Train For a Career in Fashion Designing

Train For a Career in Fashion Designing

Do you see what everybody is wearing? Do you remain on top of the most recent patterns in garments and frill? Do you have an energy for form? 

Provided that this is true, then you ought to consider a profession in form plan. From the outline table to the showroom floor, there are many strides required in conveying stylish apparel to the commercial center. Numerous profoundly talented individuals are included architects, design producers, cutters, stitchers, picture takers, texture specialists, wholesalers, and mold models. With the correct preparing, you could be one of them. 

Mold planners frequently work for huge organizations, making both high fashion (costly hand crafted dress) and the off-the-rack apparel that is sold in retail chains and boutiques. Form architects can likewise work for themselves, and many claim their own particular autonomous design organizations. Specific creators make footwear and extras, for example, totes and caps. From the area tailor to the global craftsman who plans “celebrity central” dresses for motion picture stars, the universe of design is different and multi-faceted. 

The design business is turning out to be progressively worldwide. A prepared to-wear clothing organization may have architects in one nation, the assembling office in another, and retail outlets everywhere throughout the world. Fruitful mold fashioners appreciate travel, are occupied with all parts of making attire, function admirably with an assortment of individuals, have a sharp eye for patterns, and know how to configuration apparel that individuals need to purchase. Valuing is critical, as well, since mass market originators need to make dress that can be made and sold at the most reduced conceivable cost. Are you searching for interior designing collages? IIFD is the best Best Interior Design institute in Punjab, North India. The college provides a bright career in fashion and textile designing to students.

PC aptitudes are progressively essential. Numerous planners outline introductory thoughts with paper and pencil, and after that make an interpretation of these hand representations to the PC. PC helped outline (CAD) is progressively being utilized as a part of the mold plan industry. Computer aided design permits planners to make apparel outlines on virtual models and in an assortment of hues and shapes. These CAD formats can then be utilized to coordinate the assembling procedure, which is frequently found a huge number of miles away. 

What’s the employment viewpoint? Openings are out there on the off chance that you have the correct preparing! As indicated by the U.S. Authority of Labor Statistics, amid the present decade from 2008 to 2018 “the best openings for work will be in configuration firms that plan mass market dress sold in retail chains and retail chain stores, for example, clothing discount firms.” But having the correct preparing is critical! Most form originators have a partner (two-year) or unhitched male’s (four-year) degree in mold outline. Program ranges may incorporate outline, business, advertising, promoting, and even human life structures and PCs. 

Is the mold business aggressive? Yes, it is! Many individuals are tricked by the guarantee of an impressive way of life, yet a profession in mold configuration implies a lot of diligent work and extend periods of time. This is the reason quality vocation training can have a major effect to a man’s accomplishment in the aggressive mold commercial center. 

How might you begin? Locate an authorize school or degree program. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design certifies almost 300 postsecondary foundations with degree programs in mold outline. The most ideal approach to begin is to sign onto a trustworthy school registry site. You can enter the scan terms that are proper for you, for example, “mold plan school in New York” or “online form degrees.” You’ll be given the universities that meet your criteria. Look at projects and monetary guide and vocation administrations. You can ask with the expectation of complimentary data from the schools that intrigue you. It’s that simple! At that point you can contract down your decisions and make your applications…and in less time than you might suspect you could prepare for a compensating profession in mold outline.

Brother Printers Support Services

The printer is a device which makes a constant human-readable representation of text, symbols, and graphic on paper or on similar physical media.  In today’s era printers are used by many people for their personal as well as official purpose. Looking back to the early days we see how amazingly the technology has evolved. Initially, printers were quite heavy, large and not good in printing speed.  Now we can see how technology advanced and overcame all these disadvantages by innovating printers in terms of quality, capability, and the most important is the cost. In last decade many manufacturing companies evolved and provided various range of printing solutions for personal as well as official use. Brother printer is the best printer company which provides versatility in printers. Brother printer technical support team is always ready to support the customers.

Brother Printer support service

Brother printers are dedicated towards customer’s satisfaction by solving any technical difficulty that our customer deals to.  You can call at Brother Printer customer support phone number or Brother printer technical support phone number for any help or support regarding installation or troubleshooting. Also, by sending Email you can contact us and we ensure that your problem is resolved as early as possible. Our technical team with good experience and qualification is here to provide you support and help regarding brother printers. It’s a very rare case if one is not able to troubleshoot problem online than our technician will be there at your location to resolve the problem.

Brother printer technical support experts deals with the problems such as: installing a printer to the computer, the speed of printing, regular paper jam, installation, and un-installation of drivers, communicating problem between computer and printer,  wireless printers connection,  troubleshooting,  bad printing quality, and much more.

If any of our customers is facing such problems they can call us at brother printer customer support phone number and contact our technical executive. Brother printer technical support team is available round the clock to support, help and assist you.

No matter, which operating system you are using, Brother Printers technical support team is 99.9% dedicated towards the commitment to resolve the problem in the first call within minimum time possible.

