The World's Weirdest Foods To Try Before You Die

Feel like a snack? How about some puffin hearts, maggot-filled cheese or fleshy growth from the top of a chicken’s head?

They may sound like your worst culinary nightmare, but these are among the bizarre foods enjoyed and considered delicacies in some parts of the world.

One of the great things about travel is experiencing everything the world has to offer, so why not step outside your comfort zone the next time you jet off and taste the world’s specialties? Here’s a few ideas to get you started…

Century Egg, China

It might not be a century old, but it looks and smells like it. The eggs are covered in a mixture of clay, salt and ash for a few months, making the yolk turn dark green and the white a dark brown, translucent jelly. While you’ll have to contend with a pungent ammonia-like odor, the egg is said to be surprisingly creamy, velvety and succulent

Fugu, Japan

Fugu is Japanese for “pufferfish” and has been called the gastronomic equivalent of playing Russian roulette. Made famous by The Simpsons, fugu is lethal if the toxic parts are not removed. Because of this, Japanese law controls its preparation in restaurants, with only highly trained chefs allowed to handle the fish.

Balut, South-East Asia

A common street food, balut is a fertilized duck egg that’s boiled and eaten from the shell. With its partly developed embryo inside, get ready to crunch on what tastes like a normal egg with bits of feathers and bones. I tried this in Cambodia and lived to tell the tale.

Combs, Europe

This is the fleshy growth found on the head of birds such as turkeys, pheasants and domestic chickens. In Italian cuisine, combs are an important ingredient in the famous sauce called Cibreo. In France, they have been used as garnishes for dishes as well as ground up and combined with sauces.

Bird’s Nest Soup, South-East Asia

This plate of soup is made from the nest of the swiftlet bird who builds it out of its own saliva, which later hardens. Edible bird’s nests are often called the “Caviar of the East” and are one of the most expensive food products in the world, with nests retailing for up to $10,000 a kilogram.  The nests are supposedly very high in protein, and the soup is commonly found in high-end restaurants in China.

Puffin Heart, Iceland

There’s no denying puffins are adorable, but unfortunately this dish is pretty brutal. The puffin inhabits the northern hemisphere and its heart is considered a delicacy in Iceland. Hunters who go “sky-fishing” for puffins (catching the birds in a big net) break their necks, skin them and then eat the heart raw. In 2008, TV chef Gordon Ramsey sparked a furore when he ate a puffin heart on his show.

Casu Marzu, Italy

Also charmingly known as ‘maggot cheese’, this traditional Sardinian dish is sheep’s milk cheese crawling with live insect larvae. It’s essentially Pecorino cheese which has gone very, very bad. The larvae of flies are added to the cheese and when the eggs hatch, the larvae eat through the cheese breaking down the fats, softening the hard middle and enhancing the flavor. You can eat the cheese with or without the maggots. Your choice.

Jellied Moose Nose, Canada

The nose of a moose doesn’t exactly sound appetizing, but in Canada it’s boiled with herbs and spices and sometimes vegetables, cooled overnight and then set into a jelly. During the boiling process you’ll need to pull out all the hairs, which according to this recipe “will have been loosened by the boiling and should come out easily (like plucking a duck)”.

Hakarl, Iceland

Typically eaten in Iceland, this is buried, rotten, fermented and dried shark meat. It’s put into a shallow grave for a few months to ferment in its own fluids before it’s cut into strips and hung up to dry. It’s said to have a putrid smell similar to rotten cheese mixed with ammonia. Chef Anthony Bourdain of the Travel Channel famously described it as “the single worst, most disgusting and terrible tasting thing” he had ever eaten.

Rocky Mountain Oysters/Prairie Oysters, US & Canada

These definitely ain’t no oysters. They might look like your average deep-fried snack but they’re actually bull testes. The dish is often found at festivals like Canada’s famous Calgary Stampede.

Black Ivory Coffee, Thailand

Said to be the world’s rarest and most expensive coffee, it comes from beans which are consumed by elephants in northern Thailand and then pooped out. According to the Black Ivory Coffee website, the beans are “naturally refined” by street rescued elephants at the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation in Chiang Saen. The coffee costs $1,100 per kilogram, or about $50 a cup.

Snake Wine, South-East Asia

This isn’t your usual chardonnay or merlot. Snake wine is rice wine featuring notes of an entire venomous snake, such as a cobra. The snake is left there to steep for several months, but it can also include other creepy crawlies like scorpions. The wine is believed to have restorative or medicinal purposes, like treating back pain. It can be found across South-East Asia and is easy to spot at roadside stalls and in shopping centres.

