Any Guesses for this Valentine's day flower Arrangements

February is the month that celebrates love in full splendour and the mood is upbeat from the very beginning of the month. The market is abuzz with crowds thronging the stores and making preparations for the big day that lovers await on February 14. Just as gifts are much in demand and lovers see Valentine’s Day as the best time for wooing their loved one, so are flowers wonderful indeed to give to your sweetheart and why not! Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the season of spring when flowers are in full bloom and you see the markets flooded with all exotic varieties in a melange of colours.

Have you been gifting red roses all these years to your sweetheart and wish to snap out of the cliché? Let the sparks fly this year as you try to impress her by doing something different. Everyone gets roses on the special day, so why not think up a distinctive combination. Forget red roses this Valentine’s and think out of the box. When you have to send flowers to Mumbai on Valentine’s Day to your girl, consider a colourful mixed arrangement.

How about a Roses and Tulips combination?

Send her some warm vibes even though she may be miles apart with an oh-so-stylish arrangement. Bright and bold colours work great for flowers and convey your deepest emotions in the best possible manner. There may be chills in the air but a heart-warming gift from you could work the best in giving wings to the emotions she feels for you.

Valentine’s Day is not only about showing your affection to your sweetie. It is also the best time of the year to show to your family and friends how much you adore them and that you can go the extra mile just to bring a smile on their faces. Find a trusted florist online who can deliver your exclusive flower arrangement to your loved one on the special day. Just place your order and all you need to do is sit back and relax while your florist makes the delivery on the prescribed date and at the pre-decided time.

How to get the arrangement designed?

FlowersAndYou have years of experience behind them and we perfectly know how to make your day special. We understand that memories last forever and you so want her to remember your gesture for a lifetime. We handpick fresh flowers to make a hot arrangement combining roses and tulips when you wantflower delivery in Mumbai. Roses and tulips in a mix of colours look wonderful. Throw in some green leaves and the arrangement is perfect for a girl who loves her flowers bright, bold and colourful.

Tulips have a proven record of being a symbol of love. When in full bloom, they can heighten the impact of any floral arrangement and add pizzazz to the look. If tulips are in multiple colours, then roses can be in one colour and vice versa. Pick roses in any colour except red and arrange them in between the tulips and leaves. Wrapped in a bunch or arranged in a basket, tulips and roses make a delightful presentation.

Keep it colourful

Colours brighten any space and if a colourful roses and tulips are arranged in a picturesque way, then you can be sure that it will cheer up the mood. Hues of orange, peach, pink, green, and purple are nice enough to warm the cockles of the heart of your loved ones.

Place your order on time

With the number of flower delivery orders increasing by the day as Valentine’s Day draws near, it is essential that you get in touch with us on time if you want to make an online flower delivery in Delhi. Timely orders help us source the best flowers for you and prepare your arrangement just the way you desire for your sweetheart, sibling or friend. We endeavour to ensure that things go right in every delivery we make for you. Customer satisfaction is foremost to us and if you want to come back to us next time, we are happy to serve you again.

As a reputed florist with a well-connected network in North India, we believe in delivering quality service and that has a feel good factor for us. Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time for us to enjoy what we love doing the best. We value your emotions and understand how important it is for you to shower your affection on your loved ones and reiterate to them how much you care. FlowersAndYou offers well-made presentations to make the day memorable for you and your loved ones.

Check These 5 Things Before Deciding On Swimming Pool Construction

And then, there are people who think a lot before initiating the project, such long that they even reach their deaths without realizing a part of it. We know you won’t become one of those people, and neither we want you to be.

When it comes to swimming pool construction, of course you will need to consider a few aspects, but that shouldn’t mean you’d become confused by thinking what is right and what is wrong. In fact, some soft and hard choices can make your decision extremely correct at the end. Besides, your smart thinking will do the trick than the rest. However, we would like to highlight that research is the key and you should never stop at that.

  1. Zone and surface area

This thing really divides between a practical person and a dreamer. Before you have set your eyes for a swimming pool, you should equally evaluate the zone where you exactly want it installed. Many people forget this basic prerequisite and face disappointment later. You need to check those building and zoning regulations for approval and apply for it. After receiving the permit, the project can take off.

  1. Realistic budget and additional expenses

You can move ahead with pool design and construction only when you have a realistic budget in your mind. Certainly, if you don’t have any idea of it, a meeting with swimming pool consultants can help with that. The popularity of pools varies between the concrete types, vinyl types and fiberglass types, but your budget should also comply to meet those demands. In addition, you will have maintenance requirements too. So, keep that also in mind.

  1. Pick a pool type

Like it is mentioned in the above, you can choose a pool type as per your particular preferences, but consider the budget for each of them. Notably, the concrete pools have received more approvals as compared to others. The reasons are also quite impressive because one can virtually construct a concrete pool of any shape and size. However, there are certain disadvantages too, such as the concrete’s reaction to salt and its roughness.

  1. Know about the pool circulation systems

The water in the inground pool needs to be circulated from time to time and you need to choose a circulation system for that. An expert contractor can guide you with filtration and sanitization techniques and help you choose the best circulation system for your pool.

  1. Compare pricing models

You can request for quotes from different swimming pool contractors and compare their pricing models. Keep an extra amount handy because you never know how a few expenses can add up to give you trouble later. Also, check out financing options if you don’t want to pay or are unable to pay in just one time.

