7 Tips That Will Help You Keep Your Garage Door in Top Condition

If anything goes wrong with the door of your garage, all of these elements could be compromised—which is why it’s so important to maintain the door, even if you require professional repair services to do so. The following are seven tips that you should keep in mind in order to maintain your garage door and keep it in peak operating condition:

1. Pay Attention to How the Door Operates

If you’re just taking your garage door for granted every time you park your car or leave the garage, then you probably won’t notice if anything sounds off or looks off. It’s important that you keep an eye and an ear out to identify potential issues. Your garage door should open and close with relatively little noise. If it suddenly begins making grinding or scraping sounds, there could be an issue.

The door should also be lifting and lowering relatively smoothly. If it’s opening and closing in jerky movements, something’s wrong. It could be an issue with the springs, pulleys, or cables of your door. These issues will only become worse—and the last thing you want is something to fail as you drive through, causing the door to slam down on your car.

2. Inspect the Door Rollers

Garage door rollers typically need to be replaced once every seven years. However, you should be sure to check them at least twice a year—especially if you use the door every day. If you notice that the rollers have been damaged, whether they are worn, cracked, or chipped, then you should look for professional repair services that can come replace your damaged rollers with new ones.

3. Tighten Your Hardware

Every once in a while, check the roller brackets and bolts of your garage door. Because of the constant daily use of the garage door, there’s a chance that the movement and vibrations of the door’s operation can loosen your hardware. If the hardware gets too loose, it can lead to problems in operation, which can end up causing damage to the garage door’s components. 

4. Lubricate Moving Parts

You should take ten minutes out of your day at least once a year to lubricate the moving parts. A lack of lubrication can lead to quick wearing out of components. You can lubricate the garage door opener’s chain or screw using lithium grease while lubricating the overhead springs using a spray lubricant.

5. Test the Balance of the Garage Door

The garage door opener is going to have to work a lot harder if the door isn’t properly balanced, which means it will be more likely to fail sooner. To test the balance of the door, disconnect the opener by pulling the release handle. Then manually lift the door halfway up. It should stay in place once you carefully let go—but if it doesn’t, it means that the springs are improperly balanced. 

Because the springs can be very dangerous to fool around with if you don’t know what you’re doing, you should look for garage door repair services that will inspect your springs for you. 

6. Test the Auto-Reverse Feature

To make sure that your garage door is safe for your family to use, test the auto-reverse safety feature. You can do this by placing a brick or other object below the door while it is open. Close the door. It should stop lowering as soon as it touches the object and then reverses direction. There should also be a photoelectric system in place. As the door is closing, put your leg on the door’s path. The sensors should cause the door to reverse. If either of these tests fails, have the auto-reverse feature inspected.

7. Inspect the Cables

Visually inspect the cables of the garage door for damage. Damaged cables should be replaced right away. However, high-tension cables can seriously injure you if you don’t know what you’re doing, so don’t touch them—leave their replacement to the professionals.

These are seven tips that you should follow to ensure that the door of your garage is kept in good condition. If you ever notice the slightest issue with the way the door is functioning, then you should turn to a professional for assistance. Even what appears to be a small issue can end up growing into a severe problem if you don’t have it looked at right away, which could end up not only costing you way more in terms of repairs, but could also compromise the convenience, security, and safety of your garage door. 

What are the best supplements to take?

One of the questions I’m asked most often day to day about fitness is:. “What supplements do you take?” There are plenty of theories and schools of thought out there about supplements, and much of it is perpetuated by the supplement industry itself and profit motive. The problem is that the best supplements are not expensive, and they do not require you to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars per month! Supplements are just that- they are SUPPLEMENTS.

That’s right – supplements are designed to enahance or SUPPLEMENT an already solid diet and training plan. Consider supplementation to be responsible for less than 10% of your total results. In my experience, diet is close to 60%, with training, recovery, and supplementation following.

Supplements should NOT be used as a crutch. Only use them when necessary to fill the gaps in your diet and to supplement deficiencies you cannot fix with diet alone.

With that said, out of all the supplements you can take, 20% of them will give you 80% of the maximum benefit. Anything else is a waste of money.

1. Greens Supplement 

A greens product is one of the most underrated and most powerful bang for the buck supplements out there. The problem with vegetables is: they don’t taste good, they have a lot of fiber, and a lot of water. The fiber is a good thing, but it makes it difficult to consume enough of the good stuff to get the nutrients we need out of it. Powdered greens products are wonderful concoctions of superfoods, all the weird, exotic stuff you have to venture to the depths of the crunchiest Trader Joe’s to get to.