Have you tried any of these delicacies while traveling? If you’ve eaten anything weird while on the road, let us know in the comments section below. If you enjoyed this story, please share via the social media buttons.

Mistakes to Avoid When Selling your Home Yourself

Selling a home by the owner is not a very complex proposition. However, people tend to commit certain errors which unnecessarily complicate the process. It is a good idea to learn from others mistakes and avoid them when attempting a deal yourself.

Here’s an idea about common mistakes that homeowners commit:

Getting emotionally attached to the home:

Being attached to your home comes in the way of the sale process in many ways. It is a good idea to look at the home dispassionately. Instead you should try to look at the home from the buyer’s perspective. You should see what you would look for if you wanted to purchase the home.

Not pricing it accurately:

Many owners tend to overprice their home. This hampers the sale process as the buyers are put off by the high price. If the house does not get sold fast, it creates doubts in the minds of other potential buyers. This affects the sale process adversely. However, pricing it too low is not the solution. This is because a low price also makes the prospects doubt.  If sold at a low price it reduces your profit margin. In order to price your home accurately, you could research online or even seek professional help.

Neglecting necessary repairs for the home:

Repairing faults and defects should be done as a priority. This is because buyers will not be interested in such a property. The condition of the home should be such that all major and minor repair work has been carried out. It is beneficial to hire the services of a pre-inspector who will scrutinize the home in detail and update you about its faults. You can decide to what extent you will invest in the repair work. It is better to get all low-cost repair work done. As far as major repair work is concerned you can decide whether it is worthwhile investing in it. You have the option of getting the repair work done and enhance the price of the property accordingly. Else, you can avoid it and reduce the price of the home.

Not removing the junk and clutter:

This is one of the worst mistakes that any homeowner can make. De-cluttering is vital for the sale. It implies removing bulky furniture items and other pieces from the home. It not only improves the look of the home, it also makes it appear spacious. The owner should also remove items that are personal in nature.

Presenting an empty house:

An empty house also lacks appeal. In order to impress a buyer, items should be placed in an attractive manner in the house. For this, you don’t need to invest in buying new things. In fact, you can select items which are already there in the house. In fact, it is a good idea to seek the services of a professional home staging company who will guide you on what articles to remove and what not to. Home staging enables you in making your home irresistible to the prospect. It also helps you enhance the price of your property.

Not disclosing details regarding the property:

Many owners hide faults in their property in order to sell it at a higher price quickly. However, this could have negative repercussions. First of all, when the buyer inspects the property and becomes aware of undisclosed facts, he will be put off. Some buyers could even file a case. Therefore, it is beneficial for the owner to be completely honest with the prospective buyers.

Not listing the home on authentic websites:

Many times homeowners do not check the credibility of the site before listing their home on it. This may fetch them, fake buyers. It is recommended to verify the authenticity of a website before listing a property on it.

Not uploading good pictures:

The only way to invite prospects towards your home is by uploading attractive pictures online. Many homeowners upload ordinary pictures of their home, which only serves to divert the traffic away from it.

These are some common mistakes which if avoided will make it easy for you to sell your home yourself. Avoiding these mistakes will equip you to be more confident as the seller of your property.

Become a Fashion Designer With Steps

Turning into a mold planner is an innovative excursion in revealing the understudy’s preferences. Styles and crazes go back and forth and afterward come around once more. This is valid for the mold plan industry likewise, especially so! The business is frequently impacted by media outlets (TV, motion pictures, music, and so forth.) For instance, “That 70’s Show” gave nonconformist design another rebound chic. This is valid for different motion pictures also. An extraordinary case of this would be “Privateers of the Caribbean” that achieved an enormous flood of skull and cross bones plans. The common privateer image, more identified with a gothic or punk style, got to be standard after the introduction of the motion pictures. 

This popular culture impact rouses mass market creators. Notwithstanding, couture form fashioners endeavor to be the wellspring of the motivation instead of an imitator. The distinction between this can be found in the preparation of the merchandiser versus the originator. Many trying style originators go into mold promoting. Be that as it may, these two fields require marginally unique educational modules. One will concentrate on deals, showcasing, and business where as the other- – form plan – will concentrate on inventiveness and creative energy in breathing life into thoughts and ideas. 

Taking after center school, understudies can pick school arrangement courses to guide their instructive tracks to their own conceivable professions. For an understudy wishing to take the way of a fashioner of any sort, workmanship classes are fundamental to building the essential learning and center ideas that they will utilize. 

