5 of the Best Apps for Long-Distance Dating

They say long-distance relationships never work – but that’s before we had modern technology. Your soul mate isn’t guaranteed to live on your side of the globe, and some of the most fun people you’ll ever meet could be a few cities over. If you don’t want to invest in a move or cast off that relationship as a lost cause, then all you need are the right apps to make sure your long-distance dating is a success.

Want to feel your boyfriend’s heartbeat? Miss late-night sketching sessions with your girl? Want to bring back date-night even if there’s an ocean in between you? Here are the best apps to make it happen, no matter where you live.

1. Couples

Couples is an app that lets you create your own chat room for texting, talking, or hanging out through a video feed, so you can enjoy all the perks of Facebook but all the privacy of a one-on-one meet-up. But dating is about more than sharing photos or texting. That’s not what really makes a relationship dazzling. If you’re feeling creative, you can take advantage of their drawing feature, which allows you and bae sketch at the same time on the same page. The Thumbkiss features also lets couples press their fingers to a certain place on the screen so the other can feel the vibration transmitted digitally through the phone, as if they were kissing skin from across the world.

2. TheIceBreak

If the relationship is still fresh, making long-distance dating work is much harder than if you’ve been star-struck with each other for years. You don’t have that foundation yet, and learning about another person only through text isn’t a fraction as successful. That’s where TheIceBreak comes in. Not only a reliable messenger, the app suggests new topics to keep the conversation flowing, and prompts you to ask questions so you can learn more about your date. If you’re not good with texting or run dry on conversation when you’re not face-to-face, don’t worry that it’ll stifle the romance; TheIceBreak will keep you on track until your next meet-up.

3. Apple Watch Digital Touch

Whether you’re the gushy type or not, being able to feel the closeness of another human being is soothing to the soul. If you’re in a more committed relationship and are used to late night cuddles during Netflix, losing that connection can be like losing a limb. The Apple Watch Digital Touch takes the edge off, allowing you to record your heartbeat on your Apple Watch via pressing your fingers to the screen for a certain amount of time. This is then transmitted to your significant other no matter where they are in the world, and the wearable will vibrate so they can literally feel your heartbeat. During those lonely nights or a hard day at work, that rhythmic beat is what keeps couples close.


4. LokLok

Nothing’s quite like waking up to a good morning kiss from someone you love, or receiving a little gift when the day is going bad for you. That’s not easy with distance, but LokLok gives you the next best thing – all that, on your lock screen. By using this app, you can draw and color a picture or message to your significant other, and then have it sent to their lock screen. When they open it in the morning or check it on their break, the first thing they’ll see is an encouraging “I love you,” or a picture that makes them laugh. You can think of it like passing notes or whispering in their ear, just from afar.

5. Skype

Of course this list would be nothing without the fan favorite – Skype. Whether you’re better at text, gauge every relationship on the inflections of someone’s voice, or want a face-to-face meet-up without an expensive plane ticket, you can virtually communicate with your date or significant other in every way imaginable. So long as your connection speed holds out, you can almost forget the distance between you. As an added bonus, the mobile Skype app lets you connect over your phone at any time, so those lunch dates? They don’t have to end when one of you leaves town. You can adjust the settings for any language, so Latino chat, German chat, Chinese chat, and so on is easy.

Nothing compares to dating face-to-face or being able to reach out and touch your loved one, but if distance has come between you two, you can still have the next best thing. These apps will let you stay in touch, learn more about each other, and be there when it really counts, keeping the relationship strong until distance is no longer a problem.

Celebrate Love with these Romantic Gifts for Long Distance Guy

He travels miles just to see you. He makes endless efforts to bring a perfect present for you. He listens to your constant chatter and endless gossips. He does it all, yet never complains…

That is Love! Keep aside the romantic dinner dates and destination holidays, it’s the million little things which occupy the biggest corner of your heart and create some undying memories. In so many tiny ways, he showers love upon you but often than not, you fail to acknowledge his efforts. 

Well, now is the time you let him know how special your life has become with him being a beautiful part of it. Is he far away and you are unable to find the perfect way to make him feel adored? Worry not! You can still celebrate the beauty of togetherness. And what better way to express your emotions than by sweet Long distance relationship gifts that will not only keep your love intact but also bring joys to him despite sitting states away.

1. Custom T-shirts: Cut short the distance between you two with a cute couple photo printed on the T-shirt. With a heartfelt gift like this, your sweet memory will always linger around him.

Show Your Feelings with Custom T-shirts

2. Royal Rose: Nothing expresses love better than flowers, especially roses! A well preserved and beautifully packed rose is a great expression of love that will not only last forever but also remind him of you always. They usually come in gold or silver coating and are packed in premium boxes.