2. Fish Oil 

As a species, we evolved while consuming a diet rich in omega-3s, during crucial stages of the brains evolution and development. The modern diet simply lacks many of these nutritious fatty acids and therefore most people have a deficiency. Omega-3 plays a crucial role in heart health, neurotransmitter levels (fish oil can improve depression), skin health, and nutrient partitioning. The last is one of the most overlooked benefits: improved nutrient partitioning means less of what you eat is stored as fat and more is efficiently used as energy or stored as glycogen.

3. Protein Supplement
While I always recommend getting protein from whole food sources whenever possible, this is not always the case when you are leading a busy lifestyle or simply training hard enough that you need supplemental protein, which is the case for most of the athletes I know. Generally, one gram per lb of lean body mass is the rule of thumb. Generally, I see too many people over-consuming protein and underconsuming healthy nutrients like vegetables and superfoods, healthy fats, and healthy carbs around workouts. I recommend a quality whey protein isolate after a workout, and another shake at some point in the day.

4. Magnesium 

Another massively underrated supplement, magnesium plays a role in many important processes in our body including the production of ATP, regulation of stress, muscle tension, blood pressure, testosterone levels, depth of sleep, mood, and much more. Most athletes and people in general have a magnesium deficiency. There are a lot of great magnesium products out there, I suggest one based on magnesium citrate.

5. Pre-Workout 

What’s the best pre-workout supplement? Most pre-workout products are stimulant based – they are designed to increase mental energy, focus, and endurance. Most “popular” pre-workout products are based simply on caffeine and a few supporting ingredients like beta-alanine (the tingle feeling you might get after taking a pre workout product). A premium preworkout drink will contain a proper blend of performance enhancers like beta alanine and citrulline malate, while also containing a solid stimulant and focus blend that gives you the mental kick in the butt you need to get going. Personally, I train first thing in the morning, so a scoop of pre-workout is exactly what I need to “get me in the zone”. 

What Is Difference Between Dry or Dehydrated Skin, An Overview

So, you think you have dry skin but are you sure about exact skin type? Millions of people suffer from skin issues but they are unable to get right remedy. The reason may be they are unaware of their dermal type. You may have dehydrated skin and use of dry skin care products will not give you the right result. First thing, you must know about your skin type and then choose the right product. There are some similarities in the dry or dehydrated skin but you should know the difference.


Dry Skin: When there is a lack of essential oils in your skin. It just dries all the time.

Dehydrated Skin: The is a skin type with the lack of water or moisture. Dehydrated skin gives a feel of oily and dry at the same time.

Similarity: Both skin types deliver irritation, itchiness, and flaky skin. Even you can feel, this will not give a gentle touch.

What Are The Cause Of Dry or Dehydrated Skin?

Spontaneous Aging: Over the time, spontaneous growth in age influences the normal change in the body. The sebaceous gland decreases with the growing age. It stops to produce or regenerate the oil glands and natural skin hydration. These changes can affect your skin. At one time, your skin has to go through common skin issues.

Environmental Changes: Sun exposure for a long time results the skin to evaporate the natural hydration or water. It is a cause when sunburned skin requires moisture or water. Sun exposed area also gets redness which needs to be calmed. Contrastingly, when the cold winds blow, it just soaks the natural moisturizer. Use of air conditioning units also does the same. Overall, an environment with low temperature is a cause of dry or dehydrated skin and premature aging sign.

Modern Lifestyle: Modern lifestyle influences the people to stay away from the fatty diets. But your boycott with fatty products also do away you from the skin friendly essential oils. When it comes to the beverages, alcoholic beverages have become a trend these days. But it may not deliver a positive result for your internal or external system whether it is skin or internal digestion system.

Medication: There are some certain medications which may cause of dry or dehydrated skin for example Nasal Decongestants.

Unhealthy Skin Products: Low-quality skin and beauty care products can never satisfy with their cross – fingered results. Unknowingly products include chemicals or low-quality ingredients which are not sure to give satisfaction but definitely damage the skin. On the other side, products contain menthol, peppermint, denatured alcohol or fragrances damage dermal properly. Think twice when choosing these products.

How To Get Faster Relief From Dry Or Dehydrated Skin Issues?

The one line answer of this question is, use skin care products for dehydrated or dry skin, which are:

You may know several products but let you know about some of the most important products that you can use for better result these are:

Scrub: Unlike many intensive products, scrub consists active ingredients to remove the impurities gently.

Cleanser: A moisturizing skin care cleanser removes all day pollutants. It is also the best option to remove make-up.

Moisturizer or Cream: A dehydrated skin care cream maintains the balance between dry or dehydrated skin to locking the equal amount of moisturizer.

