How often should you get your oven cleaned?

How often should you get your oven cleaned?

Does your oven smell? Or has your oven cooked food started to taste, let’s say… interesting? Many homeowners are guilty of not cleaning their oven as often as they should. The time and money invested in cleaning is definitely a factor that deters us, and it can be difficult to know how often exactly you should be cleaning it. Service Force, an appliance repair company say cleaning your oven depends on a variety of factors, these include:

How often do you use your oven?

Depending on how frequently you use your oven on a weekly or monthly basis directly correlates with how often you need to clean it. If you use it daily, then Service Force recommends you clean it every two weeks. Grime and spillovers insulate the oven and reduce the transfer of heat to your food. This makes cooking ultimately more difficult and longer.

The amount of dirt in your oven

No matter how careful you are, there are bound to be times when you will spill food. Once you recognise that your oven has grime building up and is emitting a terrible odour, it’s time to get cleaning. The dirt and grime not only leave a nasty odour in your oven but also affects the taste of your food – especially when baking something like cake or bread. Not only will the carbon fumes alter the taste, they have the potential to contaminate your oven cooked food.

What kind of food you cook in your oven

If you are regularly cooking types of food that are heavy on sauce and grease, the best thing you can do is wipe down the oven after you have eaten and once it has cooled down. This will stop any charred bits of food from gathering and will prevent the smell from lingering. If you are usually using your oven for warming up food or baking, you can clean it every 3 months.

Cleaning your oven around the festive period

With the festive period upon us, there is always a rush for oven cleaning companies. Depending on your personal preference, there are pros and cons of cleaning it before and after Christmas:

Cleaning your oven before Christmas

No one wants to face the embarrassment of a dirty oven and unpleasant taste in front of relatives over Christmas. But over Christmas is when your oven will be put through its paces the most

Due to time constraints and being generally busy, it often means regular oven cleaning is neglected. This is a classic example of a buildup of grime. The grime quickly turns into carbon, which when heated multiple times turn into dangerous plumes. This can really affect the taste of your scrumptious Christmas dinner, which is why many people request an oven cleaning company beforehand.

Cleaning your oven after Christmas

In many cases, the deep cleaning of an oven before Christmas has actually caused the oven to break down, which is why companies such as Service Force are always busy over this period. The high temperatures that are required to clean can have unintended consequences of burning out the heating elements, particularly with older ovensIf you take a look inside your oven, you will be able to quickly decide whether it is worth the risk of cleaning it before Christmas day. It may just be better to wait until after.

How to stop your oven getting dirty

  1. Before cooking something in the oven lay down a sheet of tin foil or an oven sheet at the base. Oven sheets come in all sorts of sizes and mean you won’t have to clean the bottom of the oven.

  2. Where possible, roast fish and meat in cooking bags to reduce the amount of fat that can spit out around the inside of the oven.

  3. When you want to check how well your food is cooking halfway through, remove the tray as this will also avoid splashing around grease.

  4. Once you have finished using the oven, a handy tip is to place a heat resistant bowl of water inside. Heat this bowl on a high temperature for about 15 minutes. This will cause the grime and grease to loosen, so when it’s cool enough you can wipe down the interior with paper towels.

For great tips on how to clean your oven, make sure you watch this video:

7 Reasons Why People Love Designer Bling Tee T Shirts

We would like to highlight that not every style requires a drastic makeover to become accepted as a “trend” worldwide. There are some fashion designers who believe in making small changes that look extraordinary, even in its common form.

One may have thought that the popularity of designer bling Tee T shirts would increase significantly, yet not that rapid, but the figures tell a different story. Women have so much liked this newly styled outfit that they customize their own designs for a unique look. In the following, we would like to bring upon the facts that explain why people are in so love with it.

  1. Shine that draws attention

“Not every shiny object is diamond” – True that. But, it doesn’t need to be a diamond to distract anyone’s eyes. Notably, the Rhinestones draw an extra amount of fascination when fitted on the T-shirts. It is the bling that grabs everyone’s attention for once and all.

  1. Fabulous color choices

One could never forget the vivid color options available in holiday bling tees that females, irrespective of their ages have grown fond of. As a matter of fact, the color variety allows the ladies to pick their favorites for whichever occasion they wish to wear them. Similarly, there are sparkling varieties for kids too.

  1. Size no more a problem

Often it happens that the ladies find themselves disheartened when they are unable to find an apparel of their size. However, this is no more a problem because of multi-size availability in the different marketplaces. Starting from small to double extra large, all of the relevant sizes are available for women.

  1. Custom is the key!

The event management companies are thriving on this idea of marketing. Yes, the custom T-shirts has been popular all around in driving successful event campaigns. We don’t want to talk about that, but would like to press upon the fact that customized bling T-shirts are so popular. One could just custom design a T-shirt in the way she wants.