Want to refurbish your old pool or build a new one? Call the professionals. That’s it.

Talking about pool building, you can book a Custom Pool Builder for the job who can exactly realize your idea, matching to your lifestyle. Sometimes, a pool builder can become hesitant regarding the ideas submitted by the customer and will work according to their own project ideas. Surely, you won’t like to work with such pool builders and in fact, search for someone whose way of communication, ideas and knowledge excite you.

Benefits of calling the professional pool builders include:

The In Ground Pool Builder will listen to your ideas and offer a realistic solution for it. He/she would clearly point out the flaws and what could be managed with a distinctive effort of theirs.

The will suggest you best ideas for pool material according to your requirements. Notably, the demand of Concrete Pools is increasing due to the erupting subject of durability and reliability. So, you can prefer the concrete ones.

Leading pool builders can arrange low interest financing for the pool projects, so that you don’t have worry about the expenses that much.

Begin with research and you can find the best pool builders around!

5 Reasons Why Your Friend's Diet Doesn't Work for You

When you talk to anyone who has embarked on a fitness and body-improvement journey, it is likely they will mention having tried dozens of diets, and only having one or two of them really work for them. This, in fact, might even resonate with you.

The fact of the matter is, achiving your ideal, healthy body is no easy feat. Every day we are bombarded with advertising for new products that promise overnight results, while, at the same time, we are flooded with advertisements that make our mouths water with their chewy, flakey, greasy, delicious goodness. It seems like we are in a constant battle to make good choices and fend off bad ones, but it’s hard to discern when we are – frankly – being lied to.

And then yor friend tells you about this fabulous diet that worked wonders for him or her. You give it a shot, only to be quickly frustrated and dissappointed.

Why is it that diets work for some people and not for others? Is it okay to “borrow” someone else’s diet and make it your own?

Here are five reaons why your friend’s diet isn’t working for you, and why you should avoid cookie cutter diets all together. 

1. Your Friend Needs More Calories Than You

Just because the nutrition facts labels are based on a 2000-calorie diet doesn’t mean that your ideal diet is 2000 calories. Your base calorie needs (without taking exercise into account), depend on your age, height and weight. As we age, our calorie needs go down, 

The Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is a way to calculate your basic calorie needs when you are at rest.

Do you want to learn how to calculate your BMR? Watch this video below:

2. Your Friend Does is More Active Than You

Excercise has a big influence on your calorie needs. Remember that BMR doesn’t take physical activity into account. Even if you eat more than what your BMR demands, if your friend does enough excercise to make use of those additional calories, and then some, their body will start breaking down fat to meet calorie needs. 

Even if your friend swears that he or she doesn’t do exercise, remember that all activity counts. Maybe the elevator is broken down in her building so she has to walk up ten flights of stairs everyday. Maybe he is obsessed with the cleanliness of his home and he sweeps, mops and dusts his whole home everyday. 

3. You or Your Friend Has Special Nutritional Needs

This goes from macro nutrients (fat, protein, carbohydrates) to micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). People with certain conditions may require more or less of certain nutrients, and may be more sensitive to deficiencies and overdoses as a result. While this may not necessarily affect the success or failure of a weight loss regime, it could actually get you sick.

For example, an only fruit or only vegetable diet your friend swore worked to fit into that ballgown could negatively affect people who are bordering on anemic (lack of iron), since the iron best absorbed by the body is found in animal protein. 

This is one of the main reasons why it is never recommended to just “try out” diets without a previous evaluation by a Registered Dietician. The last thing you want is to end up ill for the sake of losing a few pounds. 

4. Your Friend´s Metabolism is Faster Than Yours

Some people naturally have faster metabolisms, meaning that their bodies use up more energy to digest food, and to absorb and utilize nutrients than others. You´ll see this happen to some people who make a small change in their diet and seem to get results very fast, or those people who seem to eat whatever they want without ever changing. 

Things that influence your metabolic rate are:

  • age
  • regular exercise
  • genes
  • certain foods and drinks (green tea, for example, may speed up metabolism)
  • how often you eat (some studies show that smaller, more-frequent meals may help speed up metabolism)
  • illnesses (people with certain health conditions need more energy to sustain a normal weight)

5. Something they aren´t telling you…

Believe it or not, this happens more than you think. Your friend just might be leaving a key detail out about their diet or exercise regime, conciously or subconciously. If the diet they followed said to avoid wheat-based products, for example, but they also cut out rice and corn-based products, this will affect their energy intake. 

Some Important Notes

As a nutrition specialist, I cannot let you go without telling you the following:

  • NO FAD DIET IS A GOOD DIET. If it is unsustainable, unbalanced, or will go out of style, do not take it on. Even if you do lose weight, it doesn’t mean you are doing it in a healthy manner. 
  • SEE AN RD (Registered Dietician) if you want to improve your diet or make drastic changes to your eating regimen. Note that even if your doctor gives you a diet to follow, nutrition is not a medical practitione’s area of expertise. 
  • NOTE THAT A NUTRITIONIST ISN´T ALWAYS AN RD. In many states in the US, you don’t need a license to call yourself a nutritionist. However, you do need to have followed through a series of strict proceses in order to call yourself an RD. If you are looking for advice and want to be evaluated, look for an RD. 

What experiences have you had with trying out your friend’s diet? Tell us about it below!