Peel Off: Active enzymes containing peel off not only delivers the moisture but also eliminates the anti-aging signs which are the result of dryness.

Mask: This can be used for more than 10 minutes to plump up and refine the skin.

Night Cream: A night cream contains a number of hyaluronic acids that works with the skin overnight to get back an uneven tone.

Choosing right skin care products for dehydrated skin or even any type of skin is really a daunting task. But it is a matter of your beauty and you should not neglect it at all. Once you stop using any product and give preference to high-quality products, you will be amazed to see a wonderful change in your look.

The importance of a wedding ring to a lady

A wedding ring or band were once worn by the ancient Egyptians as a symbol of marriage. However, the earliest example of a wedding ring in the western tradition was traced back to ancient Rome and adopted by the Europeans in the middle ages. Wedding rings come in different forms and for women, this is an important subject. Wedding rings play symbolic roles on the mood of a marriage. On the surface it’s just another piece of jewelry; however, on the inside, it a fills an important gap for the partners. Wedding rings are the symbols of the mutual vows and decision to live together till eternity.

Marriage is one of the few opportunities where we all have to make vows in life. And with wedding rings serving as symbols of these vows, they have great importance in the marriage no doubt.

Before going down the aisle with any partner, you must first reflect on your life with that person. See if they are the ideal partner you have always dreamt of spending your life with. Consider if all your life goals could be met while living with that partner. Think about your happiness; this is the most important consideration. No matter what, you must walk away if you know the union will not make you happy in the long run.

Divorce rates are going higher in the American society. In many cases, separations arise from issues that were dismissed as unimportant before getting married. However, these trivial matters turned out to be the most important.

Having said these, are reminders of marriage vows. Years and decades after the wedding, wedding rings are all that is left to remind couples of the most important day in their lives. Wedding rings give assurance of love and hope. They instill confidence and make partners understand that they are not alone during hard times.

Wedding rings allow couples to celebrate love in their home. This fosters unity and mutual affection between them. And when the kids start coming, they can stick together and set examples for the kids as they grow up.

Reports obtained from relationship experts indicate that couples who wear their wedding ring less often are more prone to separation. What else could make couples refuse to wear their wedding rings? Signs like these imply that the relationship is going down.

When couples wear their wedding rings, it sends a strong signal to people outside the family they are still in love with each other. With this, it becomes virtually impossible for detractors to cause problems between them.

Wearing the wedding rings also reduce the chances of infidelities or unfaithfulness. Partners are more disposed to cheating when they do not wear their wedding rings. Since the rings portray responsibility, couples tend to act with more caution while wearing them.

The decision on how much couples should spend on buying wedding rings differs among relationship experts. While some argue that wedding rings should be expensive for them to be of high qualities, others posit that wedding rings are only symbols of love and as such couples should not break banks to have them.

However, the most important point to consider is that partners should stay within their financial limits when deciding which types of wedding rings to buy. A budget and target should be set before visiting the stores; partners should visit different stores to compare prices and get the best deal and suited rings.

While shopping for wedding rings, ask questions from the retail representative. Retail outlets do not always display their best collections. In this case, ask to be shown their best collections and negotiate before you agree to buy any ring.

In essence, wedding rings are great assets to marriages. They help to preserve love and mutual respect among couples. They are also reminders of powerful marriage vows; vows that couples will spend their lives together.

To a lady, a wedding ring is an assurances that she is loved and cherished. When men wear wedding rings, it creates a sense of happiness and trust in ladies. Ladies are emotional; they become happy when things go their way. In this regard, wedding rings help keep couples together as one. 

15 Of The Strangest New Year's Traditions Around The World

Many of us will spend New Year’s Eve eating, drinking and partying like it’s … 2017.

But there are others around the world who prefer to spice up their celebrations in a bunch of weird and wonderful ways.

When it comes to celebrating the New Year everyone has their own unique way of doing things. From throwing bread, smashing plates on friends’ doors, jumping waves to donning colorful underpants, these are 15 bizarre ways to celebrate the end of the year around the world.

1. Colombia

New Year’s in Colombia is filled with superstition and there’s a host of ways people celebrate, but perhaps the most interesting is this: As the clock strikes midnight, dash out the door with your suitcase and run once around the block. The reason? It guarantees you will have a travel-filled year!

2. Spain

At midnight on New Year’s Eve, tradition dictates you must eat 12 grapes — one at each stroke of the clock. The grapes are supposed to signify good luck for every month of the coming year.

