Beginner's guide to playing Epic Sudoku

Sudoku is one of the most popular games of all times. It has been played by people since centuries to pass time and sharpen memory. Times changed and pencil and paper were replaced by high-tech gaming consoles and smartphones. But, the craze for this nostalgic game is still the same.

Seeing Sudoku’s popularity among fans, many developers released their own versions of the game for different platforms. However, only a few could make an impact on users. Epic Sudoku is exactly the same kind of game.

What is Epic Sudoku?

Rebooted version of the smash-hit classic puzzle game, Epic Sudoku combines the classic gameplay of Sudoku with modern effects. The game has simple concept revived in a modern interface which makes it engrossing and interesting to play.

Epic Sudoku is specially intended for those who think that they’re highly intelligent and are looking for some tough mind challenge or for those who are trying to test their skills. The game lets you test your memory skills, as you try to fill missing numbers in a 9×9 grid. You can play in intermediate or beginner mode in lesser grids also.

The puzzle game is available on various platforms. You can play it online, on Facebook, Android, and iPhone as well. You can even challenge your friends and prove you potential.

Epic Sudoku major attractions

Here are several reasons to love this exciting game:

  • It is simple and easy to play
  • It has different levels from beginner to advanced for systematic progress
  • Offers hints and alerts to help you during the game
  • You can undo or redo your actions

Apart from this, a variety of special effects keeps you engaged throughout the whole session.

How to play Epic Sudoku

The gameplay of Epic Sudoku is quite simple. You just need to fill missing numbers in a grid while keeping the following things in mind:

  • The missing numbers will range from 1 to 9
  • There will be no same numbers in a row or column
  • You’ve to all numbers to finish the game

Important tips and tricks to master Epic Sudoku

Start with the “Beginner” level

Epic Sudoku has been divided into three levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The difficulty level increases as you proceed from beginner to Intermediate and the game is most difficult in the Advanced mode. So if you want to make a systematic progress in the game, start with the beginner level first. Once you’ve mastered it, you can proceed to further levels.

Look for the rows and columns with one missing number

If you want to solve the Sudoku puzzle in less, try solving the rows and columns with one missing number first. They will take less time as you can easily guess the missing number and you can dedicate more time to the ones with more than one missing number.

Don’t ignore the red alerts

While playing Epic Sudoku, you must have seen that when you enter a number, it is highlighted in either red or blue color. Can’t figure out why? OK, let’s make it simple. When you enter a wrong number in a row and column, it will be highlighted in red color. On the other hand, when you enter a correct number, it will be marked in blue color. This way you can easily figure out whether the numbers you’re adding are correct or not.

Click on a box for intelligent hints

Clicking on a box will highlight that box, row, and column for intelligent hints. This way, you can easily solve the missing number in a box and solve the puzzle in time.

Our beginner’s guide to playing Epic Sudoku ends here. You can follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks to improve your performance in this addictive number puzzle. Rest, the game is all about concentration and constant practice. You have to play it again and again before you can completely master it. So, we recommend you to keep practicing till you become perfect.

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