The common Emergency Medical Equipment for immediate response

In the event of any disaster or emergency situation, having the correct Emergency Medical Equipment to control the situation can be a matter of life and death. The paramedics are trained to handle these emergency situations, but regardless of having the required skills, the professional must contain the necessary equipment to treat the patient. If you are thinking that what are the equipment and tools to handle the emergency situation and where to get them from? Then QuadMed is the point which ensures you to provide medical equipment what it takes to handle the emergency situation.

Here is some common emergency equipment that must be present with paramedic while treating a patient:

Stethoscope– Coming at the top of the list is the stethoscope. It is one of those tools which are incredibly useful for the paramedic. In every critical situation, the paramedic has to firstly diagnose a patient and this device helps in it. The Stethoscope is especially used for diagnosing the heart murmur as well as checking the sign of a possible abnormal heart valve.

It is also helpful in listening to the lungs to diagnose collapsed lungs or congestive heart failure. Additionally, it can be used to check the flow of blood through arteries.

Cardiac Monitor

In an emergency case related to heart attack, the cardiac monitor plays a vital role. Normally, during a heart attack, the patient can develop a lethal cardiac rhythm; this is where the role of cardiac monitor comes in. This device is engineered to provide a visual display of the heart rhythm. The monitor works in such a way that if the heart rate of the patient goes above or below a standard number then it gives an alarm to alert the paramedic.

Defibrillator– This device is another must have item as this can revive the non-responding heart of a patient. The Defibrillator is designed to apply electric shock in order to restore the rhythm of a fibrillating heart. There are different types of defibrillators available:

1. Manual External Defibrillator.

2. Automated external Defibrillator (AED).

3. Implantable Cardioverter- Defibrillator (ICD).

Pulse Oximeter– The oxygen saturation of the blood of a patient can be monitored by using a Pulse Oximeter. Using this, the paramedic doesn’t have to waste the time to take the blood samples for checking the oxygen saturation. Additionally, the device is also used to check the changes in blood volume in the skin.

Laryngoscope– This is essential equipment that a paramedic should carry. This device helps in visualizing the larynx during intubation.

Ambu Bag

When a situation comes where the patient is not breathing or breathing inadequately then Ambu Bag is really very essential. This is a handheld device which is capable of providing positive pressure ventilation to a patient.

Suture Tray– When the victim comes across a serious accident then there can be a need to treat the wounds.  In that case, Suture Tray is a must have equipment. This tray contains all the items needed to place stitches in a patient. The items included in the tray are:

1. A needle holder.

2. Forceps, in order to hold the lacerated tissue.

3. Sterile Towel, used to mop the non sterile areas of body.

4. Scissors.

5. Small Bowl, for keeping the antiseptic solution.

Orthopaedic equipment– There is some orthopaedic equipment that should always be present with the paramedic to handle the situation properly. These devices include:

1. Plaster/ Fibreglass material- These are used to splint the limbs of the patients who have fractures or severe injuries.

2. There are some pre-made splints available to cater the patients having some injuries to specific joints. These splints are:

    a. Knee Immobilizer.

    b. Velcro Wrist Splints.

    c. Finger Splints.

    d. Air Splints.

    e. Shoulder Slings.

    f. Cervical Collar.

3. A Cast Cutter is also special equipment for when a cast has become too tight.

All these equipment are just some of the long list that is available at QuadMed. This site is one those popular providers which are well known for their high quality, trouble free products. In case, you are facing some problem with the Emergency Medical Equipment provided by the site then friendly and knowledgeable customer support is there to help you out.

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