Cozing it up! Best useful and trendy for winter 2017

Every season comes with its own hacks. Summer is perfect for letting our hair free (if the heat lets you), wear shorts and those awesome strappy sandals you love so much. Fall and winter, especially, are those times where we have to wear so many clothes that we often forget about style. When the temperature goes down we obviously feel the need to be covered by a lot of layers and accessories.

But those accessories can also be chic and stylish if you know where to look. Think about all the layers you’re going to have on and also think about how all of them are going to be connected to create one spectacular look.

And of course, every season the trends affect accessories as well. And although we have some basics (gloves, scarves, beanies), it is always good taking a look at what’s hot right now and what will help us be hot even during the cold days. Remember: always keep the classics in the closet, but mix them up with new items to make your style game really interesting.

With that said, let’s take a look at what the fashion world say would let us be warm but also be the chicest girls around during the winter this year.

Bracelets over sleeves

Do you remember when our moms used to do this and we thought it was kind of weird? Well, guess who’s back? The past fall-winter runways made a real bet for maxi accessories after a long time of only having big earrings and minimalistic pieces. Today, bracelets are a must and we’re not willing to give them up for the cold.

If you like this trend, it is key for you to understand that it will look awesome paired with one thing and one thing only: sweater sleeves. Whether they’re thin or really thick (those are my favorites because they’re super cozy), they are the perfect place to put your bracelets. Don’t even think about putting them over your jacket, because it would look super weird. Sometimes fashion has rules that cannot be broken.

Tassel love

Yes, I said tassels. Those same ones we often see in our house curtains or pillows, but in a variety of colors and all over our clothes and accessories.

Fashion has always a thing for ornaments. A few years ago we went through a fringe-mania era and everyone was cool about it at first, but then everyone just had enough. Tassels have been around since last year, but they really look good in accessories like scarves. If you want to go for the jewelry side, try necklaces or my personal favorite, earrings. Only that this time you don’t have to use a metal piece to hold the earring, just let the tassel be (if you want to add more drama, look for a pair of earrings with tassels made out of little stones). If you definitely want to go further, try coats with little tassels on them for this winter. But be careful with how much you spend, you wouldn’t want to be crying about that little fortune on an item you will wear for only a couple more seasons.

Fur is more fun

Of course, I’m talking about faux fur. I just love the effect it has on an outfit, but I have no intentions of knowing a little animal suffered on the way. This winter, as much as the past one, everything has something furry on it: shoes, bags, scarves, gloves and of course, coats.

In a past article, when we talked about basics for fall, we mentioned that fur was going to be a big deal and that we could also expect a lot of it during winter. And well, here we are. If you don’t feel exactly comfortable with this type of fabrics, try to wear them in small doses. But if you’re ready for the big game, get a statement coat. It will be useful for the times to come and it will make you look stylish in a second. Just remember faux fur only.

Pom poms are not just for cheering

Along with tassels, these figures are one of the most wanted on this winter’s gear. You can find them in many different ways, from a charm or a keychain to your shoes of favorite jewelry. Again, this kind of trend is really delicate to wear, because it can be too much if it’s not used carefully. And it’s not for everyone either, but I really think everyone should try a bold choice of wardrobe once in a while. How about a nice cute beanie that has a big and cuter pom pom at the top? I think you’ll agree with me: the idea is just adorable.


Another classic that goes on and off. Although for me, they´re never off. I love to take advantage of every occasion where I have to wear a jacket so I can use my brooches and pins. I love to mix and match, wear them according to my mood or wear really weird ones and let people start a conversation about it. As Madeleine Albright said once: “If anyone wants to know my mood, just read my pins”.

The best advice I can give you here is: go bold. This season is going to be about having a ton of different small brooches all over your jacket, and I can tell you that is super cool. And if you want to be even cooler, check if your mom or grandma have some of these in their jewelry boxes. Can you imagine a vintage pin on a cute leather jacket? A match made in heaven!

Anik Singal's Circle of Profit: Transform Your Passion into a Million Dollar Venture

Anik Singal is an internet marketing Guru who commenced his digital marketing business in his late teens. Although the road was not straight at first, he eventually launched to limelight via a system he discovered which he has reduced into an eBook titled the Circle of Profit serving as a guide for business transformation.

Anik’s Circle of Profit is designed to build change. You will be equipped with strategies to transform your business from whatever stage you are into a worthy, profitable stage. Anik Singal’s guide stands out from most digital publishing eBook. This is not surprising as the pages of the book are imprinted with steps that launched Anik to limelight. These steps are proven to generate result as it helped Anik create his first million online.

The Circle of Profit: How to Turn Your Passion into $1 Million

The Circle of Profit is a compilation of strategies Anik Singal developed over a space of 10 years. It is a system that is proven to help people transform their passion into a money making venture. If you are an expert in a field with information that can provide value to other people, Anik’s Circle of Profit was designed for you.