Secondary school courses ought to be chosen to help with building an expert portfolio to show to potential plan universities. By beginning their instructive arranging early, it is feasible for understudies to capitalize on their secondary school years by concentrating on extracurricular exercises that will add zest to their school applications. For instance, potential mold creators can take classes in craftsmanship as well as specific math and PC classes, sight and sound classes, and dramatization exercises that will permit them to investigate diverse parts of the design world. Some secondary schools even offer classes in private venture proprietorship or entrepreneurial abilities. Are you searching for interior designing collages? IIFD is the best Top Textile Design institute in Punjab, North India. The college provides a bright career in fashion and textile designing to students.

For understudies who wind up at the school level and wish to soften up to the form plan industry, it is never past the point of no return. Courses in drawing, painting, life drawing, and silkscreen, and shading hypothesis, mold and workmanship history are a portion of the starting necessities for any form plan understudy. Propelled understudies of form configuration will proceed with patternmaking, sewing nuts and bolts, propelled sewing systems, and computerized planning. 

It is significant for a mold outline understudy to have entry to this sort of essential educational modules in school to get ready for the genuine trial of their capacities: their temporary position. Once the understudy has taken the essential and propelled courses, it is the ideal opportunity for them to spend significant time in some part of the mold business. At the point when individuals consider mold, they consider runway shows and couture accumulations. There are mold focuses all through the world, yet a great many people have a tendency to consider New York City the focal point of all form plan. In the event that the undergrad did not pick a school close to a form configuration focus, it might be workable for them to pick a temporary job situated around there. Some other conceivable temporary job areas would be Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, and other metropolitan territories. 

The best wellspring of entry level position conceivable outcomes will be the school workforce and direction advisors. It is essential to get your work done by looking into potential entry level positions; at the same time, they can manage the understudy to somebody that they might not have considered. 

The design world has its specialties. Each creator begins some place. They don’t simply move on from school and poof have their own particular plan house and their own particular accumulations. They were guided by somebody in the business. Some of them were self trained and did not have the chance to examine in a school domain however learned in the school of harsh times. Whatever the case, if there is a craving to take in the mold outline business, then there is an approach to do it. 

Consider working at a place that does modifications or fitting to develop sewing aptitudes. Consider planning your own garments. Consider usefulness, common sense, body sort, individual articulations, shading and texture decision. Concentrate the experts – who is on the edge of design now that you need to imitate? Why do you like their style? What IS your style?

How bulk SMS service provider is satisfying the clients?

Bulk SMS service provider follows the best policies so that the clients can get only genuine promotional services that can bring greater happiness and higher satisfaction.

Policies of any genuine bulk-SMS provider

  • Customer-care support: Both non-technical and technical supports are being catered by the customer-care department of any efficient Bulk SMS Service Provider. You can avail this service at any time as the department remains active for 24 hours a day. You can easily collect detailed information about product features, texting technology, packages and others.
  • Primary objectives: The providers will never aim in gaining increased amount of profit rather they will concentrate in offering the best services to the customers. Customer satisfaction should be the main goal or objective of authentic providers. Sometimes, the providers also allow for trial services so that the customers can judge that whether the products are suitable for them or not. The providers will always try to guide the customers in absolutely right directions.
  • Unique products: Products with unique features should be offered otherwise the customers will not show interests at all. Only unique products will help to bear the toughest market competition and thus the customers gladly opt for the same. The provider should make intricate researches or experiments so that more and more innovative features should be added to the existing products.
  • The provider should disclose all the necessary facts relating to Bulk texting so that the customers can get a clear view. If transparency is not maintained then the customers’ trust and confidence cannot be gained. Without honesty, long-term relationship with the customers cannot be maintained at all and this is quite obvious. If the customer is new, then he should have innumerable questions in his mind regarding this marketing strategy. The duty of the provider is to solve all the queries of the customers for avoiding unwanted confusions. The strategies should also be discussed open otherwise the customers will not be able to choose the right product.
  • No hidden-costs: The provider should always charge in a legitimate manner and no extra costs should be added. Extra costs often increase the package price as a result of which the customers find greater difficulty in availing the desirable package. In fact, this is one of the greatest features that can help you to choose the most authentic provider of bulk-SMS. Since advanced technology is being used along with automated platforms therefore the overall cost has been reduced. This reduced cost is highly enjoyable by the customers as their affordability limit can be maintained.