Global Market for Commercial Washing Machines increasing rapidly, riding on urban lifestyles

People need devices and services that enable them to do their daily chores faster. Commercial laundry machines; laundromats, on-demand laundry services, and other commercial laundry services are increasingly being availed globally to fulfill these needs.

The increasing demand has caused the deployment of innovative techniques like online laundry services. A large number of laundry service providers are going online and also using mobile applications to attract more customers. They install commercial washing machines at their operating places and are equipped to handle largely traffics at one time. A commercial washing machine is designed for more frequent use than a consumer washing machine. It focuses more on size, durability and functionality rather than style. These bulky and heavy commercial machines are normally made with more expensive stainless steel to minimize corrosion as they are operated constantly in an environment that is wet and full of moisture. They are built with large service covers that can be opened easily, and their washers are designed in a way that they do not require access to the underside for service. Often commercial washing machines are installed in long rows with a wide passageway to access all the machines to allow maintenance without having to move the heavy machines.

There has been an extensive increase in the usage of commercial washing machines in the past few years, despite considerable advancements in the domestic washing machines. An increase in people’s disposable income is a major contributing factor for this shift. Another crucial factor is the rise in dual-income families, where the money comes from two separate incomes. The number of dual-income families has increased by 31 percent between 1996 and 2006. A recent research based on worldwide Commercial Washing Machine Market 2016-2020, has been conducted to study the scope of commercial laundry services in the international scenario. The report examines the revenue generated from the global retail sales of commercial washing machines. It estimates the worldwide commercial washing machine market to surge at a growth rate of (compound annual growth rate) of 4.53% during the stated time span from 2016-2020. It is based on an in-depth analysis of the market landscape and its growth prospects.

One of the primary factors for supply in the market is increase in the number of laundromats – a commercial set up where cloths can be washed and dried in the coin-operated machines. The growth of online laundry services in the developed countries is also fueling the market. Moreover, the popularity of coin laundries is surging rapidly in Japan largely due to the rising count of dual-income households. Moreover, the prime reason for the increase in female employment in Japan is the acute labor shortage. According to statistics, in 2015, there were 28% more jobs available than people looking to work in the country. As working couples find it difficult to get time for doing laundry, among other chores, they prefer coin laundries. This has largely increased the demand for coin laundries in the country. According to the Japanese Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry, the number of operational coin laundries is increasing rapidly every year – over 16,500 new coin laundries were installed across the country in 2013.

There has been a keen focus on research and development activities by various large conglomerates and several medium and small-sized industries. At present, the key vendors in the global market are Alliance Laundry Systems, Dexter Apache Holdings, Continental Girbau, Electrolux, and Whirlpool. While other important vendors in the market are JLA, BÖWE, GE, R. Stahl, G.A. Braun, Lead Laundry and Catering, Renzacci, Shanghai Shenguang Laundry Machinery Group, Schulthess Maschinen, LG Electronics, Miele Company, Pellerin Milno and Stefab. Europe and the US make the largest revenue contributors to the worldwide commercial washing machine market owing to the high penetration of laundromats in these countries. Laundromats and online on-demand laundry services are still an emerging concept in the developing countries like India and China. Hence, the demand for the commercial laundry services is increasing rapidly in emerging economies.

Commercial washing machines can be segmented into two types: front load washers and top load washers. Front Load washers are more expensive but according to market studies, they account for the majority of market shares and are anticipated to dominate the market for the next few years. Also, front load washers conserve as much as 20 gallons of water per load and have a higher spin speed than top loading washers, helping in extracting more water and thus causing the cloths to dry much quickly. Most of the coin-operated laundromats use front load washing machines as they consume less time and energy. The major challenges to the worldwide commercial washing machine market are that of environment and supply chain in the developing countries. The bulky machines have heavy energy requirements and due to the relatively high cost of reparation, washing machines cause a large amount of electronic waste. They also release vast quantity of water and detergents that have to be disposed into water bodies. In the developing economies, logistics services pose a serious challenge, especially for online laundry service vendors.

Pop-up Stores for Success in Business

Pop-up Stores for Success in Business

Pop-up shops are temporary shops which are set up for a brief span of time. Objective of a pop-up store is creation of a lasting impression in the minds of prospective customers. They could be set up for a day to about three months. They are generally setup in high foot traffic areas such as shopping malls, busy streets, etc.

Benefits of Pop up stores

This helps in strengthening relationships with customers.

A pop-up store generates curiosity in the minds of passers-by. They will be drawn to them. This leads to the customers getting interested in the products/ services being offered there.

Since the customers are aware that the store is in existence for a short period, they will tend to make unplanned purchases.

This is because a pop-up store can be set up with minimal investment. Hence, if a business wants to gauge the response of consumers to its product/ service it is do so without incurring heavy expenses. By introducing its products in a pop-up store, the businessman gets a feeler of the response to its design, its popularity, suitability of the location of the store, etc.

Since these stores evoke curiosity, customers drawn towards it become aware of the brand.

It is an ideal option for a startup as it is inexpensive. A startup can establish a market for its products from here. Once established, it can think of investing in a long term store premises.

If you are innovating your product or introducing a new concept, you can interact directly with the buyers and explain it to them. It is apt for giving demos etc, of a product.

If you are marketing your products online, a pop-up store provides a platform for interacting directly with the buyers.

