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In our case, we ran the NPC for Northwestern and for an ivy league school. With 2 children in school, the ivy would give us significantly more aid than would Northwestern. Reply Mary November 25, at 7: One is male, and one is female, and both were strong but not exceptional students. This school sends more kids to elite colleges than does a neighboring private high school around the same size. My son had a 3. They were strong athletes, but not strong enough to get athletic scholarships.

They were strong students, but not strong enough to really stand out in their competitive school. So the only schools willing to offer them any scholarship money were minimally selective out-of-state schools or minimally-selective private colleges. Our public universities, even the second and third tiers, are quite good; so it was impossible to justify spending more money to go to a lesser school out of state or a private school. For them, there is no better deal than paying full fare at the state university, especially if you can get into the honors program.

I would like to see a guide for people like that the vast majority of college applicants — a guide that helps with ideas for paying for college for the families of the good-but-not-exceptional students, in terms of grades and test scores, who also have no hook. I also noticed that the minority students from our high school who were accepted by elite colleges were not low income. In fact, they were mostly very high income with well educated parents.

These schools are more interested in the bottom line and checking the box on their federally mandated requirements, so they love wealthy minority students, because they can check one of those boxes while the student pays full freight.

Again, these students — strong students without hooks — tended to find that their best bets were our own state universities. In some cases, home equity counts against you. Many middle class families have most of their worth in their homes and may be planning to use it towards retirement, yet they are expected to tap into that to pay for college.

One college offered my kids loans as financial aid. To me that was laughable, because this college thought of debt as aid. Reply Beena November 23, at 9: The only affordable option would be the CSUs in this case, or a school that offers significant merit aid, or taking out parent loans. Anne November 9, at 9:

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