Our engineers and technicians are equipped with advanced technologies, which make it easy to resolve problems that arise at installation and operation of the printer.  Brother technical support team makes our customers handy to use printer easily.

Brother printer Technical Support Tips

Brother printer customer support also provides online step wise procedure for resolving the minor problems. Solutions of some problems which the customers usually face are explained below.

1) Installation problem:

Step 1: Read the printer installation guide

Step 2: Plug the printer USB directly to your computer

Step 3: Turn the printer ON

Step 4: Wait for operating system to detect and install the printer

Step 5: Install the software that comes with printer

Step 6: Download the driver from Brother Printer website

Step 7: Run the drivers that were downloaded

2) Poor print quality

Step 1: Check the print heads positioning. Is it correctly positioned in the carrier?

Step 2: Clean clogs or ink plugs in the print heads.

Step 3: If this doesn’t solve the problem then clean all four color bars to clean print heads.Step 4: At last again check that print heads are positioned well.

3Paper Feeding/paper jamIf the printer paper tray is overfilled its might jam printer.

Step 1: Before opening the printer, disconnect the printer by unplugging the power cord.

Step 2: Move the paper carriage to the right-hand side of the printer. If the carriage is struck don’t force to move, it might damage the printer.Note: If paper jam is cleared then do the testing of the printer. If not resolved then move to the following steps.

Step 3: Remove the ink cartridges carefully.

Step 4: Remove any paper from the loading tray

Step 5: Carefully remove the two-sided printing module.

Step 6: Rotate the rollers towards the top of the printer.

Step 7:  Now, carefully replace two-sided printing module.

Step 8: Now replace ink cartridges

Step 9: Plug back your printer and turn ON.

4)    Connecting the wireless Printer

Step 1: In order to connect the printer kindly place your printer within the range of the router.

Step 2: Power on the printer so as to connect the wireless connection.

Step 3: Now make your printer connected to wireless network

Step 4: Add the printer to your computer. This is done by going to the control panel of your     personal computer. In control panel, there is an option add devices and printers. Click for adding a printer option. It might take a moment and then select your printer. 

Step 5: Now your printer is ready to print. If now also it is unable to print then make sure your printer is connected to the wireless connection.

In case if you find problem in above troubleshooting. You can get to our technical support team through Brother Printers customer support phone number. 

Concern Towards customers

Now a days, printer has become frequently used machine in offices and home. Despite being frequently used machine, users are not able to do proper maintenance of the printer. Problem with any printers can occur uncertainly.  Brother Printer support team takes care of the concerns about all the troubles which might be faced by our customers due to a problem in the printer.  Without interrupting the work for a long time, brother printer technical support team is ever ready to facilitate help and support to our customers. Brother printer technical support is not only limited to online services but also provides help and support at the customer’s location. In case of any support, you can reach to our technical team by dialing Brother Printer customer support phone number which is at the top right of the website. Our team is 24/7 ready to provide help to the customers. Customers can get in touch with our technical and customer care executives through brother printer customer service number and brother printer technical support phone number.

How Jazz Guitar Chords Charts Can Improve Your Guitar Skills

Guitar chords charts show them how to do this on a guitar. To make the most of jazz chord guitar charts, one must thoroughly understand the elements that make up each chord. Let’s take a look at why a guitar chords chart is so important in jazz music, and how jazz chord progression helps create the music we love.

What are Chord Charts?

When looking for a guitar chords chart, the first thing you’ll notice is the structure. Jazz guitar is unique to other styles of guitar play, which in turn means you can expect different structures. Basic jazz chords guitar progression looks differently than other styles.

Chord charts in general consist of the basic formulas for creating music in a specific style. They are a form of musical notation and provide an overview of harmonic and rhythmic information to create songs in a specific tone. In the case of a jazz guitar chord chart, they provide musicians with the notations they need to develop complex harmonies and rhythms in line with the genre.

For beginners, chord charts provide the jazz chord progression they need to learn in order to progress to improvisation and song creation. Memorizing the complexities of each chord, and chord combinations, isn’t easy and often takes years to perfect.

Each chart includes a rundown of the most important chords for jazz guitar. Chords will range the gamut from minor to major, with diminished and minor chords falling right in line. When it comes to jazz chords guitar combinations, these chord charts can provide valuable information and save time.

Why Do You Need a Guitar Chords Chart?

A guitar chord chart breaks down the tiniest bits of information and assimilates it into more digestible forms. For example, when it comes to jazz chord progression, the complexities of each chord progression can get lost among daily practice. A guitar chords chart, however, can provide a quick and easy guide for beginners and seasoned players when they want to experiment with different sounds in their music.

Condensed in these seemingly small and insignificant charts are the keys to jazz music. They provide the information needed to actually play jazz music from start to finish. Every great jazz musician has referenced a jazz guitar chord chart at one point or another, and many tout the benefits of doing so right from the start of your jazz career.

