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I realize there are some tools that I do not mention that are in the inventory module. Everyone is super busy these days, the last thing people want to do is administrative work. I believe we should take the simplest route in setup and configuration to get the company up and running. But what happens when the customer is live and actually using the system in their day to day operation? In addition to their daily workload, now they have to click some buttons in order to properly close?

The new ERP system is supposed to save us steps, not increase them. We, as consultants and developers, often forgets this important goal. Remembering details to close out the period in the system should be, in my opinion, be kept at a minimum none if possible. Making the system more complicated to maintain is not good for anyone. The purpose of the inventory period is to enforce the rule that no item transaction can be posted before the date on the inventory period that is closed.

I mean why would you want people to be able to back date inventory? Why Not Inventory Periods? There are 2 ways to control this in Dynamics Business Central 1. Quite simply, error messages freaks people out. I hate them and I suspect you hate them too.

To be able to close out an inventory period, you have to ensure the following: Run adjust cost, which what you should be doing already. We typically set this up in the Job Queue so it runs automatically Make sure there are no negative inventory.

All of the restrictions that the Inventory Periods tries to manage is something the accounting manager is already doing in their standard operating procedure. You have the Allow Posting From dates to control when people can back date to. You should be running adjust cost already or it should be setup on the Job Queue to be ran automatically.

Conclusion I do believe Inventory Periods have their uses in certain situations. More often than not, I walk into companies with elaborate setups, with Inventory Periods being one of them, that has not been used since the first 1 or 2 periods since the company went live. Adding additional step of inventory periods will not help the situation. Microsoft likes to add functions to keep track of functions. In my opinion, this makes the system and its maintenance more complicated, which nobody wants.

Fortunately, this function is not mandatory. If not, please check out my other articles on the subject on how to properly care for the inventory module in Dynamics Business Central formerly Dynamics NAV Adjust Cost Back Dating Transactions While asking companies to run the adjust cost process, some people will report that they experience unwanted entries made to the previous accounting periods.

The reason is because the adjust cost process will always adjust to the date of the original sales transaction unless specified otherwise. Just little things to help make your life hopefully easier. We would investigate and find out why and provide solutions on how to fix them. I wrote an article covering this specific topic here.

When I went to the Navision training class back in , this was one of things that they stressed on when using inventory function in NAV. Run Adjust Cost people! Do it before you run any inventory, costing, or financial statements! You can read more about why this process is important on this link: This problem occurs when people posts directly into the inventory accounts. Digging deeper into the ledgers, we found the entries that are causing the problem: Based on the Change Log, it was changed by their previous accounting manager for unknown reasons.

Why is this important? So you can run the Inventory Valuation and match it up against your regular inventory and the inventory Interim account. I still believe people should truly understand the software so they know what reports to run and how to reconcile properly… Relying on consultants is okay… Being self-reliant is better.

The inventory account is set to expense account. This means whenever you purchase or sell an inventory item with this inventory posting group for that location, it will go to account Again, there may have been a reason this was setup in the first place. Because most companies will only need to do this hopefully once in a lifetime. Learning and ins-and-outs of posting setup, especially when you only really need to set this up once, is not a good use of your time.

General Posting Setup is Incorrect This scenario is similar to the above. Instead of setting the Inventory Posting Group the balance sheet side incorrectly, they set the General Posting Setup incorrectly. Same as the previous point, there may be a special and probably good reason for doing this, but over time, this knowledge will be lost. I have problems identifying those who talk a big game and those who can actually deliver as well. Abnormal Posting Date Basically, when you post a receipt on a date later than when you post the invoice.

The primary reason companies do this is because they want certain purchase transactions to occur in certain periods. You can read the article here. Basically, you will need to run a supplemental report to balance out the inventory. Conclusion There are probably other common reasons, but these are just from the top of my head. Note that these symptoms usually comes with follow up questions on why the inventory costing is weird.

The bottom line is as long as you can reasonably explain what happened to the auditors, you will be OK.

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