3. South Africa

If you’re celebrating in Johannesburg, head’s up! Locals there throw old appliances out the window or off their balconies, including fridges, televisions, microwaves and even old couches. The act is meant to symbolize getting rid of the old in favor of the new.

4. Denmark

You can’t accuse the Danes of having boring New Year’s traditions. They save unused plates, dishes and glasses until the 31st of December and ring in the New Year by hurling them against the doors of their relatives and friends. Not just a mess, it’s meant to be an affectionate (though now unusable) gift from loved ones to bring luck to the coming year. They also climb on top of tables and chairs at midnight and leap off them, literally, into the New Year.

5. Central and South America

What color underpants you wear on New Year’s will determine your fate for the year ahead in countries like Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil and Venezuela. It’s considered lucky to wear special underwear on New Year’s Eve, with yellow supposed to bring in money and red meaning you will find love.

6. Bolivia

In Bolivia, coins are baked into cakes and other sweets. The person who finds the coin while eating the cake gets good luck in the next year, as well as a sugar rush.

7. Finland

In Finland, it’s tradition to predict the year by casting molten tin into a bucket of water and interpreting the shape the metal then takes when it hardens. For example, a ship is meant to signify you will travel, while a heart or ring shape means there will be wedding bells in the New Year.

8. Philippines

It’s all about round shapes in the Philippines for New Years. Anything round is supposed to represent coins and symbolize prosperity. Families will fill their tables with 12 round fruits such as grapes, oranges, cantaloupe and watermelon, each to signify a month of the year. Eating a lot of round foods means you’ll make a lot of money in the New Year.

9. Ireland

There are probably better ways to make use of your bread, but in Ireland people like to bash it against the walls and doors of their home on New Year’s to ward off evil spirits. Some also see it as a way of encouraging good luck and ensuring there will be plenty of bread available over the coming year.

10. Panama

In Panama, effigies of famous people are burned as a way to start the New Year off with good luck. The effigies can include anyone including celebrities, public figures and politicians such as Fidel Castro. Burning them represents burning the troubles and miseries of the past year and bringing in a fresh start.

11. Estonia

Estonians celebrate by filling themselves to the brim with food, eating seven, nine or 12 dishes on New Year’s Eve. The numbers are meant to bring luck, and the more you eat, the luckier you get. With every meal, it is said you will gain more strength in the coming year. 

12. Canada/US

At the stroke of midnight, it’s tradition for people to kiss someone – either a significant other or a mysterious stranger who is closest to you.  A kiss on New Year’s Eve is said to bring good fortune. Some people think that failing to kiss someone will set you up for a year of loneliness.

13. Brazil

In Brazil, revellers make their way to the beach. When midnight comes around, they jump seven waves to bring good luck and honor the Goddess of the Sea, Iemanja. Some people also set little boats with flowers, jewelry and other gifts into the water. If the offers float out to sea instead of being brought back to shore by the waves, Iemanja will reward them with a year of good luck.

14. Japan

In Japan, people dress up as the zodiac animal of the upcoming year – 2017 is the Year of the Rooster. They also head to a local temple where the bell is rung 108 times, a sacred number.

15. Romania

Romanians participate in a 2,000-year-old tradition which involves dressing up as bears and dancing around to scare off bad spirits. They believe bears will protect them and ensure they have a prosperous New Year. The festival, called Ursul, originated from an ancient Indo-European tribe who believed bears were sacred.

Do you have any unusual ways of celebrating New Year’s or any special traditions? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. If you enjoyed this story, please share via the social media buttons!

How to market your painting business online

One of the best ways to reach out to existing and prospective customers is through adequate presence on the Internet. Marketing entails taking information about your products and services to where the people are, and their current location is the Internet. Recent reports have shown that only 2 percent of people in the United States do not have access to the Internet, even though about 13 percent do not use Internet services. This implies that marketing your products and services on the Internet gives you a prospect of reaching a minimum of 87 percent of people in the United States. No other means of advertisement including newspaper, magazine, television and radio gives you such opporutnity. This also applies to individuals who are into painting business, including those who manufacture and sell paints as well as painters. Here are some ways to market your painting business online.

Social media is presently a very important advertising outlet, as hundreds of millions of people around the world currently operate a social media account. The current population of people on social networks is put at 1.96 billion and by 2018, 2.5 billion people are expected to be on social media. Over 75 percent of Americans have a social media account. This shows the importance of advertising your painting business online. What is more, you can easily reach all of these people for free, through posts on your account. There is also the option of paid adverts you can exploit for social media advertising as well.

