Step by step guide to writing capstone paper


There are many papers that one would write in their academic career and the capstone paper is one of them. When it comes to writing a capstone paper one of the things that one must appreciate is what exactly is a capstone paper? You would also want to find out ways that you can write a capstone paper. In this article we would be looking at general step by step guide that would help you in writing your capstone paper. This is irrespective of whether it is an IT capstone paper or an lf accounting capstone paper. For those who are in the nursing field, they would want to find sample nursing capstone paper and there are many of these samples that are available online. If you however want bsn capstone project ideas you can get that too.

What is a capstone paper?

Basically, this is an academic paper or project usually done in the final year of high school. It is like a project work, for which the student would carry out a research and draw out conclusions at the end. It would also contain referencing just like any graduate thesis would. It is however different in that the requirements are not the same. The first thing that must be done when writing a capstone paper is to get the topic. Whether you are using a sample nursing capstone paper, an IT capstone paper or an accounting capstone project, you need to have a draft of the topic.

How to select the topic for your capstone paper

We have said that, selecting the topic for your project or capstone paper is the first step. In this segment we would be looking at some of the tips that would help you select the topic for your capstone paper. In selecting the topic for your capstone paper, the following things must be put into consideration.

  1. It must be a topic that has rich literature: If the topic lacks literature, it would be very difficult for you. You do not want to be the first one researching a topic that you want to use for your capstone paper.

  2. It must be a topic that you are comfortable with: if you are not comfortable with the topic, you are already setting yourself up for an unhappy research experience. This is why it is good to select a capstone topic that you are comfortable with.

  3. Preferably a topic that no one else in your class is doing: It helps if the topic is for you, that way, someone else doesn’t do something similar and creates an undue competition for you as to whose research is better. Your marks would be met with unfavorable competition if this is the case.

  4. It should be a topic that has relevance to your field and our world today: This makes the topic very interesting for anyone that reads your capstone paper and this would be relevant for you in your future academic career as well.

  5. It should be a topic that everyone can relate with especially your supervisor: It helps if your capstone paper topic is one that your supervisor can easily relate with.

Step by Step Guide to writing a capstone paper

Below are some of the steps to follow when writing a capstone paper and just like earlier stated, this is irrespective of whether it is for bsn capstone project ideas, an accounting capstone project, or an IT capstone project. You can read about some of the steps on how to write a capstone paper. Most sample nursing capstone paper that is available online would also offer a similar guide as the one below:

  • Choose your capstone topic: You can read journals relating to your fields for ideas and always remember the aforementioned points when doing this

  • Create your draft using a table of content guide or sample

  • Do an initial research on the topic: you can use materials from your school library or the internet

  • Start the writing

  • Proofread as you write and when you are done

  • Do your referencing

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The aforementioned information would guide you through writing your capstone paper. You can check out sample nursing capstone paper or any of the other capstone paper samples that are available online for more details. You would also find bsn capstone project ideas online. This just shows that you can broaden your ideas with the internet either for IT capstone paper or for accounting capstone paper. So all you need to do now is to start writing your capstone paper.

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