Caterpillar Inc.: Age of Yellow Reign

For over 90 years, Caterpillar Inc., also known as CAT, has been setting the pace in the construction and mining industries. This huge multinational company has managed to gain such a wide reputation and popularity that its brand name sounds familiar even for the ear of a non-specialist. And the first association doesn’t include the image of an insect with the same name. Instead, one would certainly think about some heavy machinery painted in yellow or about rugged boots with the well-recognized yellow-black emblem. (Caterpillar Workwear is popular among constructors and mere adventurers who need extremely comfort and durable clothing).

Present-day product segments

As of today, Caterpillar Inc. is focused on its three main product segments: Construction Industries, Resource Industries and Energy & Transportation. Apart from leading the markets of mining and construction equipment (producing more than 30 types of machines), Caterpillar excels in manufacturing diesel as well as natural gas engines.

Rise of the legend

The birth of this notable company as we know it today came from the merging of the Holt Manufacturing Company and C. L. Best Tractor Co. in 1925. Previously, both companies were working on track-type tractors (steam-powered at first, and gasoline-powered later). The word “Caterpillar” was registered as a trademark by the Holt Manufacturing Company in 1910, and almost immediately it became synonymous with the track-type vehicle.

In 1928, the newly founded Caterpillar Tractor Co. decided to expand its much promising business into the road construction industry, purchasing the Russell Grader Manufacturing Company. Thus, Caterpillar initiated the practice of acquisitions, which allowed the enterprise to set new goals and reach new markets. Soon after, the enlarged company unveiled the industry’s first true motor grader. Actually, introducing the industry’s first vehicles and equipment has become a good tradition for Caterpillar since its creation. At the same time, the brand’s designers developed the new “Hi-Way Yellow” paint color with black trim for their products. Coming back to the present, it’s safe to say that the color choice was perfect. According to color psychology, yellow is characterized as creative from a mental aspect (the color of new ideas and practical thinking). According to public surveys, people most often associate this color with joy and amusement. And according to Caterpillar, yellow has become an integral part of the overall company success. In 1979 the brand even implemented a special new paint “Caterpillar Yellow” instead of the “Hi-Way Yellow” one.

The history of Caterpillar Inc. doesn’t reflect just the development of one particular company, but it is also associated with the progress of infrastructure as well as energy and natural resource assets on every continent.

Fields of applications

CAT equipment helped to start the construction of the Bhakra Dam (India), the Mangla Dam (Pakistan), the Yacyreta Dam (Paraguay and Argentina), the Ataturk Dam (Turkey), the Three Gorges Dam (China). One of the main workhorses on such kind of construction sites is an excavator. The first brand’s hydraulic excavator was introduced in 1972. Since then, Caterpillar excavators represent the highly demanded excavator machines on the market.

Furthermore, Caterpillar machines are active participants on mining sites around the globe. In 1962 the brand introduced its first off-highway truck – the 769. Nowadays, different versions of Caterpillar haul trucks represent one of the major products in the company profile.

Other manufacturer’s significant missions include: the participation in the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge; the works on widening the Panama Canal’s sections; building the Kansai International Airport, located on an artificial island in the middle of Osaka Bay (Japan); assisting the completion of the Saemangeum Seawall – the world’s longest man-made dyke.

What is more, this giant company doesn’t seem to have any limits at all. In 1955, Caterpillar’s tailor-made equipment was used by the U.S. government for Operation Deep Freeze in Antarctica. The further, the more! In 1969, the Caterpillar engines supplied power for the Apollo 11 mission to the moon.

Company strategy

After “shooting for the moon” in the previous century, Caterpillar welcomes everybody to the Age of Smart Iron. In a present-day world, advancements come faster and more frequently than ever before. As the productivity incentive, the manufacturer underlines the crucial role of connectivity. To provide the total company growth, Caterpillar is focused on its three strategic goals: maintaining superior results for stockholders, creating the best team inside the company and keeping on leading the global markets and satisfying the brand’s customers.

3 must Have Saree Drape Style – All Time Favorite for Womens

Indian Sarees are not just limited to the Indian heritage and tradition, but have also made their place in the international fashion market. Among the all ethnic wears, especially Sarees always look so much flexible and charming that they can make any women look beautiful or gorgious. No matter what type of event, parties or Special occasion you attend, a beautiful piece of Saree interrelate with the right kind of accessories can make you look elegant and stunning.

