6 Big Moving Mistakes

1. You think you’ll be able to wing it or do it yourself

Oh, huge mistake. Even a move across the city could be terribly difficult and has to be planned in advance. There are a large variety of potential pitfalls – from personal injury or damage of your family belongings to sudden unexpected fuel costs. At the end, the move might not be as “cheap” or as amusing as you thought (that would be regarding the time you drop the TV on your foot or discover the truck is totally loaded however a 3rd of your home is still on the sidewalk). Provide yourself lots of time to analyse how you would like to move and find out everything that is concerned. Discuss with friends who’ve already moved and with professional movers to get the whole picture before you choose.

2. You have not got a moving quote

You have not got a moving quote

You don’t get a house or a car without knowing its price and therefore the same is valid for your move. Most of the movers offer 2 varieties of price estimates – “binding” or “nonbinding”. The ​“nonbinding” estimate offers you a view of the moving price, based on the mover’s quote (depending on the dimensions of your current house). You get the calculation in writing and might be charged 10% over the estimate. The “binding” kind is an official document that clearly describes the costs (they cannot be modified unless you request some add-on services – for example, the movers need to climb 3 flights of stairs they did not know about). Most specialists suggest that you just get 3 estimates and inquire about potential hidden fees. With today’s gas costs, there is no need a surprising fuel surcharge to blow your budget. You also do not wish to have the cheapest offer – there’s certainly a reason for this mover to be cheaper than others!

3. You have not checked the insurance

Whoops, that strong man simply drops a box of your favourite dishes. WHO has to pay now? Well, no one (or you), if your mover does not have an insurance. Verify it before starting the move. Your chosen mover could have some insurance however it can get only a fraction of your dishes or fancy TV’s price. Refer to your home insurance supplier to find what (when and where) is covered. Will your policy ensure moving and pieces in transit? If you do not assume you’ve got enough coverage, ​removal companies supply a big range of deals on extra insurance. You also have to find out if your mover has workers’ compensation insurance. Some agencies, with fewer than 5 employees, do not pay for that (and in this case, this will be your responsibility)!

4. You forgot that plants need special attention

Obviously, the vans are not convenient for plants transportation. Some movers will not handle plants, particularly if you are moving more than a hundred miles or crossing state lines. A couple of weeks before the move, remove the plants from your breakable pots (the movers will pack and transport those) into unbreakable ones. If it seems you cannot move your plants, give them to friends, a biological science class or local retirement home.

5. You have not packed a “survival kit”

Make sure you carry an individual “survival kit” with you in order to have a smooth move-in day (and night). What is included? Must-haves like scissors, your address book, a screwdriver, a map of your new area, a flashlight, a blanket, your favourite nightwear, toiletries, soap, a tin opener, tissue paper, coffee and some necessary medications for the entire family. Keep in mind to have enough cash in order to tip your movers and pay the food delivery (you will definitely need it)!

6. You have not cleaned your home

Accept it, there’re tonnes of things in your house that you simply haven’t used in years. However you will be paying to pack and move them, and after that you will be confronted to unpack them and find an area to store them, unused, for another couple of years. Not a good idea! Instead of that, arrange a recycle, reuse or regift weekend where everybody from the family gives the items they actually do not like or use. Give some things to charity, organise a garage sale or offer an item to the child next door. It’s going to save you time and stress during the move!

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