9 Common Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Men

The Male Health Review make it obvious that men with low testosterone levels are at a higher risk of developing many serious health problems which include osteoporosis, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

Further reason to be conscious is because mental, emotional and physical health is highly dependent on your testosterone levels.  Low testosterone levels can cause a breakdown of the body system and functions as observed when men advance in age.

Deterioration in testosterone levels can manifest in many ways that are usually not related and thus could go unnoticed. Examples of these signs include back pain, fatigue, and depression.

It is important to be able to identify the symptoms of low testosterone so that it would be easier to follow a proper treatment. While one can find out if he has low testosterone by taking a blood test, there are other ways to detect testosterone deficiency.

One of the many signs of low testosterone in men is low sex drive. Testosterone is what fuels the sex drive of a man. men with testosterone deficiency are likely to lose interest in sexual activities. Although interest and frequency of sex vary from one man to another, for men with low testosterone, the interest is virtually absent.

Nitric oxide is vital for erections. Erections are triggered by the body’s release of these tiny molecules (nitric oxide). How is this related to testosterone? Testosterone is responsible for triggering the release of the nitric oxide. Testosterone deficiency inhibits this action which is why erections might not be possible or they become difficult to maintain.

3 parts of the body are involved in the production of the fluid that ultimately makes sperm- the testicles, seminal vesicles, and prostate glands. These 3 work together to produce the sperm that is released during ejaculation. Each of these body parts needs an adequate and good supply of testosterone to produce the 1.5-5 cubic centimeters volume of fluid for ejaculation.  Low testosterone can cause a sharp reduction in the volume of this fluid.

Reports from men suffering from testosterone deficiency indicate a general numbness in the genital. While this does not mean a complete numbness, they just do not get the kind of sensational feelings that come with being touched in their penis or scrotum, which is essential for sparking sexual encounters and enjoyable sexual activities. For men with low testosterone, touching them in those areas is same as pouring water on rocks.

Men with low testosterone levels usually experience severe fatigue, lose their initiative and drive. Low testosterone results in a lack of motivation to get things done.

For a fact, not all testosterone deficient men experience clinical depression, but they usually feel blue or down and generally less optimistic than before.

Low testosterone can make guys be irritable and grouchy. In this case, the men themselves might not notice this, as it is more obvious to family members, colleagues or friends. In his bookTestosterone For Life, Dr. Abraham Morgentaler an associate clinical professor of medicine at the Harvard Medical School, says men with low testosterone might keep saying they are fine, but it is people around them that would know they aren’t.

Inasmuch as the reduction in muscle mass is not very marked, it still happens. The feeling of reduced strength, muscle shrinkage especially in the legs and chest is felt by the sufferer himself. Every attempt to rebuild the lost muscle mass proves harder than at first.

Not only does low testosterone cause a reduction in muscle mass, it results in increased body fat. Men with this condition accumulate belly fat while some others develop man boobs, a condition also known as gynecomastia.

So here is the good news

Testosterone deficiency can easily be treated. Common treatments include:

  • Testosterone therapy
  • Testosterone booster supplements
  • Dieting on foods that boost testosterone levels naturally.

You can also get more informed by going through articles on the male hormones or reading Male health reviews. Remember, knowledge is power.As well as helping you settle problems with appearance, mood, and sexuality, these steps can save you the troubles of serious medical conditions like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and osteoporosis.

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