Gift Beautiful Blooms to Your Guy Living in Another State

3. Handmade Gifts: When your gifts have a personal touch of efforts, they are nothing less than prized possessions. Try something special like handmade chocolates, or self-made cards and you are definitely going to be more admired for your creativity.

Handmade Gifts

4. Flowers: It is well known that flowers speak louder than words. Sending a bouquet of his favourite flowers is sure to delight him and make him feel a lot more loved and cared for. Besides, the number of flowers in the arrangement signifies different emotions, especially roses. Why not let your partner know about your true feelings by gifting the exact number?

Flowers That Speaks More Than Words

5. Letter-Scroll Box: One sure way to strum the chords of your loved one’s heart is through words. A very beautiful and unique gift, this box includes a set of glass bottles with love scrolls placed inside them. Write something special and give words to your true emotions.

6. Engraved Key Chains: Gift a keychain with a beautiful long distance quote like “I am Jealous of People Who Get to See You Everyday” engraved on it. This way you can let your partner know that despite the distance, the love between you two can never weaken.

Engraved Key Chains

7. Love Telegram: This feels like an old school but sending a personalized handwritten telegram is definitely going to add more love to your LDR. This is an era of simplified communication and to pick up a pen to pour down your thoughts on a sheet of paper is enough to bring a beaming smile on his face.

Love Telegram

8. “I Love You” Bean: This is a unique and magical gift where the seed grows into a plant if it is watered continuously for 7 days and the leaves of the plant read “I Love You”. Nothing can beat the cuteness of this gift that signifies budding love.

Magic Beans

09. Pillow Covers: If you wish to gift your other half something unforgettable, Pillow Covers are a right choice for you. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes accompanied with heart-warming quotes like Wish you were here or images of perfect couples imprinted on them.

Pillow Covers As a Gift For Long Distance Relationship

10. State Bracelets: If your long distance boyfriend loves to wear bracelets, why not gift him a trendy one that acts as your sweet remembrance? They come in a variety of designs and for an LDR, state bracelets are super cute to boast about some long distance love.

State Bracelet

11. Couple Phone Cases: Go for trendy phone cases that spell out how much the distance hasn’t affected your relationship.  Phone cases with cute graphics are the best ways to display the strength of your relationship.

Couple Phone Cases that Shows Your Strong Bond

We understand that staying away from your partner could not only be difficult but also challenging. At times, it can be strenuous but with enough faith to keep it intact, stay strong and keep on building as many memories with these heartfelt LDR Valentine gift ideas. We wish you tons of love and success in your relationship! 

AffiliateMarketing Unwritten Rules: Guidelines for #Online Success

Creating engaging and rich content, sustaining positive relationships on social networks, operating within search engine marketing guidelines,  and shunning away from any black hat search engine optimization  techniques is a must for online business success. While our long-term goal is to strive earnestly to achieve passive income potential from marketing affiliate programs on our community website through posting engaging content and conversing with fans on social networks, sustaining a respectable image and trust is our mantra.

10 Amendments for affiliate marketing success in our online community

  • Create long form (evergreen content) – Combining image and video with text. Evergreen content is classified as  a blog post or webpage written 1000 words or greater. The purpose of creating long form content is to provide rich information to the reader and gain leverage over competitors in improving long-term search engine rankings.  A combination of image and video with Evergreen content not only improves a site retention percentage, also encourages people to share what they’ve read on social networks with others. Evergreen content also has a unique way of spontaneously improving online income potential.

  • No paid link building – Paid links artificially inflates a site’s search engine ranking not deemed trustworthy by search engine crawlers. The best way to earn natural links is by consistently creating engaging and rich content for people to enjoy reading. Paid link building negates from a sites positive reputation and risks this inclusion from search engine results pages.  Lastly, paid links negates from a sites income potential and likely resulting in discontinued partnerships between advertiser and site owner.

  • Only secure e-mail addresses for “permission based e-mail marketing” – Opted in subscribers to our website allow us to send “permission-based e-mails” for the purpose of keeping readers updated  about what’s going on in our community. We only addresses through a secure subscriber form on the community website, informing subscribers we will never sell or rent addresses to anyone. Permission-based e-mail marketing allows us as a small group of send newsletters with affiliate links “with the FTC disclosure included in the e-mail,” for the purpose of keeping people engaged and making money from e-mail marketing.

  • Never ask readers or social networking fans to buy anything – Creative content marketing and taking time to personally answer peoples questions on social networks is our unique way earning money from ads on the website without asking to buy anything. We’ve learned through trial and error when you converse with people and no pressure involved, they’ll buy automatically.

  • Upload YouTube videos daily –  Video has a unique way of immediately each attracting people. Taking time to inform people of what’s important and answering their questions has a special way of subliminally selling itself and keeping  our online community  relevant. Video builds and sustains relationships on all levels.

