Get Employed as a Corporate English Trainer in Asia and Africa

English language has come a long way and has slowly become the lingua franca, i.e., the most common language spoken everywhere in the world for business purposes. It is now the most preferred language for all and is used as the universal language for communication in terms of trade and business, and etc. Therefore, in order to be part of this global communication, knowing to communicate and interact in proper and correct English that includes both speaking and writing skills is quite important, more so for men and women working in the corporate world. However, for these people employed in corporate organisations, knowing simple English will not suffice, they are expected to know proper Business English.

Business English refers to that form of English that is more formal, is crisp and to the point and is generally used for business interactions and meetings in all sectors and industries. However, there are industry specific business languages too, like for instance interaction in English in the fashion industry is different from that of a manufacturing industry or IT industry, etc.which have a slight variation from one another.

Corporate employees need to know Business English in order to communicate both within the company as well as outside it with other companies. Moreover, Business English training courses not only teaches and trains the nuances of interaction in English in a formal manner, but also their interactional skills with fellow employees in order to work in harmony and be more productive for the company. Therefore, in order to have command over the language and speak and write fluent English,as well as learn the techniques of behavioural management, there are many institutes and centers that have sprung up to train and teach these non-native English speakers. These institutes require well trained trainers and educators and hence demand for the trainers have become huge. The course can be undertaken by individual professionals as well as by corporate houses who wish to stay in the competition in the race to become the best.

Therefore, aspiring candidates who wish to teach Business English to corporate professionals can very well get employed in a job of their choice, as they receive a Business English training certificate after completing a professional course on it. The qualities that Business English teaching aspirants should possess are a graduation certificate, good English communication skills and the willingness to teach and deal with professional adults. Those candidates wholove interacting with adults and are ready to deal with the insecurities of these professionals, of course helping them do away with it as they enrol for the course, will find this course interesting and fruitful.

Business English courses train and educate the aspirants with the technical know-howsof teaching adults and the set of skills needed to handle them. Teaching adults the ways of interaction in a completely different language than their mother tongue is not an easy job at all. The course prepares the candidates with all the approaches and methodologies of teaching professional adults the technicalities of a language that they are not comfortable with. Additionally, it focuses also on the psychology of the learners so that the teachers are able to groom them on their behavioural skills, too. The course is not only designed for Business English training aspirants but as well as for those accomplished professionals who occupy significant positions in an organisation and are looking to brush up their English communication skills for organisational growth and personal grooming.

The course is usually designed for duration of 60 hours and is offered in online mode by most training institutes because the online mode has many of its advantages. It is much less expensive than the in-class training mode, saves a lot of time and energy of the candidates as they do not need to travel to any particular place to pursue the course. The program can be pursued from any corner of the globe; all that is required is an electronic device and an internet access. All the course materials are made accessible online to all the enrolled candidates who constantly receive assistance and guidance from the well trained and experienced tutors and the support staff on any queries/enquiries and doubts through email/chat or telephone. The course material also consists of videos and presentations which help the candidates in better and easy understanding of the course and its written materials. After going through the course materials, the candidates are needed to complete assignments which are then submitted online for the assessments by the tutors. Once, the candidates receive the certificate, after successfully completing it, they become eligible to be employed in all places on the Earth, especially in the Asian and African countries.

History of Eyeglasses Frame


Eyeglasses have become one of the most used style statement in today’s fashion. Who know glasses could get so popular in the world of fashion? But these days we see people just putting on stylish and colourful frames just for style and luxury. But do you know about history of eyeglasses? Where and how these spectacular things came into? How eyeglass did became so popular? 

A Brief history of eyeglasses

The coming of eyeglasses is as old as history of the Romans. There are lot of different materials such as quartz, emeralds, etc., used as a lens material. The great Mesopotamian civilization show several signs of using Glasses, but it never use the lenses until the 13th century. There are many cultures who have recorded the use of many optical enhancing materials to support their sights. In Italy the first eyeglasses were invented. May be this is the reason why Italian brands ruled the optical market. You can see some of the high end to just ordinary frames all bear the Italian made symbols on them. That’s why the made in Italian tag sells more than any other brands.

Eyeglasses a personal style statement

Eyeglasses are not just a mere accessory to correct faulty vision. The grumpy, downbeat looks of glasses are gone. Looking nerdy and geeky is the new in thing. With the diligence and swank efforts of many designers this conventional piece of accessory has been transformed in to the most eccentric piece of adornment.

There are various shape, sizes and colour of glasses all customized gel with your style, personality, taste and preferences. A lady going for stylish cat-eyeglasses is a way of showing you is stylish and confidence. A man will either go for classy rectangle or square frames. Choosing the right frame is always important as it will define your face and personality.  

Eyeglasses are fashion accessories

It’s been quite a journey for eyeglasses to evolve from being a medical device to fashion staple. All the kudos to top designers in the fashion industry who have transformed this simple accessory into a style icon by introducing them with their couture and high-end fashion line. Glasses can actually alter your look and personalities too. It has become part of major runway shows. They feature the aesthetic as well as the functional appeal of the eyeglasses. Now a days non-prescription glasses are becoming popular with the masses. They are using them to enhance their appearance. It is now a part of their personal style. You can experiment with your looks and style. There are a lot of brands offering you economical and suitable options. In early days, eyeglasses were considered only as a prescription purchase. This days they are purchased even without a prescription and are called non-prescription glasses or clear glasses. They are protective in nature and that is why they are use while working on computers, or to protect the eyes from the glares of the sun without cutting the light. These glasses also acts as a protection against harmful sun rays, dust, and other pollutant. It maintains the eye health. 