It doesn’t matter how much overhaul we get with time to time, but our rootstock will always be Indian. We might feel comfortable in jeans and T-shirt or any other outfit, but draping a Saree can bring a completely different unique charm to our look. Sarees are very comfortable to wear and if you know the right way to drape them, you can wear it to any type of occasion especially in events like pujas and Weddings. Speaking of this let us take a quick peek into three essential kinds of Saree draping Style that are a must have for all women. 

Bengali Saree Drapes style: The basic step of draping Bengali style from bringing Saree wrapped around from right to left to center before taking the pleats, insert it in the petticoat. Then take hold of the open edge, tuck it in the waist till left waist, then move it and bring it to the front right abdomen by tucking it. Repeat the phase of tilting it again and again, bringing it across left waist from front tuck at waist and again tilt and bring back to right side waist from the front and tuck. Now pick up the width section and make pleats of the whole thickness in 4-5 inches where border comes in front and first pleat. Pin it in position form falling off. Holding pleats straight up and down throw the pleated drape on your left shoulder front to the back in all possible distance hanging in back. Now hold the first pleat border, spreading it across your back to the right side, bringing the corner in front under your right armhole to the top of your right shoulder move it back on the right shoulder. A tassel or hanging is attached to the corner and left in position.

Gujarati Saree Drapes Style: Insert the ending of the Saree on the right side and try to bring it in middle around the back side. Then bring it towards the front side again and allow some little bit length of fabric and tuck at the left waist. After that, bring the Saree around the person and bring to the front again. Start pleats on the Pallu, always keep the small length and pin it over the right shoulder. Now make pleats and tuck it in the center part. Tight with pins on the back wherever needed to wear the Pallu.

Marathi Saree Drapes Style: Wear shorts and instead of in skirt of it. Place the Saree behind of a women. Then hold one part of the Saree and end over the right middle after that just allow some fabric for free, then make a double tie in between the Saree across the middle right side over your navel parts. Take the baggy fabric over the person body between the legs and make little bit pleats and tuck it in behind of the women. Then now take the front side part of the Saree and make it pleats and tuck it your center parts. Tight it with pin on the over left shoulder.

Conclusion: Even during the very important events or occasion in our life, we cannot imagine wearing anything other than ethnic wear. We cannot imagine an Indian bride without wearing a red designer Saree or a designer lehenga Choli on her big day. Likewise, we cannot think of playing Holi without a white cotton kurtis or Sarees. Ethnic wear like Sarees and Salwaar-kameez never go out of today fashion, they are so versatile that they can be worn to any and every special occasion. So, refurbish your wardrobe today and shop for some party wear Sarees and Silk Sarees online. Textile Export is one of the best Supplier of Women Clothing in Surat, they are providing varieties and styles of Designer Saree, Salwar kameez, Dress material’s and best Indo western in Online or Offline, which delivered to your doorstep on time.

What You Should Know about a Waterproof LCD Monitor

There are some outdoor applications that require the technology being used to survive in the harsh conditions. Examples of this are in the military and industrial settings, where the technology is required to be rugged. One of the most commonly used devices in these settings is a waterproof LCD display. While the typical monitors do not have enough capability to be used in most outdoor environments, a waterproof LCD provides an advanced solution.

The need for a rugged and waterproof devices is very important to our every-day industries and commerce, such as in manufacturing and construction, among many others. In industrial conditions, your equipment are being exposed against debris, rain, ice, and even toxic chemicals. Thus, you need one that can withstand all of these conditions.

Features of a Waterproof LCD Monitor

These days, a waterproof LCD has already become an integral part of an outdoor touchscreen computer. It is fully capable of functioning in the most demanding weather conditions. What separates these from the consumer-grade monitor displays is that they were designed to remain fully operational even when exposed to water and wet conditions. With these, they are ideal for both outdoors and harsh industrial applications. There are even IP67/68 sealed waterproof LCD monitors that can be submerged in water for a certain period of time without having damage.

Meanwhile, touchscreen LCD monitors are often used for industrial purposes. Usually as part of the integrated computer system, they bring out a simpler design and provides easier operations for the users. Its water-resistant touchscreen feature minimize the need for computer accessories. Other features include the dustproof- and waterproof-sealed, a rugged chassis frame, and high brightness readability that deliver great performance for varying purposes.

