How to Give Your Email Marketing Performance a Boost

Email marketing continues to be a lucrative way for businesses of all types to market to their customers. Aside from social media, email marketing is the only time customers give brands the permission to communicate with and even promote to them. If your company isn’t making use of this effective method, then it’s time to work with an SEO agency that can put together a plan for you.

The time invested in building email lists is well worth it. This gives you the power to reach out to your audience 24/7, especially since they are likely using mobile devices. You can also use your email campaigns to track data. This will give you better insight into what you should and shouldn’t be doing, so you can continue improving your results.

It’s a good idea to work with an SEO agency in Los Angeles that can analyze data and put it to good use. There are various ways this can be done, such as by doing the following.

Going through Your Lists and Verifying Emails

It’s a good idea to go through your email lists to ensure their accuracy. Accounts that are no longer in use and emails that have been entered incorrectly can all affect your campaign performance. For one, they won’t be delivered to the recipient. Plus, your emails could end up bouncing into spam folders, labeling you as a spammer.

There are scrubbing and verification services you can use to identify the invalid email addresses, so you can make your list cleaner.

Personalize Your Emails

There are different ways you can personalize the emails you send out to your recipients. Doing so will help engage them, so that they’re more likely to read the entire email. This doesn’t mean you have to sit down and write a personal email to each person on your list. There are savvier ways to make emails feel more personal. For instance, you can create segments for each of your customer types, and then create separate emails for each one. Also, make sure to include their name in the salutation.

Include Emojis in the Subject

Emojis are fun ways to communicate to one another. It’s why so many people use them in social media and emails. Since most consumers are bombarded with promotional emails each day, it’s good to find ways to make your email stand out. Aside from choosing engaging subjects, you can also include emojis. Numbers show people open up emails containing emojis in the subject line (results from a split-test containing the same subjects with and without the emojis.

Find the Best Time of Day to Send Emails

One way to do this is to send out emails at different times of the day and week to see which of them get the best results. Your analytics will show the open rates, so use this to determine the most active times. Send out the first batch in the morning to one segment, then to another segment later in the evening. You should also test different times in the afternoon. SEO agencies in Los Angeles have tools and experts that can help you in this area.

Use a Double Opt-In Feature

A lot of brands don’t like using double opt-ins because it requires an extra step that most people won’t want to take. In turn, this creates a shorter email list. However, doing this helps to weed out the unresponsive subscribers. Those who are willing to do the double opt-in are more likely to engage with your emails. These are folks who really want your content and products. It’s much better to have a shorter list of responsive people than a long list of non-engaging users.

Create an Email Template that is Responsive

Some of your subscribers may use desktops to open your emails, while others may use tablets and smartphones. A template that is responsive will ensure both sets of users will be able to open your emails with no problem. Certain services like MailChimp have responsive templates, but if you’re going to customize it, then make sure it’s done responsively. An SEO agency has designers who can do this for you as well.

Your email campaigns should yield great results. Use the above tips to help make your email marketing perform better. 

Rapid Detoxification Of Pineal Gland (Third Eye)

Pineal Gland located in the center of the brain and works to stimulate the mind and body power. It is considered as the most powerful reference for ethereal energy. It is also addressed with pineal body, conarium, epiphysis cerebri, conarium, epiphysis and third eye. It develops the hormone called serotonin derivative melatonin which focuses on the modulation of sleep, and wake acts and other seasonal functions. It is found that pineal gland starts to become calcified with the excess use of artificial substances. But you don’t worry, the ways has been discovered to rapid Detox Your Pineal Gland. These are simple techniques and available to everyone’s home. One can easily implement these to get activated pineal. But before you start with these remedies, you must know the reasons that make you face difficulties with brain health.

Pineal Gland Calcification:-

The main cause of having calcification is assumed the build up and a lump of calcium phosphate crystal in distinguish body parts. However, the Pineal Gland calcification is a result of harmful effects of using artificial products and ingredients. Most of our daily use products contain the fluoride such as unfiltered tap water and toothpaste. You have to bear with calcification until your stop the use of fluoride products.

Effects Of Pineal Gland Calcification:

Although pineal gland relates with brain and brain is the main part to run your overall body. If once you get pineal calcification, it will also deliver effects in all other body parts like kidney trouble and so on. Have a look at its harmful effects:

Implement These Techniques To Detox The Pineal Gland

Sun-gazing: One of the easiest techniques is sun gazing. Darkness is an another reason of having pineal calcification which can be reduced by giving your 15 minutes to the sunrise and sunset. It will really do wonder. But when you are taking sleep, make sure to avoid the extreme dark and extreme light.

Magnets: It is very surprising but effective, you can attach the magnet to the place of your third eye or in between your two eyes. You can repeat this technique every day for few hours, it stimulates your pineal gland.

Foods: Add a big amount to green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, and organic food items in your food chart. Some of the most important eatable are Beet/Beet juice, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Tamarind, Raw Chocolate, Iodine, Citric Acid, Garlic, Green Tea, Egg Yolks, Grain, Cheese, Milk, Dried Seaweed, Chick Peas, Dates, Hazel Nuts, Peanut Butter, Walnuts, Red Kidney Beans, Honey, Bananas, Hemp Seeds, Watermelon, Cilantro, Goji Berries, Raw Cocoa, Coconut Oil, Noni Juice, etc.

Important Oils: There are some natural and easily available essential oils which are required for Pineal Gland Activation. These are Lavender, Frankincense, Davana, Pink Lotus, Parsley, Mugwort and Sandalwood. You can use these oils either inhaling or add some drops in your bath water.

Meditation and Chanting: Make a habit of doing yoga, meditation and chanting regularly. When your are meditating softly sound out “OM”. Chanting “OM” regularly for 5 to 10 minutes opens up to the cosmic awareness. However, you can repeat this as long as you wish. This is useful not only for your pineal gland detoxification but also works on other health issues. It is beneficial for your hormones and to keep your young appearance.

What Should Avoid For Pineal Gland Calcification?

  • Make a less use of the products that contains fluoride chemicals.

  • Filter the tap water before drinking and before bathing, make a less use of inorganic fruits.

  • Don’t make a habit of taking alcohol and alcoholic products.

  • If you like to eat fish, keep yourself careful as it contains mercury. However, fish contains lower mercury as compared to the others.

  • Avoid most processed foods.

  • Make less use of refined sugar.

  • Tobacco is not good for healthy brain even for your health.

  • Don’t use fluorescent bulbs as a source of light.

These are the most simple and easy tips that you can do to Detox Your Pineal Gland. These tips are also beneficial for having a healthy brain and for improving the common activities like concentration and IQ level.