The eBook is divided into two sections, written with a single goal – to help and develop as many willing entrepreneurs as possible. With the secrets and methods imprinted in the pages of the Circle of Profit, you are guaranteed of reasonable profits within two weeks of commencing the business. And indeed, quite a number of users have reported tremendous result within a few weeks of commencing and following the guide.

Anik Singal did a wonderful job in structuring the Circle of Profit eBook. I should give credit to Anik for the layout of the book, the ideas flow from chapter to chapter. The Book was written such that anyone without a prior knowledge of internet marketing could get a good head start.

Phase 1: Building Your Audience & Creating Profit

For you to succeed in the digital marketing business, you need to get your business before getting interested members. Anik teaches users how to build a useful email list of subscribers. You will become respected such that people will view you as an authority in your field.

You will be taught strategies for composing catchy emails that will help build solid relationship with your subscribers. Besides, users will equally be exposed to secrets on how to leverage new customers to realize quick profits.

Phase 2: Using Digital Products to Create Your $1 Million

Here, you will be taught how to transform your passion into a profitable venture. There are proven step by step methods laid out in the eBook to guide users in successfully marketing their product online.

Besides, if you desire to market other people’s product as well, Anik laid out the principle to make this a reality.

How to effectively use the Circle of Profit

Anik, all with a laptop from his dorm room designed the system that launched him into limelight. In other words, with your laptop and Anik’s teaching, your dream of making a viable stream of income online is possible. Anik’s teaching revealed a lifestyle system that empowers you to create an unrestricted flow of income by teaching, educating and dipping yourself in your chosen field.

Anik’s teaching gives you the opportunity to become an expert, and also keep growing in your field. And if you do not have a passionate field; you could market other people’s business. In using the Circle of Profit effectively:

  • You do not need to be an expert, Anik will teach you from the scratch;
  • You do not need to have an expertise of any form. Anik has you covered;
  • Quitting your job is not needed;
  • You do not have to burn a hole in your pocket for capital.

The road to limelight was not a straight one. However, Anik Singal kept on, and thanks to his resilience, it paid off. However, you do not have to pass through the same journey. All the secrets that made way for Anik are provided in the pages of the Circle of Profit. The testimonies speak for him. I will recommend you take time and go over the book.

How to Gain More Likes to #FacebookFanpages

Facebook fan pages increase potential of your online presence reaching unlimited fans. Many fan page owners don’t have a clue on what it takes to get more likes. Creativity, effort and persistence are the keys to Facebook fan page marketing success.

Engaging Content

Content is king on the Internet. Whether it’s a blog post, article, press release or post made to your profile or fan page, it’s a form of updated content. Search engines spiders scour the web looking for new and informative content. Whenever you publish new content to your fan page, you greater the likelihood of someone who has never seen your page before to potentially click ”LIKE.” Should they find the content posted to your fan page wall interesting over a period of time, look forward to free advertising from your Facebook fans, by way of them reposting your Facebook fan page wall posts to their profiles and encouraging their family and friends to be a part of your page. However, in order to keep the masses coming back for more, your content must be interesting.

Search Engine Optimization

The name you create for your Facebook fan page is one way to get good rankings in search engines. The second step to optimizing a Facebook fan page for good positions in search engines such as Microsoft”s Bing, Google and YaHoO! is to fill out the “about” section of your fan page. It’s okay if you’d like to add a hashtag or two in the about section. Don’t get too happy and make it look spammy. The third step to optimizing your fan page for search engines is to watch the video below for more info. It explains the importance of adding little things to your fan pages to get better rankings.

Video and Infographics

Video engages people faster than published blogs and websites content. Whether it’s a video from YouTube shared to your fan page wall, videos directly uploaded to your Facebook account, and entertaining video clip from Vimeo or LiveLeak, people will definitely take the time to view the video and discuss it with their Facebook family and friends. Creating and sharing engaging video content about your online business on your Facebook fan page will drive traffic to your site. The key to success in this is keep creating engaging videos and emphasize how your videos can benefit others.

Infographics are a wonderful way to demonstrate what you’re talking about. Just like the awesome power of online video, infographics are a creative means of effectively conveying messages. They’re also a creative tool to use in possibly boosting business to your site. Don’t overlook using infographics for your site and sharing your infographic to your Facebook fan page wall.


You will not succeed in getting new likes on Facebook fan pages by posting one to two times daily. People are engaged deeply with fan pages and Facebook fan page owners when content is posted frequently. Whether you’re posting a video, info graphic or text to your fan page wall at high noon or 3 a.m., the persistence of continually posting meaningful content and posting content anytime of the day is what keeps people coming back. People are attracted not only by meaningful content posted to the fan page wall, but they also quietly measure the persistence of content posted. This is a determining factor when people decide if they should give you their business from things you post to your Facebook account. With all of this said, let your creativity take you to new heights as a Facebook marketer. Lastly, have patience in the process of building your business from scratch using Facebook marketing, because succeeding on the Internet is not an overnight operation. It involves a lot of work, but is also a labor of love. All good things come to those who wait and work faithfully in their business building ventures.