Is trafficking generated with bulk-sms service?

Bulk-SMS service is currently treated as one of the most improved and innovative means of online marketing. This marketing strategy can increase the online trafficking to a great extent. This trafficking will lead to greater conversion of prospective customers to real customers. In this way, the actual business objectives will get satisfied.

Since customized texts are being delivered therefore the targeted communities find them useful. This procedure guarantees the response volume and this is why the service is so very reliable. In this case, targeted audiences are to be detected first and then only bulk-texts are being delivered. This is how bulk SMS service provider can guarantee increased responses.

 The volume of high trafficking can be automatically managed and monitored by means of real-time reports. These reports will help you to understand that whether the customers are taking interests at the offers or not. Since centralized approach is included therefore internal requirements can be effectively managed and monitored.

Why bulk-messaging software is needed? 

Nowadays, every bulk SMS service provider is using specialized software for conducting bulk-texting service smoothly and efficiently. The software has got acute versatility and it can be easily handled.

Delivery rates of bulk-SMS can be automatically boosted-up with the use of the software. Voice-messaging and SMS-push are the two main platforms of the software that can facilitate delivery of corporate texts.

  • Convenient interfaces enable easy and speedy SMS delivery to innumerable customers at the same time.
  • Simple configuration and easy installation are the two most highlighting features of the software.
  • Secured passwords and usernames are being used for maintaining protection and for avoiding spam.

It has now become easier for recognizing the right global sms service provider. You just need to know abaout the major skills and qualities that can enable you to get the best global-sms services.

How to Keep Your Truck Mounted Machine Clean this Winter

Taking care of your carpet cleaning equipment is essential for keeping it in good working order. This ensures your customers’ floors are cleaned properly and prevents you from wasting money on repairs. The longer you can keep your machines in working order, the better. However, weather, frequent use and poor maintenance can all play a role in killing your equipment.

Truck mounted carpet cleaning machines are quite popular in the floor business because of its power. It’s ideal for use in commercial and residential buildings with only one story.

Most manufacturers provide manuals and videos to help you learn how to properly maintain your carpet cleaning equipment. It’s essential to pay attention to this. The first thing you’ll learn is that maintenance is key to longevity. This includes changing the filters, oil, topping the fluids and lubricating moving parts.

Whether you own one or a fleet of truck mount equipment, you need to ensure you and your workers know the ins and outs of keeping them maintained. Here is a quick guide to help you keep your truck mounted machine working throughout the winter.

Always Have a Toolkit On Hand

You never know when you’ll run into a problem with your truck mounted machine. Make sure you have your toolkit handy, just in case. This should include items like oil, screws, drivers and replacements. Certain parts may break on the job, so having replacements will look professional and ensure customer satisfaction. You can speak with a truck mount mechanic about common parts that fail, so you can order additional pieces.

Keep Your Machine Healthy

What you put into your truck mount equipment is very important for its health. It’s a lot like a human diet – put good stuff in and your body will last a longer time. The same goes for your carpet cleaning equipment.

It’s a good idea to use filtered water inside of your machine, to prevent your important parts from getting clogged with gunk. It will also keep your moving parts from getting rusty. The areas you’re protecting includes the screen, pump, heat exchanger, check valves, bypass valves and so on.

You can use a simple filter from GE or another brand that will remove 95 percent of microns. It’s also good to clean floors with filtered water, since less particles are passing through your machine and onto the carpet.

You’ll also find water softeners to be a great investment, especially if you work in an area with high mineral content. Even when you use water softeners, it’s still important to descale once or twice yearly. You can’t trust softeners to take out all minerals. Over time, the minerals that aren’t removed will build up. Your resin will need to be changed every three to five years, since the minerals will cause it to age.

Water softeners are also helpful in protecting your truck mount gear and it helps solutions to perform better. There are some carpet cleaning experts out there who are using reverse osmosis and deionized water systems. This provides professionals with more control over the water quality used. This is especially important when you’re working in areas far from the city where water quality may be very poor.

Clean Your Machine Properly

It’s easy for technicians to forget to clean their machines after a hard day’s work. But this doesn’t excuse you or your employees from doing what’s needed. It’s very important to keep your truck mounted properly cleaned, so that it continues to perform well. It’s a good habit to clean your machine at the end of the day, so that it’s ready for use the following day. Sometimes, a cycle begins where techs forget to clean equipment before going home, then continue use the next day without cleaning. Days and weeks can go by without a single cleaning.

