10 Best Mindfulness Retreats in Bali

There are times when you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life, to regain strength, become more healthy and fit, and eat some good food.

Other times you want to relax in a holiday resort with a loved one and soak up the sun. Either way a wellness retreat can offer the best of both worlds.

Bali, Indonesia is a popular place for yoga and meditation retreats with its lush surroundings and friendly people. It’s an island known to have resorts and beaches to rival any in the world. To help you decide on where to go in Bali for retreats, workouts, healthy meals with a comfortable lounge to relax, here are the top 10 mindfulness retreat in Bali.

1. Fit Food Relax Retreat

Fit Food Relax Retreat aims to attain optimal health and improve your well-being through its three vital components – Fitness, Nutrition and Mindfulness. This retreat provides a day-to-day schedule of different activities from attending fitness program, eating nutritious meals prepared by executive chef, to spending free time relaxing in a luxury room of a secret 4-Star resort or having a body massage. Renew your mind, body and soul with a 7 day and 6 night meditation, fitness and health retreat while enjoying a picture perfect view in Bali. A fitness orientated schedule is offered every day in addition to healthful meals and snacks. Beach is close by for surfers.

2. Desa Seni

An art village resort in Bali offering private yoga classes, group and private retreats. It exhibits the culture of Indonesia by restoring and refurbishing antique wooden homes that serve as unique rooms for the guests. Its wellness program includes a hot stone massage, sound meditation, yoga and pranayama class. Spend some time relaxing in the saltwater pool munching on organic snacks and a cup of tea. A restaurant in the resort serves delicious and organic foods and the onsite artistic gift shop is perfect for buying souvenirs.

3. Naya

Naya is a retreat centre in Ubud Bali, Indonesia offering teacher training in amazing surroundings. Choose from group or private retreats. During your stay, you get to experience many sights and sounds while you explore the beautiful places Bali is world famous for. You can visit a local Balinese home, learn about growing food and animals, reinvigorate your soul through a yoga class, discover the nature of Bali riding a bicycle and ending your whole day with a massage. Naya also serve healthy Balinese dishes prepared by an in-house chef Wayan. Choose to have a private meal in your room or join the others in the dining area.

4. Zen Resort

Escape from your busy life and retreat to a luxury resort in Bali, Indonesia. Zen offers packages ideal for wellness, stress release, slimming or adventure. You can rejuvenate your body, mind and soul with yoga meditation, become stress-free after an open chakra massage, feel healthier and relaxed with spa treatments and enjoy your free time to discover the underwater treasure of Bali. Meals made of organic vegetables and fresh meats are served with tropical fruits hand-picked from Zen’s very own farm.

5. Gaia Oasis

Whether you want to have a peaceful mind and soul then Gaia is the place for you. If you want to enjoy a holiday vacation, Gaia Oasis offers you spiritual retreat in the mountain, stunning accommodations in a resort, tours and meditation activities to keep your entire stay varied and exciting. You can do snorkeling, take a market tour, climb a volcano crater, see the dolphins swimming, attend temple ceremonies or simply soak up the Balinese culture through an art, music and dance lessons.  Gaia Oasis has several yoga instructors and sessions may include different forms of healing work.

6. Yoga Spa Holiday Stress Relief Retreat

Your 7 days and 6 night holiday retreat in a beautiful hotel in Ubud, Bali will be more special with a set of activities to relax and excite the senses. Daily activities range from attending yoga classes, calming nature walks, various workshops, spa treatments, meditation and fine dining. Take a break from a busy life, get pampered with body massage, eat great food and enjoy staying in a comfortable room. This is the right chance to release, recharge and de-stress yourself. Nothing is better than having a peaceful time to relax and appreciate life from your tropical oasis.

7. Natural Instinct Healing

Natural Instinct Healing caters people with meditation, healing, health and relaxation retreat in Australia and Bali. They provide lovely and comfortable facilities and give you the tools to create a meaningful experience. Retreat programs include detox retreat, food cleansing retreat, food health retreat, yoga meditation and total transformation. Each of these programs is composed of activities you can enjoy during your stay in their Bali health centre in Ubud as well as free time to relax and recharge. Comfortable rooms and beautiful facilities are inspired by Balinese and Javanese architecture perfect for capturing photos to make your friends at home jealous.

8. Omham Retreat

Omham is known for their yoga retreat, spa treatment, sound meditation, Tulsi dining and lounge. The food served contains herbs and spices which are known to promote wellness and healthy living. You can choose from their variety of retreat packages which consist of accommodation, gourmet meals, meditation activities and more. Other things to enjoy while on Oham are cycling, jogging, trekking, morning walk, dancing, cooking your own meals and participating to traditional Balinese events. Relax, heal and stay healthy with Omham Retreat.

9. Pineapple House

Pineapple House is a villa for surfing, creativity and retreat. It allows guests to stay in the resort as long as they want. So bring your friends and loved ones with you to create some seriously amazing memories. Relax and renew your mind, body and spirit with their yoga meditation program. You can enjoy walking along the sand beach, attend a yoga class, engage with others or perhaps swim on the pool. Transform the old you into a new and relaxed one, improving your well-being and gain confidence with Pineapple House yoga class. Kickstart a healthy lifestyle with a retreat in Bali and love the results.

10. Soulfit Adventures

With Soulfit Adventures in Bali, Indonesia you will be taken to Pondok Pisang – the retreat venue to begin your relaxing vacation. Ready yourself to experience daily activities like yoga, swimming, snorkeling, trekking or just pamper yourself with a Balinese massage. The venue has its own restaurant that serves healthy meals, with good food available from breakfast to dinner. Fruits and vegetables are organic and one of their specialty dishes is a fish spiced and covered with banana leaves then grilled.


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Desa Seni


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