Building a business from scratch will teach patience and also test your character to see what you’re made of as an entrepreneur in longevity. This is why it’s important to be persistent. When things don’t come into fruition when you want, the mind, spirit and body can become totally frustrated in most cases. If you believe you have a long-term vision and don’t mind waiting it out by playing it day by day and building your online business through effective Facebook fan page marketing step-by-step and learn to crawl before you can walk, you’ll possibly find yourself more successful than originally hoped for. But it all requires faith and consistent works additionally to long-term positive thinking.

Top Content Mistakes to Avoid in 2017

I think it’s pretty fair to say that I’ve harped a lot about the importance of quality content in the past. When it comes to leads, links, and general audience engagement, digital marketers and SEO experts simply can’t afford to sidestep it. While I do detest the overuse of ‘content is king’ there’s no arguing with it. Simply try ranking on SERPs or engaging your audience (no matter what you do) without good content, I dare you. You will soon realize that you won’t get too far.

Every content marketer (and digital marketer in general) has made a slew of content-related mistakes over the years. What separates the greats from everyone else is the fact that they learn from those mistakes. As we welcome the new year, it’s time to take a look at common content development mistakes and how we can avoid them going forward.

Not Engaging in Content at All

Captain Obvious, right?

Well, really important stuff is worth repeating. Even though this is something that most people consider a given (creating new content and putting it out there) you just wouldn’t believe how many businesses aren’t doing it consistently. My personal pet peeve are blogs. Pretty much every company that has a web site has a blog. Care to guess how many of those blogs are maintained? Around 20 % and that’s being generous.

What you need to realize is that your product pages and offers are all great, but they won’t help you rank and they won’t help you create engagement. Blog posts will. Blog posts are a great way to go after long-tail keywords and appear in the SERPs for phrases people are actually searching. So for crying out loud, start blogging! Create a blogging strategy and commit to it. If you can’t blog five times per week, make it three- two blog posts every week are the minimum you should do in order to be taken seriously by Google and your potential customers.

Not Focusing on Email Marketing

Tell me you are building your email list, please. Because if you’re not, you are doing it all wrong. Here’s why: for every single dollar you spend on email marketing, you earn $41. Now, if that’s a number you can afford to take lightly, good for you – not many businesses can.

Increased sales are not the only reason why you should do email marketing. Here are the others:

–   Email allows you to build more stable relationships

–   Email communications are easy to track and evaluate

–   It’s easy to collect feedback with email

–   It positions you as an expert in your field

I get it that email marketing isn’t easy. Maybe you’ve tried it but didn’t get the response you expected. To learn how to do it the right way, check out these articles on email open rates and clickthrough rates I’ve written recently – you should be able to get some great pointers there.

Bottom line, not doing email marketing is seriously hurting your business.Not using the strategy that seriously outperforms social marketing, display marketing, and pretty much everything is crazy – you don’t want people to think that you’re crazy now, do you?

Going for Quantity Instead of Quality

Now, I know I’ve said that you should publish content often previously and that still stands. However, I never said that you should publish just about anything. Regardless of the industry you’re in, there will be hundreds of questions that your customers need answers to. Taking the easy way out and publishing crappy content that’s not geared toward the needs of your users is a bad idea. You might fool Google into thinking that your site is worth the bother because it’s updated constantly, but you won’t fool your readers.

Instead, make sure you understand your audience and their needs and focus on creating content that answers their questions. Don’t rehash stuff that is already online – use it as a guideline but always aspire to create something that’s at least one notch better than what is already out there.

Misunderstanding Good SEO Practices

I can’t tell you how many content creators are still stuck on keywords – keywords this, keywords that, blah blah. Start following SEO trends people! Keywords are rapidly becoming unimportant and keyword stuffing has been a huge no-no for the last three years, at least! Instead, try to understand how Google algorithm is evolving to understand content and user intent. Once you start creating content that’s rich in supporting terms and recognizes that latent semantic indexing is here to stay, you will start seeing some real improvements.

Instead of focusing on yesteryear stuff, research how quality linking, good social signals, collaboration with other others can help boost your rankings. SEO is changing dramatically in 2017 – keep up or go under!

No Actionable Content Goals

It’s tempting to just sit down and start creating and publishing content willy-nilly. In fact, that’s what most businesses are doing. Content is a tough category to measure so a lot of people are just winging it. For some, this approach will pay off. However, for a vast majority, it won’t.

Your content should be doing one of the following three things:

–   Create meaningful engagement

–   Drive traffic to your page

–   Establish you as a major player in your field

In order for you to accomplish any one of these goals, you first need to know who you’re writing for. Having a clear audience persona is a must. The second thing on your lists should be keyword research. Once you know who your audience is and what they are looking for you can start creating actionable content that will drive leads to your site.


