How to choose Goods and Service tax practical training courses in Delhi

Goods and Service Tax is an indirect tax employed by the Government of India proposed under the value added tax on manufacturing, sales and consumptions of goods and services at national level. It consists of several aspects that include registration, time and value of supply, assessment and input, payment of tax, refunds, etc. Every tax professional must have adequate knowledge of all types of taxes in India, including GST, and in order to become a successful tax professional who could evaluate and calculate GST of business companies on a national level, GST practical training is incredibly necessary.

Every business venture wants to recruit a tax professional who is trained and certified from a well established training institute and possess immense skills and experience regarding tax processing in India. He or she must be aware of all kinds of taxes and how to analyze them ahead of any business deal, which would help the company to determine the exact profit of their deal. However, since taxation is one of the most important and complex aspects of business, it requires a great deal of dedication and hard work to learn all the concepts. However, Goods and service tax practical training comes in very handy where the student is able to learn all the specific requirements of being a tax professional from highly skilled and experienced instructors.

Goods and Service tax  practical training courses in Delhi are considered as the best in India. But while, there are several Goods and Service tax practical training courses, only a few are worthwhile for the time and money spent. Here we will consider a typical goods and service tax practical training course in Delhi and describe its various modules.

First, there is a module called basic GST overview of Model GST law. It includes various topics like principles, definitions, impact of GST, benefits / demerits and FAQ.

After that comes another module is GST registration under Model GST law. It consists of topics like registration structure under the GST, a person required to be registered, the process of  registration, amendment in registration, cancellation in registration, acknowledgment, certificate and FAQ respectively.

Next, there is a module called returns under GST section, which is very crucial for both the company and the customers. There are various topics like definition and important notes to return, types of returns, notice to return defaulters, levy of late fee, tax return Preparer and various return forms respectively.

Later in the course, refunds of GST will be taught to the candidates which allows the user to evaluate and calculate possible refunds for goods and service tax. The various subjects included in it are refund of tax, interest on delayed refunds, consumer welfare fund, consumer welfare fund, utilization of fund and pending of refund claims respectively.

Another module that comes after that in the Goods and Service Tax Practical Training Course is presently known as electronic commerce in GST. It consists of definitions, collect of tax  at source.

Further, the candidates will learn about job work and composition levy in GST that is  progressed by advanced topics consisting of payment of tax, tax invoices, input tax credit, time and value of supply, scope of supply, place of supply and transitional provisions.

After this, the Income tax module is present having terminology, incidence of income tax, residential status like RNOR, ROR.

Then inside income under various heads module, there is income under head computation theoretically and by utility (allowances, retirement benefit). Next, there is income under head house property, followed by income under head PGBP. Also, there is tax  audit online reporting, presumptive taxation, income under capital gain and income from other sources.

Then we have another module known as deduction of income, followed by assessments of income. It consists of  assessment of individual, assessment of partnership firm, an assessment of the company, MAT, AMT respectively.

At last, inside various provisions module, there are topics like clubbing of income, agriculture income, advance tax, interest respectively.

GST (Goods and Service tax) practical courses in Delhi are usually of three months duration and range from thirty to ninety days respectively. The fees for the course ranges from eleven thousand only to twenty two thousand respectively plus service taxes. It is to be kept in mind that, the quality of instruction and real time practical exposure greatly enhance the employability of the student. This article provides a general overview of goods and service tax practical training courses in Delhi, including its entire features, its advantages and the costs and the duration involved for prospective candidates to make the correct decision.

Why content marketing is important?

Every time I am at a digital marketing conference, people usually come up to me and ask Why content marketing is important and content marketing solutions.

“Why is content marketing so important to any business growth? I mean I am already paying loads of amount in traditional advertising. And in fact I have a good reputation among my customers, so is there any necessity for this content marketing?”

