Surprising Benefits of Air Sterilisation

We may not notice it all the time, but the air we breathe may not be clean. Whether we are at home or in public areas like office buildings, clubs, hospitals or other commercial places, chances are we are breathing in contaminants and small pieces of ash or debris.

Disgusting right? Contaminated air can affect our bodies in so many ways, our general health will suffer which can lead to chronic respiratory and heart problems. So in order to remain safe and sound, we should consider using an air purification system to ensure that we are breathing healthy air. Air sterilisation and purification essentially clean the air we breathe, taking out bacteria, odours and dirt particles.

High traffic areas like hospitals, clubs and underground parking stations need to have systems in place to remove harmful particles and contaminants from the air that is circulated to areas of the building which humans breathe the air. The equipment is a measure to keep people safe while on the premises. To understand the importance of air sterilisation we can walk you through different situations where you can appreciate the use of air purifiers.

High Rise Buildings

For those living in high rise buildings, opening the window for some fresh air is not always an option. Particularly those who spend lots of time in office buildings. Most of us live with pets either cat or dog and share our homes with them. We know animals bring odours, urine and skin dander to our homes, we love them anyway!

Some people are quite allergic to animal dander, and this can be problem if they share an air conditioner with somebody who has an animal in the house. Regular vacuuming cannot completely remove these pollutants, but a high quality air purifier is able to get rid of dander in the air. Air purification has been the ideal solution for home and it greatly benefits people with asthma and allergies.

Other allergens might be present in a high rise office or apartment building such as mould spores and dust mite faeces, both of which can cause allergies. Being exposed to these culprits can trigger difficulty breathing or shortness of breath in some people and in some cases, people have been admitted to the hospital for prolonged treatment due to these irritants.

Air Purifiers are known to effectively remove air contaminants in an enclosed space, such as office buildings, and apartment blocks.

Contaminated Air in Hospitals

Medical centres and hospitals can also become a potential source of bacteria, odours and microbes. Many diseases are airborne and hospitals can be a potential hazard for those who have low immune systems.

Hospitals can also produce some terrible smells from items such as medical waste storage, garbage disposal areas, food waste, toilets and laundries. All of these problems may spread foul odours in the entire facility and surrounding areas if the odours are not removed and treated.

Another consideration is that patients, visitors, doctors and nurses may carry different unseen microbes which can be transmitted to anything they come in contact with. It is important to maintain excellent personal hygiene and ensure contaminants are not lurking on surfaces such as floors and counters, thereby spreading diseases to unsuspecting visitors.

Controlling the spread of diseases and the bad odours in Hospitals are crucial. Air purifiers and odour control systems are solid choices when searching for a solutions in sterilising the air in the entire building. Air sterilisation works using oxygen molecules and is used around the world in hospital operating rooms and intensive care units to sterilise the air to avoid the spread of disease.

Clubs and Casinos

Clubs and casinos are areas where large groups of smokers tend to congregate. This poses a particular problem for building owners and managers as the smell of smoke is not only offensive, but it contains toxic chemicals which cause cancer.

Those whose responsibility it is to ensure that cigarette smoke doesn’t travel outside the designated smoking areas usually turn to an air purification system. Casinos are air conditioned and smoking rooms are usually enclosed within the building and the air purification systems used is usually not the same as for the rest of the building. This is to the smoke particles aren’t able to easily travel to different areas affecting other people within other areas of the building.

Smoking rooms produce a lot of ash which can be transmitted through air conditioning systems. To give you an idea about how small these tiny particles of ash are (0.01 – 0.1 microns) it is important that a specialized air purification system that can handle particles of this size is used on these areas.

Food Processing Plants

Everybody knows that animal meat produces foul odours. Production plants where the meats are processed and packed must exist to support sections of the population who eat meat as part of their diet. Pet food processing plants also fall under this category.

Food processing plants not only produce foul odours from decomposing food, they can also produce biological contaminants which are dangerous to humans and animals. These odours and contamination can affect nearby communities if the plant is located in an area which is populated. These contaminants can threaten people’s health.

With the continued human population growth, popular residential areas are sprawling outwards, coming closer to industrial areas, making it essential for food processing plants to control their odor and pollution levels.

A powerful odour control solution with air purification can help eliminate the smell before it goes out of the sewage stacks, keeping the community safe.

Sewage Plants

It is a big challenge to treat odors in sewage plants whilst keeping odours under control. These terrible odours have been known to escape from manholes into the air, which can contaminate the local community.

To stop causing problems in the community, a potent odour control technology needs to be installed in the sewage plants to control wastewater treatment plant odours. This can neutralise odours and helps prevent its spread to residential areas.

It may be surprising to know how widespread the use of air purifiers and odour control systems, but they are used by many businesses to help keep the surrounding community, their workers and everyone concerned safe. Parking areas, hotels, smoking rooms, shopping centres, office blocks, food processing operations (large or small) and more can benefit from this technology.


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