There are a bunch of things you should be doing for content in 2017 – so many that I’ll so devote a special article to them. In the meantime, it really helps to know what things you need to avoid. Even if you are making some of these mistakes, learn from them and don’t repeat them – grow and make your content the best it can be in 2017!

Ultimate Tips to Design Successful E-Commerce Page Online

The E-commerce website owners follow many strategies but here are some of the relevant tips that will help you to reach out to the target audiences.

Navigation Window at the Top

The navigation window helps the customers to know about the particular company’s products and services at once. Here are some of the points included in it:

To Know the Site Structure

It is necessary to highlight the important things on the first page of your website if you have a complex E-commerce site. One can show the About Us, FAQ, Collections, Contact Us, etc. on the top of Navigation window.

Exploring the website

The user wants to know more about your products, so he/she will visit the website again if they find it attractive. The web pages should be responsive so that the user can easily access various pages and engage with the informative content.

Knowledge about the Brand

People want to get thorough knowledge about your brand and the range of products that is offered by your company. They want to know about the latest trends, the material used, terms and conditions, etc. whose details should be furnished on the top of the navigation window.

Shopping Process for the E-Commerce Cart

Most of the E-Commerce websites provide the information on the top of their navigation tab about free shipping in most of the countries. People can get instant information from it and for more details, they can click the tab and scroll through the required web page for the shopping cart process.

Information about the Core Product

People want to know more about the core product that the company is selling like the wallet, handbags, watches, jewelry, etc. This can be provided through content, videos, images, etc. The E-Commerce business sites can take the support from the service providers that provide varied digital marketing services. Many complex products are sold online by the companies so it depends upon the owners that how they make the representation of the product easier. Here are some of the tips:

Visualization of the product

The visual images of the product will help the users to know about the product that is sold by a particular company. With this, they will be able to differentiate it with other relative brands too. Therefore, this clears the position of the following product.

Core Structural Details

Most of the companies provide core structural details as the price, name, detailed images of the product, etc. With this, more than 30% of the organic traffic comes on the website, and it results in the conversion rates too.

Videos or Animated Images

The users will also like the videos or animated images of the product that will help them to get the core product information. The E-commerce websites can gain a greater amount of conversion rates with the help of video or animated images of the products.

Options for Purchasing

Amazon provides an online platform for the sellers to sell their products online but most of them may make fewer mistakes. It has many phenomenal click rates and other regulations that the sellers have to abide by as it provides a clear path for their target audiences. Most of the websites are designed and developed using various latest technologies as the users can refer the statistical reports on the reputed sites. Here are some of the points related to clear options for the path to purchase the products:

Availability of the product

The seller should make the user know about the availability of the product so that the buyers can choose out of them.

Hassle-Free transactions

The other important aspect while purchasing from the particular site is the IP address that the user watches out. The geo-modified domains are preferred nowadays by some of the businesses in order to get them to the required locations too.

Description of the Product

The detailed description of the product will help the consumers to seek the product if that is according to their expectation or not. They can go through the dimensions, features, colors, etc. of the product. People should also know about the shipping policy and details about the returning of the defective products. The users should also get the answers to the questions that can be put up by them or it should be posted on the Web page.

Sealing of the Deals

The focus of the business house is to convert the prospective visitors into the long-term customers. Their focus is the conversion rate, and it can be only possible through the engaging content and videos or images. The seal the deal content should be offered by the E-Commerce web pages, which includes the building of the customer’s trust. It can be done with the help of the process that the companies follow to tell the consumers about the usability of the products. The E-commerce Web Pages should be custom designed so that it provides a great user experience to the people.

The Closing Words

To conclude, it can be seen that the best E-Commerce web pages can be crafted with the help of the above-mentioned points. Even the companies should go ahead with the SEO elements that will help in increasing the traffic on your web page. It can be done through engaging content, right keywords that will help in thriving your E-Commerce site. Moreover, the linking of pages with the blogs and other important searches can also help the users, and the updating of the page should be done on the regular basis too.

Problems that DoTA Players Face (& How to Solve Them)

Taking the world by storm in the late 2004, DoTA or Defense of the Ancients proved to be the real one-hit wonder when it was being played by thousands of players in a short time. From a mere mod to one of the most popular games of all time, DoTA literally changed the fabric of the gaming world as it actually popularized the concept of controlling a Hero. Although it was not entirely a new concept, it was still interesting and refreshing to see how DoTA just carved a specific niche in the fragmented world of gaming in a single-handed manner. Most importantly, it was even as popular as Counter-Strike, another successful game that professed similar origin (it was born out of mod too). 

