Common grammar errors even smart people make


Someone once said that calculus is as complicated as knowing when to use a semicolon. This just goes to show that grammar is not as straight forward as mostly presumed by many and there are quite a number of grammatical errors that even smart people make. This is also the case for those who are native English speakers. This is why grammar check online is very important whether or not you are a native speaker. Grammar generally refers to the system of rules and principles that govern a way a language is spoken or written. In other words, it is not just in the speaking but also in the writing as well that grammatical error is recognized. However, with technology in our world today, checking these grammatical errors is now easier to do. For example, you can run on sentence checker online free or download tools that allow you to run a grammar checker online. These are simple ways you can check your sentences for grammatical errors.

Even Smart People need Grammar Checker Tools

It is not enough to start to talk to someone about common grammar mistakes without making them first of all see the significance of good grammar. This is because it is only then that it will be easy for them to appreciate grammar checker online tools and tools like online punctuation checker. However, before one can appreciate the importance of grammar, they need to first of all see the devastation that poor grammar can cause. The truth is, it really doesn’t matter whether you are taking an English Major in College, you are writing an exam, you are attending a speaking interview or writing a thesis. All of these can be negatively affected if you do not use good grammar. Take for example, you are going for a job interview, even if you are very competent in the skills required, your ability to express yourself to your potential employers would significantly increase your chances of getting the said job. This is why it helps to draft out a simulation of the interview and use grammar punctuation check tools to help you correct your common grammatical errors. This is equally the same case with one who is writing a thesis, when you run on sentence checker online free, it could help you correct some grammar errors in your thesis.

Good Grammar is Sometimes Confusing

Below are 3 of the common grammar errors that people make and you can also watch this video on some of the common grammar mistakes to avoid.  

  • Lay and lie: This can be very confusing for people especially because ‘lie’ can mean a position as it can mean not telling the truth. It is an example of a homonym, that is, words with the same spelling but different meaning. So many people see it all wrong. For example, someone would say I was ‘laying’ on the couch, the question would be what exactly where you laying on the conch? What should have been said is, ‘I was lying on the couch’.

  • Its and it’s: This is equally another confusing one, but it shouldn’t be as confusing if you appreciate that ‘its’ typifies ownership of the preceding verb; while it’s, actually means ‘it is’. So in doubt just write ‘it is’ in full and read it aloud.

  • Number of, amount of: Again, this is simply because if it can be counted you can number it, if it can’t be counted, then just use ‘amount of’. A lot of people today use phrases like, ‘you would be surprised the amount of people he knows’. Well, you can count people, so it should actually be ‘you would be surprised at the number of people he knows’.

Simple Tips in Checking Grammar Errors

Below are a few tips to check your grammar errors

  • Do it online: from grammar punctuation check to grammar checker online and grammar punctuation checker, there are a number of tools online that can help you check your grammar, you can use any of them. Here are some top online tools.

  • Read it aloud: A lot of people make some written grammar errors that they would not make while speaking. So an easy way to check this is by reading aloud what was written and see how it sounds to your ears.

  • Know your punctuations: You can learn more about punctuations online but as a rule of thumb, if it is a compound sentence then there should be a comma somewhere.

You can take advantage of the online grammar punctuation checker and you can review some of the top ones.

What does the famous dhow cruise in Abu Dhabi offer to the tourists?

It is very important that people get the true taste of the local life. So, this is the best way of knowing the place better. For those people who like to travel to new places which are rich in culture and heritage, the city of Abu Dhabi is an ideal one to them. The more someone travels and explores the city, the more they will love its beauty and get entangled in the cities with unending charm. The city offers an exciting adventure in the form of a dhow cruise to the people.

An overview of this exciting boat ride

The Dhow Cruise in Abu Dhabi is one of the major attractions of the city. There are different companies who provide and organize this boat ride to tourists as well as visitors. The city has a huge reputation of presenting the visitors a unique mixture of mystery, romance, as well as unimaginable happiness with this excellent boat trip. So, this is one of the most exciting things which any traveler must check out while they are in the city. The service can be availed both during the day as well as the night. However, most people like to experience the city’s nightlife through this boat tour.