In addition to showing you which chords are the most popular for jazz chord progression, a guitar chord chart also shows you precisely which fret to place your finger on, and in some cases which finger to place there. The better your understanding of jazz chords is, the better your ability to play jazz music will be.

Top Jazz Chords for Guitar

Contained within each guitar chords chart are the best and most widely used jazz chords for guitar. Here are a few of the top jazz chords for guitar, so you know which chords the best chord charts should include.

  • Cmaj7
  • C7
  • Cm7
  • Cm7b5
  • Cdim7
  • Dm7
  • Ebm7
  • Ebmaj7
  • Emaj7
  • Fm7
  • Fm7b5
  • Gmaj7
  • Gm7
  • Gdim7
  • Abm7
  • Abm7b5

Each chord has several variations. Learning each variation enables jazz musicians to explore the entire range of jazz chords on guitar.  Chord charts offer musicians an opportunity to discover new sounds and new ways of playing, each being more difficult than the last. However, part of the joy from learning how to play jazz music comes when challenges are faced.

Once a musician has most of these chords memorized by heart, he or she can then explore improvisation, which is so often what most are interested in. Learning jazz chords guitar rhythms and progressions is the foundation on which all musicians can build their musical career. Experimentation and growth can happen long before a jazz guitar player learns all of these chords, but having a jazz chords guitar chart can immensely improve skills and an understanding of jazz music itself.

On that note, another important area of jazz music is jazz chord progression. Let’s take a closer look at what that is and how it affects jazz music on the whole.

Jazz Chord Progression—Why It Matters

Learning how to play jazz music can be complicated. For some, the overwhelm of the task at hand prevents them from starting.

As with most anything in life, however, simplifying things makes learning how to play jazz music much easier. And fortunately, jazz can easily be made simple.

 In reality, there are only a few jazz chords guitar uses over and over in jazz music. By and large, these are the same few with some variations. Jazz chord progression, in contrast, helps you learn each of these chords and how best to use them in a jazz music ‘sentence’.

From chord charts to jazz chord progressions, jazz musicians use tools and methods to break down the inner workings of jazz music. Jazz chord progressions are outlined in detail in most jazz chords guitar charts, but it helps to know what you are looking for beforehand.

There are three basic jazz chord progressions that make learning other chords on your guitar chords chart much easier. These are, ii-V-I, Minor ii-V-I, and I-vi-ii-V. As far as jazz chords guitar music is concerned, these are the core elements on which all other jazz chord progressions are built.

Having chord charts easily accessible while learning how to play jazz guitar is invaluable. Your guitar chord chart should reflect the previously mentioned progressions and include the top chords used in jazz music. With these tools fixed firmly in your toolbox, you’ll be able to learn jazz chords on guitar and become a pro in no time.

Best fashion dresses for kids

Best fashion dresses for kids

Princess Style Red Floral Design Party Dress

Your little girl will make a gorgeous presence in the this red floral design which is beautifully crafted with lacy silhouettes, ruffkes, sequins and bows. The fabric is comfortable. The dress is stylish, elegant and comfortable to wear all day long. She will stand out at a party with grace and confidence.

Red Santa Style Full Sleeves Dress

Red Santa Style Full Sleeves Dress is stylish yet comfortable outfit for your kid, made from soft fabric. The dress is simple trendy & designed for a perfect fit. It is most definitely a great addition to your child’s wardrobe.

Turquoise Party Dress

Turquoise coloured dress is an excellent choice for your little girl as it very trendy and  superbly comfortable. It is an assymetrical one shoulder crepe dress with an empire waist line. Your little  girl will draw attention while enjoying a funfilled evening.

Navy Blue Party Frock

The navy blue party dress will make your darling daughter look very gorgeous. The dress is very high on trend appeal and superbly comfortable. It is perfect for a funfilled evening wear.

The tafetta full length dress sports an asymmetric neck line and a handmade flower on the right shoulder giving it an overall elegant appeal.

Closet sparkling princess frock

The dress sports a sparkling glitter on the closet. It certainly can be the most stylish dress in your girl’s wardrobe. She will be the life of the party on wearing this jet black glitter dress. It is extremely  comfortable with a velvet feel. The dress has a boat neckline, long sleeves, a handmade flower stiched on the left waist and fine broad pleats at the bottom to ompletely the final look.

Satin Pleated Dress With A Classic Bow – Lavender

This lavender color  premium satin dress has an unique and attractive design. It is flared from the waist, complemented with box pleats and a cute bow. This elegant dress will make your little angel feel comfortable throught the day.

Layered Dress – Yellow & Grey

Update your little ones wardrobe with a trendy layered dress. It is designed for a perfect fit and provides maximum comfort all the while making your daughter look extremely adorable. The dress is made from 100%  cotton fabric which makes it very soft on the skin.