After years of riding on its success, DoTA finally got its own worth successor that many DoTA players had been praying for. Developed deliberately to overcome the limitation of its ancient engine in DoTA, the DoTA 2 has been crafted as a true love letter back to the fans since it featured a host of exciting innovations that were not found in its predecessor. Yet, there were some problems that face DoTA players to this day. This begs the next question: What are the common frustrations/problems that DoTA players face and how to solve them?

Defending the Ancients and Their Ideals

For a game that enjoyed its immense popularity even before its eventual release, DoTA 2 was the ideal game that many game developers would love to emulate. Boasted numbers beyond 300,000 players playing simultaneously at one time, you do not really need rocket science to tell you that DoTA 2 is really a hot game, like super hot! At an era when some computer gaming genres are facing with their seemingly imminent doom (real-time strategy games, I am looking at you guys), DoTA 2 ushers the much-needed refreshing and rewarding games in the grim world that is populated with tons of MMORPGs. As great as DoTA 2 is, it still requires much polishing work in order to make it even better than its predecessor. 

The World Ends When Everything that You Cherished Just Blinks Out of Existence

“I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.”

Subjected to a fate that is worst than a destroyed planet, DoTA players actually face unthinkable thing that just happened in a single night. It occurred in the lovely month of Christmas when everyone expects awesome gift exchange moment. However, the publisher of DoTA 2 has released a patch that just changed everything. Solid victories of yesterday have been cursed to today’s defeated smoothie experience. Far from being dramatic, this patch offered more than just updates when it transformed the entire game with its sweeping changes to its characters, maps and user interface. Not just that, there is this new talent tree which prove to be confusing and frustrating at the same time.

In just a single change, numerous strategies, builds and tactics have been rendered obsolete since there has been substantial changes to the characters as well as items. While most seasoned or professional players can adapt to these alterations readily since they had been expecting that, many new and casual players may find this change to be disorienting. In fact, a lot of them feel that they have became noobs in one update. Needless to say, the effect from such update can be best described as crushing especially when you face such “drastic changes” in one go.

Conventional wisdom dictates that every change that follows must be done with great care. In this case, it appears that the players are unable to cope with the sudden changes. Despite the intentional changes in keeping the gameplay fresh, game developers should introduce changes in a more conducive manner. In other words, it is better to incorporate small changes in several batches rather than throwing one whole new package in one go. When the latter happens, it changes the rules and essence of the game dramatically that it becomes utterly alien to players who play the game, new and old alike. In addition, the changes should be made to promote the certainty of the gameplay instead of just altering it substantially for the sake of changes. Hence, the changes should be more in line with the expectations of the players. 

Going Dark

While the game server crashes are seemingly unavoidable at times, another common frustrating problem that DoTA players face is that its server always crashes especially due to huge numbers of players who are playing the game. As such, it can be very annoying when you find out that you are unable to log into the game or your game is suddenly disconnected when playing the game. As if it is not bad enough, you will suffer some kind of in-game glitches as a result of poor connection due to server itself. Regarding the problem of connecting to the game server, it becomes so bad that there are few sites that are dedicated in letting you know about the current status of its servers before logging in to play.

Obviously, the solution to the problem of connection lies with the ability of the game developers in devising effective ways of managing and maintaining these game servers. The game developers can work out a map that shows about the concentration of players in certain regions and time. From there, they should design and develop a viable schedule that can accommodate a certain amount of players at a time. In addition, more efforts should be taken in upgrading the capabilities of the game servers.

Not only that, optimizing the game servers to support high traffic volume is a long term affair because the numbers grow all the time. Despite this, all of these are just for the gaming servers. In the gameplay aspect, it is definitely better if the loading and gaming experience should be smoother and more fluid in the process.

As one of the most popular games, DoTA delivers gaming experience that is totally exciting and rewarding at the same time. Based on a proven formula, the success of DoTA 2 can actually outrun that of its predecessor when its game developers can make and execute better changes that transform the game for the better. Hence, it is the time to defend the Ancients and push the boundaries of innovation in order to polish the game further and beyond.  

This article was written by Aaron Tam from iPrice Group.

Organic or Natural? An Introductory Health Food Dictionary

Sometimes, reading the packaging of a new health food is more confusing than it is reassuring. Is organic the same thing as natural? Is there such a thing as unnatural food? What is the difference between enriched and fortified food?

Don’t feel bad – in some ways all of these terms are supposed to confuse you; they sound good enough to make you want to buy the foods, even if aren’t exactly sure what you are putting in your body.

In order to clear up the fog a bit, here is a quick reference guide for a few of the most popular “health food” terms for you to have a better idea with regards to the differences between the labels and to decide whether they are the best choice for your diet.