Any business that does not have a web presence in the form of a website is still living in the past. Websites are very important as they come in handy in reaching out to people, who use the Internet. This people include 40 percent of people all over the world and 87 percent of people in the United States. All of these people could easily get information about your painting business through your website. From your website, you can easily convince them about patronizing your business. You will also to able to give them additional information about your business and how they can contact you. In most cases, you should have links to your website from your social media account and vice versa. For instance, the website of V.P.S. Paints ( http://www.vpspaint.com/painters-in-greensboro-nc) have helped to serve as an important marketing means for its painting business.

The use of blogs and posting of articles related to your business also comes in handy while advertising your business online. When you write quality articles that are search engine optimized, you can easily attract a lot of prospective customers. Your quality articles shows that you have knowledge, experience and that you are also passionate about your business. There are several people who go to the Internet to look for companies that are involved in painting. When they search the Internet for ‘painting business companies’, your search engine optimized article would come up, leading them to your website. If your website is the most convincing when compared to other companies’ websites they checked, then you will have just won for your company, a customer. Your articles should, therefore, be of very high quality and your website should load quickly, be very convincing, easy to navigate and professional. These are some of the things prospective customers look out for before making orders.

Having a platform where people who have patronized you can review the quality of your service will also go a long way in promoting your painting business online. People want to see reviews from people that have patronized you before taking the same decision. They want to be sure that they will not be making a mistake when they patronize you. They will, therefore, want to take a cue from the experiences of other people. When you have a lot of positive reviews on the Internet, new customers will be able to trust that they will also have a very positive experience with you. You should therefore deliver quality services to your customers and give them the opportunity to tell others about your good services on the Internet.

In conclusion, one of the best ways to make a lot of progress in your painting business is by marketing your painting business on the Internet. To achieve this, you should maintain an active social media account, have a professional website, has a section of your website or a blog where you post quality articles about your business. Lastly, you should deliver quality products and services, while encouraging satisfied customers to review you online.

Top Things To Do When You're In Puri

Puri, the small city in the eastern part of India is proud to house the Lord of this universe Shri Jagannath. The place is one part of the Golden Triangle in Odisha, other two parts are Bhubaneswar and Konark. It’s one of the Char Dhams (Four Pilgrimage Sites) of Hindu religion. These four places are deemed as highly sacred to visit in one’s lifetime.

Not only from India, people from other distant countries come to this holy place to take blessings from Lord Jagannath and to enjoy in the resplendent Puri beach.

Puri is just 60 kms away from the capital city Bhubaneswar and there is excellent communication facility by road or by train.

So if you’re in Odisha or planning to visit, and want to visit Puri for the first time, then like everyone you might get confused what are the things that you should do to enjoy the maximum.

Here are the top things you must do when you’re in Puri.

Explore the Attractive places

i. The 65-meter-high and 700 years old monumental structure of the Lord Jagannath temple is the biggest attraction of Puri. If you want to witness the Rath Yatra or Car festival which is the grandest festival celebrated here then visit in the month of June or July.

ii. Apart from the Lord Jagannath temple, there are many other famous temples in Puri such as Lokanath temple, Sakshi Gopal temple, Gundicha temple, Alaranatha temple, Mausima temple etc. Thousands of Hindu pilgrims throng to these places and seek blessings from the deities and find peace.

iii. Embrace the natural beauty in Chilika, the largest brackish water lagoon of India as well as in Asia sprawled over an area of massive 1100 sqkm. Take a glimpse of the beautiful migratory and indigenous birds, watch the Irrawaddy Dolphins while cruising on the blue sparkling water. Also explore Goddess Kalijai temple which is in the spectacular Kalijai Island.

iv. Give a treat to your eye by visiting Konark Sun temple, the 13th century architectural marvel. This UNESCO world heritage site is a sight to behold.

Enjoy The Beautiful Beaches

i. Puri beach is undoubtedly one of the best and famous beaches in Odisha as well as India due to its religious importance. Spend some solitude moments in the evening to gain inner peace and bust out the stresses and melancholy within you. Take a dip in the twinkling water of the ocean or have a sunbath in the yellow sands.

ii. Ramchandi beach is another famous beach in odisha to lead a perfect beach holiday. Unwind yourself in this pleasant and serene place. Also watch the unparalleled view of the Sunrise and Sunset.

iii. Balighai beach is an unexplored but charming picturesque beach in Odisha. The virgin golden sands along with the casuarina trees make the place a perfect retreat for the couples and families. If you’re traveling in winter time, get a chance to see the rare Olive Ridley turtles and migratory birds.

iv. Visit to the mesmerizing Beleswar beach to enjoy some cosy private moments. It’s a favorite beach destination for those who want a less crowded and secluded place.

