7 Best iPhone Apps of 2016 to Try Now

Just got a new iPhone or want to load some useful stuff on your phone? Well, we have listed a couple of popular iPhone apps that can help you make the everyday tasks easier. The list includes apps from different categories so that you can enjoy the perfect option for your particular needs. Let’s get started.


Waze is the ultimate solution for those who like to go for long trips and drives without getting stuck in the crowd. The iPhone app tracks your route and guides you around traffic en-route. This, in turn, shortens your commute and makes traveling a breeze. Not just the traffic, the amazing app even notifies you of accidents, constructions, red-light cameras, and even police ahead your mid-trip.

Fab Fit

Are you a fitness freak or someone who wants to get in shape without becoming a gym-freak? If such is your case, then we have you covered here with Fab Fit. Available as a free download, the fitness app lets you work out anytime and helps you stay fit and fabulous. You can download Fab Fit- Fitness app for iPhone to modify your workout routine. What makes the application a standout is its ability to serve as an anytime gym. It has all the instructions and animations to make it easy for you to follow. You can even send notifications to your friends to inspire them or enjoying teasing. If you are serious about your fitness, then there’s a Chart progress bar that tracks and shows your detailed activity insights.

Lyft or Uber

At some point of your daily routine, you are going to need a cab instantly and that’s when you won’t find one in sight. You can either imagine the trouble and irritation standing in wait or you can save yourself some time by installing Uber or Lyft (Uber’s tough competitor) on your iPhone. Both the apps are free and already popular in the major cities. Even the not-so-major cities have also accepted the trend. The travel apps offer easy rides to your destination at best rates. All you need to do is get the app on your iPhone, book a cab and the cab will come over to pick you up whenever, wherever you want them. Big thing is, Uber and Lyft costs considerably less than the traditional taxis. In some cases when the demand gets too high, the prices may double, triple, or multiply manifold.


Get relieved from the burden of long, multiple links that makes things messy. Bitsy.in is a reliable and wonderful link shortener for iOS. A short link is the need of the hour to make your information and web experience more advanced, better, and fast. Bitsy Link Shortener is used by people worldwide for its feature-rich solution, secured links, social media integration, and an array of additional interesting features.

Users can also create custom links and have a look at the recent actions or history. All in all, the service lets you enjoy detailed analytics and optimized links that are ready for tomorrow.


Keeping a record of your passwords, when there are many, might be a difficult task. As your password is the key to your confidential information, it is critical that you keep them safe, secure, and at one place. 1Password is one of the widely-used password managers that make remembering passwords for every app and service easy. The iOS version of the app syncs with the desktop app to secure your accounts by creating and storing a different password for all apps and services you use. This one password for all is what you need to remember.


Splitting your share of price with your friends on a dinner or hangout seems like a pain in the neck, especially when none of you brought enough cash along with. Here Cash comes as a great app that lets you instantly transfer money to friends without any processing fee. You can even send money to different bank accounts. Just create an account and add your debit card, and you are all set to pay your friends or people in moments. In most cases, the money is transferred instantly and available to the payee account. In the least cases, the payee could need to wait for 1 to 2 business days to see the transferred amount.

Ads Blocker Pro

Annoyed by the continuous pop-ups and ads that are of no use to you? You don’t have to fritter your mobile data with irrelevant advertisement when you have a wonderful app called Ads Blocker Pro. The ad-blocking app protects you against web threats and surfs the web for maximum results. Ads Blocker Pro for iOS is the one-in-all tool you will need to block all unwanted stuff, including browser malware, advertisements, and pop-ups. Apart from it, you also save some cellular data during the entire process. Give it a shot to block spams and ads, and whitelist stuff you want to access.

It is More Than What Song Lyrics Are Is Made Of: A Broken Heart Is Real

By Tricia Drevets

Every now and then, you read a news story about an elderly husband and wife who die within hours of each other. Relatives comment on how devoted they were to each other, and the testimony of how they wanted to be with each other in death is a touching reminder of the power of love.