  • Always speak good of others online – People are most likely to click an affiliate link on a website and make a purchase that speaks highly of others. People love to see and read blogs and websites working together peacefully  toward achieving great things. That said, it also increases the site’s reputation and search engine ranking in the long run, as well as open doors to additional money making opportunities.

  • Shun away from writing short posts – Search engine crawlers quietly scoured the web giving preference to blogs and websites who maintains consistency with publishing Evergreen content. Evergreen content creators are those who publish one to two times daily 1000 words or better per post. Short posts provide little to no value to the reader and gets very little attention from search engines and inbound links.

  • Turn a negative into a positive – This entails possibly following up on a negative review some people may post from time to time about our community website with respect to their point of view. This gives us the opportunity to create engaging and rich content not only to explain our side, but also to show people there’s two sides to every story. This in turn inspires people to engage in meaningful discussion on our community website which allows us to use the energy from people when they leave feedback to boost our search engine rankings, improve advertising revenue potential from ads on the website, and build new relationships.

  • Auto-mail personalized birthday e-mails to community participants – This is a creative marketing ploys most site owners don’t use to keep people engaged.  It also keeps our site successful because when our automated system sends a personalized birthday e-mail to a site user, they respond  in expressing gratitude for wishing them a happy birthday and remembering their special day. It’s important to our success as a small team of affiliate marketers – content strategists to show we truly care.

  • Provide quality and relevant ads for a positive user experience – If a category or now site discusses juicing fresh fruits and vegetables, we provide relevant advertising to match the content. Another words, we don’t discuss one topic and provide ads for another such as talking about health and then showing ads for discount auto parts. Behavioral ad targeting allows us to  provide matching ads alongside content readers find. Using behavioral ad targeting proprietary technology keeps us on the plus side for consistently improving passive advertising revenue potential as well as satisfied site users-readers.

These are some of many ways we strive for excellence and stay successful maintaining a community that serves quality information to empower people discussing today’s most trending topics.

Why You Need a Life Coach In Your Life?

Whatever your age may be and whatever position you’re in your life now, from infant hood, there was someone in every step to guide you, to teach you, to coach you, right? But as you can see, all these were present till you become a grown up well-educated person. But is that enough to lead happy life as you want? Did they teach you how to solve problems of life?

Well, everybody has a expertise in single aspect or subject; you might have experienced that in your school or university that the teacher who teaches you Algebra or Geometry never teaches Political science or History. And the reason is pretty simple; the teacher is a expert in algebra and not in other subjects.

Like that, we all reach to such a stage in our life that, there is nobody around to guide us. There is 404 error when we search for a suitable person to solve our issues and take care of our wounds. We feel dejected, we talk about the past always and sing out all the conditional situations and starts all our sentences from “If”, “I wish” etc.

But, it’s universal law that as long as there is a problem, there comes a solution attached to it. And the solution here is—the need of a life coach in your life. Yes, a life coach!

How a Life Coach Can Bring Difference?

The definition of a life coach is often vague and misunderstood. Their job is different from a mentor, a consultant and a therapist.

And the difference is–

What Other Disciplines Do

A mentor tells you about his own story how he struggled and succeed. He just passes the knowledge and experience he have.

A consultant put that extra effort and supply resources to achieve your goal. He is a person who have expertise in an particular area.

A therapist is also an expert in an particular field but more focused on the past like – why this happened and what you’ve done. They are very much systematic and theory based. A person suffering from trauma and serious psychological problems are need to take suggestions from a therapist first.

Well, to be frank, every discipline mentioned above are important and holds a certain value. There is need of every professionals in a specific time for specific peoples.

But, What Life Coaching do &  Why a Life Coach Is Important In Everybody’s life?

Life coaching is a quite a different concept and is the new popular trend or medicine to get a quick transition in your life. It’s all about what you’re doing in present to what’s your vision and how to fulfill them—Means focus only on present to future, & NO digging into past!

You may be thinking a life coach must be very much intelligent than you and holding several degrees from the top-most universities in the world. And it’s not True! Not necessarily they have more IQ than you or capable of doing things as fast as you can.

If that happens, all the coaches would have been named in the Forbes Top 100 Billionaires List every year. Is that happens? A big NO! But if you go with the reverse, then you would find that all the successful people in the world have coaches and not one but several coaches. You can take example of successful people like Micheal Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Danny Bonaduce, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Clinton, Serena Williams, Bill Gates and many more successful leaders, actors, business persons, sports players and in other arenas of career.

In 2013, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, the richest man on the planet started off a TED speech with—Everyone Needs a Coach. Surprisingly, till now he is having a coach. A question here—Does he really need a coach? If no, Why then he is using?