And I just have one answer to all those people who have similar question like this:

“YES!! Content marketing is the most important marketing strategy for your business nay its will be the bloodline for your business growth in the coming year and also foreseeable future”

And here is the most logical explanation as to why content is called the king of marketing.In present days around 75% of people go through the content and rank in search engines content plays a important role in todays digital marketing.

Back in those days when there was no internet or media in general, the only strategy any business had followed was to shout out that you exist through any traditional marketing medium and yes people would flock to your business to purchase. But, the scenarios have changed from neanderthals to swaggers of today (mental note, it’s a metaphor :P)

So, what I mean to say is advertising has seen many revolutions and the competition in today’s date is at its peak, as there are 1000’s of startups starting every day with every entrepreneur set out to make their own mark.

As content marketing helps you to generate leads for your business and cost saving for your business everything in today’s marketing leaning on online marketing service and by content marketing you keep on building trust with your customer. As we all know content marketing is present and future marketing strategy of all the business.Well, we know content engage the customer to be present on all the platform as well as if your selling a product content pursues customer to buy the product indirectly it acts like an increasing lead machine.Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing and distributing content for a targeted audience online and by the way all major giants like microsoft, google, facebook all use the content marketing as a strategy.

And what are the outcomes of all this competition:

1. Decreased pricing

2. Increased advertising budget

3. liquidating old business’s which did not cope up with the present marketing scenario.

And more…

But there was one thing that gave an opportunity to even a small start up to snatch the most potential client from its age-old business entities, that was helpful content.

Want to know how? Let me ask you a simple question, When you want to buy something, what is the 1st thing that you do?

I will assume u said research, which in true in most of the cases. At the time of your research if there are series of blogs or articles that will guide you step by step to your decision-making process and provide you with all the information required to make that specific purchase and at the end of all this tell you that they also sell the same product and they would love if you made the purchase with them.

Now that’s what differentiates you from your competition, personalisation and trust building which will be accomplished by content marketing to an optimum level.

So bottom line, don’t just exist for your customers, help them and grow on them and build a trust with your customers for a successful reign of your business and content marketing is your ride for this journey.

So, yes once again CONTENT MARKETING is very important to any business.

And now after going through this article if you are planning to start with content marketing, Kudos!

In the initial stage there will be few hurdles but, don’t you worry about that, there are 100s of blogs which will guide you and we are always here to help you set up your content marketing strategy.

How to Look Stylish Wearing Indian Salwar Kameez

A well stitched Salwar Kameez looks stylish and glamorous at the same time. At times we feel that we don’t look modern in traditional Indian women’s dresses. However, that is completely a misnomer. One can look quite glamorous and elegant at the same time wearing traditional attires. Salwar kameez consists of a loose trouser as the bottom part, a tunic type of shirt known as kameez and a shawl which is draped across the shoulders and chest (Dupatta).

Besides the traditional brick-and-mortar stores, there are a plethora of online women’s clothing websites which sell Indian women wear such as ladies kurtis, palazzos, salwar kameez and so forth. Are you wondering how you can look glamorous in your Indian attire? Here are some valuable tips which will help you to look confident and to receive umpteen compliments.

Choosing the Right Fabric

Choosing the right fabric of your dress as per your body type is quite critical. You have the choice to select your fabric which can either flaunt and accentuate your curves or make you look heavier. Lighter materials will help you look slimmer which is something you would like to accentuate. Secondly, if you are way too thin, in that case materials like georgette and chiffon will cling on to your body and make you look thinner. In case of women with a heavier figure, net and tissue should always be avoided as they will make you look heavier. Instead, you can opt for georgette, chiffon or silk. Silk and cotton also works well for slim women. Hence choose your fabric wisely while selecting your costume.

Length of your Kurta

The length of Ladies Kurti or Kameez also is an important factor for making you look good. Salwars such as pathani or Afghani look good with short kurti. On the other hand, long shirt will go well with trouser style or palazzos as the bottoms. The conventional length is just a little below the knees, so you can opt for this option in case you are doubtful or are not sure about the latest trends. Longer shirt lengths have a tendency to make you look taller and slimmer while those quite long or below the ankles are not suitable for short and petite women.