Pros of Using a Waterproof Touch Screen Monitor

A waterproof touchscreen LCD monitor can resist damage from extreme weather conditions and marine environments. They can also resist dust, debris, and other small particulates. Such feature make them an ideal use for industrial settings. They also have extended operational temperature ranges and sunlight readability. Some applications such as in marine, military, and industrial settings, a waterproof touchscreen is a necessity as it ensures that your computer is durable and can be used for a wider range of purposes.

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Waterproof LCD Display

When choosing a waterproof LCD display, there are important factors that need to be considered to ensure its quality and performance. Take a look at the following:

Waterproofing Capability

For most outdoors applications, the waterproof capability of the device is already expected. However, there are some specific applications that require the LCD to be submerged in water. Check its waterproof capability and see how well it is protected. Ensure that in wet and watery conditions, it still remains in full functionality. Moreover, try to assess its overall weatherproof capability as well. It may have something to do with the LCD enclosure or other signage enclosure.


Another important factor is the temperature where you’ll install the LCD. This varies depending on the time of year. But you have to consider the extreme conditions like the subzero temperature, where an adequate heating must be installed inside the LCD enclosure. During hotter conditions, there might be a need for an additional cooling mechanism for optimum operating temperatures.


Take note that accidental impacts in outdoor settings are very common and these could disable the screen permanently. Thus, such devices are always facing the risk of disablement in an outdoor location. With these, you have to consider how ruggedly-built it is to withstand such conditions. Look at its LCD enclosure for its physical protection. Try to assess its solid steel enclosure, shatterproof screen and other anti-vandal measures. While a steel enclosure protects most of the display, also take note that the most vulnerable aspect of an outdoor LCD is its screen face. With this, a shatterproof screen provides additional protection as glass or materials that are more vulnerable will smash or shatter.

On the other hand, the dependability of your waterproof LCD monitor is crucial during severe weather and temperature conditions. Thus, opt for the one that has the highest quality to ensure optimum performance. Also choose a supplier that guarantees that their products are of the top-of-the-line for whatever weather condition it may be.

Keywords Search Tools for Real Estate Website

Are you thinking of building your real estate website? If so, choosing the right keywords for your site should be given utmost importance? Why? This is because it will determine the visitors that will be visiting the website and it will help you rank into search engine websites. When choosing the right keywords, you should think about your competition. Your keywords should be relevant that will attract your audience but at the same time, it should have less competition.

Another challenge that you will be facing in your keyword search is that when you are using the popular keyword search, the tendency is that, your competitors are doing the same thing and what will happen is that you all come up with similar results. What you should do is to use variety keyword search tools to help you decide which keywords to use with your real estate business.  

Here are some great tools that can help you to get started:


This tool is highly recommended because it helps you to check on your competitors. You can enter the URL of the website of your competitor and it will show you which keywords rank in the website. At the same time, you can do the same with your website. With this, you can create a marketing strategy with the use of the keywords.  

Google Keyword Planner

This is the most popular keywords search tool because you can use it for free. You only need a Google AdWords account and you can already take advantage of its features. You can sign up for free with Google AdWords. Since it is another product of Google, it can give you a deep knowledge about what people are searching for in the search engine website. You can also see the monthly impression of the people who are visiting your real estate website based on the keywords searched. Though, unlike SEMRush, it can’t give you an update about how much your website is doing with a specific keyword as well as with your competitors.

AdCenter Add-in for Excel

This keyword search tool is powered by Microsoft which means that you can pull out all the data from MSN with your particular keyword. You can create strategy by comparing the results from Google Keyword Planner to this AdCenter Add-in tool.


WordTracker tool is beneficial for small real estate business owners because it has other features aside from keyword search such as building new links. This can also help you in developing a strategy for SEO. The only disadvantage is that it has a few results compared to the other tools.

SEOBook’s Keyword Suggestion Tool

Another tool that you can use for cross reference is this website from Aaron Wall which the data draws is from various reliable sources.

Each tool can be helpful with you in choosing the right real estate keywords for your website. You only need to take advantage of the features of some and find from the other tool what is lacking on the other.

Another tip in choosing the right keywords:

Keywords Should Be Specific

If you want to target the right market, you have to be specific with your keywords. Think like how the client would think when he/she is searching for some properties. For sure, they are searching for specific city. It means that your keywords should include the name of the city or much better, the name of the exact place where the property is located.