However, not all stories associated with the phrase “dying of a broken heart” are as sentimental. In fact, some are a disturbing, yet important, reminder of the heart-brain connection.

Scientists believe that intense emotions, such as the grief associated with the death of a loved one, can shock your body into a fatal heart condition.  A recent example of what is known as Broken Heart Syndrome is the death of Debbie Reynolds the day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher, died.

Reynolds’ son, Todd Fisher, told an interviewer that his mother said, “’I want to be with Carrie.’ And then she was gone.”

As a mother who has experienced the death of a child, I can testify to the debilitating emotional and physical effects of intense grief. In the days and weeks after my eldest son’s death, I experienced lightheadedness, clumsiness, sleeplessness and heart palpitations. I had no idea I was in real danger.

One example is when I was on a quick supermarket errand several days after he died. An otherwise healthy individual, I inexplicably fell to the floor in the aisle. A little dazed and a lot embarrassed, I quickly scrambled up and headed out to my car, refusing to fill out a store accident report and assuring the worried store manager that I was fine.

It wasn’t until much later that I discovered that what I experienced was part of a disorder associated with intense grief. In fact, as the general public found out with the death of Debbie Reynolds, Broken Heart Syndrome is a real thing, and it is dangerous.

According to a 2014 study by researchers from St. George’s University of London that was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA),  the chance of experiencing a heart attack or a stroke doubles within the first month after a loved one’s death.

What happens to a grief-stricken heart? In Broken Heart Syndrome, the heart muscle temporarily becomes paralyzed, and the left ventricle changes shape. The condition is also known as “Takotsubo,” which is Japanese for “octopus pot” because the heart resembles an octopus trap when the condition is present.

Angiograms reveal that in Broken Heart Syndrome, the heart’s arteries are not blocked as they are with a regular heart attack. They have changed shape. Other symptoms can mimic a heart attack, including chest pain and shortness of breath.

Although most victims of this disorder usually recover, an acute episode – especially in someone, like Reynolds, who had previous heart problems – can lead to cardiac arrest.

During a heart attack, a blockage or a spasm in in an artery cuts off the heart’s oxygen supply. With Broken Heart Syndrome, however, doctors believe that it is a hormone surge that causes the heart to pump irregularly. Since many victims of the disorder are post-menopausal women, doctors theorize that a lack of estrogen is a contributing factor.

However, the condition can affect anyone of any age. Here are two examples:

  • In 2012, Lindsay Clift, a 29-year-old British hairstylist, died just hours after her child was delivered stillborn. Her doctors believe her intense grief triggered an adrenaline surge that led to cardiac arrest. 
  • Marcus Ringrose, a 60-year-old man with no history of heart disease, succumbed to heart failure 12 days after the funeral of his wife, actress Mary Tamm, in 2012. Doctors believe the stress induced high levels of adrenaline that affected his heart.

According to Dr. Sunil Shah, one of the authors of the St. George’s University study, intense emotions, such as those caused by grief, can trigger blood clotting and fluctuations in heart rate and blood pressure. This stress and the resulting release of stress hormones “shock” the heart, leading to heart muscle weakness.

Broken Heart Syndrome is just one example of a heart condition that women experience more frequently than men experience. Scientists don’t know why the disorder affects women more often than men, but they theorize that it has to do with the fact that women’s brains and bodies process emotions differently than men’s do.

What can we take away from the sudden death of Debbie Reynolds and this newfound interest in Broken Heart Syndrome? We can use it as a way to learn more about the risk of heart disease in women.

According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the number one killer of women. Yet, most women do not know the warning signs of a heart attack or stroke and, therefore, they often ignore them until it is too late.

Symptoms of a heart attack in women

Some of the main symptoms of a heart attack – chest pain or tightness in the chest — are the same in men and women, but here are the typical symptoms in women:

  • Pressure or pain in the center of the chest. It may last for more than a few minutes, and it can come and go.
  • Pain in one or both of the arms, the jaw, back, neck or stomach.
  • Shortness of breath that may or may not accompany chest discomfort.
  • Cold sweat
  • Nausea
  • Lightheadedness.