They are the best option for selling products during holiday season, etc. For instance, a pop-store can be set up for selling Christmas tree and Christmas decorations during Christmas season.

Popular locations for Pop-up stores

Shopping malls are high foot traffic areas. Many businesses put up pop-up shops in kiosks in shopping malls.

These places are especially popular for items such as ladies fashion accessories, handbags, etc.

When an event is being hosted, there will be some vacant areas. These are good venues for setting up pop-up stores. This is because, they can easily attract clientele here.

Pop-up shops are a common feature in busy streets. This is because it is easy to attract the attention of passers-by there.

This type of arrangement works best when the product range of the established store is complementary to yours.

The trend of pop-up stores has become popular. Many enterprises whether large or small are using this concept to enhance the growth of their business.

Some examples where pop-ups have contributed to success of the business are:


A pop-up boutique works well for a new designer. The designer can modify the designs based on customer feedback. After that they can think of establishing their own boutique.

Restaurants or Cafes:

A pop-up restaurant / café is an ideal way of testing the response of the customers to your recipes. You can encourage feedback and improvise your services. This will enable you to start off your enterprise on a better footage.


Branded cosmetics have been sold in pop-up stores successfully. There can be promotions or offers while selling to induce the customers.

Hence, we see that pop-up stores are a cost-effective method of establishing a business. They can help startups to begin at a low initial investment. They also enable an established business consolidate its position.

In a nutshell we can say that a pop-up store helps in creating brand awareness, generating revenue and customer engagement.

Egg Collection and IVF Treatment

Egg Collection and IVF Treatment

Women who approach an IVF clinic in Delhi should be aware of the fact that it is not a simple procedure. In fact, IVF treatment comprises of a series of steps. It starts with ovarian stimulation, which yields numerous viable eggs that can be used for the treatment. Following this, comes the crucial step of egg collection, also termed as egg retrieval. It is a delicate procedure which is to be done with great precaution and care.

Egg collection is done surgically and it has a considerable influence on the success rate of the IVF cycle. Therefore, it is important for the patient to be aware of all that is expected on the fateful day of egg collection. At the same time, it is vital to look for someone trained and experienced enough to perform it well. For this purpose, patients should rely only on the best IVF center in Delhi.

What to expect on the egg collection day?

A patient undergoing treatment at an IVF center in Delhi will be prepared for the cycle by administrating a trigger shot of hCG. This hormone ensures that the oocytes (eggs) are mature at the time of egg collection. Egg collection is a surgical procedure done at an out-patient basis. A fine, hollow needle is inserted in the vagina using ultrasound guidance. The needle is guided to the ovary and follicular fluid is aspirated from it.

The embryologist then examines the fluid microscopically and removes the eggs from it. After this, they are taken to the IVF lab for the next stage, which is embryo culture. Egg collection takes about 20-30 minutes in all. It is done under mild sedative to minimize any discomfort or pain. After the procedure, an antibiotic course has to be taken for reducing the risk of infection.

On an average, every egg collection cycle yields 12 eggs, though the number may vary from patient to patient. In rare cases, the follicle may even be empty, which happens in only 1% of the IVF cycles. Another possible complication in egg collection is that related to abnormal positioning of ovaries. For such women, the eggs have to be collected by inserting the needle through abdominal wall rather than the vagina.

Preparing for egg collection

Normally, egg collection is regarded as a safe and simple procedure, provided it is done by an expert. However, a woman should be well-prepared to maximize the chances of success as well as stay safe during egg collection. It is better to have it done during the morning or afternoon. The woman should not eat or drink anything a night before egg collection. She has to be at the clinic half a hour before so that a cardiograph can be done.

The medical team would also assess the overall health of the patient, with questions related to health conditions and allergies. Since the process involves sedation, the patient should be accompanied by her partner, friend or relative. She should also prepare herself well for the IVF treatment cycle with healthy diet and lifestyle. Getting the treatment done at a trusted IVF clinic in Delhi is also crucial. It increases the chances of the success of egg collection as well as those of the entire cycle.

Side effects of egg collection

Egg collection is relatively safe and there are seldom any risks involved. However, certain side effects may crop up for some patients and they need to be aware about these. Experiencing pelvic or abdominal pain after the procedure is normal. Warm compress and pain killers can offer relief but persistent pain warrants medical attention. Nausea and vomiting are common too and they can be attributed to anesthetics administered during egg retrieval.

Vaginal bleeding is a symptom to be more careful about. If a woman comes across heavy and red colored bleeding, she must see the specialist immediately. On the other hand, minimal, dark-colored bleeding is a normal symptom. Very few women can come across more serious risks of pelvic infection and damage to internal organs. The chances can be minimized by choosing the best IVF clinic in Delhi for a safe and successful IVF treatment cycle.

Various Ways of Cleaning Tile and Grout

Everyone takes pride in a clean home and among the many aspects that contribute towards this objective, one that plays a crucial role is that of tile and grout.

Tiles are commonly used in homes nowadays courtesy of the fact that they lend a neat and classy look. In addition to being easy to clean and maintain, tiles are durable and long-lasting, thus proving to be good value for money.

Presence of tiling implies formation of grout because this is the substance that holds the tiles in place and ensures that they are all connected to each other in a specific pattern. Best described as concrete in fluid state, grout is basically a type of glue that fills the space between the tiles.