Fair Trade:

There are slight variations to the definition of Fair Trade depending on the certifying organization. For people living in the US, one of the most common labels is the Fair Trade Certified™ label. Fair Trade USA has the following general definition of a Fair Trade Certified™ product:

Fair Trade Certified™ products were made with respect to people and planet. Our rigorous social, environmental and economic standards work to promote safe, healthy working conditions, protect the environment, enable transparency, and empower communities to build strong, thriving businesses. When you choose products with the Fair Trade label, your day-to-day purchases can improve an entire community’s day-to-day lives.

If you want to learn more about Fair Trade Products, check out this video:


As with Fair Trade, the definition and standards that must be met in order for a product to be labelled organic may vary slightly depending on the certifying organization and country. For the USDA organic seal, which is used in the US, the general definition is as follows:

Simply stated, organic produce and other ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, or ionizing radiation. Animals that produce meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products do not take antibiotics or growth hormones.

Note that in order for a food to be genuinely Fair Trade and/or organic, it must have the official label visible on the package.


There is no official Food and Drug Administration (FDA) definition for Natural foods. For this reason, food companies will often use it freely on their labels, even if it is not clear what they mean by it. The FDA discusses the use of the term “Natural” on food labels as follows:

From a food science perspective, it is difficult to define a food product that is ‘natural’ because the food has probably been processed and is no longer the product of the earth. That said, FDA has not developed a definition for use of the term natural or its derivatives. However, the agency has not objected to the use of the term if the food does not contain added color, artificial flavors, or synthetic substances.

Enriched Food:

The term enriched is used only for processed foods, though many processed foods are not enriched. Through the many processes different foods go through (cooking, combining, griding, exposure to heat and cold, etc.) nutrients are lost. When foods are enriched, the nutrients that were lost in the refinement process are added back in.

The Medical Dictionary defined enriched foods as follows:

A processed food that has lost nutrients during milling, grinding, pasteurization, or other processes and then had those nutrients added back to the marketed product. Two examples of vitamins commonly used in food enrichment are vitamins B1 and B2, thiamine and riboflavin, respectively.

Fortified Foods:

Unlike enriched foods, fortified foods do not contain simply the nutrients that were lost during the refinement process. Fortified foods have added nutrients beyond their natural levels in order to provide an added benefit. Often, fortified foods cater to a specific audience with different nutritional needs that are difficult to meet with a “normal” diet, like pregnant women and body builders.

However, plenty of fortified foods are available to the general public as foods of mass consumption. One example of this are breakfast cereals; most breakfast cereals are fortified with 100% daily value of multiple nutrients.

When you are armed with the correct knowledge, it is easier to make better nutritional choices – even with processed foods. Making informed choices may not only mean a healthier you, but also a healthier community and planet.


Trump style 2017: what can we expect from the new presidential family?

There is no secret that the next period in the White House, that will be occupied by president Donald Trump, will have an atypical figure on his daughter Ivanka, who much people say is going to be some sort of second First Lady next to Melania Trump. And while the world has watched skeptical his rise to the power, they have all admired and talked about the style of his two leading ladies, both with important past steps in the fashion world.

After Trump won the election in November, pretty much every website and fashion publication in the world started articles and galleries on the First Lady to be and of course, the ‘First Daughter’. The first one is a former model who was known for her sexy and flashy style, which had a big change after she got married and when her husband announced his political campaign. During this time, Melania showed us a classy, conservative style, very likely to Trump’s ideas and political statements. She toned down her sparkle and let the new president shine. As for Ivanka, who is now a fashion mogul, the press has always been on her side. She’s elegant, classy and graceful, and her taste is impeccable. As she’s a full-time businesswoman and mom, she couldn’t be by her father’s side in every event, but every time she attended one, all the eyes were on her.

And now that we’re getting slowly to Inauguration Day in the United States the world is experimenting different emotions. Some people are afraid, some other are still furious, some others are worried. But one thing is certain, we are all curious about what Melania and Ivanka are going to wear.

These two ladies have no problem when it comes to choosing an A-list designer to dress them. However, since they started the campaign, a lot of these same couture stars have made perfectly clear that they’re not willing to dress them, especially referring to Melania Trump.  Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, and Cristian Siriano are among the designers who have publicly said no to dress Melania, either is in a polite or very strong way. It’s been rumored that Calvin Klein will be an option for the first lady, but what if we check some of her dresses in the past, to see if we can guess what she’s going to wear on the big day?

Fan of the big stars

Ever since we started hearing of Melania Trump (way before this presidential madness), this former model has been involved with the biggest designers on the market. Let’s not forget her stunning Christian Dior wedding gown, close to a US $100.000. Gucci, Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Balmain can be count among her favorites. This has gained her a lot of criticism, because if we followed her campaign trail, affordable clothes are not on her radar. Big fans of the Target and H&M collections better don’t hold their breaths, because I don’t see her toning down her millionaire style to please anyone anytime soon. Or maybe she can surprise us one day, who knows.

