Finding the Right International Visa Service Provider? Follow these Tips and you'll Never Go Wrong

When traveling abroad for vacations, knowing the nitty-gritty of ever-changing visa requirements or doing all the paperwork yourself can be a daunting task. Well, to be honest, if you feel overwhelmed by the whole process, and give up on your trip owing to frustration, help is at hand. There are a number of reliable international visa providers who can genuinely help you with planning your dream vacation.

As is the case with all things, not all visa providers are created equal, and you may need to do a bit of research on which one to choose. A number of factors should be taken into account, such as charges, time taken to process visa, and reliability. Mentioned below are a few tips that can help you choose the right international visa company for your needs.

1. Do Thorough Research on the Top International Visa Service Providers

Well, you may think of this to be counterintuitive — the whole point of taking international visa assistance was to do away with the hassle of doing all the scouting!

It is important to remember that different visa assistance companies have different service agreements; while you may not know everything lucidly, you need to at least create a long list of at least 10 service providers.

Doing a simple Google search can be a good way to start off. Whenever you make a search query in Google, or for that matter any search engine, it’s important that you understand the difference between ads and organic, natural results. Many international visa companies pay for their ads to be placed on top of organic results. These entries are ads, but just below them are those websites which Google deems to be trustworthy and reliable. The search engine does this by gauging websites on hundreds of parameters, including customer rating, history, and ease of using the website.

The first step is crucial for determining the kind of services you get. Choosing a visa service provider that has got good user feedback can give you the assurance that you are going with a reliable name. After you have chosen the top 10 companies, jot down their contact details, or fill up the online form to have them call you back.

2. Compare Services and Turnaround Time

After you have spoken to at least ten international visa service providers, the next step is to thoroughly check all the offerings, most importantly the charges and turnaround time. Timely communication is of utmost importance during a visa application, so you need to check the medium of communication the company is providing. The other parameters to check include quality of the website, dedicated customer service, number of years in the business, number of destinations covered, and most importantly the charges.

After you have got this information, you need to make a shortlist of 3-4 visa companies. This is your final list and you will choose your service provider from this list.

3. Making the Final Decision

After you have done the hard work, it’s time you make the final decision based on the information and experience of your previous steps. By now, you will have a fair idea which visa firm is the best choice for your destination.

Although most service providers for international visa claim that they have fixed charges as displayed on their website, you will often be able to get a good discount if you just do a bit of negotiation. However, it is important that you don’t make the decision based on price alone and take a balanced view keeping in mind all the factors.

The visa agent will ask for your documents and help you in booking an appointment with the concerned authorities. During your visa application process, it is recommended to take follow-ups with the international visa service provider so that you are on the same page.

These were some tips on choosing the right visa company for your international travel. While you always have the option of going for a visa on your own, as most governments have simplified the process, taking the assistance of professionals can not only save you time, but also give you the peace of mind if you are really busy in your daily affairs.

Project management doesn't have to be hard – read these tips

I would like to ask you a few questions before we go to the depth of this topic. What do you think about project management at your workplace? Are you satisfied with the performance of your team members? Are you able to run your projects without stress? If the answer to the most of these questions is ‘NO’, you need to read this article. 

And, even if you are okay with the way you work you can make things better than earlier. This post will help you figure out how. So, let us take a look!

Today, project management has become much simpler than what it used to be in the past. As Arthur C. Clarke has said – Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Technology has performed such a magic in project management as well. Thanks to project management software managing projects is no more a tough job. The tool helps to get rid of many problems managers face in a project. 

Read on to know how the software simplifies project management for teams and managers alike –

  • Simplifies task management

For easy management of tasks in a team, you need to bring everyone on the same page. You can do this by using a project management tool. Let’s find out how? You just need to create tasks and subtasks, and assign them to your team. And, everyone will get notified on what they have to do, automatically. The tool lets you add details in the form of files sand comments on each task to explain tasks in a lucid manner.  

  • Aids better collaboration at work

By using the tool, you can ensure easy collaboration. Just create a discussion topic and invite people to give their ideas and suggestions in comments. Many advanced project management tools come with group chat feature. You can use this feature to talk to team members in real time. Communication will no longer involve wastage of time in scheduling meetings or running everywhere to gather information on the project.  

One of the best parts of using a project management software is that it keeps everything safe and secure at one place. The latest tools in the market run on cloud. Everything gets backed up automatically. Even in a worst case scenario, where you lose your device due to any reason, you will be able to access all your data by simply logging into your account. In a way, the software stores all your information securely until you delete it!

Another benefit of using the software is the flexibility it offers in features, scale and learning. You don’t necessarily have to sign up for a long term contract to use the software. You can opt for monthly or yearly subscriptions of the tool. The best part is that most of the software out there offer free trial for 30 days. You can take the tool for a spin during this free trial, and see whether it works for you and your team or not. 

