The Importance of Herbal Medicine

For centuries, every prevalent culture on Earth has practised natural and herbal medicine. Before the advent of modern technology, herbal medicines, derived from naturally occurring plant-based sources, were used to treat illnesses within local healing practices.

An excellent alternative medical remedy, these products are a complex mix of organic chemicals that are extracted from plants, herbs, stems, roots, and other raw or processed parts of a plant. In India Aryurveda, a science based on use of Naturally available resources and a Sound understanding of the Pulse beat, has been around for ages and the ancient Indian literature is rich with detailed knowledge on the use of Herbs.

However, due to the widespread popularity of modern medicine in the West coupled with unabashed ignorance of natural medicine, herbal medicine has been on the receiving end of unjust criticism for being backwards and unreliable. Let me shed some light on why it’s important to consider the myriad of benefits, herbal health products India and natural health products have to offer.

Natural Medicine is good for you

Beneficial and Healing Properties

Most herbal medicines have been with us for millennia and have been time proven and tested. Herbal medicines not only use the body’s natural healing process for treating illnesses but also make use of ingredients which are well tolerated by the patient. Use of herbal medicine generally has far fewer side effects than modern medicine and is safer to use over time. These Medicines strengthen the Human body to fight the disease therby working on the cause rather than the outcome of the disease.

Lower Cost

Natural remedies are absolutely inexpensive and cost much less than prescription medicines. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, natural remedies don’t have any research, testing and manufacturing costs which make them far cheaper compared to drugs. Online herbal products shopping have some great deals at unbeatable prices.

Easily Accessible and Widespread Availability

Some natural remedies can be home-grown like peppermint, ginger, aloe vera, and ginseng which not only make them easily accessible but also make them absolutely free to procure. A good kitchen garden is easy to nurture with a few pots and keeps one rejuvenated as well. Use of Basil leaf (Tulsi) in Home Remedies is very very common and effective and almost every house hold grows the Plant for both its Medicinal significance as well as Religious Value in Hinduism.

People coume it on regular basis in Tea and sometimes just eat Tulsi leaves raw as this helps in keeping many disorders at bay. One can even buy most of the Herbs off a local grocery store or a natural health products online store without any hassle.

Natural Composition

Herbal remedies are completely natural and non-toxic and our bodies are capable of metabolising the plants  extracts comfortably. Moreover, it helps infuse synergy and balance in our bodies and thereby increases our body’s ability to ward off diseases thus resulting in a better immune system and an overall healthier state of being.

Some of the herbs very commonly used are shatavari, ashwagandha, arjuna, triphala, tulsi,coconut, grenera, reetha, niranjan phal, giloy, amla, garlic, moringa, bay, bacopa(brahmi), Cinnamon, Dandelion, Dill, Fennel, Neem, Flex seed, Ginkgo Biloba, Licorice Root, Mint.

Uniquely Tailored to Each Patient

Herbal remedies are safe for people of all ages to help get rid of their ailments. Additionally, these medicines are prescribed taking into consideration every individual’s unique body constitution to avoid any allergies and also prevent future outbreaks of the illness.Most of us do not realise the potential of this wonderful form of medicine and that going off synthetic drugs wherever possible, is indeed a healthy choice.

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, repeated usage of herbal remedies does not result in reduced effectiveness. However, with any medicine, it’s best that you consult a professional herbalist or a health care provider for proper herb dosage and guidance. Qualified Aryurvedacharyas should be counsulted for getting the correct understanding for consumption of these formulations.

Receiptive to the Body

Herbal remedies and specially those prepared from Organically grown Herbs are easy to process by the Human body unless off course there is an inherent alergy to a particular substance. This is also the reason why the side effects are either very less or not at all there.

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