Not a ‘print’ First Lady

Comparing new and old public figures is easy to make comparisons and this time they’re bigger than ever. It was not even election day when media started comparing Michelle Obama’s style with Melania’s who finally won the ‘FLOTUS’ title for the next for years. And there is to say that besides the fact they’re both elegant women in their own way, nothing else in common pops to the eye. One of the biggest difference between Michelle and Melania is the love that the first one has for print fabrics, while the other one seems to not being a fan of experimenting with patterns. For many years, Melania has stuck to solid colors, neutrals being their all-time favorites. We’ve seen her mostly in beige and white, with occasional but beautiful switches to bright colors (like the pink jumpsuit from the campaign or that fitted red dress paired with a red coat), but it’s clear that neutrals are her favorites, which during the campaign was related to a supposed intention for not outshining her husband. Maybe a bright red for Inauguration Day?

Always in heels

In previous occasions, Melania has stated that casual style is not her thing. “I don’t see myself going out in sweats, dropping Barron at school in sweats — it’s just not my style, never was,” she told Elle. As a result, we’ve had the opportunity to see her in very elegant outfits starring, of course, killer heels every time. One of her favorite models is the popular So Kate, by Christian Louboutin, famous for being one of the most uncomfortable but beautiful shoes out there. But like Claire Underwood in House of Cards (who I have to say, reminds me a lot of Melania) she works them with perfection.

There are still a few days until we get to know what the trend is going to be at the beginning of the Trump era at the White House, but we can count on the first lady to always give us something to talk about, fashion-wise, of course.

Essentials of Language, Culture and Translation

What is a very essential definition of language? Is it composed of a good vocabulary and a perfect grammar? Actually, it is not the sufficient definition of language. Language is more than a perfect dictionary and a neatly produced grammar. It is a reflection of the paths a culture understands reality and identity.

turkish translation agency

Consider the Turkish World 50 years on: communities of Turkish speakers are now part of the demographic profile of many European cities such as Berlin and Amsterdam. As there are many changes like human rights being respected, women exhibiting huge courage in asking equality, English language becoming a widely learned foreign language are shaping the Turkish language. This article addresses translating from and into Turkish, with a particular emphasis on innovative approaches and resources.

Literally, translation recalls the existence of what is not so translated – it is what is local. Translation becomes, but has no existence at the beginning. Its becoming is carried out through a sophisticated translation process with interaction across both source and destination languages and cultures that should be explored thoroughly. Translation is handling written content, it refers both to the translation process and the target translation, covering a wide array of concepts.

The main goal of different translation processes is to convey the same feelings and informative effects that are contained in and by the original text to the target material translated and thus to the target audience who are speakers of the destination language. Any content translated from a given language is the yield of an unparalleled combination between the manner and the subject, translation and perception of a text. Translation is a cultural interaction between the source and target language. It contains carrying over the language and its associated cultural nuances to target language. The very basic components of a culture are social organization, history, religion and language. All other components are interrelated with language itself. A culture is contained in and by its language, and is handed over to new generations. Translation from Turkish to Western languages, majorly English and German produces extraordinary power in representing foreign cultures. It is apparent that a contact occurs across cultures during translation. Translation process requires conveying the source text to the target language along with its associated culture until they become translated content. The target culture heps the translators define the source language and the source culture that they are translating from, meaning translation process is actually a cultural act blending languages and cultures. This is an obvious proof that translation carries sense and purport at each and every step of its process. The main streamline of translation is absolutely and intensively defined by the cultures of both the source and target language speakers.

Cultures view each other in different manners interchangeably and how they see their cultures against each other has influence on how translation takes place from one of these cultures into other. To get inherent ties between and to maintain a combination of culture and language, translation process streamlines a blend of culture and language union of both the source and target contents. Conveying the texts created in the original language and culture into another language and culture blend, its being perceived by the target audience is produced mostly by the shared and in-depth knowledge of the translating body rather than what the translated target content itself contain. To examine the communication across cultures by means of translation process, we should pay high attention to the culture of processing translation as it is what drives and governs translation of cultural dimensions. Translation act is indeed an intercultural flow and a beam of streamlines that shapes translation process constrained within the boundaries of language and culture.

Expertise in different subject domains is a placeholder for Turkish translation streamline and this placeholder contains in the terminology in Turkish language. Terminology is a primary element of translation and interpreting as well. Teaching and research of translation is by necessity to be improved significantly to establish advance in translation from and to Turkish. Culturally apppraising the expressions that construct the foundation of translation process can streamline and make sure the perception across cultures on the part of all taking place in translation is truely achieved.

It is More Than What Song Lyrics Are Made Of: A Broken Heart Is Real

By Tricia Drevets

Every now and then, you read a news story about an elderly husband and wife who die within hours of each other. Relatives comment on how devoted they were to each other, and the testimony of how they wanted to be with each other in death is a touching reminder of the power of love.

However, not all stories associated with the phrase “dying of a broken heart” are as sentimental. In fact, some are a disturbing, yet important, reminder of the heart-brain connection.

