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Before starting anything, we should firstly understand, what is a Swim Suit? A swimwear is basically fashioned for water based activities. These are designed in such a way that it becomes convenient to swim, dive, surf, and sunbathe while wearing these.


There is not a standard design of swimwear for men and women. The men’s style includes the boardshorts, swim- trunks, jammers, briefs, g- strings and thongs. While on the other hand, women fashionable swimwear includes one- piece, bikinis, or thongs. All these varieties may defer in accordance with the trends in pattern, cut, and length. These different styles can be easily availed through eSwimElite. This site has the entire trending swim wears at the best price.

Let’s take a look at various styles of swim wears:

Unisex Fashion

Boardshorts: These are an upgraded version of trunks that are long and come to or past the knees. They are designed in such a way that they give a tight fit around the torso and have a non-elastic waistband.

Rash Vest or Rash Guard:  It is a kind of athletic shirt that provides UV protection and which is made of spandex and nylon or polyester.

Dry Suit and Wet Suit:  These are neoprene made suits which are usually referred in the context of snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing etc. The suits are basically insulated, close- fitting wear for prolonged immersion.

Men’s Fashion

Briefs: These swim briefs are made of nylon and spandex and sometimes polyester. The style can vary from a full seat to thong or g- string.

Trunks: These are loose, mid- thigh suits which are made up of polyester or nylon.

Jammers: These swimwears are basically worn by athletes and resemble cycling shorts.

Women’s Fashion

One-Piece: These suits are most common and are inspired from the tank top.

Bikinis: It is a two piece swimwear, one part of which covers the upper part of the body and the other one covers the groin and buttocks.

Microkini: It’s an extremely meager bikini.

Tankini: Another two piece suit, one part of which covers the upper part as well as stomach, similar to the tank top, and the other one takes care of crotch and buttocks.

Monokini: One piece swimwear covering only the crotch and buttocks.

Burkini: Like the diver’s suit, it covers the whole body and head.


Material plays a vital role when it comes to the swimwear. Rayon is the material which was used during the 1920s for manufacturing tight- fitting suits. But the material didn’t prove much helpful as the material was not durable enough. As time passed, different fabrics were put into use, for e.g. Latex and nylon. These fabrics improved the quality of swimwear and the suits gradually began hugging the body.


There are various types of swimwear available in accordance with the needs of the consumer. The suits range from skin- tight wear to the loose- fitting suits. All these suits are often covered by another layer of fabric as the outer layer becomes transparent when wet.

The swimwear is fashioned in relation to the taste of users. There are some who want the whole coverage of body and there are others who want the exposure of body. The choice of the suit depends on various factors like the personal or community standards of modesty, sun protection, prevailing fashion trends etc.


Wet bathing suits can become a home for germs, bacteria, and mould as they can grow very quickly on wet surfaces. Hence, it is recommended by most of the medical professionals to not wear damp swimwear for a long time as it can cause infections as well as rashes in children and adults.

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