According to some estimates, in the days after the death of someone close to you, the risk of suffering a heart attack goes up by 21 times. For the next six weeks, the risk is still six times greater than normal. Usually, after six to eight weeks, the hormone levels even out and return to a more normal range.

If you or someone you love is experiencing intense grief, it is important to recognize the risk of Broken Heart Syndrome and to seek medical help when necessary.

Maintaining a healthy diet and getting enough exercise can be a big help in combating Broken Heart Syndrome. I know that getting outside for my daily walk or hike made a big difference in my health and helped keep me somewhat sane.

Since grief never ends but continues to hit you in waves, nutrition and exercise continue to be a way for me to deal with my acute loss.

We never know when the unexpected can happen. As we begin a New Year, you can resolve to be there for someone who is grieving and to offer the love and support he or she needs to get through the intense emotional and physical roller coaster ride of grief.

Shopify Plus advantages over Shopify

The USA e-commerce market will worth more than $500 billion by the end of 2020. Shopify is a giant leap forward in the e-commerce platform development. Considering the fact e-commerce platforms cover more than 40% of overall websites, the arena is developing tremendously all around the world. Shopify was a simple platform that resulted from the unsatisfactory e-commerce performance.  Tobias Lütke found the existing e-commerce solutions not as per his expectations and decided to create an own platform. The platform could be used for developing e-commerce platforms and was successfully launched in the year 2004. Tobias Lütke used the RoR framework to create the Shopify web application. Considering the e-commerce solutions in the present and number of overall stakeholders involved, the platform has performed incredibly well. The biggest advantage of the platform is that creating a store doesn’t require the technical coding knowledge and one can easily manage to handle the store as an admin. Of course, in case one needs to customize the frontend of the store, then the admin can use a PHP developer and get the work done efficiently.

Shopify was founded in the year 2004. Since then, there has been enormous development in the platform. Shopify is a user-friendly platform where admin can develop the platform based on the free themes provided by Shopify. One can simply sign up a Shopify account, and get started with creating a Shopify website. Having a trial version for free, one can opt for creating a full-fledged Shopify store enabling functionalities as well as features that the platform allows the admin to use. Shopify does charge its customers on the monthly basis rates and provide services accordingly.

The contemporary technical development of e-commerce platforms relates to developing the platform resulting in new-age convenience for the users. As the requirements and technological efficiency is getting improved day by day, the online platforms are also getting competitive day by day.

E-commerce solutions are getting SaaS-based Systems and are moving to Cloud

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) based platforms are online demand software. In the USA alone, more than 43% organizations account for utilizing the SaaS-based solutions. The growing needs of developing online software relating the e-commerce platform have facilitated the use of newer implementations. As the system is getting complex and convenience-oriented for the end user, the solutions are getting nearer to large enterprise solutions. In the next decade, we will expect the consumer experience will lead the integration of virtual as well as the physical environments. The SaaS-based platform will be the next preferred solution meeting the business infrastructure needs. Regards the development, the e-commerce platforms can be seen replaced with light-weight on-premises infinitely scalable, extensible, flexible, and cloud-based solution.

Development of the Shopify Plus Platform

The Shopify Plus version that is an advanced version of Shopify Platform is developed with a target of developing the enterprise solution having complex requirements. The Shopify team has to know the solutions that will be best implemented in the future creating enterprise solutions. In order to find the limitations faced by the Shopify clients, the team interviewed Shopify customers trying to know the solutions or advancements needed implementation. It is valid to say the businesses making millions of dollars in a day cannot afford the micromanaging the inventory glitches and issues faced by them as well as the customers in the shopping cart.

Listed below are the features of Shopify Plus platforms

Applications and Partner Ecosystem: In the Shopify Plus, the huge requirement of developing the application, services and technology providers, and the agencies dealing with developing the third party applications can altogether leverage enterprise capabilities of the platform.