Choice of Colours

Women’s dresses come in a variety of colours. Wear those colours which complement your skin tone. Bright Colours including Red, blue and green do look classy on most women. However, do try to avoid very dark colours in case you have a dusky or dark complexion. Even extremely fair complexion women should avoid wearing very dark colours. Slim women with fair complexion look graceful in pastel colours. Similarly dull colours on extremely fair skinned colour tones will not give you the desired effect. So be quite careful about the way you choose the colours of your attire.

Sleeves of your Kameez/Kurtis

It becomes a bit confused for some people whether to have short sleeves, long sleeves or to go sleeveless to look charming in their Salwar Kameez. Kurtis are preferred to be long sleeveed in the winter season or in case you have fatty arms. Woolen kurtis are a rage during winter season. In that case, having short sleeved kurtis will give you a neat look. Short sleeves look good and are convenient in summers and suit well for slim ladies.

The Right Makeup and Accessories

After you are all dressed up for the occasion, you need to apply the right makeup and accessories matching your attire. If you are wearing quite a heavy Salwar Kameez, apply medium makeup instead. If on the other hand, you are wearing medium designed attire, opt for a thick eyeliner anda dark eye shadow look. Be careful not to go overboard or overdo your makeup. Lips and Eyes should be given maximum emphasis.

Similarly, accessories pep you up for that final look before you step out. Make sure that you wear a nice pair of earrings to complement your look along with matching coloured bangles to give that finishing touch to your dressing up session.

Wearing the Right Footwear

High heeled and graceful shoes are essential to complete your look for the evening. Flat shoes along with heavily designed attire will not go well. High heeled footwear gives you that graceful look which is required to look good. Flat heels also go along with western dresses or costumes. At the same time, avoid wearing too high heeled shoes in case you are not comfortable wearing them.

Selecting the right kind of cut is also highly essential to compliment your figure. If you have fatty thighs and hips, avoid going for a short kameez. Instead, try to opt for longer length tunics/kameez. In fact, women on the heavier part of the scale are advised to go for anarkali type of suits which can hide your curves. Slim bodied women can go for straight cuts.

Wearing your Dupatta

The finishing touch to your Salwar Kameez is the Dupatta which completes your ethnic look with unending style possibilities. Preferable way to wear your dupatta (scarf) is to pin it to your shoulders. There are normally two ways of wearing it. It is worn over one shoulder and goes to the other shoulder passing through the neck. The other way is to wear it in such a way that one end is on the front and the other in the back, while dangling it over the shoulder. In fact, you can wear it in any way you would like to.

Is a Posture Support Chair Worth It?

As more and more people get used to their sedentary lifestyles, posture correction continues to become a major issue for people whose everyday lives involve staring at a computer or scrolling through their phones for long hours.

Every year, posture support chairs continue to flood the market. All of which aim to ease the pressure put on the back as people sit on their office desk or study table.

But should you give in to the increasing pressure of purchasing a posture support chair? Is purchasing a posture support chair a good investment in the first place?


A good office chair is never cheap. Ordinary office chairs typically range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. They come without guarantee that the lucky employee to sit on the chair will enjoy sitting on it for long hours.

Similarly, posture support chairs also cost much. A good Posture Perfect chair, for example, costs around £290.00–£399.99, but with more assurance that the person to sit on it can settle in comfortably and with a stable back and posture.

Support for Injuries

If you’re suffering from some kind of injury on your neck or somewhere in your upper or lower back, you know how much of a struggle it is to find a comfortable sitting position, where you can sit comfortably and not aggravate the injury. 

Posture support chairs help ease the pressure on the spine and supports the person’s posture. It also stops straining the muscles so you can comfortably skim through your notes or create your marketing plan without hassle.

Long Term Effects

An office chair for back problems do not have to be a chair solely for the back. Purchasing a posture correcting chair also has long term effects that will affect you even after you stand up from your chair.