Long Tail Keywords

It is somehow similar to specific keywords. As much as possible, write all the details of the property in your keywords. In long tail keywords, there is less competition. You only need to be creative and you’ve got to use your imagination. The best practice is to always place yourself in the shoes of your clients and you can think of the right keywords for your business.

The title of the video below is an example of “Long Tail Keywords”.

Another great thing about being specific in your keywords is that the person who search for that specific keywords and find your website is most of the time a ready buyer. This could mean an instant sale!

Keywords are everything. Use the right tools and chooses specific keywords and you are good to start your website.

Mice Removal Service Cost

A mouse is a small rodent usually having a pointed snout, small round ears and a tail the length of its body. Their body is so flexible that they can enter even in a small hole. There are 30 known species of mice known to mankind. Some people make use of mice for laboratory testing while some take them up as pets. They are known to invade various homes for food and to seek shelter from predators such as cats, dogs, foxes, eagles and also snakes. In various parts of the world mice are deemed as pests as they cause damage to crop plantations, building structures and causing many diseases through their parasites and droppings. Hence it makes their removal from your residence very important so as to ensure your and your family’s well being and to prevent any further damage to your house.

The professional may charge you around 90$ for the initial inspection and treatment and totally anywhere between 100$ to 400$ for the entire extradition of the pest from your home along with multiple visits to finish the job completely for good. The final cost estimate of the Mice Removal Service depends upon a various number of factors which are noted as follows:

The Size of the House 

This factor is directly proportional to the Mice Removal Service Cost. The bigger the house, the greater will be the cost involved in the extermination of the pest. The biggest expense involved here is the labour. In a big house the licensed professional would spend more time in investigating every nook and corner of the house to find traces of mice, hence spending more hours on duty. It is expected from the professional to scan through common areas such as: –

  • Rooms of every house
  • Underneath Counters
  • Inside Closets
  • Inside Kitchen Cabinets and Storage Areas
  • Garages and Attics
  • Outdoor Air-conditioning and Heating units

On the other hand, if you reside in an apartment on rent, then you need not worry about the costs involved as the landlord should cover the expense and also hire the exterminator.

Amount of Preventive Work Required

The next factor focuses on the time taken to cover up all the entry points through which the mice enter the house. The cost would also depend upon the amount of preventive work required and also the cost of the materials involved.

Number of Mice Residing in your House

After investigating thoroughly, the professional would be able to close-in on an accurate number of mice residing in your house. This factor is also directly proportional to the overall cost. The more the number of mice, the more will be the number of traps and bait stations the professional would have to lay. Small bait stations cost about 2$ to 3$ each while the bigger ones cost about 5$ to 10$ each. Snap traps cost about 2$ to 10$ each while their electric versions cost between 20$ to 50%.

The Cost of Repairs

This depends completely upon the type of mice residing in your house and the amount of damage they have done. You may have rats in your home, which is a worrying issue as rats inflict more damage than mice since they chew their way into the house biting though the dry wall and wiring to get entry for shelter. While on the other hand, mice do a bit of damage too but leave a massive amount of mess behind. Hence, hiring a cleaning company to clear out the urine trails, mice droppings, nests and also food leftovers would increase the Mice Removal Service Cost.

The Number of Follow-Up Visits Required

All professionals suggest on follow up visits in weekly, monthly or quarterly options. The follow-up visits usually involve the following activities: –

  • Re-inspection of the house to ensure no more mice are entering the property, and if they are then sealing the new entry points.
  • Removal of the dead mice
  • Resetting traps and bait stations

Costs for Mice Removal Service vary from company to company. Hence, it is always advisable to get a quote from 4-5 different exterminating companies and choosing the one with the best quote and maximum number of services they are ready to provide, ensuring exactly what services their quoted price would cover.

The Long, Slow Decline of America's Department Stores

By Tricia Drevets

Despite robust predictions for the 2016 holiday shopping season, traditional department stores are continuing their death spiral in the U.S.

Last week, Macy’s announced the closing of 68 stores – three have already closed; 63 will close this spring; and two will close by summer. Additionally, Macy’s plans to close another 30 locations over the next few years.

The same week, Kohl’s told investors that store sales were down 2.1 percent this past holiday season over same period in 2015.