It clearly indicates coaches have something special that acts as a catalyst for anyone to achieve their dream goal, right?

So what’s that? Well, this thing can’t be described here and only can be realized well when you get a life coach in your life.

What Life Coaches Actually Do

Life coaches are certified professionals who identify the client’s specific problems, analyze them, ask questions to client, discuss with client, do brainstorming and finally find out right solution for them that helps clients achieve and exceed their ambitious goals by overcoming any obstacles.

They boost the self-confidence of the people, guide them properly to find out the right goal, motivate them to improve as far as possible and remain happy both in their personal and professional life.

In life coaching sessions, You’re supposed to solve your problem by your own. The experienced life coaches will ask you some simple but meaningful questions by analyzing your problems and you’ve to answer that by your own.  Whatever answers you’ll give, this will be solution for you to carry out for your betterment afterwards. Here your thinking process also changes.

This is an unique way to end that worriness from your life. Asking how it is? Simply because You have known yourself the most than anyone else in the world.

Life coaching is quite a broader or umbrella term; it covers a number of areas such as

i- Health & Wellness Coach

ii- Work/Life Balance Coach

iii- Christian Coach

iv- Spiritual & Mental Development Coach

v- Relationship Coach

vi- Family Coach

vii- Midlife Coach

viii- Retirement Coach

ix- Parenting Coach

x- Divorce Coach

xi- Financial coach

xii- Personal Development coach

Who Needs a Life Coach?

Persons those who are

i- stuck or lost somewhere and finding themselves in a trap.

ii- not happy with their life and doubting themselves and others.

iii- In relationship problems and want recreate their personal relationships.

iv- unsure about the goal of their life or overwhelmed by their big goal.

v- Not sure how and what to plan to achieve goal.

vi- Procrastinating to do things some other day.

vii- Changing profession or in the verge of big transition.

viii- Facing lots of health problems and searching ways to lead a healthy and disease free life.

ix- Not able to forget past tragic things.

x- Need directions to make more money and live the life they ever imagined.

xi- Not getting motivated enough to move forward.

xii- Facing lots of stress and very low work productivity.

xiii- Loosing self-confidence and want to regain it.

Life coaching is extremely personalized because the coaches works directly with the clients without any third party involved. Thus the clients get tailor-made solutions only according to their problems. Hiring a life coach would give you immense values that are irreversible. And above all, It doesn’t matter how much you’re paying to the life coach, because indirectly you’re paying to yourself only!

Creating Products That Will be Successful When Launching

The key to a good launch is knowing how to go about promoting your product and making it sound exciting. But what’s actually just as important, is the product itself and the way this marries with your marketing activities. In short, some products are simply more conducive to a big launch than others. How do you make sure that yours is?

Make it Mysterious

One of the best ways to make a product more interesting is to release only a small, tantalizing amount of information about it. This is something that you can see when you look at any other product launches – whether that’s a film, a smartphone or a computer game. Prior to the official announcement, there will always be a drip-feed of information first. That might include some leaked footage, some photos or just a few quotes from members of the team. Either way, this gets people speculating and talking and it makes the product seem significantly more interesting as a result!

Tap Into Dreams

Another thing to ensure, is that your product is able to build a big emotional response. How do you do that? By tapping into the dreams of your audience. Some of us wish that we were fitter, healthier and stronger. Some of us wish that we were rich, or highly successful in our love lives. A great product is one that promises to deliver in an area like this.

Provide Extras

Another tip is to provide extras and to make sure that your product is more than just an ebook, a course or a seminar. The more value you pack in, the better the deal will seem and the easier it will be to get excited for. So don’t just sell an ebook – offer free videos, reports and more to make it all the more interesting and to make it seem like an ‘ultimate package’. Using wording like that can also help a lot to make your item seem more desirable.

How to Make Your Digital Product a Hit

If you’re launching a digital product, then you have the potential to make a large amount of profit with absolutely zero overheads. This is the amazing thing about digital products: while it might cost you to create them if you outsource the process, it’s not going to cost you anything to sell them. There is no ‘COGS’ (Cost Of Goods Sold), meaning that you make 100% profit for each sale.But there are problems here too.

The biggest issue with selling a digital product, is that they can often seem less exciting than physical products and many of potential buyers might even question whether there’s any point in them buying from you.Imagine you’ve got an ebook about fitness. That sounds like a great product until you bear in mind that there are thousands of websites on the net that are all giving away the very same information… for free!

So how do you go about making your digital product seem exciting and fresh and how do you make sure that your audience are on board with it?

Have Something to Say

The first and most important thing to do about this, is to make sure you have something to say. In fact, you should flip the entire way you approach the creation of your digital product on its head. Too often, we decide that we want to start selling a digital product and then we set out to look for a topic to cover. If you do this, then you’re potentially setting yourself up for failure.So what should you be doing instead?