  1. Inexpensive prices

Normally a perception forms around that a Rhinestone wine T shirtwould cost much higher than a normal T-shirt, which isn’t true. The Rhinestones and the technology to install them on the T-shirt would add up some charges, but that is nowhere around costing a fortune. The availability of inexpensive bling T-shirts is making it more popular these days.

  1. Online availability and multiple options

The reason that most of the buyers choose online purchases over local brick-and-mortar shopping is the convenience and variety. Anyone would discover a large variety on the online retail stores as compared to the local marketplaces. Moreover, the privileges to send a graphic image and getting it done in the way anyone wants sounds much cool.

  1. Customer-friendly policies

For the convenience of their online customers, the e-commerce shopping stores have framed customer-friendly policies, so that anyone can return a product easily and get a refund.

Flashy flash T-shirts? Oh, yes! – This is what the girls say when they find something so attractive and amazing to put on. T-shirts are always cool, easy and stress-free, be it any season. Hardly anyone could be found who doesn’t have a T-shirt in his/her wardrobe.

With so many neck styles and modern prints, the fashion of Tees has changed over the years. Starting from simple polos to bold quoted or graphical T-shirts have mesmerized the world. Significantly, nowadays the hosts of any event order Custom Rhinestone T-Shirts to market a product or support a cause.

If you consider buying online, then you have all the opportunities to buy the best one. Here’s how:

  • Marketplaces – The internet gives you as many websites as you want to search for, but you won’t like to waste more time on it, so go for the top searches and visit the links.

  • Styles – Apparel styles will give you a good time on choosing one of them. For example, you can order the hoodie or normal Sports Bling T-Shirts for yourself.

  • Varieties – From available options, such as for-a-cause T-shirts, Birthday Rhinestone T-Shirts, Business logo or school T-shirts, etc., you can pick a lovely one!

  • Custom – Have a graphic image in your mind? Just ask for custom printing T-shirts and they will do it for you.

  • Prices – You should be less worried about the prices because these T-shirts cost so cheap that you can buy it on a wholesale package.

Visit for the coolest Tees!

Come on, “bling” it on!

Rogue One Ties Up A Decades-Old Star Wars Plot Hole

*Warning. Spoilers ahead. Proceed with caution.*

At the risk of angering a plurality of Star Wars fans, it must be said: While the Star Wars universe does a fantastic job of weaving together a disparate universe thrown into chaos by war and strife, there have been far too many plot holes and vague situations that have never really been effectively tied up or explained.

One might point to the ever-present argument about whether it was Han Solo or Greedo who shot first in that seedy corner of the bar on Tatooine. Lucasfilm attempted to answer this nagging question back in 1997 when the company released a “Special Edition” of the original Star Wars trilogy, which updates that scene to show Greedo indeed pulling his trigger a half second before Han. The hardest of the hardcore fans have roundly rejected the Special Edition’s change, instead opting for a purist stance on toward the original version. This invariably means that for some fans, the argument lives on. And for some, a plot hole cannot be so easily explained away.

Does it matter? Of course. Vague, unanswered questions like that have far-reaching consequences for characters and plot. If Han Solo did indeed shoot first, it alters our perspective of him as a character. He moves far more in the direction of a villain. Of course, one might say that if he did if he shoot first, it’s only because he knew it was kill or be killed. The life of a smuggler is hard. You’re either about that life, or you’re dead.

A Universe Full of Inconsistencies

But in the grand scheme of things, whether Han Solo shot first is a long, long way from being earth-shattering, so to speak. It doesn’t necessarily alter our understanding of the wider Star Wars plot, and it’s not going to make or break the Star Wars universe.

In 2015, the Huffington Post ran an article titled “40 Unforgivable Plot Holes in Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. Among these are things like Rey speaking Wookie, despite having grown up alone on a planet where there are no Wookies or the fact that Kylo Ren can sense his father’s presence anywhere in the galaxy, yet can’t find Han when Han is only a few feet away from him. These are certainly amusing, but hardly the plot holes you were looking for.

No, perhaps one of the most pernicious plots hole in the Star Wars universe has been one of design, or rather, faulty design: the weakness in the Death Star. For years, we have been led to believe that the greatest minds in the nameless galaxy far away somehow, inexplicably, were able to build a death machine the size of a moon, and that is of inconceivably intricate detail, yet somehow allowed a glaring and easily exploited design flaw in the system. In truth, it was a flaw of such epic proportions that all it took was one Force-enabled shot to take it down, blowing up the entire thing.

No one captured this issue more succinctly or humorously than Dorkly. Enjoy the following video:

Dorkly answers the mysteries behind the exhaust port plot hole by explaining it away in another fashion. It wasn’t poor design, says Dorkly, it was space magic. To be fair, Dorkly has a point. Luke Skywalker’s shot was all kinds of impossible. But pretty much anything in the Star Wars universe can be explained away with the Force. It’s a fair response, but it’s simply too convenient, if not lazy. Yes, Luke’s shot was miraculous and relied heavily on the Force to actually work out. But the Force cannot account for the fact that the original Death Star had a plot hole that was a literal hole that should have been accounted for by a good engineer.