Sears also announced that it would shutter 78 more of its troubled Kmart stores as well as 26 of its flagship locations in 2017. The same day, the company made public the sale of its Craftsman line of tools and machines to Black & Decker for $900 million.

Understandably, stock prices of all three retailers have plunged, and competitors like J.C. Penney and Nordstrom are feeling the heat as well.

Although these announcements are disturbing, they should not be surprising. In fact, what is more surprising is that these traditional retailers have held on as long as they have. With the exception of certain high-end and low-end stores, today’s consumers have been moving more and more away from brick and mortar stores for many years now.

Why? Consumers are comfortable with shopping for and purchasing just about everything online. They expect the myriad of choices, the deep discounts and the quick service that comes with internet shopping. American consumers spent $91.7 billion online during November and December, an increase of 11 percent over the previous holiday season.

Sales transactions on mobile devices increased a whopping 33 percent over last year to $1.2 billion just on Black Friday alone.

As expected, Amazon dominated holiday sales with almost 40 percent of all online purchases going to the mega-e-retailer during certain parts of the holiday sales season.

Even last minute sales, which once helped boost brick and mortar store coffers, went to online stores. The National Retail Federation (NRF) reports that 52 percent of surveyed shoppers made last-minute holiday purchases online. That NRF survey revealed that 42 percent of shoppers visited department stores and 27 percent visited discount stores for last-minute gifts.

In a January 4 press release, Macy’s said it will use the estimated $550 million in savings generated by its store closures to invest in its digital businesses, including Bluemercury, Macy’s Backstage and China.

“While we are pleased with the strong performance of our highly developed online business, as well as the progress we have made on selling and visual presentation programs and expense reduction initiatives in 2016, we continue to experience declining traffic in our stores where the majority of our business is still transacted,” said Macy’s CEO Terry J. Lundgren in the press release.

“Our omni-channel strategies continue to evolve based on the changes in our customers’ shopping behaviors, including a focus on buy online, pickup in store and mobile-enabled shopping.”

So what is next for brick and mortar department stores? Can they retool and survive? The answer is not without some big changes.

Savvy consumers want more than what they settled for in the past. The more can be in deep discounts — Low-priced chains such as T.J. Maxx and Marshalls reported strong holiday sales.

The more can also be with highly customized service.

Melissa Gonzalez, author of The Pop-Up Paradigm, said that the physical stores that succeed will create “connected” stores that use data to offer a detailed and personalized understanding of customers’ likes and dislikes.

In an interview on Shopify Inc., Retail Minded’s Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, said, “While data has become more accessible for smaller merchants to utilize and apply to their business strategies over the past few years, thanks to various CRM and POS systems, 2017 will introduce businesses of all sizes to even more accessibility to data that will help them strengthen their business success.

“Specifically, I believe that cognitive commerce will become more prominent among businesses to incorporate into their business strategies. This will help them in shaping future consumer conversations, enhancing existing product sell-through, understanding customer personalization better and more. Cognitive conversations lead to cognitive commerce — and that’s something any merchant can appreciate.”

The new year will likely see an increase in niche retailers for new and existing brands.

Using technology and social media, traditional stores need to create “shop-within-a-shop” opportunities to target these niche markets, according to Courtney Albert of the Parker Avery Group.

However you look at, e-commerce is only strengthening, so 2017 is poised to be a make or break year when it comes to brick and mortar retail stores in general and department stores in particular.

Proven Ways to Get Cheap Prescription Medications

Have you recently bought prescriptions drugs? Or, maybe, you are just going to get them and are looking for affordable prices? If so, then you should know that prices for medications are not regulated and fixed in many countries of the world (including the USA) and it is up to the drugstore to set them. At the same time, many pharmacies frequently offer discounts to make the medications available for the majority of their customers. Let’s have a look at the most widespread and popular ways to get cheap prescription medications now.


 1. Discount Fliers and Coupon Codes

If you often read local newspapers or magazines, you’ve, probably, noticed the coupon codes and fliers available there. They make it possible to get prescription medications at discount prices, but you have to be very attentive when searching for these offers. The availability of the global network has simplified the search as well. Nowadays, there is no need to look for the coupons codes online on your own. Instead, you can use applications that compare the prices for the medications you need and help you find the cheapest offers in your location or on the web. This is very convenient and time saving.

