Should You See a Neurologist?

A neurologist is helping you to cover up your health with more strength and power. A neurologist is a doctor with specialised training in diagnosing and treating diseases. A neurologist is a spacial trainer of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and muscles. Most of the time, your personal doctor refers patients to a neurologist. If patients have symptoms of a neurological condition. India has lots of best neurologist in India. Neurology Hospitals in Indore is one of the best hospitals in India, Take the best treatment here and take advantage of the best facility. The best neurology hospitals in Indore give treatment with extra care of the patient of disorders that are related to his/her nervous system. Neurology Hospitals in Indore give a best treatment or patients. There is following various Diseases managed by neurologists.

Diseases managed by neurologists include:

• Stroke

• Neurological trauma

• Tumours of the nervous system

• Infections of the nervous system

• Multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases

• Epilepsy

• Peripheral nerve disease

• Neuromuscular diseases

• Dementia

• Headaches

• Movement disorders

• Sleep disorders

Symptoms of Warranting a Neurological Consultation

1.Chronic pain – Many of the people have back pain or neck pain. While this type of pain is control or manage by a physician.

2. Dizziness – Dizziness can come in different varieties. People do many things when they are dizzy. They think dizziness has require to check up to different kinds of doctors. If you are dizziness then you have to consult with neurologist or doctors.

3. Numbness or tingling – If you have to tingling then it can be caused by many medical problems. A tingling patient has to consult with first primary care doctors. primary care doctor can manage many of these problems, but some require to check up from the neurologist.

4. Weakness  – If you feel more weakness in your body first you have to go for the check up from best physician or doctors.  It could be caused by a more serious condition or disease of your nervous system.  This may be a sign of a stroke.

5. Movement problems –If your tremors also affect your daily activities, you may want to see a neurologist. Problems with movement include unintentional movements, psychically problem, Body weakness, tremor, rigidity, clumsiness, or difficulty walking.

6. Seizures – Symptoms of seizures can be confusion, It is clear with these symptoms like jerking movements of the arms and legs, breathing problems, loss of consciousness. If your primary doctors see you and help you then finally go to the neurologist. If your body is seizures then you have to consult with your doctors.

7. Vision problems – Difficult of see and view of the scenes are not been clear. Either an eye doctor can advise you then you have to go to the neurologist. You can taste a neurologist see a neurologist about your vision problem. If you see blur image or vision consult with your personal doctors.

8. Memory problems or confusion  – Some of the symptoms may be caused by a disease like Alzheimer’s.  your symptoms and decide if you need to see a neurologist. You have to be some extra care about your health. If you face weakness of the memory you should consult with a neurologist. It also helps to improve your health in few days.

9. Sleep problems  – Sleep problem is one of the worst problems. People are taking more tension for health. They go for the consult with doctors. Sleep disorders are very common, check your personal doctors for this. Don’ t be panic or stress in this condition. Take a proper bad time or rest to recover your strength and health. If you don’t go for the right time for bad it is harming you and stress up all the days.

10. Headaches – Most of the people are suffers from headaches at some point in life. A headache is a common problem.  some people suffer from more severe headaches like frequent migraines. Most of the people think this is a common headache and they are nag let that but this is a more dangerous nervous system. You can go for the consult with the neurologist.

Many of these symptoms could be part of a disorder that is not neurological.

Top 6 Neurology Hospitals in Indore –

  1. Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Sciences

  2. Choithram Hospital and Research Centre

  3. Greater Kailash Hospital

  4. Apollo Hospital – Indore

  5. Hope Multispeciality Hospital and Research Centre – Nagpur

  6. Index Medical College hospital and RC 

  7. Sawarkar Multispeciality Hospital – Nagpur

  8. KD Care Hospital

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