As reported by Upright Rose, proper posture also helps affect the individual by promoting feelings of dominance, powerfulness, and confidence.

Furthermore, having good posture also promotes proper breathing and clarity of mind. It also helps elevate the mood, memory, and promote productivity, showing how a person’s mood can be changed by something as simple as posture correction.

Better Performace at Work

As explained above, good posture promotes proper breathing and increases concentration. How? If your body is properly aligned, your lungs can expand optimally allowing more oxygen into the blood.

Oxygen is every cell’s source of energy. So, if your organs are adequately oxygenated, you’ll feel energized throughout the day. As we all know,one of the major enemies of being a desk employee is fatiguability. Keep yourself from being stressed by maintaining proper posture with a posture perfect chair.

With stress out of the way, your performance and creativity at work will exude. Therefore,a chair isn’t just an accessory if its functionality brings out the better version of yourself.

So Is It Worth It?

To be fair, the idea of posture correcting chairs seems alien to a lot of business owners and employees who have grown accustomed to purchasing the most affordable and high quality chairs. But if you’re someone who has experienced back pain for the longest time, posture support chairs is one investment you need to make.

Employers need to realize that posture support chairs are some of the best long term investments they need to do, not just for the company, but also for their employees. Subsequently, individuals should also consider it as a worthy personal investment since its benefits extend beyond the office walls.

It may be one of the most costly and uncommon investment for the office, but if it’s one that can promote company morale and better the employees’ performance, then why not give it a try?

Two Ways to Know If You Can Trust Your Plumber

For most home-owners, hiring a plumber to do repair or installations in your home is a nerve-racking experience. We often feel more comfortable hiring a plumber or a plumbing contractor in Mill Valley, CA, whom our family or friends have hired before. It is the initial instinct of home owners to request for recommendations from their neighbours, friends, or family members; because we find comfort in knowing that the plumbers that they will recommend can be trusted in producing great results. Without anyone confirming the reliability of a service, it is a difficult decision to hire a random plumber to enter your home. Thus, we ask for recommendations. So what can we do as home owners when we need to hire a plumber or a plumbing contractor in Mill Valley, CA, but we have no one to recommend us one? Of course, we can’t allow our plumbing problems to continue and get worse. There will be times that hiring a plumber is indeed a must But how can we tell the difference between the ones we can trust and the ones we shoudn’t allow in our homes? Here are two simple ways to see if you can or cannot trust your plumber.

The first trick is to for customer feedbacks or reviews online. Most plumbing companies or private plumbing contractor in Mill Valley, CA have their own websites or social media pages on the internet. They are far more reliable if they are transparent with their services and they allow their customers to access these sites. As we all know, everyone has the freedom of speech and the freedom to present information on websites far more easily and more comonly than before. So if your plumber openly has social media pages or websites that allow customers to give both positive and negative reviews, you can trust that they are being transparent with their work. The trick is to look into the different reviews to know what work they have done in the past, how many clients they have had, and what is the overall result of the type of services provided by the plumber. Most people would definitely write bad reviews when they have bad experiences, as it is often seen that people feel obligated to share a negative experience on social media. Thus you can trust that if there were anything “not-so-reliable” about a plumber, it will reflect on their website or their social media pages.

Another managable trick is to call them and ask questions. Ask specific questions with detailed descriptions of the problem you are experiencing. Describe the situation, the timeline of your plumbing problem, and a brief history of your home or building. A plumbing contractor in Mill Valley, CA that you can trust can answer these questions without any hesitation or extended time for contemplation. The purpose of this trick is to see how well trained and experienced a plumber is. By asking specific questions, you are giving them a situation where they can not just answer with general solutions. A specific problem described should be solved with a specific set of solutions. An experienced and well trained plumber will analyze your problem instantly and can give you a specific way to solve a problem. If you hear that the plumber you are talking to hesitates far too often, it means that they are not as knowledgable about the problem, lacking experience and training.