  • Easy to access anytime, anywhere

Remote work is a big challenge, keeping in mind that everyone is working from different geographical locations. To bring everyone on the same page, it a good idea to have a centralized location for everything. That’s exactly what a project management tool can help you to achieve. Thanks to project management software you can see the latest updates in your project from anywhere. It is possible to access the tool anytime, as long as there is internet connection.

By using a project management tool you can improve your team’s productivity. Let me explain how. Generally, managers assign tasks to their team members along with deadlines. When a team member completes a task, he/she can compare it with the time estimate for that particular task. In case, the task consumes more time the team member can analyze the reason behind it. This helps in improving the speed and thereby, improves productivity. 

These points say it all. If you are still stuck with old school ways of managing projects relying on emails or pen and paper, then it is time to move ahead and switch to a project management tool!

How to Choose the Best Event Catering Services Company?

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” goes an ancient proverb. And, who said women never cared about food and taste? Everyone likes to be pampered, and when it comes about food, he or she expects a little more! Yes, it’s a gesture of love…

We are the only animals who cook. For us, food is a product of someone who spends time, money and effort to make you feel that you are loved and taken care of. That’s the reason, in the events that you organize, you arrange food for your guests. But, in this fast world, nobody has time and energy to cook for an entire gathering. That’s where the caterers and their services step in!

And, how you choose the best caterer who offers the finest event catering services?

There are umpteen numbers of websites that gives you tips on choosing the best caterer. But, nobody has explained it that simple that how we have done in this article…

Here it is!

Who fits your idea?

The first and foremost thing that you look before zeroing in on a caterer or a catering service is, “who or which type of catering serves the best for the idea of your event…?” The idea is nothing but,

  1. The purpose or the type of the event – a customary or a wedding or birthday party or just a weekend party.
  2. Who are your guests? The type of food and drink…
  3. Your budget, and the time and place where the event is held…
  4. Availability of the caterer. The caterer and his team should be fully available for your event. The company cannot sail on two boats!

The caterer should fit into or satisfy all of the above mentioned criteria of yours. There should not be any mismatch!


Always look for the reputation of the caterer. The best way to find out is through ‘word of mouth’! Enquire from your friends, contacts and acquaintances that who or which caterer in the market is reliable, and overall, who suits all your expectations? Look for the reviews about the caterer in journals and websites. Ask for references from the caterer himself… contact them and enquire about the reliability, quality and the specialty of the catering company!

Taste and quality of the food and service

The food that you serve to your guest can make or break the event! A tasty food can erase the memory of a badly organized event, but a bad food can spoil every fun of the event! Enquire about the reputation of the Chef. Does he command a name for good taste, freshness and innovation? How good his kitchen staff members are? Are they clean, skillful and dynamic? Would the food be served with style, and impressive?

You can also pay a visit to their premises to see their professionalism… And, if you want you can have a tasting session too. Remember, a sample can be tasteful, but food prepared for a large number of people cannot have the same taste!

Sign a Contract

Make sure the company signs a contract. The contract between you and the caterer protects your interests! Ensure the following things are mentioned in the contract to avoid ambiguity and confusion in your dealings…

  1. The date, time and venue of the event
  2. What are the food items – welcome drink, starters, main course, side dishes, salads, BBQs, desserts and beverages…?
  3. Whether drinks, including alcohol, will be provided and served by the caterer…
  4. The freshness of the food, how it will be delivered to the venue and presented at the table…
  5. Who will design and decorate the venue? Whether the tables and chairs are brought by the caterer?
  6. Number of kitchen staff and waiters.
  7. Who will clean and clear the catering area after the event is over
  8. Insurance provided, and cancellation policy.
  9. Total cost, cost per food etc. Advance paid, balance payment and tips to be paid or not? 

And, finally…

It’s all careful planning and keeping track of things…

By following these simple tips you can choose your best catering services, have an amazing food experience and, an unforgettable event!

How to Increase Brand awareness of Your Company

For increasing your list of clientele as well as your brand awareness, use these valuable tips for your website-

Increasing your Google Rankings

Google is Internet’s search engine giant and is considered most important for search engine results. Ranking on the first page of Google might be a time consuming procedure. However, for any business trying to carve a niche on the digital space, it is almost mandatory to be visible and to be found on major search engines, especially Google.

Do ensure that your website is well optimized for search engines by using various tactics, including on-page optimization, off-page optimization, link building techniques and so forth. A SEO Company in Delhi or in any part of the world will have to follow best practices, including researching the right keywords and creating regularly updated content to be able to rank higher on search engines. Link building always remains the core of SEO process and for improving visibility on search engines, you need to create valuable links from quality websites as a part of your on-going SEO strategy.

Social Media Marketing

In this modern digital age, it is very important to be able to increase audience engagement and to bring about audience awareness regarding your product or service. Using popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is almost mandatory for social media marketing success. You can generate an on-going awareness for your product by creating interesting content and sharing it with your audience regularly. This also helps to create incoming links for your website which further increases the Domain Authority of your website. Any SMO Company in Delhiand across the globe will have to understand the real challenges faced by their business and which strategies work for their company in order to get connected to their intended audience.

