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During and , Caldor and I took road trips on many weekends throughout the upper midwest. It started out by exploring various cities, often driving around aimlessly.

So, we turned to the places teenagers are known to flock and went to local malls in the cities we visited. Neither of us had more than very limited experience in the areas we explored: The experiences were simultaneously riveting, if not a little frightening.

We encountered many different characters at the malls, saw malls in different physical as well as economic conditions, and got a taste of local flavor in every place we went. We became amazed at the disparities we saw between large, successful, packed malls and old, dated, or for whatever reason emptier malls.

We found them fascinating, and started to contemplate the bigger picture. This blog is essentially the culmination of our explorations, our discoveries, our ruminations, and efforts in putting together a semblance of understanding in the retail puzzle of America.

Pekin Mall is the first remarkably dead mall we visited, in January of When we approached the mall from sad downtown Pekin on Court Street, it looked spectacularly dated on the outside, but nothing, I repeat, nothing could have prepared us for the inside. The floor tiles were this shiny mix of off-white, deep blue, purple, and what can only be described as puke green.

Horrifically, the tiles alternated colors so a striped pattern repeated the mismatched color scheme throughout the entire mall. Strangely, the mall also seemed rather dimly lit, despite the manmade lighting and the very cool mods windows carved into the ceiling for natural light. These 3 foot long, vertical rows of christmas lights?!

Every store, open or not, was horribly dated. Several stores had untreated wooden storefronts, which seemed to be popular in the s or s.

The Waldenbooks, or should I say Walden Books, was one of their original mall store designs, built vaguely to look like an old bookstore on some urban street. It had the horrible dark green carpeting and the chandeliers common for Waldenbooks during this time. As an aside, I think these stores are more aesthetically pleasing sans the carpeting and maybe the chandeliers than their current bland design.

Imagine the disassociation therapy the kids will have to go through in order to enjoy gymnastics again! During our visit was this bizarre fair in the mall, which consisted largely of card tables with various knick-knacks, Native American wares, and people. They were smoking pipes, cigars, incense burning.

All mixed together with the musty old mall, it was a very strange, offensive smell. Like I said, the mall probably opened sometime about It had not received any sort of renovations, ever. During , the mall was sold and the development company announced huge plans to redo the mall as what else?

However, due mostly to lack of interest, an honest effort by the company to come through on their promised plans to redevelop the horrid mall failed. So the mall sat, and all the while the mall emptied out completely. During my last visit to the mall in January, , the Hobby Lobby wing of the mall was entirely shuttered.

It was not until late Spring that the mall finally came down, in pieces. JCPenney announced it would be leaving the development and closed their doors in Big Lots and Hobby Lobby still anchor the west end of the redeveloped strip mall.

How is it doing? Leave some comments or E-Mail me and let me know. Check out a recreation of the Pekin Mall directory and site plan, put together by Kurt Schachner.

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