A plumber or a plumbing contractor in Mill Valley, CA who had enough clients and experience will both hold a good and transparent reputation on social media sites or websites, or can give you detailed and specific descriptions regarding the problem you are facing at home. Transparency on social media or websites shows that the plumber or the company is not afraid to show the reviews that they have received from their clients. Moreover, a well trained and experienced plumber can answer any question regarding any problem with clear and concise solutions with no hesitation. Take these simple tricks in determining whether or not your plumber is one you can trust or one you shouldn’t ever call. Good luck on your home improvement project! Hope you find the perfect plumbing company for your needs.

Historical Places of Gujarat

GUJARAT, the popularly known as the beautiful land of rich and colorful heritage and culture! Its mystic historical places offer its magic in sufficiency. Tourists could explore its ancient culture with join its colorful fair & festive seasons and enjoying the folk music, art and dances. The Historical tourism spots look dates back to the “Indus Valley Civilization” times and “Mahabharata” times.

Gujarat is also called the land of the many Mahatmas and freedom fighters, who is greeting in History. It also represents the brilliant archeological structures with the lovely cultural blends.

During your best Gujarat tour packages, you will explore the awesome combination of the old bygone time and new architecture of the rural with the modernity of times. The subterranean architecture of Gujarat, such as Rani Ki Vav at Patan, Stepwell at Adalaj and Dada Hari Ni Vav at Ahmedabad, are mostly exclusive and make Gujarat tour amazing.

Some Historical and Archeological Places in Gujarat

Hriday Kunj: The place where the world’s renowned Mahatma Gandhi lived. Gandhi Ji was the freedom fighter who initiated work of non violence in India from this home, which is known as a national monument of Gandhi Ashram. The ashram at Hriday Kunj of Gujarat makes handmade paper, handicrafts and spinning wheels.

In the ashram of Gujarat, has a central library where you find many books related to Gandhi Ji. A ‘Sight-and-sound’ show is performed here for visitors. On the tour packages of Gujarat, you will watch a huge prayer ground that is really a historical destination. There also has a museum which reflects the lifestyle of Gandhi.

Lothal: Exhibit the history of theIndus Valley Civilization, which discover  the remains of Lothal. The first Port of Indian made here between 1800-2400 BC. It is absolutely the perfect destination for history buff and will make a best town planning, like other places of Gujarat.

The discovery of Lothal informs that the this part of Indian subcontinent traded mainly with the primitive civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia and Persia. A comical discovery of Lothal is that here two bodies seen in a grave. More than 4000-year-old culture of the Sumerian and the Indus Valley discover in many ancient beads, terracotta artifacts and colorful semi-precious stones made necklaces, which is really similar to the modern day. Thus, Lothal is a wonderful Tourist place in Gujarat.

Kirti Mandir: A national monument of Gujarat, as it happens to be said that the birthplace of the World’s Father, Mahatma Gandhi. It is also called as the birthplace of Sudama, who was believed to be the best friend of Lord Krishna, the Hindu God. This place has some religious significance.

Vadnagar: Vadnagar is popular for its Hatkeshwar and torans Temple.

Torans, known as a dyad of 12th century columns, around 40 feet tall temples were made from yellow and red sandstone, and built north of the Vadnagar town. It stands beautifully on the fringe of Sharmistha Talav, which going down from Arjun Bari on a road. The main feature of this temple, is it architecture that’s similar to the Solanki period. The carving style of this temple is same to the Rudra Mahalaya at Sidhpur.

The Hatkeshwar temple date back to the 17th Century, is the entrance of the Vadnagartown. Inside the temple at sanctum, home of a Shiva linga, said to have self-emerged of Swayambhu. The roof of the temple has a vast Shikhar soars elevated into the sky. In east side, the temple is surrounded by a big wall, stand proud by three circular stunning domes, which are represented the Indo-Saracenic tradition. Exterior of the Hatkeshwar temple is rabidly decorated with the nine planets, evocative dancing Apsaras,  musicians, the Hindu pantheon, regent deities, scenes of the Mahabharata and Ramayana, and many animals and floral motifs. The temple also has Swaminarayan temple, a pristine Kashi Vishveshwara Shiva temple, and two Jain temples.