Creating Infographics

It has been scientifically proven that 90% of information we remember is based on visual content. Presenting your product by using Infographics is another great way to showcase your product or service. They are more eye-catching, colourful and visually appealing while they provide valuable info at the same time. Infographics is popular and a favourite with Google too. An engaging piece of content that establishes a connection with your audience also helps to generate brand awareness amongst your audience, prospects and beyond. Infographics are an interesting representation for displaying unique and interesting stats. These are quite popular and get shared extensively by the online audience thus proving to be great tools for building and popularizing your brand, particularly if it goes viral on the web.

Usability of Website

Any website designing company in Delhi and other metropolitan cities follow standard web designing principles for their clients. Since your website is the CPU for all your marketing efforts, make sure that your web designing and development provides your customers a welcoming experience and they find the website to be easily navigable and all pages to be easily accessible.

Always avoid cluttered and overcrowding of various elements on the website. The website should be responsive in nature so that it is easily seen in every type of device and the viewer can have an optimal user experience. There should be relevant information and the layout should be aesthetically designed which is also quite significant from a website visitor’s perspective. All these factors will prevent them from leaving your site and will help in keeping your bounce rate low. Remember, the higher your bounce rate, the lower is your audience engagement percentage. Besides the quality of web page, a balanced approach to having ‘Call to Actions’ on the website is also quite significant. 

By implementing major strategies for driving traffic to your website, you can bring in more number of visitors to your website. Creating methods of inbound links include guest postings, niche directories, Q/A, image submissions, article directories, search engine submissions, local directories and so forth. After you have crafted as well as implemented all the strategies mentioned above, there will be ultimately an increase in the number of conversions for your website.

How to find the best Ecommerce development Company in India?

The Internet has changed our way of thinking as it has facilitated us with the online selling and buying activities. Anyone can sit at home and can get the desired things at his doorstep which is just possible through online stores and e-commerce portals. Ecommerce development companies are making it easy to design and develop a high potential marketplace with comprehensive shopping cart system, easy categorization, and smooth products uploading and secure payment gateway integration. Going with the trend, even offline selling stores are moving to sell their products online. Initially, many of them try to showcase their products by listing on e-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart etc. However, eventually, they find it more profitable to get their own web store to sell their products independently and earn better ROI.

Choosing between a custom e commerce development partner or a turnkey solution offering a comprehensive e commerce platform depends on your choice as well as budget and other constraints. A well tested ecommerce platform is definitely a good solution as it offers affordable solution saving save your valuable time and money. An e commerce platform that has the experience of catering to diverse clients under real time scenarios can offer a well-tested and feature rich solution which caters to various requirements of your business.

best e-commerce development company india

Hence, building an e-commerce website through best Ecommerce Website designing Company that uses the latest technology is a good way to start your business. Here are the points that you should consider while looking for the best e-commerce development company India

1.Portfolio or clientele of the Company: If the company is reputed or old, it must have designed multiple stores. So, go for the portfolio, and check out the designs, themes, technology, payment integration, language, product integration and other requirements as per your business. Examine the work done by the company so you can compare it against your expectations. Checking out the company portfolio is the first step towards ensuring that you are partnering with the right solution provider.

2.Experience:  If the company has experience in the same industry, it will help to identify the bottlenecks of the industry and help you with solutions for the same. An experienced company has the capability to offer genuine suggestions to achieve the targets and to position the audience.  To know about the work experience of the company, check out the sum up of Company profile, portfolio, Feedbacks/ reviews/ comments.

3.Background of the Company: Knowing the background of your development partners will help you understand their work strategy. If a company grows significantly within a small time frame and showcases good clients, it  proves that they have the knack to take the lead in the market by offering latest technologies and skilled employees.Try to avoid freelancers as you may not get guaranteed maintenance services or support in case of trouble. A professionally established company can offer you strong support system until the end.

4.Development charges: Of course, one of the primary factors. A startup or a small business can never assign its online website store project to the company quoting an astronomical sum of money for development. With the budget being a major constraint, they should look for the affordable development companies that fit in their budget. So, before you finalize the deal, ensure what are the actual prices after discounts and what are their offering as a whole. Usually, the company has their own package system, try to opt for the basic one and then upgrade the same when you start getting ROI or profit. Instead of making payment at one go, you can choose easy payment option like monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly as per your convenience.

5.Support Services: Do not rely on the development company which is not able to offer support services. You are investing a huge amount in developing your own business so always research and discuss the services they are offering. Choose the right development platform which maintains a high-quality level, from start to end, from development to implementation and customer services till the website is live or running.

The success of your online business store will depend entirely on the selection of Ecommerce Development Company. Always do an extensive research, refine your searches while sorting out your requirements and choose the best one which is going to deliver you incredible services.