Improve Fitness & Reduce Pain with Mobility Therapy

Growing older doesn’t have to mean decreased mobility and flexibility. Nor should you have to go through life in pain. There are various ways you can ensure your body ages gracefully, such as by eating right, working out and using supplements like human growth hormones. A lot of people buy HGH because of the anti-aging and fitness benefits it offers.

When you age, your body stops functioning as it once did, in part due to your decreased production of HGH. Your flexibility and mobility become impaired and then your quality of life starts to suffer greatly. If you’re like the millions of other Americans, you sit majority of your day, which really doesn’t help prevent these problems. It all comes down to mobility training.

Why Use Mobility Training?

Engaging in mobility training can help you reach higher levels of fitness, and improve your overall health. In one study, it states that your ability to stand up from a seated position on the floor can determine your risk of an early death.

If you’re sitting on the floor and have to use your knees and both hands to rise, or require using items to lift yourself up, then you’re weak and lack range of motion. This in turn puts you at risk of an earlier demise. So in a sense, your mobility is an indicator of your longevity and well-being.

There are various types of tools you can use for mobility therapy. You can also engage in various exercises, such as Whole Body Vibration Training and Active Isolated Stretching.

Foam Rolling and its Benefits

One such tool you can use for your mobility therapy is a foam roller. There are various benefits of using one, such as the following:

  • Loosening your ligaments, muscles and tendons.
  • Releases your trigger points.
  • Promote circulation in your skin, muscles ad fascia. This in turn helps to enhance your cellular function and the quality of your tissues.
  • Builds your core and strength.
  • Improves your spine’s range of motion.
  • Enhances your posture.

If you battle with various types of pains, such as in your muscles, joints and back, then a foam roller is a great device to consider. You can use this as part of your workout routine, along with HGH, both of which you can buy online. There are various brands that sell HGH, including Norditropin and Humatrope.

Foam rolling may not seem like it could offer all these benefits, but they have been proven in scientific studies. The data in the research shows that within five to 10 seconds of foam rolling, your hamstrings have improved range of motion.

It also shows that your arterial stiffness is minimized and the function of your vascular endothelial is increased. Even older women saw improvements in their dynamic balance when using foam rollers for five weeks.

The Best Time to Engage in Foam Rolling

For the best results, you should consider using your foam roller each day. This will help to get rid of stiffness, pain, posture problems and promote range of motion. You can also engage in foam rolling as a pre-workout warmup. This will help to loosen areas that are likely to become injured.

It’s also great for post-workout cool downs. This will hone in on muscle groups that may be tight from your workout. Foam rolling will even remove lactic acid and enhance the recovery process.

Tips for Properly Using Foam Rollers

As with any workout, you want to make sure you’re performing foam rolling accurately to avoid injuries. A lot of folks wait until they feel muscle tightness to start using it, believing they can just iron it out. While this can help, it’s best to use it more regularly. This way, muscle tightness is prevented. It only needs to be used a few minutes daily.

Only moderate pressure should be applied when you’re using your foam roller. You should feel that some of the tension is being alleviated. You should do small back and forth maneuvers or apply constant pressure for the best results. It’s normal to feel mild discomfort, but anything more is too much. Also, perform the rolling at a steady pace – don’t go too fast. Slow and deliberate wins the race.

Keeping a youthful body takes the right workout regimen, tools and supplements. You can buy Norditropin pen which is a well known brand of HGH and foam rollers online from reputable sellers. 

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