The World Heritage site, Champaner-Pavagadhmove is a popular tourism destination of Gujarat. This site considered as a grand historical conflux, displaying about 1,200 years old of culture and history. It is believed to give proof to the Indian Puranic ages, the reign of the Marathas, the Rajput saga, the Islamic impact and the British reign within its ruins. In 15th century, Muslim period starts with Muhammad Begada that was defeated by the Patai Raval clan who ruling in the area. It is the entrance to Panchmahal.

Where Do These Back Pains Come From and How to Deal With It

People who suffer chronic back pains do not get the ailment in an instant. More often than not, it is the accumulation of sitting for long hours and days that one gets to experience a back pain on a daily basis. So, if you’re not attentive at least to your routine, chances are, a back pain is not far from happening.

And this continuing dilemma is so palpable in the workplace, especially those jobs that are quite sedentary.

Office work sometimes requires you to sit for an extended period, just so you can attend to its demands on time, especially when you’re doing reports. But this situation also can be quite detrimental to your lower back, because it tends to be static for longer periods of time, eventually developing some complications after.

Since many have suffered already from the effects of it, other companies find it a necessity to change certain systems or equipment in the workplace, one of which is the use of ergonomic chairs for back pain.

This is a time-saving scheme for most these companies that instead of encouraging their employees to go through the process of undergoing a workout routine, these posture support chairs will do the work in its place.

What Causes Back Pains

Before we delve deeper on the use of executive office chairs for your lower back pains, let’s determine first what causes these back pains and how it affects your health.

Being a Screen Addict – It is not a surprise nowadays that people spend 8 to 9 hours sitting in front of their computers. Technology brings with it a whole lot of advantages in our way of life, but this is not one of them. Sitting in front of that screen for long hours, is a potent way of aggravating your lower back.

Babying Your Back – While it is true that lying down takes away the stress, especially in the lumbar spine, but if you maintain that sedentary routine, however, that could potentially worsen the pain in your back. But with these ergonomic chairs, they help you stretch and strengthen your back depending on the adjustment of your liking. So, don’t baby your back too much. 

Trend Conscious – This is more of an offshoot when it comes to back problems, but there’s a growing number of people who would sacrifice comfort in favor of the latest craze. Remember when beanie couch became everybody’s favorite resting chair? Yes, the fluffy structure of the couch provides you that heavenly feel but it actually prompts you to assume a relaxed but slouched sitting. And as you know, when your body would get used to the feel-good sensation brought about by this poor posture, it will eventually become a bad habit. This is how you start having misaligned spine without you knowing it.

Emotionally Messy –In many cases, back pains are a result of being tardy or simply being lazy to what proper sitting position is all about. Office workers who don’t pay much attention to correct posture when sitting tend to slouch or lay idle on their office chairs, and most of the time as a result of being emotionally tardy as far as that correct sitting position is concerned.   

What To Do with Back Pains

So before you aggravate or worsen the condition of your back pain, you need to change your office chair right away. There are executive office chairs that can help improve your posture and pamper that confidence of yours in the process.

The trick always is to provide a more relaxed way of attending to these silent workplace killer. If you can provide some adjustable chairs, enabling them to work within eye level of their computer screens, for instance, then that would go a long way, plus the idea also of aiding your back to its proper position with the help of these ergonomic chairs.

There are a lot of ergonomic chair companies that provide you with a list of posture support chairs, so you won’t suffer the negativities brought about by these back pains. All you have to do is choose the right chair for your specific needs. Remember, your back health is an important aspect of over-all body support. So take care of it as you do to the other parts of the body.

Iron Deficiency: Are Your Workouts Putting You At Risk?