Non-restricted Design and Development: This is completely agnostic to developing the front-end layout and overall designs. There are many robust APIs, private applications and web hooks that allow using any kind of frontend technology.

Channels and Mobile applicability: The channel APIs and mobile SDKs allow to developing the channel integration using all the social media platforms with a convenience. Regards the SDKs, the platform allows developing 100% native mobile applications for both the platforms.

No transaction fees for the merchants: The best part involved in the Shopify Plus is the Shopify Website Development platform requires no transaction fees. It does not tax any merchant and no transaction fee.

How to describe future in your personal statement

For anyone who is required to write a personal statement for either an undergraduate or a post graduate study, the importance of having a well written personal statement cannot be overemphasized. This is also the case for those who are writing a personal statement for a job opening or as an adjoining requirement to your job application. A personal statement is first personal and so it must include specifics about your person, channelled towards making a statement on why you fit well either into the course or the job you are applying for. When writing a personal statement one must talk about how their future plans fit into what they are currently applying for. This is what we would be talking about in more detail below. This would enable you to appreciate how you can properly describe the future in your personal statement. This is because writing a personal statement is a serious business and that is why we have personal statement writing service available today.

These personal statement editing services help and guide individuals towards creating a personal statement that is ideal for them. One’s personal statement a lot of the times represents the first point of contact between the employer or the institution’s admission officer and the candidate. If it is not properly done, it may ruin their chances. However, a properly written personal statement can go a long way in creating an impression to your potential employers or institution. Some people may never get a chance at an interview while others would, and a properly written personal statement can be a reason for this. This is why it is good to employ the services of residency personal statement writing service or residency personal statement editing service. If you are not sure of how to write a proper personal statement you can also watch this video on how to write a killer personal statement. 

Why You Would Need to Describe the Future in Your Personal Statement

This then brings us to the importance of incorporating your future into your personal statement. There are some firms that want to know if you are applying to them just because you want a job or because you want their job as part of a building block in your career and towards your future goals. This holds true for institutions as well. Usually, individuals who incorporate or show that the job or postgraduate course that they are applying for, fits well into their future plans or their long term gaols, usually get employed or offered an admission. The reason for this is simple. An individual who has this would most likely work hard in developing himself which is good for the intuition or the business firm.

How to Go about Incorporating the Future in Your Personal Statement

There are 3 major things that you must put into consideration when incorporating the future into a personal statement and we shall briefly discuss each of them. You can also read about writing your personal statement and 10 tips for writing a personal statement.

Define your Career: A good way to incorporate your future into your personal statement is to state in clear terms what your career is and how the job or course you are applying for would be instrumental in this your career choice. This way, your potential employer or institution can clearly see that your application is aimed towards a career pursuit.

Forecast Your Goals: When writing your personal statement, you must try to incorporate your goals. It must be clear what your plans are for the now (short term goals) and what your plans are for the future (long term goals). By doing this, you would have incorporated the future into your personal statement. Of course, you would then go on to explain how the job or course/institution for which you are applying is relevant to these goals.

Project about Potentials: You should be able to add a projection to your personal statement. In order words, based on trends in your field or area of speciality, you should be able to make statements about growth potentials in the future or why your desired area of specialization offers great prospect going forward. This is always a brilliant addition to your personal statement.

Whichever way you look at it, incorporating the future in your personal statement is a good decision and a good personal statement writing service would help you do this well.

Why Assam Tea is Considered as the Best Blend in India

Assam Tea is considered as the best genre of tea by the tea aficionados across the world. Originating from the cloudy gardens at the Himalayan foothills of Assam, this blend has a fascinating combination of aroma and texture. Since the 1800s, this tea is mesmerizing tea admirers worldwide.

As per statistics, India alone contributes to the 30% of the tea production of the entire world. The growing industry in the subcontinent is because of the gargantuan demand of the top notch breeds in almost all countries. Tea has its own elegance. If history is taken as a reference, then Assam Tea will be the most admired brand of all. In the colonial era, this particular blend of tea has been a part and parcel of the people belonging to the higher section of the social ladder. Nowadays, this brand has become one of the most coveted blends due to its specialty regarding aroma and color.