Although tiles are less prone to collect dust and other pollutants as compared to other materials, they invariably lose their sparkle as days go by. This is courtesy of a layer of grime and dirt having formed on the surface. Likewise, grout is equally prone to collecting dirt and dust as it tends to wear away with time.

Why Is It Important to Clean Tile and Grout?

No matter how expensive the tiles in your home might be, they are bound to appear filthy with the passage of time thanks to deposits of dirt, grease and grime. Apart from hampering the overall look, dirty tiles also have a negative impact on safety and hygiene of people living in the house. Rather than risk being embarrassed by a guest or suffer a health problem, you might as well channel your energy towards cleaning of tile and grout. 

tile and grout cleaning

Cleaning of Tiles 

When it comes to getting your tiles cleaned, you could either undertake the task yourself or hire a service provider to do the needful for you. Contrasting that the two options are, they come with pros and cons that you as a home owner should be aware of before choosing one of them.

Discussed as follows are some of the considerations that you must take into account when it comes to tile and grout cleaning

Time – Given that tiles form a large percentage of your home, cleaning them is likely to be time-consuming. So you need to ask yourself whether you will be able to spare the requisite amount of time without compromising on your other chores. If the answer is yes, then the DIY option is indeed the way to go.

Labour-intensive – Cleaning of tile and grout is labour-intensive in nature. You can either undertake it as a form of personal work-out or alternatively hire a professional service provider in case you feel that it calls for too much effort.

Expertise – It is important to be aware how to deal with various types of dirt covering your tiles otherwise you could end up causing more damage. Knowing which cleaning agent to apply and how to operate the equipment to derive best possible results goes a long way in achieving the objective.

Knowledge – With several cleaning agents in the market and cleaning techniques being updated with amazing frequency, you need to be up-to-date with the latest trends in the field.

Cost – Unlike the popular belief, professional services can be quite affordable and all you need to do is indulge in comparison shopping to find a good deal. However, if budget is an issue then undertaking the task yourself is the most economical option.

DIY Cleaning of Tile and Grout

Cleaning of tile and grout is best carried out by following a step-by-step procedure that is described below –

Inspecting Stains

To remove the stains on your tiles, it is important to take a closer look and understand how they might have been formed. Accordingly you can then select an appropriate cleaning agent and use it till you have managed to lift most of them, if not all.

Cleaning Protocol

  • It is always the tiles that are scrubbed first.
  • Rather than use the cleaning agent in concentrated form, it is diluted with lukewarm water.
  • Using a solution also facilitates ease of spreading over the tiled floor.
  • You must exercise caution while using the cleaning agent so as to avoid any adverse reaction.
  • Make sure the room is well-ventilated so that the fumes dissipate quickly before spreading all over the house.
  • After the tiles have been scrubbed, the cleaning agent is poured into the grout and given a dwell time of about 30 minutes.
  • Then it is sprayed with lukewarm water which carries away the soap with most of the dirt and grime.


  • Do make it a point to wear latex or rubber gloves while cleaning tile and grout.
  • Use a non-abrasive scrubber so that it does not scratch the surface of the tile.
  • An old and discarded toothbrush can prove to be extremely useful for prising out dirt from grout.

How About Hiring a Professional Service?

House-proud home owner that you might be, there will come a day when you may not feel up to the task physically and mentally. In such a situation, the next best alternative is to hire a professional service provider that specializes in cleaning of tile and grout.

‘You get what you pay for’ is the adage that best describes the situation and it is something that you must bear in mind at all times during the selection process. That said, comparison shopping is is a must to select a service provider which appears to be most suitable for your requirement.

Even before that you need to educate yourself on the basic elements involved in tile and grout cleaning so as to be able to make a informed decision. These are discussed as follows –

Detergent – Presence of detergent in sufficient quantities is a must in the cleaning process because it is this agent that has the capability of extracting dirt, grease and grime from the tile and grout. Without a detergent, the cleaning process would be totally ineffective.

Pressure – Only when water is sprayed with a certain degree of pressure is it successful in displacing the dirt, especially from grout. Ideally the pressure should be approximately 1200 psi so that when used in conjunction with detergent it is both forceful and sterilizing.

However a word of caution here pertains to using too much pressure as this might causing flooding in your room without extracting much dirt. Therefore, you need to identify the optimal pressure value and apply it during the cleaning process.

Appropriate Brushes – Brushes employed for cleaning tile and grout require should have the ability to penetrate beyond the surface and draw out the dirt. Whatever is used should definitely be more than a normal scrubber so that it can pull out the dirt rather than cause it to sink further.

Extraction Equipment – Having loosened and extracted all the dirt from tile and grout, it is imperative to discard the dirty water as soon as possible. An extraction vacuum cleaner comes in handy at this stage because in addition to removing the water it would also cause the floor to dry out quickly.

Heat – This is an important element of cleaning but one that should be used judiciously while cleaning tile and grout. On one hand the temperature of water should be high enough to kill harmful micro-organisms and pathogens but on the other hand it should not be scalding hot to the point of spoiling the surface of the tile.

When you compare service providers, using these parameters as benchmarks would enable you to find one which is best suited to your requirements. Subsequently you can fix an appointment and work out a deal which is favourable for both parties.

Eco Friendly Methods for Cleaning of Tile and Grout

Given a choice, every home owner would wish for spotless tiles and a clean grout and although these can be attained via several methods, not all of them have the same impact on indoor air.