Simple: you wait until you have something to say and then you set about creating a digital product in order to say that. This is why it is so important to always write about subjects that you are passionate about. Don’t write a book you think will sell, write a book you want to write and then try and sell it.Now you have something different. Now you have something new to say.

And now you have something that people will be excited to learn more about.And you can see this when you look at the top selling digital products on the market. They’re always ‘new systems’ for making money, or whole new theories pertaining to fitness. They’re new and different and that is how they spread and build a following.

Global Fluoropolymers Market growing steadily despite competition from Low-Cost Chinese products

Fluoropolymers are becoming high in demand in the construction segment due to their durability, resistance from UV radiation, and anti-corrosion properties. They are extensively used for manufacturing materials such as architectural membranes, caulks, tubing, coatings and paints, and wires and cables. The architectural membranes created out of fluoropolymer coated fabrics, especially PTFE, are required in the construction of large roofs for houses.

Fluoropolymers are fluorocarbon-based polymers that contain strong molecular bonds of carbon and fluorine. They are high-performance plastic materials that can be used in harsh chemical and high-temperature environments, mainly where a critical performance coating is required. They are used by defense-related industries and in automotive, electronics, aerospace and telecommunications. They are also required in making many consumer household products – for nonstick coatings in cookware and other kitchen appliances, it is the fluoropolymer which makes the coating actually “nonstick”. Fluoropolymers have superior and unique features such as non-adhesiveness, low friction, moisture, high dielectric quality, chemical inertness, non-stick nature, resistance to chemicals, heat, shock, and barrier properties. Additionally, high crystallinity, extended service temperature range, relatively larger melting point, weather ability, and reflectivity to strong UV rays could be attained using fluoropolymers as compared to conventional polymers. The property of chemical inactiveness in fluoropolymers can be used to produce the side linings of vessels and piping, semiconductor equipment, gasket packing, lithium-ion batteries and carrier materials. They are also required for miniaturization of circuit boards, electrical insulation and electrical applications due to their dielectric property. Also, fluoropolymers have multiple applications in making high capacity automotive and aircraft bearings and seals. Overall, they can be used in various sectors such as chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, equipment manufacturing, industrial processing, and energy segments, leading to their augmented adoption in the future.

A recent research titled, Global Fluoropolymer Market 2016-2020, has been conducted to study the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global fluoropolymer market. The report examines the revenue generated from the fluoropolymers market across various regions for calculation of the market size. The report estimates global fluoropolymer market to grow at a rapid rate as it anticipated to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of more than 5% during the forecast period. The unique properties of fluoropolymers are one of the major factors driving this market’s growth. The vendors in the market face stiff competition as their products are all similar and they target the same customers. The availability of a small number of fluoropolymer polymer types, such as PTFE, FEP, PVDF and ETFE, further increases the competition. The prominent vendors maintain a broad product portfolio as they are focusing on manufacturing competitive products by manufacturing differentiated types. They tend to focus on research and development as they are strategic about expansion in the market. At present, key vendors in this market are 3M, Asahi Glass, Chemours, Solvay and Daikin Industries. While other important vendors in the market emerging in the market are Fluorotherm Polymers, Arkema, BASF, Gujarat Fluorochemicals, SABIC, Shandong Dongyue, HaloPolymer, Saint-Gobain, Honeywell, Kureha, Whitford, Parker Hannifin, Shanghai 3F New Materials, Zeus, and Zhejiang Juhua.

In accordance with the current use, fluoropolymer market can be segmented into Industrial, Automotive & transportation, Electrical & electronic and Construction. The industrial applications segment covered the maximum market shares during 2015 and is expected to continue the same dominance for the next few years. The most prominent end users of industrial applications of fluoropolymers polymers are food and beverage, chemical and petrochemical, paper and pulp, lab ware, and plastic. They provide chemical, thermal and corrosion resistance to the goods manufactured in these industries. Other products manufactured in such industries include plumbing, tubing, fluid processing equipment and pharmaceutical equipment. As per the product types, fluoropolymer market is divided as PTFE, PVDF, FEP and Fluoroelastomers. In 2015, the PTFE segment dominated the fluoropolymer market, gaining the maximum market shares and is set to rule the market during the forecast period. PTFE are used in applications such as wire and cable insulation, lubricants for printing, cookware coatings, industrial equipment, textile fiber for clothing, mechanical and lubrication applications in vehicles and to build construction materials as they possess characteristics such as resistance from external elements, mechanical toughness and lower friction.