Scientists believe that intense emotions, such as the grief associated with the death of a loved one, can shock your body into a fatal heart condition.  A recent example of what is known as Broken Heart Syndrome is the death of Debbie Reynolds the day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher, died.

Reynolds’ son, Todd Fisher, told an interviewer that his mother said, “’I want to be with Carrie.’ And then she was gone.”

As a mother who has experienced the death of a child, I can testify to the debilitating emotional and physical effects of intense grief. In the days and weeks after my eldest son’s death, I experienced lightheadedness, clumsiness, sleeplessness and heart palpitations. I had no idea I was in real danger.

One example is when I was on a quick supermarket errand several days after he died. An otherwise healthy individual, I inexplicably fell to the floor in the aisle. A little dazed and a lot embarrassed, I quickly scrambled up and headed out to my car, refusing to fill out a store accident report and assuring the worried store manager that I was fine.

It wasn’t until much later that I discovered that what I experienced was part of a disorder associated with intense grief. In fact, as the general public found out with the death of Debbie Reynolds, Broken Heart Syndrome is a real thing, and it is dangerous.

According to a 2014 study by researchers from St. George’s University of London that was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA),  the chance of experiencing a heart attack or a stroke doubles within the first month after a loved one’s death.

What happens to a grief-stricken heart? In Broken Heart Syndrome, the heart muscle temporarily becomes paralyzed, and the left ventricle changes shape. The condition is also known as “Takotsubo,” which is Japanese for “octopus pot” because the heart resembles an octopus trap when the condition is present.

Angiograms reveal that in Broken Heart Syndrome, the heart’s arteries are not blocked as they are with a regular heart attack. They have changed shape. Other symptoms can mimic a heart attack, including chest pain and shortness of breath.

Although most victims of this disorder usually recover, an acute episode – especially in someone, like Reynolds, who had previous heart problems – can lead to cardiac arrest.

During a heart attack, a blockage or a spasm in in an artery cuts off the heart’s oxygen supply. With Broken Heart Syndrome, however, doctors believe that it is a hormone surge that causes the heart to pump irregularly. Since many victims of the disorder are post-menopausal women, doctors theorize that a lack of estrogen is a contributing factor.

However, the condition can affect anyone of any age. Here are two examples:

  • In 2012, Lindsay Clift, a 29-year-old British hairstylist, died just hours after her child was delivered stillborn. Her doctors believe her intense grief triggered an adrenaline surge that led to cardiac arrest. 
  • Marcus Ringrose, a 60-year-old man with no history of heart disease, succumbed to heart failure 12 days after the funeral of his wife, actress Mary Tamm, in 2012. Doctors believe the stress induced high levels of adrenaline that affected his heart.

According to Dr. Sunil Shah, one of the authors of the St. George’s University study, intense emotions, such as those caused by grief, can trigger blood clotting and fluctuations in heart rate and blood pressure. This stress and the resulting release of stress hormones “shock” the heart, leading to heart muscle weakness.

Broken Heart Syndrome is just one example of a heart condition that women experience more frequently than men experience. Scientists don’t know why the disorder affects women more often than men, but they theorize that it has to do with the fact that women’s brains and bodies process emotions differently than men’s do.

What can we take away from the sudden death of Debbie Reynolds and this newfound interest in Broken Heart Syndrome? We can use it as a way to learn more about the risk of heart disease in women.

According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the number one killer of women. Yet, most women do not know the warning signs of a heart attack or stroke and, therefore, they often ignore them until it is too late.

Symptoms of a heart attack in women

Some of the main symptoms of a heart attack – chest pain or tightness in the chest — are the same in men and women, but here are the typical symptoms in women:

  • Pressure or pain in the center of the chest. It may last for more than a few minutes, and it can come and go.
  • Pain in one or both of the arms, the jaw, back, neck or stomach.
  • Shortness of breath that may or may not accompany chest discomfort.
  • Cold sweat
  • Nausea
  • Lightheadedness.

According to some estimates, in the days after the death of someone close to you, the risk of suffering a heart attack goes up by 21 times. For the next six weeks, the risk is still six times greater than normal. Usually, after six to eight weeks, the hormone levels even out and return to a more normal range.

If you or someone you love is experiencing intense grief, it is important to recognize the risk of Broken Heart Syndrome and to seek medical help when necessary.

Maintaining a healthy diet and getting enough exercise can be a big help in combating Broken Heart Syndrome. I know that getting outside for my daily walk or hike made a big difference in my health and helped keep me somewhat sane.

Since grief never ends but continues to hit you in waves, nutrition and exercise continue to be a way for me to deal with my acute loss.

We never know when the unexpected can happen. As we begin a New Year, you can resolve to be there for someone who is grieving and to offer the love and support he or she needs to get through the intense emotional and physical roller coaster ride of grief.