2. Free Samples

It’s not easy to check whether the medication you are supposed to buy meets your current health needs. As far as the majority of drugs are quite expensive nowadays, many physicians offer free samples of them to help you make the right choice. This is a pretty good way to save money. As a rule, free samples are offered for a specified trial period (from 10 and up to 30 days). This is more than enough to check whether you have been prescribed the right medication or not. You will also have time to start looking for the best online offer.

3. Generic Medications

If you wish to save big, you are recommended to opt for generic medications. These are the bio-equivalents of brand drugs, the cost of which, however, is much cheaper. In some cases, the cost of generics may be around 80% cheaper as compared to the brand name drugs, while their quality still remains high. No wonder, many reputable drug manufacturers offer generics at affordable prices and almost 80% of prescriptions filled in the USA are given for generics.  It doesn’t matter a lot, whether you shop for medications at a web-based Canada pharmacy or any other drugstore, you will find plenty of generic offers there. Just take your time to select a credible pharmacy and make your choice.

4. Government Programs

If you are the US resident, you should make use of the possibility to get prescription medications at reduced cost due to the government drug assistance programs. These programs are available in many US states and make it possible for patients of all ages (especially, for the senior people) to choose adequate treatment that will meet their financial and healthcare needs.   

5. Over-the-Counter Medications

If your doctor has prescribed you medications, take your time to find out whether there are over-the-counter drugs that can be taken as the alternative for the prescription medications.  Purchasing these medications is much simpler and more affordable, so, this is a pretty nice way out of the situation.

6. Pill Splitting Options

Some medications are available in different forms and doses. It goes without saying that buying high dosage medications and splitting them in half afterwards can help you save big. Some drugs, of course, are not suitable for splitting, but there are those that can be split into halves.  Take your time to find that out before getting the prescription.

7. Mail Order Drugs

Do you have a chronic disease and face the necessity to buy long-term supplies of medications? If so, then ordering drugs by mail can help you save money. This does not mean, of course, that you should deal with the very first online pharmacy you manage to find on the web. There are certified drug fulfillment services that comply with the local laws and quality standards. Just take your time to look for them on the web.

8. Special Programs for Patients with Financial Problems

If you have financial problems and can prove that with corresponding documents, you can make use of special programs offered by nonprofit organizations and some pharmaceutical companies. These assistance programs make it possible to buy prescription medications at affordable cost. If you believe that you can join the program, check that out at one of the online services available on the web.

9. Local Pharmacies

If you don’t have time to order prescription medications online and wait until they are delivered to your place, you can always shop for them at local pharmacies. Just take your time to find those drugstores that have a large client base and offer prescription medications at reduced cost to the loyal customers. Good luck with your choice!

How to Transfer WhatsApp Chats to Android Phone

WhatsApp is one of the commonly-used social apps, most people use it to keep in touch with families, friends, and relatives. Since people use the appliacation to chat too often, many important and precious messages, photos and videos are saved in the app. When making a switch to an Android phone, they probably want to get the messages exported to the new phone. To help those who are not quite familiar with the app, this post will illustrate two methods on how to transfer them between two phones.

Method 1: Copying WhatsApp messages via local backup

You may leverage local backup files which will be a quite safe way to transfer data though the process might be a little complex. If your smartphone is equipped with SD card, you are allowed to put out the card and insert it into the new phone, after which you can see the old WhatsApp chats history on your new device. Otherwise, should you follow the steps below to relocate the messages.

What will you need?

Two USB cable, the old and the new phones, Wi-fi network

1. Go to WhatsApp > Menu Button > Settings > Chats and calls > Chat backup.

2. Connect the old phone to PC via USB and go to “WhatsApp” folder where your WhatsApp messages are saved.

Open USB debugging on your Android devices. Below is several ways for your reference.

1) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter “Settings” < Click “Applications” < Click “Development” < Check “USB debugging”

2) For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter “Settings” < Click “Developer options” < Check “USB debugging”

3) For Android 4.2 or newer: Enter “Settings” < Click “About Phone” < Tap “Build number” for several times until getting a note “You are under developer mode”. Then you may back to “Settings” < Click “Developer options” < Check “USB debugging”.

3. Install WhatsApp on the new Android phone.

4. Connect the new Android phone to the computer and try to find the folder “WhatsApp / Databases”. If the “Databases” folder is missing there, please manually create a new one under “WhatsApp” folder.