Relax In Sea View Hotels

i. After a long flight, train, or road journey everyone needs a comfortable place to take rest and get relaxed for some time before starting to explore attractive places nearby.

ii. This holy city is dotted with innumerable hotels and resorts. So, finding the right kind of hotel according to your demand is an overwhelming experience. So it’s always a better choice to research about your selected hotels about the authenticity and pre-book them to avoid congestion on that day of arriving.

iii. Staying in the best sea-facing hotel in Puri will give you wonderful travel memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

iv. Take a quick dip in the blue water of the hotel swimming pool, do workout in the modern gym center, and enjoy the sip of hot black coffee while viewing the scenic sea beach right from your hotel window.

Shop Handicrafts & Rare Souvenirs

i. Apart from its religious importance and beach experience, Puri is also a place that offers a lot of exciting shopping opportunities for the visitors or pilgrims to quench their shopping thirst. Traditional woven sarees are famous here. Take a silk, Bomkai, Paspali, or Ikat saree according to your favorite color. Also buy the shells and oyster items.

ii. Famous handicraft items include silver filigrees, horn work, coir products, metal ware, wooden statues, papier mache masks, solapith and many more. Utkalika, Sudarshan workshop, Pattachitra center, Priyadarshini, Sun crafts are the designated shops to buy these beautiful souvenirs.

iii. Raghurajpur art and crafts village in Puri is famous for its exquisite pattachitra paintings. Take home these rare handicrafts items such as palm leaf engravings, stone carvings and tusser paintings.

iv. Visit to Pipli which is famous for the appliques work. Shop one of these delicately designed utility products and decorative pieces like applique garden & beach umbrellas, canopies, blinds etc.


Give Your Taste buds a Perfect Treat

i. You’re in Puri and returning home with an unsatisfied tummy not sounds good, perhaps you’ve not started your journey. As it’s the abode of Lord Jagannath and Goddess Laxmi, there couldn’t be any scarcity of delicious foods.

ii. Inside the Lord Jagannath temple, taste the Mahaprasad which is better known as the Chapan Bhog (56 food items). Different kinds of delectable 56 dishes are offered to the Lord of the Universe everyday. Enjoy the pure Satvik divine launch (Abhada) which is available at a very reasonable price in the Ananda Bazaar. Also try the famous “Tanka Torani” available in that same place.

iii. If you love sweets, then Puri is the place. Local made traditional sweets like Chhena Poda, Rabri, Chhena Jhili, Rasabali, Rasagolla, Kheera, MaalPuaa are widely available in numerous stalls at Bada Danda (Grand road). Savor them and also get the taste of Puri famous “Khaja” that is available right in front of the entrance of the temple.

iv. Sea foods are abundantly available in Puri. In the evening time if you’re in the puri beach, then you can see there are number of stalls selling freshly fried seafood like varieties of fish, prawn, and crab dishes.

Activities & Festivals That Will lift Your Mood

i. There are also lot of fun activities you can do in this holy city. Take pleasure of boating on the large expanse of sparkling water of the Bay of the Bengal. The undying beauty of this charming place will lift your mood for sure.

ii. Also you can do fishing by interacting with the local fisherman if you want. If you love adventurous activities, go for surfing, water biking, snorkeling, rafting, wind surfing, jet-skiing, scuba diving and banana boat rides in the Ramchandi and Puri beach.

iii. Take part in the Beach, dance, and surf festivals that are arranged every year in between the month of November to February. Puri beach festival is celebrated in such a grand way on the Puri beach that you can’t afford to miss it. Here get to see and enjoy the international level sand arts, rock concerts, cultural programs, classical and folk dance performances and fashion shows.

iv. Visit Konark to enjoy the Konark Dance & Music festival which is celebrated every year in the world famous Konark Sun temple. Feel the magic of the spellbound classical and traditional dance forms there. Also take part in the India surf festival which is the biggest surf festival in India. Do surfing, Stand Up Paddle, Yoga on water and other adventurous water sports and if you’re beginner, get chance to learn from the dedicated workshops arranged by the international experts.

Vacations are made to enjoy the fullest and to relieve from the monotonous workload of life. But, the fact is that unless you know the details what are the things you should do in a particular place, no matter how much enchanting the place may be, it’s sure that you’ll skip a lot of beautiful things in your costly journey. Moreover, it’ll be a bitter feeling if you get to know about them after reaching your home.

Follow the above tips I bet as long as you’re in Puri, you’ll not feel bored for a single moment until you yourself want to spend some boring times.

How can we boost the brain function as we age?

