard visa process including associated costs , can be directed to the Visa Section of the Australian High Commission, Pretoria at the email address:

A look at our favorite designs from day 2 of Lagos Fashion Week in Nigeria. The Nok civilisation of Northern Nigeria flourished between BC and AD , producing life-sized terracotta figures that are some of the earliest known sculptures in Sub-Saharan Africa. Further north, the cities Kano and Katsina have a recorded history dating to around AD. Hausa kingdoms and the Kanem–Bornu Empire prospered .

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