How to Protect Your Business from Crime?

Crime can happen not just to your house but to your business premises as well. Crime rates continue to rise and criminals are finding ingenious new ways to break in your business. Crimes against business can be a threat for both people and property and it can take in many forms like vandalism, cyber-attacks, robbery and can even lead to death. Therefore, it is in every business owner’s best interests to keep your premises secured. Below are few of the things you can do to help avoid loss and damage:

What is your Security Plan and Risk Assessment?

Queensland Police Department encourage business owners to design a security plan for their business. Ideally, this can be completed together with a risk assessment as the documents will usually reside together. These two are important in the various part of your business and will help you consider all the possible ways to keep it protected.

This security plan determines the areas in your business which have a higher vulnerability to crime. A good place to start is by contacting other business owners in your area. Start a conversation about security to see if they have been previously attacked by criminals and if so what happened? This can give you ideas on how you can keep your business protected from the same situation and also gives you an opportunity to get to know your neighbors, which is a form of security in itself.

You can also invite other people to participate in creating your security plan whether they are in the business or not. It’s good to have another pair of eyes and ears to closely examine the areas in your business which you may not notice have potential risk of crime.

Keep your Premises Protected at all Times

It is crucial to keep your business secured all the time. There is really no way to get around this. Make it a daily habit to lock the doors and windows, and again before leaving the area each day. You can have an alarm system installed so you’ll know if criminals break into your business premises straight away.

CCTV installation can also show you a real-time update on the area with a visual picture. A good quality CCTV can mean the difference between catching the person responsible for an intrusion or not. Most businesses have this security system today as it can serve as evidence for crimes and break-ins. You can also monitor your employees through a CCTV to check for suspicious movements, inappropriateness and staff theft.

You may want to consider getting high quality locks for doors and windows to make your premises more secure. Put signs in the places protected by alarms and CCTV so all of your staff and visitors are aware of the security systems you have in place. There are rules about installing CTV to workplace, therefore make sure you are updated with the regulations in your state prior to installation.

Plan against a Security Breach

In case of a security breach, it is important to have a plan to know the exact course of action to be taken. It is a good idea to have some of your senior staff trained in emergency management just to be ready in case of an incident. This can help them understand suspicious actions which may prevent the crime from happening in the first place.

Crimes can bring trauma to people and some of this may be avoided if a plan can be executed. For some cases most robbers ask for money etc, so you need to think of the best solution for this request so you can keep your staff safe.

Include a process in your business where staff can easily spot suspicious behavior and/or crime and report it to you. If there has been an attempt at crime documented, you can come up with a better plan to protect your business against a similar security breach in the future.

Another way is by restricting staff presence in certain areas of your premises or building to those who have a need to be there. This means staff can be in certain areas for a purpose and can be tracked and monitored by using an access control system.

Monitor your Assets and Equipment

Consider creating an asset tracking document especially if you rely heavily on technology to run your business. Tracking your equipment on the premises can be relatively simple by setting up a spreadsheet.  Setting it up with all the assets initially can be a pain, but once it’s populated you only need to do updates when new equipment or assets arrive. You can put all the necessary information about each item you have like (serial number, item name, stock quantity, location and more). This can be a working document and will be invaluable in the long run.

The spreadsheet can help you track items and is extremely helpful if your premises is robbed. You can give this information to police with a better chance of catching the criminals due to the fact that serial numbers are recorded by pawn shops and this makes your equipment trackable. Make certain that your spreadsheet is up to date every time new items arrive in the business.

You also need to ensure that your staffs personal items (money and bags) are secured while they are busy working. Allotting one area for lockers and a bike rack is a good idea to keep your staff’s belonging safe. You can consider putting CCTV to that area if needed for higher security measures.

Screen People before Entering the Premises

For security purposes, it is critical to screen everyone who enters the business to eliminate suspicious types. Installing an intercom system is a good idea so you can speak to the person first before allowing them inside the premises. A voice and video intercom system is a top choice here so you’ll have a visual evidence in case you need to prove the identity of that person later.

Always be attentive and observant, this is your business and you want to keep everybody safe. Do not give suspicious people the access to your business and remind your staff not to lend their access keys to others. In case of lost access keys, staff should be advised to report it immediately so it can be deactivated as soon as possible.


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