How Posture Makes You a Success in Sports

If you observe boxers closely, you would readily notice that most of them maintain a certain swagger. Not that they should look tough most of the time (which has its effect) but they recognize the importance of showing a stance, or attitude, as part of the package of being a fighter. 

Attitude is shown in all sports, not just in boxing, and that is shown in full display with the posture these sportsmen have carried over the course of their careers. 

Sports personalities like football star Cristiano Ronaldo or tennis sensation Maria Sharapova, knowingly or unknowingly, maintain a kind of deportment, which makes them easily recognizable and popular.

Brands such as Nike and Adidas recognized this unusual phenomenon, and have capitalized on it. They see posture, swagger, or even attitude, as an integral part of every athlete, especially the popular ones. And because of this attractive quality, these athletes become role models and make them top choices as spokespersons for sports brands. Such is the impact of maintaining that posture to stay on top of the game.

Why Go With Your Posture

Even if athletes are not aware of it, they are able to display proper posture every time. A hunchbacked golfer, for instance,  cannot exude a the right presence on the field, even if his performance is at par with that of Tiger Woods. In fact, sports insiders often talk about having that “powerful pose” as one of the most potent weapons an athlete can have. Remember the greatest of them all, Muhammad Ali? Ali has always been ahead of his competition, not just because he was powerful in a physical way, but because he had an indomitable belief in himself that he would emerge as the victor in the end, and it shows in his disposition.

That only solidifies the belief that attitude, and the posture that goes along with it, can make the difference in sports. If you will yourself to win, it will ultimately show in the way you carry yourself, which an opponent will definitely recognize. With that psychological advantage towards your opponent, you are one step closer to victory. 

How It Impacts The Game 

When you watch a sporting event, you would often hear sports commentators arguing that there are players who are good “on paper”.  And that “on paper” assessment has something to do with the character, the temperament, and the posture of the player.  

Posture is everywhere in that even if you’re busy writing about that sporting event, you can have that posture that these players possess, that is, if you buy office chair that is friendly to your lower back. 

Back to the game, though. Here’s how your posture can impact your game, and just like Muhammad Ali, make you a winner. 

•    It boosts your confidence – Sports enthusiasts appreciate athletes who still maintain their grace even if they are in their moment of great pressure. The more you pamper your nerves during intense moments, the more you get rattled. So nurse your confidence by maintaining good posture, and soon, you can show that you are not intimidated by your task and able to get ahead.

•    It improves productivity – This has something to do with your confidence. Confident athletes score more points, subdue more opponents, and win most of the time. It all starts with posture. Take a deep breath, know your role if you’re in a team, and with your new-found confidence to take on things , becoming an integral  and productive part of the team.

•    It improves your communication, too – If you’re the coach or captain of your team and you lack that command presence as the leader of the group, the way you communicate with them, needless to say, is also affected, or worse, not get through. With each word, you will need to show that you know what you are saying, and because communication is mostly done by the body and not words, having the right posture will let you get the right message across.  

Posture and Sports 

The great writer Ernest Hemingway once championed the idea of “grace under pressure”, after witnessing this bullfighting phenomenon in Spain, and even wrote a book about it. The torreros he saw in that bloody arena, where they exude a specific gesture despite that gory scene with the bull is a classic example of how posture intensifies the sport. 

That is what makes the difference between recognizable athletes and those who do not find time to enhance their posture even outside their respective sports arenas. Say, if you’re a sports writer and you still want that posture athletes have, you might want to buy that office posture chair out there. 

So whether you’re in that ball game, or broadcasting or writing about it (courtesy of these adjustable office chairs), that right posture will certainly carry you to success at all times.  

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