There are many important parts in your equipment that requires special attention, including your air-cooled motor fans, hoses and wands. Dirty fans will cause clogs to build up, which will reduce air flow. In turn this will reduce the life of your engine, so don’t take cleaning lightly.

If you can learn to keep your carpet cleaning equipment maintained (and do it regularly), then you can reduce costs for replacements and repairs. 

Another 12 Horrible People We've All Probably Shared A Plane With

There’s no end to shameful behavior on planes, it seems.

If you need evidence of just how awful some people can be while sitting on a giant shiny metal tube jammed with another couple of hundred people, take a quick glimpse at the Instagram account Passenger Shaming.

Last year I wrote an article, The 12 Worst People on Airplanes, including people who can’t keep their feet to themselves, those who clip their toenails and gym/yoga junkies who like to show off their athletic prowess on planes.

But what about the bad parents, those who bring stinky food on board and people who leave the bathrooms more disgusting than anyone thought possible?

Just for fun, discover 12 new horrible people we’ve probably all shared a plane with. And it of course involves more feet.

1. The Foot Chef

Dinner is served! The main course? Feet! Not only will you be feasting on some chicken and veg, but also probably a dose of athlete’s foot. The Foot Chef likes to serve up a dish of their own feet on their tray table, and does not care that someone else needs to eat off it after them. The takeaway here is don’t forget to wipe down the tray table with some antiseptic wipes next time you fly.

2. The Bathroom Grub

Dirty diapers, poop on the seat, pee in the sink, pee on the floor, paper towels everywhere… some of us have probably walked into a plane bathroom and thought, na, I’ll just hold it. The Bathroom Grub doesn’t care what state they leave that tiny bathroom in for others, and they’re probably also the same people who don’t wear shoes in there too.

3. The Bad Parent

Just as letting your kid kick the back of someone’s seat, or tear up and down the aisle yelling ‘I’m an airplane too!’ is a parenting fail, so is allowing your child to vandalize a plane.

4. The Hungry, Hungry Flier

The on-board meals served during the flight aren’t enough for The Hungry, Hungry Flier, so they bring their own. And it’s never odorless or even pleasant smelling – it’s always something stinky like eggs, tuna, oranges or last night’s garlic-filled dinner.

5. The Lounge Room Lizard

This unfortunately not-so-rare-type of lizard species treats the plane like it’s their lounge room. Slouching? Check. Half clothed? Check. Legs splayed? Check. Total disregard for everyone around them? Check. As long as they’re comfortable, it’s all good for The Lounge Room Lizard.

6. Mr/Ms Can’t Keep My Hands to Myself

Mr/Ms Can’t Keep My Hands to Myself loves to put their hands in other people’s space. Almost as bad as The Rapunzel (the passenger in front of you who flicks their mane over the back of their seat), this person believes you’d rather be staring at their hand show than the show on your television screen. The remedy for this encroachment? “Coughing uncontrollably or sneezing”, according to Passenger Shaming followers.

7. The Bag Know-It-All

Anyone with eyes can see that bag won’t fit under the seat, but The Bag Know-It-All will try to shove it under there anyway. Apparently this guy delayed the plane because he refused to believe the flight crew that his bag wouldn’t fit. Probably best to listen to the crew and just do as they say.

8. The Peakaboo Feet

Like a nightmare game of peekaboo, this is what you see when you look down from your seat. The owner of The Peakaboo Feet loves to stick their no-shoe-wearing hooves under your seat and into your personal space. Another flyer who can’t keep their extremities to themselves.

9. The Drunk

We’ve all come across them. They might be the girls at a hen’s party, the guys at a bachelor party, or just some jerk who’s had a few too many. According to the UK’s flight regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), low air pressure when flying effectively thins the blood, which means the effects of alcohol can be stronger, so go steady.

10. The Amateur Beautician

Who doesn’t love the smell of nail products in an enclosed cabin with recirculated air? Umm, probably no one. Bring the nail polish if you’re allowed, but don’t paint your nails in flight. With its noxious fumes, this falls under the disrespectful smell category, along with oranges and stinky eggs.

11. The Floor is My Bed Flyer

How is this even comfortable? If you overlook the fact that one small twitch and he’ll smash his face into that piece of metal, there’s also the issue of dozens of people stepping on him and the cart running over him. Not to mention all the gross things that probably lurk on plane’s carpet. And that this is just nuts.