As we start aging, the mental faculties of our brain start decreasing. Studies by the University College of London found a decrease of 3.6 percent of mental reasoning in both the men and women as they reach 45 to 49. These results are quite disheartening for the people who still have a long way to go in their respective careers and profession. But, the latest studies as published in the Journal of Alzheimer Diseases shows that by doing weekly yoga and daily meditation can increase memory power including the reduction in depression, Alzheimer, and other related mental problems.

Brain also constitutes of Gray matter which are found towards the surface of cerebral corpus and involved in the control of the muscles, sensory perceptions, emotions, speech, decision-making,  and self-control.  20 percent of the oxygen goes into the brain out of which 95percent enters the gray area. The more is the gray matter in the brain, the more your brain functions and you increase the ability to think and make correct evaluations of your decisions. Hatha yoga and other physical postures and pranayama increase the gray matter in the brain and helps the aging people in coping with the stress, aging process and memory retention.  

Several studies have been conducted demonstrating considerable improvement in the mental functioning with yoga rather than any other form of exercise schedule. The study by Neha Gothe, a profession of kinesiology at Wayne State University found participants performing Hatha yoga are better in brain function tests regarding mental flexibility, switching of tasks etc as compared to the participants performing aerobic exercises.

In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra it is mentioned “yoga chitta vritti nirodha”, this famous verse can be translated as “yoga is the reduction of fluctuations of the mind”.  Yoga and other meditation techniques like Kirtan Kriya are best to bolster the cognitive function of the brain and to protect it from age-related decline.

Here are few basic yoga poses that are best for boosting the brain functioning:

Sarvangasana: This asana increases the blood supply to the brain and helps in building the memory. Lie towards your back. Inhale and raise both your legs straight upwards. Support your back with your hands. Remain in this position for two minutes and come down slowly. Gradually increase its timing, say for 30 minutes.

Padmasana: It is a very simple yoga posture but best to give peace to the mind and enhance the mental power. For doing this pose, you only need to sit cross-legged on the ground with spine straight as shown in the picture. Keep the palms on your knees, close your eyes and relax. You will yourself feel mentally and physically relaxed and mental power increased.

Sukhasana: It stimulates the brain by soothing the mind, body, and soul. Sit straight and spread your legs forward, now keep your left sole towards the inner edge of the right thigh and right sole towards the left thigh as shown in the picture. Place your palms on the knees and concentrate on your breathing with your closed eyes. Sit in this position for few minutes.

 Garudasana:  This balance posture helps in increase in focus and concentration. In fact, this pose derives its name from the Hindu God, Garuda which is known for its strength, focus, and power.

To perform this pose, stand straight with your both feet together and hands on your hips and look for a steady point.  Bend your knees and cross your right leg across your left thigh and hook it behind the left calf.  Then cross your arms, and locked against each other and try to join the palms. In this posture, always remember to keep your spine straight and focus and deep through your nose.

Paschimottanasana:  This asana helps to calm your mind. To perform this pose, stretch your legs straight in front of you with your toes pointing upwards. Inhale, open your chest and straighten your spine. Then exhale and hold your palms together outside the feet. You can also keep your palms on your shins, or use a strap. Remember to take deep breaths, and as you exhale you will feel you have entered in your posture.

Nadi Shoddana Pranayama: Just five minutes of Nadi Shoddana Pranayama and the difference you will feel will be amazing. You will get clear, calm and focused mind. It is a complete yoga therapy that can increase your energy level and makes you relax whenever you feel anxious. Sit in a relaxed and comfortable position. Press your right thumb over your right nostril and inhale through left nostril. After the inhalation, press your left nostril with the right finger and exhale through the right nostril. Continue to do it for 3 minutes. When you have done it, allow your breath to come back to normal and notice the changes.

Shashankasana:  Sharpen your brain by regularly doing this pose. Sit comfortably on your heels while keeping back and your neck straight. Bend your body over the thighs so that your forehead touches the mat.

Along with the yoga, a rich diet that includes green vegetables, fruits and omega 3 are the best for memory and above all keep smiling.

How New Year's Resolutions Affect Business

By Tricia Drevets

Each December, people all over the world make resolutions for the coming year. The custom of making a vow for the New Year dates back 4,000 years when the Babylonians promised things to the gods in the hope of engendering good favor.

After Julius Caesar developed a new solar-based calendar, he named its first month January after the god Janus. With his two faces, Janus could look back over the past year and look forward to the New Year at the same time. Romans exchanged gifts, such as branches from sacred trees and coins imprinted with Janus’s head, to celebrate the New Year.

According to an article in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, about half of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. Popular New Year’s resolutions are  losing weight, exercising, spending more time with family, eating better, quitting smoking and saving/earning more money.