About Assam Tea

The commercialization of tea started back in the 1830s in India when the British colonies were prospering around the hilly areas of Assam. Camellia sinensis var. assamica or commonly known as Assam Tea is a top class brand resembling the famous Chinese species Camellia sinensis var. sinensis. The species migrated from the in-lands of China and Mongolia and successfully grows in India. Assam is the best place where the exotic tea species can survive and flourish due to the perfect climatic and topographic conditions. The climatic conditions are very tricky in Assam. The wet yet warm near the foothills of the Himalayan range proves to be the best environment for the proper growth of this species. The breed is capable of flourishing in other areas but the taste imparted by the effect of the Assam gardens is eminent.

How is it prepared?

The coveted leafy variety is produced in an orthodox way to preserve the expensive smell and taste in the curls. Apart from the specialty, Crush, Tear and Curl or CTC process produce a cheaper quality tea brand for vivid use. The orthodox brand is produced via complex methods and takes longer to brew properly. The process includes the following steps.

  • First, the leaves are properly withered.

  • Then the withered tea leaves are dried in optimum environmental conditions.

  • The dried leaves are rolled in the machines.

  • The next step is to store the rolled leaves in perfect conditions to ferment.

Assam Tea is a black tea variety, which is processed with full oxidation to come up with a rich leafy texture of the blend.

The part of Assam, where the tea gardens are dominant, experiences heavy rainfall. The temperature rises to almost 36 °C during the day giving rise to a greenhouse climate with high humidity. The reason behind the rich and malty flavor of the tea is due to the tropical climatic condition of the state. The brands available provide blends of high and medium quality tea leaves in order to provide the coveted taste and aroma, as climatic conditions and other factors tend to change the taste of the harvest every year.

Bliss of Assam tea

Assam Tea refers to black tea mostly as the varieties of green tea are small in the count. The bigger leafs in the blend produce a charming flavor, stronger than any other blend. The low altitude of the gardens and the tropical climate contribute to the unique strains of tea plantations.

The decoction of the oxidized leaves energetic aroma and strong flavor. The iconic smoothness is often enjoyed with breakfast. The strength of the decoction is capable of replacing coffee due to its boldness.

Some of the diverse varieties produced in the tea gardens are subtle than the robust black tea blend. The subtle blends are smoother and less aromatic than the stronger one. The tea is prepared in high temperature boiling process of the dark leaves.

In a tea cup

You can Buy Assam Tea Online India in various e-commerce portals available these days. Such standard portals are authentic and trustworthy as they are in the business for ages. The orders are delivered with proper packaging and promises of rich aroma and flavor from the gardens of Assam. The prices of the tea are quite reasonable. Order your favorite Assam blend today and enjoy the bliss of taste and aroma every day. Never run out of fresh tea when you have the access to the infinite infirmary of the online tea stores. Stay fresh and rejuvenated all day with a cup of strong Assam Tea.

Keep Your Truck Perking In Cold Weather

The average auto battery lasts 3-5 years depending on usage and your driving habits. If you know how to check the battery and replace spark plugs, do it before deep winter sets in. Check your cables for any loose fittings. You can do this with the engine off, and observe whether the cables slip free from the nodes. Don’t yank on them, but use more of a gentle firm tug. You can tighten the nuts easily as needed while you are at it to prevent loss of battery power when you need it the most.  If you aren’t familiar or comfortable in these procedures, you will thank yourself for taking your truck to a mechanic when you have some time, rather than in an emergency situation when it’s below freezing weather.

Our hands and feet get dried dead skin with winter air, so check for signs of corrosion which is like white powder around the battery nodes or clamps.  If getting a new battery isn’t practical right when you see this, you can clean these parts with a toothbrush using baking soda and water that you make a paste out of for this task. Simply loosen those cables, clean the nodes and clamps with the paste that you made, and then dry them and retighten everything back the way it was.