12. Anyone Who Tries To Open A Plane Door

And finally, anyone who tries to, or is successful in, opening a plane door on your flight is also pretty horrible. Apparently this guy opened the door when the plane was taxiing back to the terminal because he “needed fresh air”. And even though it’s impossible to open the door mid-flight due to pressurization, it’s still pretty shocking if anyone tries. Just say no and wait until you reach the terminal like everyone else.

Have you seen some of these bad behaviors in flight? Maybe you’ve seen even worse? Let us know your thoughts and comments below, and if you enjoyed this story, please share!

Important Factors in Brochure Design

Important Factors in Brochure Design

A brochure is a type of leaflet commonly seen on racks or shelves featuring a variety of information about an event, a company, a product, a campaign or a service. It is generally a single sheet that is either a tri-fold or a bi-fold. Some brochures are z-folded while others are c-folded. Brochures are a great way for a company to represent their brand. Effectively designed brochure can highly influence the decision making of potential customers. The design content and outlook of a brochure can highly influence the decision making of targeted customers. Whether a company is trying to inform their target audience about their services, serving an educational purpose or sell something it’s important as designers that we understand the primary purpose and objective.

Sometimes client came to you that might not have clear objectives for a brochure design. In fact, some say “Design something just looks good for a business”. Well, this is the wrong answer. You should take some time in the initial stages to clarify the projects objectives. This will not only helps in allocating adequate time but also helps in design process. A highly effective brochure succinctly and distinctly details what your business is all about.

Have a look on some of the important factors in brochure design –

1. Size

Size is considered among one of the important factors in brochure design. It help you in the process of obtaining an estimate from the printer and also gives you exact space to work. Printers also ask you brochure size before any folds.

2. Color

Selecting the color scheme of a brochure is very important. You must use the colors that attract the people according to the business. Both background color and font color for a brochure is important. Color not only helps in the design process and but make a huge difference in printing prices. For instance, 4-color CMYK is expensive than 2-color PMS/spot. It’s highly recommended to never use RGB colors which are only intended for on screen display. In some cases Pantone variation are very similar to CMYK colors, but there are many cases where colors look nothing identical.

3. Content

Another important factors in brochure design to be considered is its proper organization of content. Brief and well organized content on brochures will be appreciated by readers who want to know what is all about it. Brochure required professional layout of content. You must provide informative and catchy content on your brochure.

4. Folds

There are several types of folds for brochures. It is very important to know the way the brochure will fold prior to designing. Folds are more effective if created parallel to the paper grain. Fold area helps in creating a cleaner fold, especially with thicker paper.

5. Bleeds & Margins

Most brochure do have bleeds include into the design. Designer must allocate about 1/8” for bleeds. A bleed basically extends the graphical elements.

6. Fonts

You don’t need many fonts for a brochure design, just a body copy font, subheading and heading. For print projects you should use Open type fonts. Open type fonts are PC and MAC compatible. True type fonts looks good on screen they don’t work well when it’s time to print. This is also considered among one of the important factors in brochure design.

7. Graphic File Types

EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) and TIFF (Tag Image File Format) are the main file formats that are used for print. Both file format should be in CMYK color mode whether the graphic is vector or bitmap.

EPS file format should be used for vector graphics or if you are creating a duotone image or if you are using a clipping path on a bitmap image and TIFF file format should be used for bitmap images or photographs.

8. Special Techniques and Finishes

You take into consideration if your project will use any special techniques or finished such as varnishes, die cuts, embossing etc. All of these features should be discussed and cost additional when planning the project.

Whether it is a tri-fold, bi-fold or two page brochure most of the brochure design company design brochures keeping these factors in their minds as these factors helps in designing effective and professional brochures for their clients.

Simple Guide to Convert DBX to PST Format with their Attachments

Are you seeking to convert DBX to PST format with their attachments? In this article, we will give you the best solution by which users can efficiently convert DBX to PST format. As DBX file is the file format of Outlook Express and mostly users prefer to use the MS Outlook as their email client. If any user is seeking to open their DBX file into MS Outlook, then the MS Outlook does not allow users to open the DBX file in the system. So, it is required to convert the DBX file into PST format by using the best solution.

Requirement to Convert DBX to PST Format

Now a day, Outlook Express is the outdated email client where there are few number of users are available. If any user wants to import DBX to PST format and access it in MS Outlook, then it can be possible only by migrating the DBX file into PST format. After the migration of DBX to PST format, users are able to access the DBX data into MS Outlook. There are various other situations are also occurred which forces user to convert DBX to PST format efficiently. Now the question arises How to Convert DBX to PST Format?. So, we are going to give you the best solution which helps you to migrate DBX to PST format.