Pink Frilled Party Dress

This cute pink frilled dress will make your darling daughter look adorable. The frills enhance the look and appeal of the dress. The frills are neatly displayed with a sophisticated finish. The dress is sleeveless and the bodice of the dress sports finely crafted needle work displaying leaf and flower design. The fabric is polyester with cotton lining. The overall look is stylish and elegant. In this dress your little girl will captivate attention in the party with an unparallel cuteness.

Purple Designer Party Dress

The purple designer dress is such a uniquely beautiful party dress. The bodice of the dress is adorned with net. The waist features a double bow. The bottom of the dress is voluminous and is completed with box pleats that give it a regal look.  The sleeve is long and unique. The fabric is comfortable and can be worn all day long. Your daughter will definitely make a statement at the party in this dress.

Champagne Flared Party Dress

The champagne flared party dress is such an exception to your daughter’s wardrobe. The bodice of the dress is replete with handmade champagne colored rose. A big bow at the wait complements the roses. The skirt of the dress is made of a pleated net material and the hem is made opulent with synthetic feathers.

Red Layered Party Dress

In this luxurious red layered party dress your little princess will stand in confidence and grace at the party. The dress has extraordinary appeal and elegance. The bodice of the dress has fine diagonal pleats. And the waist is defined by a beaded red band. The frilled layers add volume to the base of the dress. The dress is sleeveless and is designed to be comfortable for a long evening.

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Top 5 Problems Facing Startups Today

Startups are emerging everywhere these days. Today, startups area flooding the entire marketplace and everywhere, students are even advised in schools and other educational institutions not to look forward to graduating and eventually looking for a job, but rather to work as much as possible while in school to make names for themselves by investing their time in startups and business innovations.

Today, tales and stories of startup entrepreneurs and business owners seem to be on the front page of every newspaper and magazine issue, serving as an encouragement or incentive for more people to brainstorm and come up with ideas which, according to them, are worth investing in.

People see technological breakthroughs as something that could revolutionise the entire world and open people up to more abundant opportunities. Because of this fact, more funds and resources are being readily made available for the beginning of feasible startups and businesses.

The untold truth about startups is this;

Launching and maintaining one is not nearly as easy as successful entrepreneurs make it look. As much as there are more avenues being made available for startups to emerge and bloom, there are still some challenges that continue to persist. As an aspiring startup entrepreneur, you should expect to face some time-tested challenges and roadblocks.

Startups face challenges at different stages and various rungs up the ladder to success. Issues may differ based on the difficulty experienced in executing various goals and objectives and the capability of the entrepreneur(s) to handle various problems as they come is a huge advantage. Startup entrepreneurs make mistakes, depending on the type of startup or the group of people (if any) working together. However, there are some challenges that are facing startups on a general level today.

Here is a list of the top 5 challenges that your startup will face and how you manage them will go a long way in determining whether your startup will succeed or fail:


The big issue comes first. Funding remains one of the major challenges that emerging startups face. It’s a really dicey issue in the sense that every investor prefers to put their money somewhere they know it will be safest. Hence, they usually invest their money in already established and successful startups. Logical as it is for the investors, it also limits the number of successful startups that are available today. Truly, there are some startups today that if given the appropriate funds, will go on to become serious trailblazers in their fields. However, they lack the readily available funds simply because investors prefer to be ‘logical’ and invest in the established, most prospective startups.

As an alternative to the usual Bank funding, it might be worth giving this blog post a read:

Lack of Innovation

The desire to build startups and make money quickly and easily has sadly created a few norms in our minds. This said, most startups are simply ‘knock offs’ of old, more successful ones. The innovation is extremely lacking in entrepreneurs today. When investors and clients see these, they become reluctant to invest as they generally fail to see the difference between these new startups and old ones.

A major method for attracting funds for a startup is to have at least one unique feature; something that makes you stand out from the immeasurable amount of startups that are related to, or similar yours. People usually embrace re-imagined ways of doing things rather than favour completely new and innovative methods. The consequence of this is that innovation is generally trumped.

Unfeasible Goals

It’s always helpful and advantageous to set goals for your business. Goals give your business a direction, provide a means of measuring your business’ growth over time, act as a means to assess the success (or otherwise) of your business and serve as a method of pitting your business against other businesses in your fields.

In running startups, it is important that your startup surpasses (or at least meets) your set goals; it shows that you’re on the right track for future successes. However, where most startups get it wrong is the goal setting part. Most times, upcoming startups set goals that are simply unrealistic, giving their structure and size. Also, following a huge success, startups tend to ‘raise the bar’ and in the process, they set goals that stretch them too thin. For consistency, it is important to set high but controlled and generally attainable goals and objectives, given a level of resources and your capability of meeting those goals.

If you’re struggling for ideas on how to set yourself goals for your start up, I’d highly recommend reading the following article over at Wanderlust Worker:

Decision Making

This challenge is mostly faced in businesses that have multiple owners (i.e, partnerships). While partnerships are great as they offer a greater capital base, these businesses are usually made up of owners who come from various backgrounds and who have differing (sometimes conflicting) business orientations.