Iron deficiency is one of the most common mineral deficiencies throughout the entire world. An enormous percentage of the population are deficient in iron stores to some degree and many may not even realise. If you’re a fitness fanatic, you are particularly at risk. So what is iron deficiency and how do you fix the issue? Read on to find out.

“Iron deficiency is the most common and widespread nutritional disorder in the world” according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Seriously low levels of iron can lead to extreme illness and is something you should try to rectify immediately. I personally experienced severe iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy and it can become very nasty. Constant fatigue, headaches, sickness and even lightheadedness and fainting.

Are you at risk? In honesty the only way to be sure is to be tested, however, if you are working out hard on a regular basis and in particular a woman, you are likely to be at higher risk of becoming iron deficient.

What is Iron and Who Needs It?

Everyone needs iron. It is one of our essential nutrients, meaning your body can’t produce enough on its own and we must consume it in our daily diets.

Iron is needed for a number of bodily functions, most prominently as a key component in hemoglobin (found in the blood). But iron also ensures that your muscular and skeletal systems grow and form properly.


How Much Iron Do We Need?

Women need more iron on a daily basis than men. This is because women are more prone to iron loss because of their menstrual cycle. Therefore, women are at higher risk of iron deficiency. Men need about 8 milligrams of iron daily and women need around 18 milligrams daily. This is the recommended daily value (RDV).

Regardless of whether you’re male or female, if you are an athlete, a bodybuilder or just general fitness fanatic, you are at risk of low iron stores due to loss of iron through sweat. Moreover, runners have a higher risk of low iron stores. There is a phenomenon where the repetitive action of your foot hitting the floor causes your red blood cells to break down faster and increase the loss of iron. This is called footstrike hemolysis.

How To Boost Your Iron Stores

Eat an Iron Rich Diet

The ultimate way to get optimal levels of iron is by consuming an iron rich diet. There are two types of iron:

Heme Iron

Which is derived from hemoglobin in meat sources. Our body utilises this type of iron much better and can be found in a number of sources:

Great Sources:

Good Sources:

  • Sardines

  • Turkey

  • Beef

  • Lamb

Okay Sources:

Non-Heme Iron

Is found in plant sources. Although this is another good source of iron, it is not used as efficiently by the body. There are many sources including:

Great Sources:

  • Tofu

  • Pumpkin Seeds

  • Sesame Seeds

  • Spinach

  • Iron enriched cereals

Good Sources:

Okay Sources:

  • Nuts

  • Dried Fruit

  • Leafy Greens


Eat Iron With Vitamin C

Vitamin C aids absorption of iron, so while eating a juicy steak, have a glass of fresh orange juice to wash it down.

Avoid Mixing Iron Rich Foods With Caffeine or Dairy

Both caffeine and dairy can decrease your iron absorption by up to 62%. Therefore, if you have iron rich cereal for for breakfast, try having your cup of tea before you eat.

Try Supplementation

If you feel your iron stores are at risk of being depleted, then supplementation could be an excellent way of boosting your levels.

You can try a multivitamin supplement for overall, optimum health. A traditional women’s multivitamin will provide you with the RDV of 18mg of iron. However, if you are deficient in iron, you could benefit more from an individual iron supplement with up to 30mg per serving.

It is important to note, that too much iron can also be a bad thing, so if you feel you could be at risk of low stores, speak to your doctor and have your levels tested before choosing an iron supplements with a high level of iron.

Also, try choosing an iron supplement that ends in “ate” such as ferrous sulfate, gluconate, and fumarate as these are more easily absorbed by the body.

Local SEO Quick Guide – Are You Harnessing the Power of Local Searches?

A lot of SEOs are focusing their efforts on traditional SEO techniques. However, there is one area of SEO that is extremely beneficial to businesses that have physical locations and are dependent on walk-in customers. These can be brick and mortar stores, hairdressers, beauty salons, gyms, dentists, you name it.

If you’re a business owner of one of these types of businesses then you’re only interested in people searching for your services in your city – sometimes even only in your neighborhood.