It’s pretty important to check your oil.  If you are due for a change, try refilling it with 5W twenty or thirty instead for the winter months. Lower viscosity oil has less fluid in it which is better for cold temperatures.  Visibility is crucial if you are driving in a winter storm. If you current blades are so-so at clearing the snowfall, they won’t be adequate for freezing rain or sleet. Blades designed for winter do a better job for removing moisture before it freezes. You may pay a couple of bucks more, but you will find it worthwhile.

Did you know that a temperature change of just 10 degrees can cause a 10 percent reduction resulting in constriction of air.  Air pressure can virtually chance from day to night depending on temperatures. Double check the optimal tire pressure for your specific truck on the label inside your driver’s door frame or in your owner’s manual. Never rely on the PSI on your actual tire. That number is the maximum air your tire can hold, not for the specific load of your truck.

Mechanics differ on some subjects such as adding a can of fuel system antifreeze to the gas tank to prevent water accumulation from the fuel lines. I recommend this preventative measure especially for trucks that are not garaged.  Key word here is preventative, which would make it most likely a benefit if it is done BEFORE freezing temps.  Keep your headlights clear and clean.  Toothpaste can be brushed on gently to clean them. I’ve tried it and it works great. Other useful tips include always keeping your gas tank half full in winter weather. It can help prevent a fuel line freeze also, and if you hit a storm and got stranded, you would benefit from being able to keep the truck on with heat for a longer period. Good preventatives for preventing lock freezes include keeping the door gaskets lubricated with silicone. I’ve had some mechanics recommend a product called Tri-Flow, but I have not personally tested this one. Some truck owners swear by WD-40 sprayed into the locks, but it can gum up your tumblers. Safest bet is to buy a deicer and keep it handy throughout the winter months.

Extreme cold will turn your truck fluids into molasses slowing the internal workings of the moving parts. You can minimize those effects by letting your truck warm up slowly and avoid turning your steering wheel until the power steering fluids have warmed to avoid hose leakage. Put fresh grease into all the fittings of your pickup. Are you aware if your truck has unit bearings? They need to be inspected to make sure they have give and no squeaks.  If you are not sure if your truck has unit bearings, all 4 x 4 GM trucks with independent front suspension, all Ford Super Duty trucks and all Dodges 1994 and newer have unit bearings. And finally, check your U joints and tie rods to make sure they have some give and take.  Knowledge is power, so now you and your truck have it.  Happy Winter!

How Super Mario Bros Revolutionized The World of Gaming

It seems far-fetched that an average Italian plumber can turn up as one of the most popular gaming icons. But then again, people will know immediately that it is Mario that we are talking about. This short, mustachioed plumber also emerges as the face of Nintendo as it dominates the gaming industry. Aside from being the darling of the gaming world, it is simply incredible to see how Super Mario Bros has revolutionized the world of gaming.   

How a Humble Plumber Made His Mark

Thanks to the legendary video game designer, Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario became a huge success as few would have anticipated that a plumber could inspire and influence the gaming world. Running and jumping over numerous obstacles, Mario raced to rescue his beloved Princess Peach from the evil Bowser. Before he was known as Mario, his original name was actually “Jump Man” (how generic can you get?).

It all began when a little-known card and toy company, Nintendo, was attempting to enter the “gold mine” at that time – arcade games. Despite making several efforts in producing games, the results were not that encouraging. Desperate for something that was truly game-changing, the Nintendo President, Hiroshi Yamauchi engaged the artist, Shigeru Miyamoto, in designing a game for the cabinets. Until then, Shigeru was the guy that designed the art for Nintendo games. Going against the conventional wisdom, Shigeru actually planned a story before working out on the gameplay since he was not a programmer by profession.

Video game experts believed that such workflow was truly unprecedented because this was the first time that it happened in the history of video games. Nevertheless, Shigeru came up with Donkey Kong which featured the efforts of a man in overcoming obstacles so that he could ascend a construction site in order to rescue his girlfriend from Donkey Kong who kidnapped her.