The global fluoropolymer market was estimated at approximately 7.25 billion USD in back in 2011 and has been rising steadily since then. One of the primary drivers of the market is its rapid expansion in the Asia-Pacific countries. Presently, Asia-Pacific countries are the largest producers and consumers of fluoropolymer products. This region is the greatest market for PTFE, accounting for around 40% of the global market share in terms of revenue. Further, the offering of raw materials at comparatively lesser prices and availability of skilled labor, industrial equipment and land has made the region the most preferred destination for manufacturing fluoropolymers.

The major challenge in the market is serious competition from low-cost goods from China. China manufactures low-cost fluoropolymers (mainly PTFE) in vast quantities and exports them to other countries, including the US, Europe, and countries in the Middle East. This is posing a threat to other manufacturing countries such as Japan, India, Germany, and Russia. The mass production at low rates can be attributed to factors such as the availability of cheap labor, mass production and dumping, efficient supply chain and controversial currency manipulation of Chinese currency Yuan.

Regular Consumption of White Tea may Prevent Cancer

You may have seen that many people take black tea after their breakfast or during other times of the day. However, you should also know that the consumption of white tea is prevalent in Japan and China for several centuries due to its unique flavor and aroma. Nowadays, health conscious people have started gathering sufficient knowledge about this tea after a group of researchers claimed that it might act as an aide for reducing chances of certain forms of cancer. Therefore, there is a rise in purchase of white tea online.

Region of Cultivation

Black tea and green tea are cultivated and harvested in many parts of the world. However, Fukien province in China holds the top position for the production of white organic tea. This tea is produced from the plant called Camelia Sinensis. Other tea blends are produced from the same plant.

Characteristics of White Organic Tea

How to identify white tea? If you do not possess the right knowledge and expertise of identifying tea leaves, then you may land up with the wrong choice. In comparison to other teas, white organic tea features a high number of buds than its leaves. The buds of the tea plant boast tiny hairs that have silver hue. That is why the plant has a whitish appearance.

Another characteristic of white organic tea is that its leaves do not have to undergo elaborate steps of processing. Care is taken in such a way that the leaves are not subjected to rigorous oxidation. Buds of this tea are plucked when they remain unopened. These buds are subjected to steaming process and then they undergo heat-dry treatment. This treatment keeps the leaves fresh.

Constituents of White Organic Tea

As the white organic tea does not require elaborate processing, some researchers believe that this tea contains polyphenols in a substantial quantity that may help in fighting cancer.

What Researchers Found?

Most of the polyphenols get oxidized when green tea is processed into black or oolong tea. Some researchers conducted an experiment for proving that white tea contains a substantial amount of polyphenols that may help to fight against cancer.

While conducting the experiment, four variants of brewed white tea underwent laboratory test. Researchers termed the test as Salmonella assay. The purpose of the test was to ascertain whether a mutation in DNA could be prevented by chemical or not. The outcome of the experiment was that each variant of white tea prohibited mutations in DNA efficiently. It proved that the white tea could reduce possibilities of cancer.

White Tea and Green Tea Contain Same Kind of Polyphenols

The examination also found that white tea is rich in polyphenols that are also present in green tea. However, the amount of these compounds varies as per the tea type. If a number of polyphenols contained in one variant is more than the other variant, it shows that the one with the highest level has enough potential of fighting against cancer.

The researchers conducted another experiment to determine the effectiveness of white tea in fighting cancer. They conducted the experiment on a few rats. Those rats had significant possibilities of developing symptoms of colon cancer.

Initially, the researchers divided the rats into two groups. Both groups were fed with substances containing mutagens. These compounds raise the possibilities of developing symptoms of cancer. One group was fed with water. The other group was fed with white tea. The tea underwent steeping for around five minutes. Rats consuming white tea developed a lesser number of precancerous tumors than those fed with water.

White Tea might be Effective against Lung Cancer

White tea may check the growth of lung cancer. Some researchers from Scripps Green Hospital in California, University of California and University of New Mexico conducted an experiment where they treated two kinds of cells displaying symptoms of lung cancer, with white tea. The application of white tea on both cells caused changes in the cell linings. That led to the death of cells. The study showed that 15-LOX and PPAR-gamma signaling pathways became active that led to apoptosis. The researchers also subjected the affected cells to green tea extract. They found that white tea effectively increased the number of RNA transcripts than green tea. The rise in the level of RNA transcripts caused cell death.

You have seen how white tea might check the growth of cancer cells. Consume this tea regularly to stay fit. Buy white tea online now.

New Year? Time For a New You

Well the decorations are down, the champagne has been popped and everyone has kissed at the stroke of midnight. Happy New Year and welcome to 2017.

Now the mince pies have disappeared for another year and the party invitations have slowed to a stop and it is time to get back into health and fitness mode. Have you made a new year’s resolution yet?