How to Export DBX to PST Format?

There are several issues are occurred while accessing the Outlook Express data. To overcome from the several situations occurred during the usage of outdated application Outlook Express. It is most recommended suggestion to users where they can convert their DBX file into PST format and access their data in MS Outlook. Mostly there are two approaches are performed to migrate DBX to PST format. These methods are given below: –

  1. Using Manual Method
  2. By Technical method using third-party tool

Perform Manual Process to Migrate DBX to PST Format

Note: Before performing the manual method users need to take the backup of original DBX files and then perform the manual process.

  • Install and open the Windows Live Mail in the system.
  • Click on File >> Import Messages from the menu.
  • Now a new window opens named Windows Live Mail Import and click on Next button.
  • Now select the desired folders which you want to export and click on Next button to initiate the process.
  • In couple of minutes, it will import data of selected folders and a message appears Import Complete and click on Finish.
  • Now open the Windows Live Mail again, and click to select File >> Export >> Email Messages.
  • Now select the Microsoft Exchange to export and click on Next.
  • A confirmation message opens where user need to click on OK.
  • Select the folder and click on OK to complete the export process.
  • Once the process completes than user need to click on Finish to complete process.

Choose Straightforward Solution to Convert Outlook Express DBX to Outlook PST

It is the most precise solution for users to convert Outlook Express data to Outlook PST format efficiently. DBX to PST Converter is the standalone application to batch export DBX files to PST format. It efficiently migrates data items of DBX in PST format by maintaining the data integrity of the DBX email messages into PST format. It is a multi-featured application which offers several options to user to bulk export DBX files into PST format. This makes a simple task for users to convert various data items of DBX files into PST format and saves the lots of time of users. It supports multiple email clients so that users perform the conversion of DBX files into PST format and import DBX to any version of MS Outlook. It easily batch export several DBX into PST format. The several advance options are available for users where they can easily manage their DBX files in MS Outlook and save them into PST format by using the best tool DBX to PST Converter. It is a most precise solution for users which helps user to access their outdated Outlook Express application’s DBX files and export it into PST format. It is quick, safe and the reliable solution for users to convert DBX files into PST format.

Tips for Exterior and Interior House Painting

Painting the exterior and interior of your house is a very easy way to boost the look of your house. You have the option of doing it yourself or inviting a professional painter. It is always preferable that you get a reputable painting company to help you out. If you opt to do it yourself, here are some tips.

If you are looking forward to paint your house exterior, you will need to first gather the required tools. You need to be organized if you intend to achieve a great end result. The required tools include plastic bags and rags for tidying up, drop clothes, rollers for paint rolling and functional brush for trimming.

The outside walls are generally dirtier and washing the wall will most likely be required. This can be achieved with detergent, brush and water hose. Next you should look out for mildew, rust stains, peeling paint, popping nails and splitting siding or shingles. When any of these exist, ensure that they are fixed before you continue.

Before you start painting the exterior, you should also make sure that you check the environment to make sure there are no trees and bushes close by. If there are, make sure that they are removed or pruned, to avoid disturbances from the bushes while painting. For your flowers and shrubs that you don’t intend to remove, use drop cloths to cover them, so that paint does not spill on them. Next you have to decide on either an oil-based paint or a water-based paint. Choose the right paint that can endure the elements. You should not rush while painting. You need to relax and be deliberate. To avoid streaks, paint from up to down as opposed to down to up and sideways. Make sure to mix all the paints together, so that you do not get different colors. You should also look out to paint at the right time, when you are not expecting rain and when the humidity is low. This is to avoid rain washing off your work or the formation of paint bubble.

Your finishing should also be carefully chosen. The high traffic parts, including window frames, doors and porches in the house will be protected by Gloss paints.

When you are through with painting, ensure that you check once a year for peels, blisters, mildew and mold. Take actions where necessary.

Painting the inside of the house will begin with paying attention to the furniture and other items in the room. If there is furniture in the room, you need to move them to a different part of the room or preferably, move it out of the house completely. If the furniture will be within the room, then you should use drop clothes to cover them. You can further add old sheets to eliminate every risk of staining your chairs. The best option is to empty your cabinets if there are any and move them out of the way. Trying to paint without moving any of your furniture will result in paint spillage on the furniture.

After clearing the room or the area to be painted, you should prepare the surface for painting. To do this, use a primer of good quality for wall priming. This of course should be after you have removed everything hanging on the wall including picture frames and wallpaper. Other things that might be needed while preparing the surface include fixing cracks, sanding cracking or peeling paints as well as washing the wall with water and detergent if it is dirty.