5. Copy the WhatsApp messages from the old phone to the same folder on the new phone.

Now launch the App in the new phone and verify your phone number, it will automatically detect the backup folder and ask you to restore them.

Method 2: Transferring WhatsApp messages via Google Drive

Compared with method 1, using Google Drive to export WhatsApp messages would be eaisier, which can work without extra tools like USB cable and computer. To ensure seamless transfer, please make sure that the following requirements are satisfied:

1. Android phone is synced with Google Drive.

2. Google Play Services is installed.

3. Both Google Drive account and mobile phone have enough space for data backup.

Steps to create a Google Drive backup:

1. Open WhatsApp, and go to Menu Button > Settings > Chats and calls > Chat backup.

2. Tap on “Back up to Google Drive” and select a backup frequency to your liking.

3. Select a Google account that you use to sync chat messages.

4. If you do not have one, tap “Add account” to create.

5. Tap on “Back up over” to choose the network you hope to use for backup.

Note: Each time you sync data to Google Drive, the previous backup will be overwritten. When the files get overwritten, they cannot come back for good. Thus, in case that the backup get lost, you should upload the data to other place beforehand.

Steps to restore:

1. Log into the same Google account on the new Android device with the same phone number.

2. With the number verified, you will be prompted to restore messages and media from Google Drive.

3. After restoring messages, proceed with “Next” for media restoration.

Once the initialization is finished, the messages will be right on the new phone. 

There are some WhatsApp messages transferring software out there, if you don’t want to manually migrate them from phone to phone, you can look for a reliable tool to easily get this done. The two methods above are only work for Android devices, if you want to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone, you may try iCloud, Move to iOs, Backuptrans Android iPhone WhatsApp Transfer + application or other powerful applications.

Does Compassion Exist in the Timeshare Industry?

We often hear of disgruntled timeshare owners with buyer’s remorse trying to cancel their timeshare, but what about those owners who enjoyed the benefits of timeshare ownership but whose circumstances have drastically changed?

It is true that for many people, a timeshare can be an expensive burden that is impossible to sell, transfer, or even donate.  On the other hand, some people find that timeshare ownership offers travel benefits that fit their lifestyle in a positive way.  Sometimes, however, even the most satisfied timeshare owner may face personal challenges that require timeshare divestment.

Timeshare contracts are famously difficult to cancel as the contract exists in perpetuity, even transferring to heirs and descendants upon the owner’s death.  Although timeshare owners do have options, they may be few and far between depending on the type of timeshare, the mortgage owed, and the respective resort.

For those timeshare owners whose change of circumstances require cancellation, what role does human compassion play, if any?  Here are a few examples of timeshare owners who requested our assistance in negotiating with their resorts to cancel a timeshare contract based on unforeseen personal hardship.

Meet Jake*.  Jake enjoyed many years of timeshare ownership, but Jake’s wife was diagnosed with fibromyalgia last year, making travel extremely painful for her.  In addition, Jake was recently laid off from his job, thus putting severe financial strain on the family.  Jake still owes over $15,000 in his mortgage and had annual maintenance fees of roughly $1,500.

Next, meet Dorothy*.  Like Jake, Dorothy was once a happy timeshare owner.  With her husband, Dorothy purchased a timeshare for her family of five to travel.  The family enjoyed the benefits of timeshare ownership for several years until one day they received devastating news.  Dorothy’s husband was diagnosed with kidney failure.  His kidneys were only at only 18% of functioning level, he was put on a transplant list, and he was due to start receiving dialysis treatments every few days.  Dorothy’s husband would no longer be able to travel while on dialysis and since he could no longer work, the family’s income was drastically cut in half. Dorothy still has several thousand dollars remaining on her mortgage and her annual maintenance fees remain around $1,200. 

Lastly, meet Gina*.  Gina purchased a timeshare several decades ago that she used regularly with her family.  The past few years, however, Gina’s age has made travel more difficult, and health risks more pronounced.  Gina is now in her 70s and knows it will only become more and more strenuous for her to use her timeshare as well as afford it as her retirement fund continues to dwindle.  Gina has fully paid off her timeshare, but her annual maintenance fees remained around $900.