People who want to experience something unique as well as interesting then the dhow cruise is the best one for them. This boating trip serves as an excellent recreational facility for people, who want to go on an enchanting boat ride under the night sky, exploring the aura of the majestic city. They can get lost in the city’s undying charm and also replenish themselves with some excellent dinner and other remarkable services offered on the trip. So, this boat trip serves as an excellent tourist attraction and offer people an experience of a lifetime.

What exactly are Dhows?

They are simply wooden vessels that had originated in Saudi Arabia. These ships were earlier used by Dubai for transporting heavy things such as vegetables, fruits along with numerous other things that were imported from countries like India, Pakistan, and East Africa, etc. There are different kinds of such ships available.

The city offers an exciting way to let their tourists enjoy the splendid city and get amazed with its architectures, through this boat ride. A tourist can view some spectacular views of the city both during the day as well as the night time. So, one can enjoy a lovely and romantic evening with their partner or spouse in this boat. 

Some notable facilities provided by the vessel

After boarding the ship, tourists can be sure of viewing some of the most spectacular as well as famous landmarks of the city. The most remarkable ones among them are the Sheikh Zayed Vila. The boat tour also offers its visitors with an array of delicious international buffet dinner along with an ear soothing and beautiful Arabian music as well as conventional Arabic coffee. These are some of the most beautiful things which one can experience on this boat trip and will surely cherish them later.

The other beautiful landmarks which a tourist will be able to see while on The Dhow Cruise in Abu Dhabi is the beautiful artificial Island of Lulu, Jubel Ali as well as the towering skyscrapers which could leave a visitor gazing at them with wonder. A tourist can also view the stunning Corniche which is a popular walkway that is present in the city, and the place is lined with fountains, domes, towers, minarets, etc. The magnificent Al Hosn Palace serves to be one of the most remarkable places which a person will be able to view while traveling in this vessel.

How to book a Dhow cruise?

There are numerous ways of booking this popular attraction of the city. People can book them instantly by reaching the place. During non-holiday seasons a tourist can book them instantly on the spot and hope to experience this remarkable attraction. However, it is best to book them by doing an advance booking through the internet. This will increase the chances of getting the ride hassle-free, and also customers can get some discounts or lucrative benefits if they book online. 

There is also another way of booking this major attraction of the city of Abu Dhabi. People can contact various tourism companies that deal there and who offers this incredible attraction in their packages. So, these tourism companies will do the rest and tourists can enjoy it with their family. This boat ride is one of the best things to experience in this city. 

Summary – The boat trip is one of the most famous attractions of the city. People need to book them through various sources and enjoy this attractive ride.

Benefits of Travel Technology Solutions for Travel Businesses

Technology is changing the future of businesses and every organization is evolving to adapt change. Software solutions are helping business by allowing them to automate business process and maximize productivity. Software helps customer to streamline their business processes and enhance their customer service and increase the productivity. Many organizations utilize the modern technologies and software’s to automate their business process. Business process automation helps to reduce costs and time required for administration and help entrepreneur to focus on business expansion. That’s why consistently demand for software development increasing.

As travel and tourism industry is second fastest growing sector demand for travel management system development is increased and many travel agents and tour operator implementing latest technology to standout in competitive market. In travel industry, we found that most of the traveler chooses Online travel agents (OTA’s) to book their travel products such as flight tickets, hotels, visas and tour packages. So having online presence is must for every travel agency to sell more products and to generate more revenue from their business.

There are many software solutions are available for travel business in market. But choosing the right technology partner who delivers scalable and reliable solutions for travel business benefits travel agencies to easily setup online travel portal and help them to promote their business in global market via internet. Techno Heaven consultancy is one of the leading travel technology solution providers. Travel agency software empowers travel agents and tour operator to grow in travel industry easily.

Software saves time by making manual tasks and error correction processes faster and responds well customer to request. Much software comes with dashboard and reporting tools which allows agents to take insight into sales and profit. Inventory management tool enables easily track available product quantity and booking information. Through User friendly Content management system travel agent can update web pages and list more products to their B2C portal. They can add documents, descriptions, photos, reviews videos of products which help to attract more customers.  Travel agents can sell multiple products such as flight hotels visas, and tour packages through multiple distribution channels. They can highlight bestselling product on online portal and also create custom tour packages as per customer’s requirement.  

Benefits of Using Travel Technology For Business:

Efficient Customer Service:

Online portal helps travel agents to sell more product and service to customer from anywhere at any time. Features such as booking confirmation, SMS & email notification, booking cancelation, and online payment delights customer. So, the most ideal approach to stay in touch with traveler out there you can setup online travel portal.