These differing orientations greatly affect decision making. In running a startup, it is essential to be able to make decisions fast, especially when the window of time you have to act is very small or when the opportunity that presents itself to you is about to close. Some partners might have no qualms with taking certain risks while some feel it won’t be ‘safe’. A partnership lags here because no decision can be taken without everyone’s consent and without accommodating every partner. It’s vital that you get used to making (sometimes) tough decision, and quickly.

Personnel Selection

No matter how great your business management skills are as an entrepreneur, sooner or later and no matter how small, you’ll still need a team to work around you. Finding the right team members can be a bit of a challenge; you have to select people who have the same passion as you and people who are capable of handling the hardships that come with the job.

The right personnel will greatly help you; their skills will eventually help in relieving you of some of the work. Choosing the right personnel is a task that must be done with utmost care and impartiality. You can easily be tempted by a person’s character and hire them, only to discover that you’ve made a mistake and hired the wrong person. Other biases (nepotism, attraction, etc) must also be avoided when selecting the right personnel for your startup.

If you’re still in the frame of mind that you want to start a new business, our team will be more than happy to discuss crafting and developing the perfect start up business plan for you.

Print Book Display – Display Copy of your Book at Worldwide Book Fairs

Book fairs are ubiquitous, with almost every region in the world hosting one. The core purpose of a book fair is to generate a welcoming and energetic platform for publishers, agents, booksellers, librarians and sometimes book-loving consumers, to create and share books and discuss all else within the scope of the book industry. Publishers avail of this platform to showcase their lists and promote new titles and authors, negotiating right deals with the right people. While special book fairs and consumer shows offer books for sale, industry book fairs host a complimentary advance reader review gallery or a few completed titles to tempt booksellers, librarians, bloggers, and other influencers to sample the book’s fare and then recommend it to others.

Book promotion service

Large, small or independent publishers can make use of book exhibition companies to display a copy of their books at the exhibition venue. They needn’t travel to the site, as the entire book promotion service is handled by the exhibition company. All one has to do is register online for their preferred show and fill out the form. After this, they would need to send a copy of their book to the exhibition company who would handle the book promotion service from there on.  The exhibition company would number the book and have a corresponding listing in their catalog. Interested parties would contact publishers as per details provided in the catalog during the registration process. A book marketing company would also support your display at the exhibition by offering social media and book trailer services.

Upcoming Book Fairs

American Library Association

Show Date:

Jan 20, 2017 – Jan 24, 2017


Fri, Dec 30, 2016

The American Library Association Midwinter Meetings and Exhibits will be held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA.  At the event, top library professionals from across the world are expected to network and explore opportunities. With over 8000 attendees expected, it will provide the participants an opportunity to reach out to decision makers in the library industry.

Show Date:

Feb 10, 2017 – Feb 15, 2017


Tue, Jan 10, 2017

The Havana Book Fair is a meeting point for large and small publishing houses to present their catalogs and showcase their books, as international authors, publishers, and political officers visit the fair. Along with the display of books, attendees will witness plenty of activities and even concerts.

17 London Book Fair New Title Showcase

Show Date:

Mar 14, 2017 – Mar 16, 2017


Mon, Feb 20, 201

Publishers from over 142 countries are expected at the London Book Fair, as it is a perfect platform for them to advertise their books and reach out to new customers. International authors and publishers, looking for new opportunities, will benefit hugely from participating in the fair.

7 Association of College and Research Libraries

Show Date:

Mar 22, 2017 – Mar 25, 2017


Wed, Feb 22, 201

With a membership of over 11000 members, Association of College and Research libraries (ACRL) is the largest division of the American Library Association (ALA). The conference is the right spot to learn of the newest trends in the academic library community. More than 200 companies participate in this event.

World Book Fair

Show Date:

7th January to 14th January 2017

World Book Fair starts from 7th January to 14th January 2017 at the Pragati Ground in New Delhi, India. Books, publications & journals, Children Books, Sports Books, Magazines, Old books, International Books will be on show.

Self-promote your participation

If your book is appearing at a show, whether you will be attending your book’s showing or not, there are ways to extract the ultimate mileage from your participation by creating a buzz around your book. You can post the event on social media, write a press release, and get yourself interviewed by a book blogger who should subtly mention the event. Assuming your followers on Facebook and Twitter are your fans it would only be natural for you to share news about your participation in the event.  Anything newsworthy appearing on the timeline can spread like fire to your friend’s friends. You could even ask your followers to promote your post on Facebook, or you could boost your post for a small fee. Just make sure to include a link to your website or have a listing on the event homepage.

A Guide to Finding Fulfillment in India

People all over the world flock to India every year in search of the same thing: fulfillment. These seekers often hope to find themselves, find God, find enlightenment. There are many paths to gratification, and we touch on a few below:


India is rife with Ashrams open to foreigners hoping to get their Zen on. While they range in style from luxurious retreat to centers requiring a commitment to ample hard work and humility, it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that suits your needs. We’ve listed three ashrams to consider. It is advised, however, if you are seeking an authentic spiritual experience, to consult with a guru to find a location that isn’t in it for the monetary gain.