As a home owner, it is also your responsibility to ensure good health and well being of your family. To this effect, often it has been observed that cleaning agents that are based on strong chemicals release fumes which have a tendency to hang in the air. These are eventually inhaled by family members and are hazardous to health.

Such a situation can be avoided by using eco-friendly cleaning agents. Going green while selecting cleaning agents for tile and grout helps in the following ways –

  • Eco-friendly cleaning agents are based on natural products and hence do not cause any side effects.
  • They are mild in nature which means they would not harm the polish of your tile’s surface if left for a little longer.
  • Use of natural ingredients does not compromise on the cleaning ability of the detergent. It is equally effective in extracting dirt and grime from grout and removing stains from tiles.
  • Owing to their biodegradable nature, these do not leave behind any traces after the cleaning.
  • Subsequently, not only is the tiled surface disinfected but there is a fragrance in the air which is soothing to the nerves and refreshing to inhale.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

A stitch in time saves nine – Cliché though this proverb may sound, it is very much applicable to home improvement. When used in context of tile and grout cleaning it implies that a few preventive steps can go a long way in reducing the build-up of dirt and grime so that the frequency of spring cleaning is not as much.

Following are some preventive measures that you can take on a daily basis to protect your tiles and grout from collecting filth –

Reducing Humidity – Areas like kitchen and bathroom are prone to being wet for most part of the day and this almost-constant presence of moisture creates a perfect atmosphere for mould, mildew and other forms of bacteria and fungi to thrive. Add to this the uneven surface of grout and it is just a matter of time before colonies of harmful pathogens is set up.

On your part, you can prevent this unhindered growth of dirt and grime by reducing the level of moisture. This can be achieved by wiping the tiles regularly, say after every activity, and switching on the fan or dehumidifier in the room. With most of the moisture having been dissipated, humidity levels would plunge and this would protect tiles and grout from becoming infested.

Avoiding Bleach – True though it is that bleach is very effective in cleaning tile and grout, it has been found to be harmful too courtesy of being a strong corrosive agent. Research has also proved that on being used for cleaning, bleach tends to release strong fumes which can cause severe irritation to eyes, respiratory tract and skin on being inhaled.

Replace bleach with a cleaning agent that is based on natural products but is equally effective in terms of extracting dirt.

Last Word

How successful you are in cleaning tile and grout without compromising on health depends on your choice of cleaning agent. As long you settle for a product that eco friendly, affordable, effective and mild enough not to cause harmful side effects, saying goodbye to dirt and grime would not seem as impossible.

Myths About Floor Sanding Busted

Wood floor sanding is probably one of the most popular services related to the improvement of your flooring and home improvement in general. With so much popularity and fame for the sanding method, rumours and myths start getting part of life. You know, this is the life of the famous and rich one! Outside the joke, it is surprising that so many sanding myths exist to this date considering the fact that most of the wood flooring homeowners have experienced this process at least one in their life and they pretty much know that it’s not the messy, stressful and time-consuming technique it used to be. In fact, gone are the days, when this service brought hassle and fuss at home, since modern industry and technical improvement that affect the flooring branch too, already guarantee the whole refinishing process as a positive experience with minimal disruption to your day-to-day life.

I cannot deny the fact that many unexperienced and not that well-skilled contractors manage to contribute a lot to the myths still existing, but everything bad you have heard about the process is a matter of professionalism and skills. With that being said, an experienced, well-trained and knowledgeable professional can provide you with a beneficial experience only, minimising the disruption with the help of advanced equipment, the right tools and skills, attention to details and expert approach to the needs and requirements of your wooden floor.

What wood floor sanding stands for? Before busting all myths that linger around for already too long, let us explain what does it actually stands for. Considering the fact that it is a popular home improvement service, there are so many benefits the method can offer. Generally, you would assume that a wooden floor is not something that can last to the last day on this planet and you will be right. With so much high traffic, heavy footfall, everyday usage and a number of internal and external factors that affect the condition and appearance of your wooden floor, you wouldn’t expect it to last for a couple of decades. Well, this could be a statement, but not necessarily. Surprising or not, real wood floors (includes solid wood, engineered wood and parquet flooring) are made to last up to a century! That is right, up to 100 years and your wooden floor can easily be called a valuable family heirloom you can pass down to generations to enjoy. A great example of the long-lasting and hard-wearing power of real wood flooring are all those wooden boards you can find in old European cottages, palaces, family houses and buildings from all sorts that survived so many decades in their original condition. Have you ever visited the Versailles Palace? Look down next time you happen to be there!

Versailles parquet blocks

Great news for each and every owner of a beautiful hardwood or parquet flooring, but there is a catch! The only proviso for you to enjoy your floor in a top-notch condition in decades is… your responsibility to maintain it properly. Speaking of proper maintenance this usually includes a proper and regular cleaning routine as recommended by professionals, some preventive measurements taken as protection from scratches and dents left by shoes heels, dragging furniture pieces around the room, spills of liquids and food from all sorts, removing stains immediately, trimming your pet’s nails and preventing unexpected ‘leakages’, preventing extensive exposure to direct sunlight, placing some rugs and runners in spots, where serious high traffic is expected and a lot more. However, proper maintenance also includes a few additional services that are offered by experienced professionals. 