Attract More Customer

Sell more product like hotels, flight ticket, car rental, visas and more you can attract more customers by showing photos, reviews and rating of products highlight best-selling tour package, special deals, offers to attract more customers. Travel agents can also create customized tour packages as per customer’s requirements.

Increase Revenue

Multiple sales channel feature helps travel agents to sell more products visa B2C, B2B or mobile responsive web portal. Through Consumer portal agents can offers product directly to customer. B2B portal enables your subagent to make bookings for their clients. Therefore you can easily target international customer and local customers and generate more revenue from your business.

This Video Shows How You can Boost Sales of your business.

Automate Business Process:

Online booking engine manage reservations without any manual interaction. It helps to reduce manpower and faster turnaround time.  With the help of software travel agent can centralize reservations, receive payments online, track inventory and easily generate reports and track sales.

Reduce Cost of Administration:

Dashboard and reporting tools enables business owners to easily take insight into sales and profit. Inventory management tool enables track available product quantity and sold booking information.

So for travel business process automation travel agency software is one of the best travel technology solutions.  Travel Agency who offers different types of services for travellers such as flight tickets, hotels and resort reservations, tour packages, visas, car rentals and other travel related services can take benefit of this system. Before choosing technology solution for your business makes sure that whether system meets your requirement and selects the travel technology partner that will deliver latest robust and reliable software and technology for your travel business.

Why is stylish stainless steel jewelry preferred by many over other ones?

Stainless steel ornament is one of the most famous pieces of jewelry, and it has earned its popularity because of its bright, silver furnish nature as well as resistance to tarnish. The reason behind the stainless form of the ornament is the metal used in its creation is an alloy of iron, carbon as well as numerous metals that make it quite resistant to rust. Because of passivation, steel is not much reactive with the environment and hence prevents oxidation from occurring.

Stylish stainless steel jewelry fashion trends have been dominating the affordable accessories market. Ornament designers love this type of metal because of its unique features that make it the perfect material for making different ornament designs. Thus, this form of ornaments can be a very useful thing when it comes to looking beautiful as well as stylish.

This form of ornament has become popular due to their affordable price and high quality. This high-quality material is often used for making numerous ornament designs. This form of an ornament is available in both actual stores as well as online stores, so people can buy them at their convenience by simply using the internet. People can find the best quality jewelry at a low price. So, people can maintain their enchanting looks by purchasing this useful piece of ornament.

The various types of stainless jewelry


They are characterized by low nickel percentages and have the capability of tolerating low-oxygen environments. Even though, there are a variety of steel piercings, not all of them are ideal for long term use. Experts in this field advise that people buy piercings that are created from 326LVM steel if they have new piercings that are more vulnerable to irritation or infection. Another reason behind using this type of steel is that the metal has a smooth surface.

People who are insensitive to nickel or their piercings have been healed they should try out the piercings that made of the steel body. The best factor of this ornament is that its hard surface and hence, it does not scratch the surface of the body or make room for the growth of pathogens.

Rings and chains

In this case, the stainless steel is anodized for producing rings as well as chains of different colors. Since this steel is strong, the chains, as well as rings created from it, are generally strong as well as have the ability to retain their shape despite high-stress environments of wear and tear. Along with coming in various colors, this ornament comes in various designs. The most popular designs include ID bracelets, military-style dog tags as well as hearts.

Men’s jewelry

Since this steel strength is high as well as has low cost, it is possible to create men jewelry that generally comes in bulkier as well as larger styles.

Why this form of ornament has become a new trend?

This form of ornament offers people fabulous looks as well as can be worn for any party or occasion. They are present in every kind of designs as well as styles and can match an outfit or occasion. The ornaments that are made from silver or gold can often become a matter of concern as well as security while wearing them due to their high cost. However, in this case, people can fearlessly wear this type of ornament without any fear. They not only make people look impressive, but they provide people with the right kind of style at a quite lower cost. So, people tend to go more for them than other kinds of ornaments.

Stylish stainless steel jewelry contains earrings, necklaces, bangles, pendants, bracelets as well as rings. This style of ornaments is very versatile as well as has the ability to suit people from different kinds of societies. They can be worn for different purposes like for going to a party or for making a bold as well as a fashionable statement. This form of ornaments is most famous for their durability as well as easy to handle. So, this form of ornaments is one of the most trending things in the market now and is preferred by most people over other kinds of ornaments.