The famous Osho Meditation Resort in Pune includes a pool, luscious gardens, marble pathways and comfortable guesthouses. You can sample meditation classes, many of which focus on personal healing from deep emotional wounds.

Another great option for foreign travelers is the Art of Living International Center in the Panchagiri Hill. Its mountainous setting, serene lake, and hiking trails offer a rich natural experience along with the organic farms lining the outskirts. As with many ashrams, participants are encouraged to partake in Karma Yoga, in which they volunteer to help with the upkeep like cooking, cleaning, and gardening.

The Isha Foundation in Tamil Nadu describes itself as dedicated to raising human consciousness and foster[ing] global harmony through individual transformation (source: Their offerings include a guided meditation program called Inner Engineering, which aims to encourage a profound internal shift in perspective. If you are truly dedicated to making a dynamic change in your life and committing to practice, Isha may be the place for you.


The Indian culinary scene is vastly diverse and specific to region. India is home to the world’s largest population of vegetarians, so prepare yourself to sample some fabulous vegetarian cuisine. With Hinduism being a common religion, you will be hard-pressed to find any beef, excepting some restaurants in southern India where you will find higher numbers of Christians and Muslims. The cow is considered a holy animal in Hinduism. Pork is also a rarity.

We recommend:

Indian street food: Thali, Chaat, and Tandoori, to name a few of many delicacies available from vendors on the streets of India. Many travelers avoid street food, fearing foodborne illness, but abundant rewards await those willing to take the risk.

Mutton: Most mutton in India comes from a goat, as they are more common than sheep. Try mutton in a burger form, as a savory galouti kebab in Lucknow, a city famous for its culinary scene, or in mutton masala, a delicious mild curry.

Tea: India is world-renowned for its tea. Try sipping a tasty masala chai or tulsi basil chai, both traditionally brewed with steamed milk and soul-warming spices.

Buffalo milk: Milk from buffalo is higher in fat and thicker than cow’s milk, but lower in cholesterol. It contains significantly more calcium, iron, and protein than its bovine counterpart. Cheese made from buffalo milk boasts a better consistency than that made from cow’s milk, ideal for traditional Indian dishes such as paneer.


Those on the lookout for an adrenaline rush in India won’t be disappointed. The continent boasts a broad range of offerings, from killer white water rapids to excellent rock climbing.

Head to the beach: The word surf originated in India, so you can expect to find some excellent waves here. Check out the famous Kovalam Beach for easy accommodations or venture to nearby Varkara for rapid surf. Or venture to Pondicherry to join the community of local and expat surfers in the water.

Rock climbing: India boasts a unique opportunity to boulder among ancient ruins in Hampi in southern India from November through February. Pick up the guidebook Golden Boulders to learn about the 1400 developed routes, with many more waiting to be developed.

Take on the rapids:  The River Ganga is a world-class whitewater destination. With rapids ranging from class I to IV, the wild river has something to offer everyone. Or for those looking for a truly extreme challenge, the river to explore would be the Barapole River, with rapids ranging from class IV to VII.

Trekking in the Himilayas: The Indian region of the Himalayas offers a multitude of vast natural beauty to partake. Experienced mountaineers can plan their trip, but those with limited experience can benefit from the broad availability of guides available to those wishing to venture to new heights.


Indian culture is steeped in tradition, and love is no exception. The majority of Indian romance entails arranged marriages, and gender roles, dowries, and the caste system all play into the complexities of romance in India. So unless you are an incredibly persistent individual willing to jump through many, many hoops, it may be a better bet to stick with foreigners such as yourself. If you do fall into the former category, your best bet is to check out an Indian chat room or meet an eligible bachelor/bachelorette through an acquaintance.

Explore Singapore – The Perfect Holiday Destination

Singapore is a multi-racial country in Southeast Asia that offers the opportunity to visit the amazing locations and enjoy a wide range of exciting activities. One of the well-known romantic spots to enjoy a honeymoon in Singapore that surely cherish the mood of the newlywed couple. Explore the incredible attractions, nightlife, natural wonders and awesome cuisines with an array of sightseeing and culinary opportunities that welcome the leisure seekers for an unforgettable experience. The most modern city in Southeast Asia which is considered a perfect blend of Malay, Chinese, Indian and English cultures. A pleasant time to see the architectural beauty of the most spectacular destination that has been established as the premier cruising center in Southeast Asia.

Scrumptious Dining:

A wide variety of bars and restaurants with cozy ambiance for the couples to engage in the scrumptious dining in Singapore.  The food served at the outlets in Singapore is rich is flavor with a combination of fresh ingredients that give you an authentic dining experience. For the pleasant and memorable experience, a candlelight dinner is arranged at the beaches in Singapore to enjoy the time with your loved ones. Restaurant in Singapore serves Indian, Chinese, Malay and Singaporean cuisines which make it a paradise for the lovers of food.