For many people, January is the time to start thinking new year, new you. All of the promises you didn’t follow through on last year can be forgotten and a fresh start can be made. If you want to make a fresh start this year and begin a journey to  new, healthier you but don’t know where to start, then here are a few places to begin.

Think About Your Diet

Sounds simple. But you need to think about everywhere you went wrong last year and put a plan in place to correct it. It is easy to say your going to start a diet or eat better, but it is possible you have done that unsuccessfully every year to date. Where did you fall down before? Were you too strict and depriving yourself so much has caused major binging? Did you just lack the motivation to actually stick to it? Have a serious chat with yourself and workout where you went wrong, this can help you be successful in the next 12 months.

Think About Your Workouts

Similar to your diet think about what you could have done better and which route you want to go down this year. Maybe you didn’t really know what you were doing in the gym last year and therefore just did the odd bit here and there and never really saw results. Maybe you reached your fitness goals last year and now you need a new plan to maintain them. Maybe your work or personal situation has changed from last year and you need to think of a new regime for fitness that fits around your new circumstances. Figuring all of this out now will help you moving forward.

Set Goals

Once you have worked out what went wrong before, you can start setting goals for the coming year. Start by making them realistic. Keep in mind what went wrong before when it came to your goals, if you tried to achieve too much too quickly, set a more realistic time frame this time around. If you weren’t strict enough with yourself previously, then set mini milestones every few weeks to measure your progress and keep you on track. Try giving yourself something to reward yourself with at the end which is going to keep you motivated. Maybe if you meet your goals you can reward yourself with a holiday at the end, an excuse to wear a bikini and show off your newly achieved bod?

Try Something New

A new year is about trying new things. Think about your health rather than just fitness. Could your health do with improvement? Maybe you need to try adding some supplements to your diet? Maybe you want to try adding fermented foods to your meal plan once a week to boost your immunity? Or maybe you want to stop drinking coffee all together and try green tea instead?

The same goes with fitness. Maybe gym sessions didn’t work for you last year so maybe you want to try mixing it up with some fitness classes instead? Or go running outside instead of going nowhere on a treadmill year round.

Remember Fitness Can Be Fun

The possibility is that you failed to meet your goals last year in both fitness and nutrition because you simply bored yourself to death. Make it an aim to actually enjoy yourself when it comes to fitness and nutrition this year. This is why trying new things is so important.

If you found that hitting the gym became a miserable, lonely chore then try finding a like minded gym buddy that has similar goals for 2017. Make going to the gym or a fitness session a social event. Having someone relying on you to accompany them will give you a sense of responsibility to keep up with your workouts. Also, it can be a good laugh having someone alongside you.

The same goes for eating. Don’t think the only way to lose weight is by starving yourself on a diet of salad. In today’s online society there are so many websites offering free, healthy and more importantly tasty diet recipes. Use this as an opportunity to broaden your horizons, master some new cooking skills and try exotic ingredients. Also, why not make it social? Throw a dinner party once a month and deliver a menu of the tastiest healthy dishes you have discovered in previous weeks! I’m sure your friends will not only love it, but enjoy the guilt free second helpings knowing everything is low on calories!

Make this year the one that the new you works and sticks! Happy New Year folks!

7 Tips to Take Your Personal Brand to the Next Level

Having a personal brand is a great way to humanize your company and gain loyal followers. Consumers today like to shop with businesses that have personality, and what better way to do that than to attach your face to the brand? Building a personal brand as a business or entrepreneur can be confusing and tiring, especially when you don’t have a strategy. Luckily, you have online reputation management experts out here sharing tips and ideas.

These are a couple you can use for your own personal brand building. And if all else fails, don’t hesitate to hire online reputation management services in Los Angeles.

Publish Different Types of Content

It’s not enough to just publish posts on social media and your site blog. You need to be in all the places your prospects are, which means publishing articles on third-party sites and getting interviews with influencers. Not on YouTube yet? Start a channel and publish videos that your audience will find useful and engaging. Today, you’ll find just about every influencer with a book. Publishing an eBook is acceptable and easy to do. All of this can help build credibility and your online persona. Just make sure your content is valuable to your audience, so that your efforts aren’t wasted.

Become a Local Celebrity

When you’re building a personal brand, you’re building your popularity. So in other words, your goal is to become a superstar. Online reputation management can help with this, but you also need to focus on your offline efforts. Attend local events and host events locally to help build awareness for your brand. Get involved with charities, help the community or do something else that will generate buzz and showcase your willingness to help. Then once you become a local celeb, you can expand your popularity across the nation using the world wide web.

Enhance Your Storytelling Skills

Posting random thoughts on social media isn’t what turns personal brands into winning campaigns. You need to ensure you’re telling great stories that captivate your followers. This will make your posts more memorable and help show authenticity. You’re a human being that goes through experiences, so share those and avoid always talking about yourself.