A lot of popular brands like, Crizal, Zeiss, Corning, etc. offers lenses with AR or Anti-reflective coating which helps in eliminating reflective lights and complement vision acuity. The lenses also come with water and oil resistant features which made them suitable for daily use. Movie stars and celebrities wear clear glasses to brandish their styles. These have been a reason for mass following for wearing eyeglasses. A bandwagon of people have emerged who wears clear glasses as part of their dressing solution. 

Technological advancement in eyeglasses

Eyeglasses are now a craft of science. They are Modern marvels which have changed the way this basic human accessory are use. There are endless number of features added to this simple accessory. There are a range of hypoallergenic, nickel free metals for people with hypersensitive skin. Now they can use them without any worries. And there are frames with corrosion and contamination free materials. They are resilient and durable. Therefore eyeglasses like never before have become a style revolution. They are becoming stronger and durable. Also, variants of materials are used for making frames nowadays. This includes metals like Titanium, silver and even gold. Animal horns like Buffalo frames are slowly gaining popularity. Frames are also available in exotic wood. Most of these materials mentioned are used together to create the most exotic frames. They are highly fashionable and aesthetically appealing as well. 

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How to Convert EML to Outlook PST Format?

In this article, we are discussing about how to convert EML mailbox data to Outlook PST format with the help of perfect tool EML to PST Converter. Now, the question arises why we need to use the third party tool to convert Windows Live Mail to PST format. To clear all the issues and the doubts related to the conversion of EML files to Outlook PST format read it in detail. It helps you to convert EML to PST format.

Overview of EML and PST File Formats

In today’s life, each individual person and the organisations are based on the email applications to share their ideas and email messages with each other. Email messages are used to store all the important data in their workplace in different email applications. Mostly users prefer to use the different email clients which stores their email data in .eml format. Some of the EML supported email clients are Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird and more. EML format is a simple file format to store a single email message and can be easily opened or read by any text editor. EML format is primarily supported by Windows Live Mail. Whereas, PST file format stores all the entire email data of Outlook in it. It can store all the email messages, contacts, attachments, notes, mailbox folders, etc. in it which can be opened by any version of MS Outlook.

Why We Needed to Migrate EML to PST Format?

Everyone is preferred to use the MS Outlook as their first choice for exchanging their email messages. But the question arises for those users who are using Windows Live Mail or other EML supporting email client. If they want to access their mailbox data in Microsoft Outlook, then users need to export Windows Live Mail to PST format. To convert the EML into Outlook PST format it is needed to use the excellent application which can successfully migrates EML files in PST format.

What are the methods to Import EML to PST?

Those users who are searching to import Windows Live Mail data to PST format are searching for the perfect methods to export their entire EML data in PST format. Technically, since there are probably two methods which are used by various users to export entire email data of EML files in PST format are:

  • Manual Method: Manual method is also used by users to convert EML to PST format. But, it is always a risky move to choose manual method for the migration process. If you are seeking to choose the Manual method, then be careful while performing the conversion. And take a complete backup of original EML files for future reference.
  • Technical Method: It is an extraordinary move to to migrate Windows Live Mail to Outlook PST format. It can easily export entire mailbox data items of EML files in PST format and users can import their resultant PST files in Outlook.

Choose Straightforward Application to Import EML to PST Format

ZOOK EML to PST Converter is the standalone application which can easily migrate the complete email data. This tool can exports entire data items like important attachments, contacts, notes, calendars, etc. of Windows Live Mail to PST format. It is a widely used solution which is used to convert multiple EML files to PST format at once. It is the reliable and efficient solution for users to batch export EML to PST format. This utility is capable to keep all the data intact in their original structure after the conversion of files. It is multi-featured application which offers several advance features to users. Therefore, it can easily resolves all the issues related to the conversion of EML to Outlook PST format.

Main Aspects of the Tool to Convert EML to PST

Some of the Interesting Features of the Utility are given below: –

  • Bulk export of EML files to PST format is offered by the utility. It makes an easy task for users to convert EML to PST format at once. It is a time saving process.
  • Capable to extract the entire embedded email data of EML files to PST format.
  • Users can preview their email messages and their attachments before saving it in PST format.
  • It is windows supportable application which can be easily installed on any Windows operating system including Windows 10.
  • It supports multiple email clients and easily import any EML files created by any EML supported email client.
  • If users don’t want to convert the complete email messages in PST format. Then users can easily convert the selective EML files in PST format.
  • It offers trial version which exports 25 items from EML to PST format.

Best Conclusion

Since it is always recommended to use the best solution to convert EML to PST format in an efficient way. It also facilitates user to use the demo version which allows user to convert 25 mails from the system. As a result of the utility performance, user can purchase the licensed edition and enjoy the unlimited file conversion.