Here's why deploying an agile project management software helps

More and more organizations are adopting agile methodology these days to execute their projects successfully and on time. This methodology is especially useful when it comes to handling complex projects in an organization.

As per a report by Pulse of Profession, 75% of organizations that use agile methodology achieved their goals successfully. The report also reveals that 65% of such organizations completed their projects in time and 67% within their budget. Whereas for other organizations (not using agile methodology), these percentages were 56%, 40% and 45% respectively.  The report proves the success of agile project management at work.

With popularity of agile methodology, a number of agile project management software have hit the market in recent years. If you also have plans to use agile methodology at work, it is a wise idea to invest in agile project management software. In this article, I am going to discuss how the software will prove helpful for your organization –

  • Helps to deliver high-quality product

An agile project management tool has excellent safeguards that assist in coming up with better products. While using agile methodology, testing of a product is done on regular basis in different cycles. So, you get to know about any problem with the product while it is being developed. Since the methodology uses proactive approach, problems are addressed right away, thereby preventing any product-related issues in future.

In addition, agile methodology gives you the option of continuously adding value to your product. This way, the product can be improved with time and you get the final product with higher quality and fewer errors/issues.

  • Reduces risks in projects

With an agile project management tool, a project is less likely to fail. In fact, the tool almost eliminates the chance of complete project failure. While following agile methodology, a product is developed in sprints. As a result, you can check if the product development process is going fine or needs to be changed. You are able to use both your time and money effectively.

During each sprint, you can predict any risks and immediately take appropriate measures to protect your project right from the beginning. With agile methodology, you can also take care of your client’s requirements by getting his/her feedback throughout the product development phase. 

  • Enables to adapt to changes

Most of the projects undergo changes during the execution phase. Such changes can occur at any point of a project, but become a headache for people working in it. One of the biggest advantages of using an agile project management software is that your team can easily adapt to these changes.

This is because of shorter planning cycles in agile methodology. Changes are made quickly and  implemented right away unlike traditional methods of project management. You can bring changes into a project anytime according to changing requirements, without having major impact on workflow.

  • Increases customer satisfaction

With agile project management, you are able to keep your customers more satisfied than earlier. One of the differences between traditional and agile project management is the involvement of customers while carrying out a project. You can connect them to your product even before its launch and give regular updates on it.

This can be done by demonstrating your product’s functions in review of every sprint. In case any change is required in the product as per customers’ needs, agile methodology lets you bring it without consuming much time. So, your product hits the market quickly and has high chances of becoming successful.

  • Improves productivity at work

An agile project management tool requires project teams to work closely. Right from development to testing teams, everyone works together to achieve project goals. It helps to make the team members more productive than ever before. This is why they are able to complete work before deadlines.

You can also efficiently prioritize your tasks with agile methodology. So, you don’t get confused regarding what is needed to be done in the first place even when changes are made in a project plan.

To conclude, I would say an agile project management software will help a lot in overcoming the fear of failure in a project. Besides, you will be able to deliver better product/service for your customers. So, if it fits within your work culture, just go for it without giving it a second thought.

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