In these examples, the timeshare owners are faced with a pressing need to cancel their timeshare contracts due to medical and/or financial hardship.  Legally, the timeshare contracts are still binding even in the face of hardship, and Jake, Dorothy, and Gina are still responsible for their outstanding mortgages and annual maintenance fees.

Jake, Dorothy, and Gina’s situations are different than the average timeshare owner, however, in that they face an unforeseen personal hardship making their timeshare a heavy burden rather than the benefit it once was.  In these cases, human sympathy plays an important role.

Like other corporate entities, many timeshare resorts are forced to focus on their bottom line, regardless of the circumstances, but sometimes compassion overrides the bottom line.  Some resorts, such as Wyndham, Diamond, and Hilton, will consider personal hardship when deciding to dissolve a timeshare contract. The key is getting the timeshare company to listen to your story and understand your hardship.  Sometimes it can be as easy as getting the right resort representative on the phone, and other times, it may require a professional to advocate your position for you.  Either way, compassion can in fact play an important role in the timeshare industry. 

If your circumstances have changed and you require timeshare divestment, call your resort and tell your story—you never know if compassion will be your deciding factor.  Even if the resort is unable to cancel your timeshare contract, remember that you have other options.

*Real names have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved.

Why Typical Office Chairs Are Secret Slow Killers

Maintaining good posture while sitting for long hours at the office is hard. Unless you were born and raised with impeccable posture, slouching is a huge temptation for folks who want to get comfortable in their executive office chairs.

In the modern day office setting, working for 8 hours with short breaks in between means having to find a comfortable sitting position without interrupting productivity. And more often than not, it also means putting proper posture on the back burner.

What you’re losing?

Although posture support chairs have been invented to help employees maintain good posture at work, it’s sadly still not the norm. You rarely find it in offices, and not all employers find it a necessity. But what are you losing by not investing in posture support chairs?

Your Health

As cited by Greatist, improper posture while at work makes employees more “vulnerable to injuries such as cervical disc herniation, cervical strains and headaches”. It specifically states that looking down to a computer monitor is one of the biggest mistake that modern employees make as it has more long term negative effects than it appears to incur.

Although sitting doesn’t appear to be much of a big deal, itslong term effects include the acquisition of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even cancer. Long hours of sitting has also been linked to shorter life expectancy compared to those who have shorter sitting time.

Proper Metabolism

Sitting for long hours in the same position causes the muscles to be inactive. It also further slows down the metabolism. Studies show that sitting significantly drops calorie burning to 1 per minute. According to List 25, from 1980 to 2000, obesity rate has doubled in the United States, while the number of hours required for individuals to sit also increased by 8%.

What does it mean for modern-day employees?

Stand Up or Sit Right

Standing up has been cited to be one of the most effective ways to work without compromising the back. But if standing up is not an option, finding an ergonomic chairs for back pain can also be a good choice to ensure that you keep your back supported through the long hours.

Of course, it is not to say that having a posture support chair allows you to sit for long hours straight. Exercise and having short breaks in between shift are still needed. After all, oxygen needs to properly flow around the body properly.

Try Different Exercises

When not seated in your executive office chair, move. In fact, move your entire body. The static nature of staying seated, as mentioned above, has a lot of negative effects to the body. It has to be countered by keeping the body active as much as possible.

Exercises such as Yoga and Pilates strengthens the body. It also promotes flexibility of the muscles, and ensures proper blood flow throughout the entire body. Maintaining proper diet also helps to ensure that you get the necessary vitamins and nutrients you need to shield your body from the negative effects of improper posture and long sitting hours.

Although the numbers speak negatively about posture damage in the workplace, more and more corporations are also continually realizing the positive effects of having proper chairs. Simultaneously, many posture-support chairs have also been invented to combat weak posture.

Maintaining proper posture at work is both a responsibility for the company and the individual. Investing in proper ergonomic chairs for back pain shows an effort to boost the employee morale. On the other hand, it must also be a personal effort for the individual.

Keeping healthy despite the long stressful hours in the office is also a personal responsibility. Taking care of yourself is a task that no one can do better other than you, yourself. At the end of the day, posture support chairs is just one way for technology to aid employees.

Maintaining posture also includes taking care of your back even as you lie down and stand.  It involves dedication even after you stand up from your executive office chair. At the end of the day, it boils down to how you take care of your body and the efforts you make to keep it healthy .