This man, Jump Man, could climb and jump around. Needless to say, this style of gaming was remarkedly different from the contemporary video game titles. Humorously, Jump Man eventually got his iconic name, Mario, when the landlord demanded Nintendo of America to pay its rent. Its staff began to come up with nickname by calling adding Jump Man to landowner’s name. As you have guessed it, his name was Mario.   

The Hero that The Gaming World Deserves but Not the One It Needs

Despite the glorious age of video games in the early 1980s, the video game industry actually crashed in 1983. Apparently, the crash was so massive that the revenues of video game companies at that time went from a few billion to just a hundred million. This catastrophic crash lasted from 1983 to 1985. Primarily, it was due to consumers’ loss of faith in the quality of video games. Not just that, video games were regarded as just a short-lived fad. It was the time when video games were considered to be on the brink of extinction. Yet, the arrival of Super Mario Bros seemed to save the day.

The release of Super Mario Bros has been seen as incredible since it actually single-handedly injected the much-needed life into the dying industry. Characterized by its simple gameplay, the Super Mario Bros game was both immersive and addictive in terms of gameplay value. The popularity of that game just soared sky-high as more and more people bought video game consoles just to play the game. Not only that, this game also gave people the reason to get back into video gaming again. Needless to say, the Super Mario Bros has taken its place as one of the most recognizable video games of all time.

2D Platformers Have Never Been This Fun

Prior to the arrival of Mario, 2D platform games were around but only a handful of them can be that fun and engaging. Moreover, the platform itself could be described as more on the sidelines. The debut of Super Mario Bros certainly changed the face of 2D platform games forever as it would make it to be the genre of choice.

Following the lead of Mario, it spawned other legendary games such as Sonic, Megaman, Superfrog and others. Just as the Super Mario Bro revived the video game industry, so too the New Super Mario on the Nintendo DS inspired waves of 2D platform games that continued to this day. Amazingly, you still could find a lot of new 2D platform games which are being designed and developed every single day. Thus, the 2D platform games are still very alive and relevant today.

Heralding the New Era of 3D Gaming

Talking about the realm of 3D gaming (do not confuse with the defunct 3DO company), it has been said that tons of the golden 2D era never made the final cut into the new 3D gaming. Despite the greatness of Sonic 3D Blast, many still regarded it as not as good as the Super Mario 64. Once again, the Super Mario 64 revived the 3D platform gaming by introducing players to a totally new gaming atmosphere. Offering rewarding gaming experience, the makers of Mario showed that they understood the key to a  gamer’s heart. Time and time again, it has been proven that one must devise a way to enable gamers to enjoy the game totally, regardless of any gaming format. 

Mario, Moment, Magic

Aside from its “wacky” look, Mario is a fun character that is synonymous with the true meaning of entertainment. When he is not racing to rescue his princess, Mario actually got tons of hobbies which you can play as well! Look at other Mario game titles and you will discover that he played go-kart, golf, football, tennis and other games.

Not just that, you could join Mario in cleaning up an island. A game about cleaning could be awkward or bizarre but Mario made the process to be so much fun and entertaining. There is just so much magic in involving Mario in numerous sporting activities. It is utterly unexplainable but having an iconic face that does other stuff certainly works. What’s next? Call of Duty cleaning game? (you know you want it!)

As Mario has entered into the mobile gaming, it is not hard for him to conquer the region as well as carving a niche for himself. Yes, the latest Mario game, Super Mario Run, is yet another offering from Nintendo when it comes to shaking up the mobile gaming industry. While Nintendo has been rather hesitant in bringing its famous face to mobile games, the lucrative market of mobile games just entices even Mario to go powered up to seize the price.

Hence, there are so many ways of how Super Mario Bros transformed the world of gaming to the one that we know today. Once you know the key, you will even understand how Farmville or Angry Bird becomes famous in the first place.

This article was written by Aaron Tam


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