Let’s assume I own a barber shop in Shepherd’s Bush, London – do I care that I’m ranking for my set of keywords globally (although that’s highly unlikely, but we’ll leave it be)? Of course I don’t. I don’t give a rat’s ass that people in Mumbai can find my website or a mention of my shop somewhere online.

Why not?

Because those people are not translating into paying customers!

Local SEO is a process through which we can optimize our business (our online mentions, citations, and things like that) so that we appear in top results when someone searches for our services locally.

These searches can be anything in the lines of:

–   Barber shop in Shepherd’s Bush

–   Best barber shop in London

–   Barber shops near me

Once you start dominating this area of SEO you’re going to start seeing a lot more business coming your way. These customers might look like accidental finds and fluke drop-ins but it’s going to be Google who’s delivering them to you.

Difference Between Organic Results and Snack Pack Results

Organic results are showing the most relevant information from the web based on keywords that we’re entered in the search. On the other hand, the Snack Pack results (a set of three top results) are businesses related to the said search that are close to your location or the location they are searching for and have signed up with Google My Business.

Of course, in order to appear multiple times in the search engines for any given term you want to nail both organic search and the Snack Pack results but right now we’re going to stick to optimizing for local.


Getting Started – Register for Google My Business

If you didn’t register your business with Google, it’s time to do so right now. Don’t worry – the entire process takes a couple of minutes and it’s easy.

–   Visit, click ‘Get on Google’, and create an account

–   Click ‘Add My Business’

–   Make sure to fill in all the necessary information accurately – your name, address, phone number, and category – this is a very important step so be careful

–   Proceed and Google will send you a postcard with your PIN verification number – it takes a few days for it to arrive but when it does simply follow the instructions and your listing will go live.

While you’re waiting for the PIN to arrive, use that time to really make your Google My Business profile shine:

–   Add images to your listing

–   Use your keywords in the description box – be careful not to overstuff them

–   Put in your working hours

Google Knows About You – It’s Time for Everyone Else

Now that Google knows that you own and operate a business somewhere it’s time to build up some signals that will help Google show your listing at the top. There are 4 strategies that you should consider using that will significantly improve your relevancy.


Citations are nothing more than mentions of your business online. Well, they might be only mentions but they are extremely important. Think of citations as a validation that signals to Google that you’re running a legitimate business that is recognized by others.

You want to get citations from local industry directories (these are most valuable, yellow pages, yelp – pretty much anywhere where you can register your business. Keep in mind that the name of your business should appear everywhere the same as it appears on Google My Business and your website. The same goes for your address and phone number.


It’s incredible how many websites for brick and mortar businesses fail to properly list their address on the page. How else is Google going to have a clue? Make sure that your website (and pages on it) mention your location, address, and phone number several times – don’t overdo it.

Generally, aim to have that information included in:

–   Title Tag

–   H1 Tag

–   Footer

–   Content

Use Schema Markup

Schema allows crawlers to read and understand the context of your website. Without it, everything is a jumbled mess and the algorithm can’t make heads or tails of it. With it, you can clearly mark parts of your site and let Google know where your address can be found, as well, as your open hours and your phone number.

Social Signal and Reviews

Ranking for the Snack Pack also depends on some social signals and reviews that your business is getting.  As for reviews, it makes sense that they are going to impact your ranking and they will do it two-fold: specific positioning and engagement. If your business has good reviews then it stands to reason that people will read them and base their positive decisions regarding your business on them.

As far as social signals go, I like to think that they always add credibility to a brand – it’s always useful to have them.

There are several things you can do to make sure your social profiles are contributing to your local SEO:

–   Be active and engage with your users

–   Link to your website and from it back to your social media sites

–   Mention your address and your phone number (as it appears on your page)

To learn more about what you can do to improve your local SEO make sure to check out this comprehensive guide by Marcus Miller of Search Engine Land. In the meantime, let me know if you are relying on local SEO to drive business to your location and how is that working out for you – drop down to the comments section for a chat!