Pamper your lover:

Luxury and elegance of the place take you to enjoy the time with your beloved ones to engage in indoor activities. Singapore holiday package is a romantic escape and the most delightful gateway for the lovers that offer luxuriant setting. It highlights the retreat of the romantic honeymoon in Singapore that never disappoints you at the Sentosa Island where numerous entertainment opportunities are offered. Stunning vistas of the bustling city offer the opportunity to enjoy photography in the spectacular scenery. Different Iconic attractions at the amazing tourist spot give a pleasant experience to enjoy the time in a unique way.

Shopping Destination:

It is nice to spend time in exploring the artifacts at the malls and markets of Southeast Asia. A great shopping experience for the couples including designer clothes, jewelry and more. The malls are designed with numerous branded stores where you can find the extensive collection of souvenirs that surely cherish you forever. Shopping in Singapore gives a chance to purchase things for the family or friends for lifetime remembrance.

Natural attractions:

Various parks and gardens are found in Singapore which takes visitors to enjoy the beauty of the place. Spend the romantic time in the company of colorful flowers and gardens which surely make your trip memorable. Zoological garden, Botanical garden, Chinese and Japanese Garden in Singapore are considered an ideal spot for the couples to enjoy the natural beauty of the Garden city. The beauty of the lush green gardens gives a chance to enjoy the golden time that surely enthralled the honeymoon couples.

A combination of old and new tradition:

Singapore is a perfect combination of old and new tradition with the magnificent attractions which is a treasure of a lifetime. Museums, The Merlion park, Galleries and Sentosa Island that highlights the culture of Singapore. A spot with various camping spots, dance clubs and bars to experience the amazing nightlife. Explore the enchanting beauty of the historical and modern landmarks excite the curious onlookers and give them a chance to know more about Singapore.

Luxurious stay in Singapore:

Many resorts are found in Singapore that offers the opportunity to enjoy the romantic time with a view of the glittering skyline of the city. Located at the coast of Singapore, the resorts & hotels offers facilities for the comfortable stay and fine dining. Beachside resorts also provide a chance to enjoy the candlelight dinner at the pristine beaches with a view of the sparkling waves of the blue sea. A number of world-class resorts in Singapore house the special honeymoon suite for the couples.

Thrill in Singapore:

Singapore is the amazing tourist hub which is loaded with the adventure freaks to indulge you in the exhilarating rides and watersports recreational activities. The perfect spot to enjoy the thrill in Singapore which surely rejuvenates your senses and gives you an enchanting experience to make the trip memorable. Various adventurous and pleasant activities in Singapore enthrall the visitors and give them a chance to enjoy the tour in a unique way.

How Computer Training is Changing the World for Good

college student.

Young, idealistic and still unschooled and unburdened by some of the harsher realities of life, college students are more likely than any other demographic group to actively work to make the world a better place.

And, since they have literally grown up with technology, they are just as likely to pair this lofty pursuit with the computer skills they have learned and finessed as young adults. If the World Wide Web was designed to break down barriers of communication, then this age group is rising to the challenge of bringing urgency, involvement and action to myriad social causes.

Spotlight on Stanford

College students are an exciting group to watch—and emulate. They can teach older adults a thing or two about the risk of overcomplicating a basic mission. Perhaps no better case study exists than at Stanford University, where a group of undergraduate students was inspired by a computer science class.

Four students interpreted the words as a challenge. “I began to wonder if I could start an organization to empower students and change the mindset of how technology is used,” student Lawrence Lin Murata told Stanford News.

They put out the call on campus: “How can we use technology to make the world a better place?” And the message struck a church; more than 200 students showed up for the nascent group’s first meeting. After a year of planning, they launched CS+Social Good, which pairs students with nonprofit groups.

Two of the group’s founders also lead a course entitled, “Using Web Technologies to Change the World.” More than 300 Stanford students expressed interest in the course, but only 20 made the final cut. (After all, even Stanford’s college classrooms are not the size of auditoriums.) The very nature of supply and demand has created buzz on campus—as well as piqued interest in the group’s mission.

“The projects these 20 students are working on will reach over 25 million people,” says one of the founders of CS+Social Good. Even students who aren’t math majors can appreciate the staggering reach of the Stanford initiative. And at the root of it all was computer training.

Spotlight on Computer Training

Computer curricula vary as much as college campuses themselves. And plenty of students augment their college education with training offered by some of the best computer training and IT education franchises. But there is no doubt that students benefit from training that stresses such fundamentals as:

  • Microsoft Office, the powerhouse package that includes Word, Excel, Publisher and PowerPoint.
  • Microsoft’s technical courses, which include Exchange, Skype and SharePoint.
  • Adobe, which includes Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash and Acrobat.
  • Technical courses, which run the gamut from such industry leaders as Cisco, Citrix, CompTIA, Linux and Red Hat.

Spotlight on Social Causes  

With a solid understanding of at least basic computer skills, students can build the infrastructure and computer programs they need to organize and manage their social cause of choice—and, perhaps, create the marketing materials that can help them spread the word about their efforts.