Sanding is the process of removing the top layer of your wooden floor, usually the aged and worn finish. Everyday usage and high traffic, as well as indoor humidity and temperature changes, will affect the way your floor looks and feels, leaving traces of wear and tear. That is why the surface of your wooden floor will always need a top layer of sealing and finishing product that works as a barrier that protects bare wood from the aggressive environment. With time this top layer gets worn, sometimes leaving patches of bare wood unprotected, often chipping, getting dull, dirty, with its gloss faded. Furthermore, the wear and tear of the finish is not only visually not pleasant, but also can lead to some issues for the bare wood underneath including scratches, dents, stains, fading of colour, dirt build-ups and what not, but generally weakened protection. The idea of sanding is removing this worn top layer of worn finish and sometimes, depending on the thickness of the wood boards and when needed, a thin layer from the wooden surface too. This is achieved with the help of equipment that consists of a set of drums with sandpaper with varying density attached to them. The result is a uniform, clean and improved visually and in condition wooden surface that now needs to be re-sealed and re-finished. The best time for re-finishing is right after the old finish is stripped off when the pores of the wood are still open and the sealing product can sink into, adding protection from within. Sanding is also highly recommended for newly installed and unfinished floors in order to prepare them for the sealing process.

Now you know why and when your flooring requires this traditional method, so without further ado, let’s find out…

The most popular wood flooring myths lingering around:

Sanding is messy – In fact, it used to be the messiest process ever, but a few decades ago. You can guess that along the process of stripping off the top layer of your floor, a lot of sawdust and dirt, in general, can be expected. Thankfully, gone are the days when sanding left so much dust not only in the room, where it happened but also in all nearby rooms and in the entire house probably. Today’s industry provides an advanced equipment that includes powerful vacuum machines attached to the actual belt sander, so 99% of the dust created is destined to be sucked in immediately.

It requests for wrapping up your entire house – One more myth that is related to the dust sanding creates is that you need to wrap everything inside your house with plastic sheets, doors and windows included, so there is a barrier that prevents dust sinking in everywhere. As I have already mentioned, sanding is already almost completely dust-free process, so plastic sheets can be left in the past.

Time-consuming – In fact, the whole process of wood floor improvement won’t happen overnight, but it’s the less time-consuming part of the whole process. Even when performed for an incredibly damaged, distressed and aged floor, sanding requires a few hours up to a day for perfect results. The following process of sealing takes up some time because your floor needs to be completely dry before you start using it again.

It’s stressful – Well, wood floor sanding is a fast service, definitely not a messy one and it is delivered by professionals, so what do you stress about? In modern days the process guarantees minimal disruption to your day-to-day life if any, so do not book a hotel room, don’t send your kids to their grandparents and don’t look for someone to care for your dog.

Refinishing is a great DIY project – Well, I’m impressed by your confidence, but the method requires a lot more than quality tools and a big dose of enthusiasm. There is no doubt that history knows about some DIY project that managed to run smoothly and resulted beautifully, but this is not the common case and more like an exception. It requires skills, experience, knowledge and training that most people do not possess, so be sure to leave this job to the experts.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime process – Every wood flooring experts would tell you that sanding can happen more than once in a lifetime of a wooden floor, of course, of needed. In fact, sanding can happen up to 7 times in the life of solid wood timber and up to 4 times in the life of engineered wood planks, depending on the thickness of the boards and the thickness of the top layer called lamella for engineered wood.

Engineered wood cannot be sanded – Many people are confusing engineered wood with laminate, but there are no many similarities between these two. Engineered wood is a man-made product, unlike solid wood, but just like solid wood it is made out of real wood or layers of real wood and lumber products and can be sanded.

Is only for old floors – As I’ve already mentioned, the service is highly recommended for unfinished and newly installed wooden boards too. Unfinished floorboards leave the factory without pre-applied finishing product and these are finished once they are installed. Sanding is recommended right before finishing in order to open the pores, next the sealing product can absorb into wood’s structure successfully.

The cure-all – The method is, in fact, highly recommended for many situations and guarantees significant improvement, but sanding is not a panacea. In many cases, your floor would need some minor or major repairs.

It’s expensive – I’m not that good at busting the exact myth for the costly sanding process. In fact, the service can come with a really luxurious price tag, but not necessarily. Take your time and do your research and you can find quality services that are delivered by reliable contractors and still come at a decent price. Remember to stay away from the ‘don’t miss the lowest price in town’ contractors, because as the bad experience show, these are unfortunately the services that provide your floor with fewer benefits and you with less great results.

The Inland Empire Is Now A Mature Market

The Inland Empire has changed over the last 40 years. In the 80’s it was an area that was associated with farming,. For most people, the Inland Empire was a place that you stopped for gas or food on the way to Las Vegas

A lot has changed since those days. Over 400 million square feet of commercial property space has been constructed in this area since the 80’s and at least 100 million more are projected over the next 4 years. California industrial real estate agents have seen this area continue to grow, even during the Recession of 2009-2010 when other areas of the country were facing devastating real estate trends, the Inland Empire continued to sell property, even if it was at a slower rate.

What Is Driving The Growth?

There are several factors that are driving the growth in the Inland Empire. The first driving force is the fact that this area has proven to be a stable real estate area with affordable land and the ability for continued growth. This is what has changed the Inland Empire into a mature market. Buyers can rely on the continued success of the area for the foreseeable future.