The Plot Hole You Were Looking For

This nagging problem sat unanswered for decades, passed over and ignored by Lucasfilm. Few of us likely expected it to ever get answered effectively in film (fan fiction is another matter). That is, of course, until Rogue One just shut down that argument for good.

Rogue One focuses on telling the untold story that directly preceded Star Wars Episode IV, in which a desperate princess Leia is seen in a recording pleading for Obi-Wan Kenobi. He is, after all, their only hope in getting the plans for Death Star’s weaknesses into the right hands to get the job done. What we were never told in the intervening years is how she really got that information.

In Rogue One, we learn that it was one Jyn Orso, the movie’s heroine who dies not long after getting the information to the rebellion. And more importantly, we learn that it was her father, Galen Orso, a key Death Star engineer and Rebellion sympathizer, who not only leaked the information of the Death Star’s weakness but purposefully built the weakness into the system in order to bring down the Death Star from the inside.

In 133 minutes of film Rogue One ends a long-standing problem for the Star Wars universe, doing so in the most Star Wars way possible: massive blaster battles, tons of death and a lot of heart. Not only does Jyn steal the plans that reveal the weakness in the Death Star as her final, Imperial-defying act, she steals a place in the Star Wars history books as the person who finally put to rest one of the biggest plot holes introduced in Star Wars.

Now if only Disney can use its newly-acquired license to help us understand why Obi-Wan somehow forgot that he was there when Leia was born.

Top 3 Tips To Have A Merry Fitmas

It is that time of year again when it feels like all of your hard earned fitness goals either go out of the window or you miss out on festivities trying to stay on track. But not to fear! Stick to these top 3 tips to make this year a merry fitmas and keep your fitness goals going without missing out on all the food and fun!


It’s Christmas time! You know what that means, a record number of open giant tins of chocolates, heaps of stuffed turkey and glasses filled with prosecco as far as the eye can see. Not forgetting creamy baileys and of course sweet mince pies. This of course all goes alongside the numerous door to door visits with relatives, office end of year parties and that annual christmas eve drink with childhood friends.

So with all of this festive fun and food to be had, how can anyone manage to stick to their strenuous fitness schedule and grueling diet without missing out? It is pretty difficult, but by keeping a few tips in mind, you could maintain your fitmas goals this holiday season.


Tip #1 – Go Easy With The Diet

Beautifully served table for dinner

“No thanks, no turkey for me. I will just stick with this quinoa and pomegranate salad.”

Let’s face it folks, December is not like any other month of the year. It is all well and good trying to stick to your hardcore regular meal plan, admirable even, but do you really want to be nibbling Rudolph’s carrot while your other half ploughs face first into a box of sweet mince pies?

Even Santa allows a little bit of naughtiness! So rather than depriving yourself until you suddenly snap and devour an entire tin of Hero’s, eat well for the most part and allow yourself some cheat treats here and there.

It is all well and good aiming to stay slim this Christmas and by all means stick with techniques that will help you to achieve that. But you have to let it slide sometimes, even if it is just going all out on the big day itself! After all, it is Christmas!

Tip #2 – Chill Out With Training

athlete, body, cinder track

“Ah today I’m just going to do 45 minutes of cardio, with about 90 minutes of strength training”

Maybe January to November you workout 4 hours a day, 6 days a week, but December is the time to put on the breaks. It is hard to fit in intense training programs when there is present shopping to be done!

Try stepping back and taking a look at your training program and trim it down to necessary exercises which are effective and will get the job done!

Dump those extra sets you randomly threw in here and there. The intense exercises you picked up on a whim can go the distance. Try sticking to an effective upper and lower body strength session and a HIIT cardio over the holidays and get a good workout while leaving time for hitting the party scene.

Tip #3 – Phone a Friend

calling, cold call, communication

“Sharon, if I see one more M&S Christmas food advert, I’m going to face plant a Christmas pudding!”

If you really want to stick with your fitness goals but feel you’re flagging, call up a like minded mate to arrange a gym date! It is easy to get carried away during this season of excess, so having someone just as fanatical about fitness steer you in the right direction can be just what the doctor ordered.

Whether it is getting together for a gym session or hitting a Zumba class with a buddy, it can help you stick to your goals having someone right there with you. Or even just calling up another fit friend to chat about goals and support one another, this could be the boost you both need to stay on track.

So although it is difficult to stay focussed on fitness this Christmas, try keeping these 3 tips in party season. Most of all, relax! It is all well and good keeping up with your fitness goals, but you’ve worked hard all year so use this time to reflect and be proud of your achievements and enjoy time with friends and family. Then get ready for a revitalised big push in January!

Most of all,

‘Merry Christmas you filthy animals!’