Like any good English professor would advise, students are most likely to find the greatest sense of satisfaction and fulfillment by getting involved with an issue they feel strongly about. As the Stanford students know, causes that can make the world a better place certainly aren’t limited to but may include:

  • Environmental efforts that encourage water conservation, the growing of food or—following the successful public response to recycling—the creation of composting programs.
  • Energy efforts that encourage less dependence on fossil fuels. College students are more likely to walk and ride a bicycle to get around than at any other time of their life. Their mode of transportation might be a matter of circumstance, not a choice, but they also are in a prime position to set the right example.
  • Civic efforts that resonate deeply with residents. Virtually every community has “an issue” that puts a blot on its otherwise good name: a street prone to traffic accidents, a business district that is suffering, a crime-ridden neighborhood. Students who wish to champion a local cause usually don’t have to look far; such causes are ubiquitous.
  • Long-standing efforts that welcome involvement—and often on terms set by the volunteer or provider. Examples of such efforts include helping the homeless or combating domestic or child abuse.

Naturally, some students will balk at the mere suggestion of coupling a social cause with a busy class schedule, homework and often at least one part-time job. Not even a high-energy college student, after all, can find time for everything.

On the other hand, it often takes the “why can’t we change the world” idealism of college-age students to make profound social improvements. Just ask the Stanford students who are working with SIRUM, a nonprofit that transfers unopened, unexpired and surplus medications primarily from nursing homes and pharmacies to clinics who treat people who would not otherwise have access to medications. The CS+Social Good students are working to refine the computer matching system and improve the shipping process.

The founder calls it “the of unused medicine.” In much the same way, computer training provides the same impetus for college students—all while planting the notion that anything is possible.

Mobile apps succeeds when design and development are equal

Mobility has forever changed business. It has boosted the types of devices such as tablets, phones, and wearables, as well as a number of devices that connect to the enterprise resources of a company. There are more than six billion mobile phone subscribers all over the world and the fast expanding IoT or Internet of things market promises to connect billions of devices to the web. The mobile and Internet of Things devices have new operating systems that alter the way software and services are built. The shifts in technology furthermore provide a tremendous chance to change how each and every organization would engage and transact business with the clientele, the employees, and partners.

A profitable venture these days is mobile application development. However, how to make mobile apps stand out from the crowd is an important factor to take into consideration for mobile developers. Any successful application rests on a solid idea foundation since the idea will determine the ultimate potential of an execution. A developer should not jump straight into execution after thinking of an idea. A bit of research up front could save a lot of pain over time.

A mobile application will succeed when the design and development are equal. The following are some key factors to ensure that a mobile application will succeed.

1. Focus on user experience. A developer’s approach should be based on the idea that user experience is everything. Software value is driven by how good the UI is, and not on a number of features that it has. Furthermore, User Experience is particularly relevant in mobile applications since, in mobile, there is much less screen and slower connection. That is why a great design and execution or development make for incredible differences when it comes to the user experience. A key element for success is coordination among developers, designer, and the quality control team. Moreover, a good analytics team is also necessary to help developers and clients comprehend usage and boost UX. Mobil apps have a very high rate of abandonment. Get the user experience wrong and a developer often never get the user’s back. Having an efficient, secure and delightful apps is a requirement for success.

2. Using agile methods for frequent releases. Developers should be responsive to the needs of the clientele with agile development methods like scrum as well as best practices including unit testing, continuous integration, and frequent releases. One should follow an incremental development model, recording and integrate customer feedback at different stages during the project.

3. Keep the mobile application simple. An application should offer users with intuitive and easy ways to access information. The app should be designed around an understanding of how it would function in the real world, such as how it could engage on-the-go, distracted users. Keep in mind that application are not websites and should have a laser of focus in order to succeed. The design and development team should approach every new project by concentrating on a couple of core use cases around which to build every application.

4. Test the application after release. Another great strategy for successful applications is the relentless quest for honing the quality of the products, even after they are released to the world. The key is to never stop improving an application. The continuous test is necessary in order to succeed with the target users. Once an app is launched, it would be a good idea to continue using analytics, customer feedback, and A/B testing in order to optimize and enhance the app.

5. Have great customer support. The approach to a mobile app is to find opportunities to delight while at the same time refraining from superfluous experiences. This strategy helps in reimagining designs for mobile devices in order to create beautiful and functional applications. Furthermore, a multi-screen approach drives more successful development and adoption in the market.

In the personal computer world, a person used numerous applications to complete a workflow. In the mobile environment, data should be collected from several systems and presented in a format wherein a person could take action. The action could be as simple as an approval or as complicated as finding and buying a product. In order to do this, organizations should use enterprise integration and sync software to be able to link data from systems like databases, enterprise resource planning, and financial systems into mobile applications. Fortunately, all the technology that a company requires in order to mobile-enable a business is available as modular platform capabilities set that could be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.