The second, and perhaps just as equally important reason for the growth, is ecommerce. Internet sales have increased so significantly over the last decade that businesses need more warehouse space for managing their products. This includes manufacturing, storing and distribution of these products.

A recent report released by the U.S. Commerce Department states that it believes as soon as 2017 online sales will account for 10 percent of all retail purchases made in the United States. What is more incredible is that many private institutions that are reviewing facts, figures and trends in the retail industry believe that this report is way to low. Estimates for online sales according to these private researchers are believed to reach 18 percent over the next year and up to 30 percent by 2025.

The ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles combined is considered one of the top ports in the world due to the imports from Asia.  This makes the LA and Inland Empire market one of the strongest industrial markets in the nation.  Accessibility to a large work force and an even larger consumer base is also a benefit for companies who decide to locate in this area. Many small carriers have also located within this area to allow for faster shipments of finished products throughout the country.

A final benefit for businesses locating into the Inland Empire is cost and availability. Properties in the Inland Empire are considerably more affordable than those in Los Angeles County. The Inland Empire also has considerable space available for construction of new buildings that are in excess of 500,000 square feet with more modern features such as higher clear height, more dock doors, and excess trailer parking, something that you will not find in Los Angeles County.

Los Angeles is a very high demand area. However, the political and business culture in this area has made it very hard to establish new commercial properties or to redevelop older properties. Available properties generally remain at a 1 percent availability level because the properties move off the market sometimes within hours of becoming available. This lack of availability has caused businesses to look outside of the area to locate their business. The Inland Empire offers these businesses access to properties at the size they want without having to wait for availability.

A Look At The Future

With the face of retail changing to a more Internet based consumer, the need for warehouse space and distribution centers will continue to grow. This will be more significant in areas where there is easy access to transportation and an employee base that can meet the demands of the growing companies. Areas like the Inland Empire are anticipated to experience a growth that is double or more than other areas of the commercial real estate market for the next several years as this transition to Internet shopping continues.

California industrial real estate agents should be prepared to remain very busy over the next several years. Staying on top of available properties in and around their sales area will be essential to their success.




Key factors that will change your approach towards dog collars and leashes

It is imperative that canines be subjected to the control of their owners exclusively while on excursions, all through exercise periods and in public places such as the subway stations and airports just to mention a few. However, despite the fact that several laws have been passed in developed countries against having our four-legged friends out to the public without a leash, quite a few pet owners, lovers, friends and relatives still don’t believe collars and leashes are important gear to have, therefore we have 9 factors penned down to help paint a better picture of why you should visit a dog collar boutique today and pick up a collars and leash for your pet.

1. Public Health and safety

Public health and safety are crucial to support existence, for this reason, laws have been put in place to help safeguard, ensure and reassure the community of the safety of lives and property. Hence, the leash is the perfect add-on designed to protect you, the neighborhood, and your pet.

2. Companionship.

A leash-subservient dog is a reflection of good training and care program. Therefore, getting a collar for your dog will help foster a cordial relationship and increase your ability to communicate with your pet.

3. Dog health and safety

Accidents are an unpredictable occurrence that no one wants to be involved in as it comes well packaged with injuries and in extreme circumstances: death. For this reason, the leash was designed to offer your pet a lifeline thus protecting your pet from traffic and other hazards and giving pet owners the opportunity to pull the dog to safety in near cases of an accident. In addition, renowned veterinarians have recommended the use of the leash as it has been found to be of profound help, consequently restraining your pet from sniffing the droppings of other animals or other refuse that could pose a health hazard. Conclusively, choosing a collar embedded with reflective or LED lights enables visibility and safety at night.

4. Reward

Just as it is normal to gift kids, friends and relatives in this season of celebration as a sign of appreciation, in the same way, our all time companion should not be left out of this kind gesture. Therefore, getting a collar for your pet is a perfect way to appreciate and reassure your pet of his safety.

5. Identification device

The collar is not just a safety gadget, but also an identification tool which symbolizes ownership of the dog and easy recognition and returns in cases you and your pet become separated.

6. Wildlife Protection

Nature is a valuable endowment to protect and respect. This helps prevent the annihilation of rare species and other wildlife and flora. Therefore it is a prodigious relief to wildlife to have your dog leashed, thus preventing them from chasing squirrels, deer, and other wildlife, as well as preventing the destruction of habitats of small mammals, plants, and impeding the natural balance of the ecosystem.

7. Prevent Wandering

Having your pet wander the streets is a dangerous habit and one that not only endangers your pet but also other humans. When wandering freely, your pet is exposed to injuries and other environmental dangers. However, having a leash will save your pet from unprecedented events such as bites, fights, injuries and untimely death.

8. Improved Health and a Reduced Bill.

Sniffing through fumigated lawns, poison oak, and the intake of infected water and food often contribute to the poor state of health of our four-legged friends. However, in a bid to ensure the sound health, monitored feeding and reduce veterinary bills it is crucial to acquire a collar and leash for your pet.

9. Birth Control Device.

The use of a leash also plays a significant role in birth control measures, which is another key subject pet owners need to monitor so as to prevent unsolicited population and unwanted pups.

In conclusion, Dog collars and leashes are one of the oldest tools that have been used since the inception of the human-dog relationships, and the intent and functions have always been to restrain dog’s movement and hasn’t been changed too much all the way through history as it is a proven invention. Key words to remember: “Buy a collar or leash and save your pet today.”