Write and Publish Your Own Report

Your reputation is built upon what you know and what you do. If you can showcase your knowledge and expertise by writing your own report, then you can increase your credibility as a thought leader. It’s one thing to regurgitate what other experts are saying and another to develop your own analyses. Pull this off and you can enhance your status tremendously.

Attend Webinars and Public Events

Another way to show off your critical thinking skills and industry knowledge is to attend or even host webinars and public events. Speaking at such engagements will further prove your position as a thought leader in your community. The internet makes it simple to host online conferences, hangouts and webinars. You can use tools like Google, Skype, Facebook or YouTube. Connect with other industry leaders to see if you can get an invite to the events they host as well.

Give Your Content a Personal Touch

There’s no one in this universe exactly like you. Use this to your advantage by showing the world how unique you are. Consumers easily connect to people they feel are genuine. Making your stories more personal can help with this. For example, talking about struggles you went through before becoming an entrepreneur or that you’ve recently gone through and overcome (or currently trying to overcome). Showing a side of vulnerability shows you’re human and not afraid to admit it. No one is perfect, so don’t try to act like you are.

Live Stream On Facebook Regularly

Online video is great, but nothing engages people like live video. There’s just something about seeing something as it happens that intrigues users. This is especially so when it comes to influencers they enjoy following. Online reputation management experts believe this can help build trust and keep attention on your brand. Of course, your videos need to be relevant and valuable, or you’ll lose viewers. You can guarantee others in your industry are doing this, so don’t get left behind!

Put these tips to use if you’re serious about taking your personal brand to the next level! 

Enhance Your Business's Profitability With A Supply Chain Planning Solution

Businesses which are into manufacturing and sales of products need to improve their processes and operations. This would enable them to reduce their costs, improve their productivity and , profitability. So they can be more competitive and can well achieve their business objectives. To make their processes and operations more efficient, businesses need to streamline various activities related to their supply chain process like procuring raw materials, manufacturing goods, transporting and stocking them and then delivering the goods to the customers as per the demand for their products. Businesses have to ensure they are able to get the required amount of raw materials in a timely from the concerned suppliers and have enough working capital for purchasing them. They need to manufacture their products in a timely manner and utilize their production capacity to the full. They have to get their products transported to various locations fast, stock them up to required levels there and then deliver them to the customers as per their demand.

Businesses may face various challenges while managing their supply chain activities like not getting raw materials from their regular suppliers in a timely manner, decreased production levels due to workers’ unrest besides other reasons, their production capacity unable to keep up pace with the efforts of their marketing department, fluctuating customer demand for their goods more than required products stocked up in the inventory leading to increased costs, etc. Due to these challenges, a business would be unable to maintain a balance between its supply and demand and fail to achieve expected sales and profits. It would be unable to meet the customers’ expectations. To address such challenges, the business needs to perform a comprehensive analysis of its various aspects like production, inventory, finances, demand of products, sales, marketing, customer service, etc. So it will have to gather data related to these aspects and compute it for drawing important conclusions. Here a Supply Chain Planning solution offered by a reputed business planning and performance management solution provider like Adexa would prove quite useful. It would enable the business to compute the data related to its various aspects in a fast manner and let it draw important conclusions quickly which it can employ for achieving improved planning. Thus, it would be able to make its supply chain activities more efficient.

Use of this solution grants businesses various benefits like letting them create accurate constraint based plans quickly, reduction of excess inventory, shortening of lead times, accommodation of changes in the customer demand in a timely manner, reduced costs, improved profits besides others.

Enhanced management of their sales and operations process is also an important consideration for businesses into manufacturing and sales. They need to streamline their various processes and operations for effectively meeting their customers’ demand for goods and for maximizing their sales and profits. For achieving improved sales and operations planning, a business needs to take into account the efforts of its marketing department, the amount of demand for its various products, level of various goods stocked in its inventory at different sites and costs incurred in managing and maintaining its inventory, its production capacity, how fast it is able to manufacture and deliver goods as per its customers’ demand, the amount of raw materials required besides others. To study all these aspects, the business will have to gather data related to them and subject them to deep analysis for drawing important conclusions. Here a Sales and Operations Planning solution offered by a renowned business planning and performance management solution provider like Adexa would prove to be quite useful.

The solution would enable the business to study various parameters associated with its various processes and operations. It would let the business compute its data fast and draw important conclusions quickly. Based on these, it can achieve improved planning over its sales and operations processes and gain in terms of improved service levels, reduced expediting and inventory management costs, optimized inventory, etc. So the business can deliver its products timely to its customers and maximize its sales and profits. In this way, use of such business planning solutions enable businesses into manufacturing and sales of products to be more efficient, profitable and competitive. Also, they would be able to effectively achieve their business objectives.