How Quality #Content Builds Backlinks Naturally

Search engine algorithms change without notice. When algorithms change, it affects a site’s search engine ranking. It also affects how articles, blog posts and webpages are positioned in search engine results pages of Microsoft’s Bing, Google and YaHoO!. Organic backlink building takes time and creativity to build backlinks naturally and passively. That said, bloggers and content creators seek unique ways to build backlinks to rank better in search engines through the means of creating meaningful and engaging content on their sites daily so they can use the energy of others to share what they’ve published with others in e-mails and on social networks. Content is the life and blood of any site because the more engaging content a site has, the better the rank in search engines in longevity and improve the probability of getting traffic even while unattended from the computer doing other things.  

Matt Cutts, Google’s top engineer, always stresses the importance of creating fresh content to rank well in Google. The reasons go way beyond just building natural backlinks and getting traffic. He mentions that backlink building is a process of building great content. He goes on to discuss a few ways of successfully building links the organic way to get better positions in the SERPs. The first suggestion Cutts mentions in possibly building solid backlinks is through controversy. Wait a minute. Controversy? Maybe. Just maybe. Whenever someone rants about something online, or virtually tries to call someone out in airing their “dirty laundry,” people are likely to share links to that content right away on their favorite social networks with co-workers, family and friends. This may possibly be an effective backlinking method. What Cutts is saying is pure truth, because anytime someone says something adverse about a person or company online, people are quick to instigate it and share links with no delay with almost everyone in their inner social circle.

Looking at the other side of this, it also means create fresh and compelling content consistently so you can provide value to the search engines as well as a positive site user experience. It’s easy to grab a line or two from someone else’s site in paraphrasing them or allegedly stealing a piece of their content and calling it yours, but you want to be yourself when writing and publishing and stand out from the average in your own way of how you write and convey messages on your site to your target audience. This is why it’s important to write good content so you can achieve more than building natural backlinks passively that people will love linking to and reading again in the future.

People love running their mouth online about anything. Doing that on a blog or website consistently can truly turn into a potentially profitable internet career. Most importantly, Matt mentions something thought provoking when he says “including humor or bringing something original to the table.” Don’t always rely on ranting and saying negative things to build links and drive web traffic immediately. To stay innovative online, one must always change up and keep others guessing. Another effective method he mentions to potentially build solid natural backlinks is to be active in an online community. Not by spamming blogs with an automated blog commenting tool or possibly spamming forums with forum signatures, but, naturally participating by way of answering people’s questions. By doing so, content marketers can build backlinks without sometimes knowing, increase online credibility in potentially being an expert in their niche, and possibly earn ad revenue from adverts on their blog or website.

There’s virtually numerous ways of building backlinks naturally. Article marketing, creating natural content on a Google Plus page with links pointing back to your URL, taking time to create original content for individual social networking and social bookmarking profiles, and including links in the About section of your YouTube channel are all free effective methods of backlink building.

Building links naturally is a patient process. It’s like building up your employment resume with credible references. To earn those references, you have to do a good job on your past jobs so past employers can validate your credibility when prospective employers contact them for character and work references. All good things take time to build. Is it worth taking the time to do? Absolutely. You want your blog or website to be your online bread and butter, additionally to people taking your web presence seriously with respect to what you do. That said, now’s the time to change your way of thinking and do what’s necessary in order for you to prosper online by taking the first action step and pulling up a blank Microsoft Word document and start writing to your heart’s content about something meaningful.

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