The next challenge will be to choose the correct gloss and color for your wall. Once you scale this, then your painting can begin. You should begin your painting by first painting tight areas the roller cannot get to, with the aid of a brush. The painter tape should be used to protect parts of the wall that you do not intend to paint.

For great results, you should paint in a direction with a light paint coat, before applying a second coat that is heavier in another direction. With this, you will be able to avoid streaks on your wall.

If you should get confused along the way or decide that you want a professional painting company to help you out, you can consult with or hire VPS paint to help you with great painting for your home.

New Year celebration around the world

New Year is celebrated in every part of the world as most countries follow the Gregorian calendar. People around the world follow their own tradition and customs to welcome it, which add to the variety of celebrations. What remains constant during this time though is the ringing of church bells, honking of horns, blowing of whistles, and shrieking of sirens. Further, tasting exquisite wine and food and indulging in dance and enjoying the fireworks have become a common part of the New Year celebration around the world. Let’s look how it is celebrated in some countries.


The famous place in USA for New Year celebration is the Time Square in New York. Millions gather here to watch the special event known as “ball drop.”  A specially designed ball is dropped just a minute before the end of the old year with spectators cheering. Loud noise made by the whistling and honking vehicles engulfs the entire street. The fun and festivity double up with the uncorking of champagne, tasting of delicious cakes, and gorging on black-eyed beans. As a symbol for warding off evil and negativity, firecrackers are burnt.


People of the United Kingdom celebrate New Year with friends and family by dancing, drinking, and feasting on sumptuous food. They gather at the Thames River to enjoy the fireworks that begin with the Big Ben, the famous watch, striking twelve and officially declaring the beginning of the New Year. Another favorite place for people to welcome the New Year is Trafalgar Square, where a huge bonfire is lit and people dance around it till the early morning. 

They also invite a tall and handsome male with black hair to be the first visitor to their home after the midnight. According to a tradition, this male has to enter the house from the front door with a bottle of whiskey and a load of bread along with some salt and coal. He has to put the coal into the fire and serve drinks and bread to the family and wish them a Happy New Year. While leaving, he has to exit from the back door. This practice is still followed to bring prosperity and good luck to the household.


The Chinese celebrate their New Year or “Yuan Tan” in the mid of January or February since they follow the Lunar calendar. Unlike other parts around the world, the New Year celebration in China lasts up to ten to fifteen days. People dress in new and join a huge parade with lanterns in their hands. The parade is led by a silk dragon. The parade or procession is followed by huge drum beating and cymbals. Lots of noise and colorful ethic dresses in red turn the streets into a multi-colored festivity. They burn firecrackers to keep the dragon awake since it hibernates for most part of the year as per their belief.


Japan too followed the Chinese lunar calendar a few centuries ago. However, since 1873, it celebrates the New Year as per the Gregorian calendar. People here visit temples and pay homage to the departed and pray for good harvest. To ward away evil, they ring the temple bells for 108 times. Elders give gifts to younger and traditional sweet dish caked Mochis, which is made of rice is consumed.


New Year celebration in France starts from midnight. People organize parties and serve champagne and food to friends and family. They sing the New Year song and revel in lots of fun activities, lighting, and fireworks. Those living close to the border of Spain gather at a church and take out a torchlight procession after the service. The procession ends at a vineyard where they drink wine.


Spaniards enjoy the New Year with drinks, food, and dance. They follow an age-old tradition of eating twelve grapes, one with each stroke of the clock at twelve. The grapes are symbolic for the New Year’s twelve months and are believed to bring good luck for the whole year. People in the cities gather at a square and follow the custom with cava, a white sparkling wine.


New Year celebration in Dubai is a real spectacle. It is always special, splendid, and magnificent. The city holds its reputation of creating everything larger than life. There is an extravaganza of firework display everywhere in the city. When the firework starts, the entire area turns into a daylight. The best thing about the New Year event in Dubai is that it is held at the iconic landmarks, beaches, on dhows and cruises, and all the hotels located throughout the city. In fact, the parties arranged at hotels are perfect settings to experience grandeur. People also the beach parties where dance, music, and top bands from the world perform. The sparkling fireworks above the water and in the sky are unforgettable sights.

New Year around the world is celebrated in a diverse manner. Wherever you want to enjoy it, just contact us. We will take care of everything from visa, hotel accommodation, airport transfers, etc.