This ornament has the ability to shine even after a mere polish. They do not smear or stain, and these abilities have made them so much famous. One of the main reasons behind their popularity is the fact that they are more durable when compared to silver or gold. This makes them quite a popular choice among ornament lovers and wearers.

Explore Britain's Great Outdoors for 2017

Explore Britain’s Great Outdoors for 2017

If you visit Britain, you will undoubtedly discover the beauty of Britain.  There is an array of travel destinations throughout all corners of Britain. From the rolling countryside to the coasts and from its national parks and picturesque villages to its quaint market towns and bustling cities, there is literally a place or indeed many places in Britain, that will make it your ideal travel destination. Imagine taking walks through the countryside, enjoy lakes, rivers and valley and even explore sandy coves and dunes. Here we have picked 7 destinations to stay, explore and enjoy.

Cottages for You

The Chiltern Hills, England

Imagine walking down gentle rolling chalk hills dotted with agriculture woodlands, hedgerows and small traditional English towns and villages. Well this is the Chilterns and it makes it the perfect spot to unwind in a classic English setting. Explore the region’s picturesque villages, stopping along at a traditional pub after an stroll through woodlands or climbing the Chiltern hills in this idyllic corner of Britain.

Wye Valley, England / Wales

Wye Valley is one of Britain’s finest riverside landscapes. The Wye Valley is still an enchanting place and has been for over two centuries. It is located on the English and Welsh Border. This location is ideal for outdoor pursuits such as canoeing down the river, climbing the Wintour’s Leap, walking or cycling through the various paths and trails along the riverbank. As well as enjoying fantastic food and drinks in one the areas historical country pubs.

Gower Peninsula, Wales

The Gower is loved by walkers, sunbathers and surfers. The dramatic landscape consists of cliffs, woodlands and sparkling beaches. In fact, Rhossili is a 3 mile long gleaming white sandy beach. The Gower location is known to have the best surf in Wales because of its bays and beaches. Explore the area through its cycle routes and footpaths and take in one of the finest coastal landscapes Britain can offer.  

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Mourne Mountains, Northern Ireland

The numerous peaks and trails have made this location the mountain biking capital of Ireland. There are two mountain biking centres and excellent cycling trails encompassing famous lakes of this region. There are incredible panoramic views which makes it the must-visit location for mountain bikers of all ages and abilities.

Northumberland Coast, England

This wild and lonely coastline is in the far North East corner of England bordering Scotland and is an ideal place to explore history, castles, beach and islands. From Berwick-upon-Tweed to Amble, explore miles upon miles of beautiful beaches and dunes. Explore Lindisfarne Castle, which is cut off from the mainland at high tide and visit the rocky Farne Islands which is ideal to see seals and for bird watching.  Visit the dramatic Bamburgh and Dunstanburgh Castles

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The Cotswolds, England

This part of England is synonymous with honey coloured cottages, sleepy quaint villages and gently sloping green hills. This has led to the Cotswolds being known as being quintessentially English. The Cotswolds cover a large geographical area by covering nearly 800 square miles across five counties (Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire). It is also known as a celebrity hotspot as it is the home of celebrities including supermodel Kate Moss, Stella McCartney, Hugh Grant, Liz Hurley and artist Damien Hirst amongst many others.

Ben Nevis, Scotland

Ben Nevis is the highest and most famous mountain in the Britain and stands 1,344 metres above sea level towering over the town of Fort William. Thousands of people walk up Ben Nevis every year to accomplish climbing the highest mountain in Britain. The Nevis Range is a UK winter destination, as it is a skiing and snowboarding resort and in the summer it has excellent mountain biking and hiking activities. The town of Fort William is known as the outdoor capital of Britain and a good place to relax after climbing the mountains .


One of the advantages of visiting these wonderful locations is that you can enhance your experience, by staying in a memorable holiday cottage, in the most idyllic corners of the Britain and all whilst enjoy holiday home amenities. These cottages, houses or apartments can be in rolling countryside or coasts, national parks, picturesque villages and towns or within a vibrant British city. By choosing the right cottage for you experience staying in the heart wonderful locations.