These common resolutions tend to be great pick-me-ups for certain businesses.

Weight loss

According to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA), 12 percent of new health club and gym members join in January. In 2015, Americans spent an estimated $62 billion on health club memberships, according to the market research firm, Marketdata Enterprises.

However, not everyone sticks with their exercise goals. A study published in the International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology revealed that roughly 50 percent of those new members drop out within the first six months.

During most times of the year, one-fifth of a health club or gym’s members usually are inactive, according to IHRSA.

To meet that losing weight or eating healthier goal, Americans spent about nearly $30 billion each year on diet beverages, prepackaged diet meals and artificial sweeteners and more than $3 billion on weight-loss programs, according to Marketdata.

Stop smoking

It seems like you would save money when you quit smoking, but most people spend at least some money when they try to stop. Less than 10 percent of smokers quit on their own, according to Dr. Anne M. Joseph, a professor at the University of Minnesota who studies smoking habits.

Last year, Americans spent about $522 million on over-the-counter nicotine replacement products such as skin patches, gum and lozenges. Early January sales of these products typically increase by about 40 percent.

Saving more money

With end-of year taxes to consider, many people focus on saving money as a New Year’s goal. As a result, January is a busy time for financial planners and accountants.

One of the ways to keep your budgeting resolution is with the use of technology. Many financial planners recommend automating your money as much as possible. One way to do this is by setting up automatic withdrawals from your checking account into your savings account.

Another way of keeping financially on track in the coming year is to open a savings account at a different institution than where you have your checking account. This practice adds another step that could help when you are tempted to dip into your savings.

Spending more time with family

Balancing our work and home lives is a challenge of the 21st century. With technology, it is difficult to be “out of reach” to clients and customers even when we are supposed to be at home relaxing.

According to American psychologist Abraham Maslow, known for creating Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, we humans have a pyramid of needs that must be met in order for us to function optimally. 

Our careers keep us mentally active and productive and provide the income for food, clothing and shelter. Our personal relationships, however, offer us the love, security and companionship we need to thrive.

Maslow contended that we need both aspects of our lives to be in balance in order for us to be healthy and at our best.

How to make a resolution you will keep

Research on resolutions that work and those that fail indicates that the more specific you are with the wording of your goal, the more successful you will be at meeting it. Instead of just saying you want to exercise more, break the goal into attainable steps.  “I will walk to and from the train station three times a week” or “I will cut out my afternoon coffee” are two examples.

Here are some other tips for success.

  • Write down your goal. Whether you use pen and paper or your laptop or phone is up to you. The point is that putting your resolution down in words helps make it more of a commitment.
  • Team up with a like-minded friend. If you are exercising or planning healthy meals with a buddy, you can both motivate and support each other.
  • Realize that mistakes happen. A slip up now and then does not mean you are a failure. If you sneak a cigarette, miss a run or eat some ice cream, you don’t have to abandon your entire plan. Just pick up where you left off and begin again.
  • Reward Yourself. Keeping a challenging resolution takes hard work and perseverance. That is why some studies show that only 8 percent of us keep them. Treat yourself to something fun when you meet a mini goal. It can be anything from a bouquet of flowers, to a new water bottle, to a nature hike. Positive reinforcement will encourage you to keep going.
  • Rid yourself of the negativity. Do you have naysayers in your life who are undermining your efforts? We all know people who encourage us to skip the workout or to eat that extra helping. Let these people know that they are discouraging you from meeting your goal and ask for their support. If they still fail to give it, limit your time with them.

Are You Ready to Hire the App Marketing Agency for your New Application?

Inferable with its worldwide audience base, today each business track the benefits of effective mobile app development and target the mobile application market with their new business app. However, with the effectiveness of your business application, the other factor that influences the success of your business application is ‘effective marketing and promotion’ of your app. With the highlighted perks of the popularity of the app market, there are the demerits of tough competition. Thus, highlighting the importance of hiring the best app marketing agency for your app promotion.

App marketing being one of the most important factors deciding the success of your mobile application has to be employed in the rightest manner, and thus the rightest of times so as to hit the iron hard just when it is hot. With the technical expertise and professionalism that most of the mobile app marketing companies claim, the main point of concern remains the right time of the employment of the app marketing strategies.

Based on various studies, it is suggested that companies should opt for an early employment of app marketing services so as to get an advantage of creating an audience base prior to the launch of the application. On the other hand, there may be many demerits of early deployment of app marketing services, which may include an unplanned move towards marketing and thus failing to achieve the marketing goals due to lack of readiness. As a result, each organization has its own list of factors that decides its readiness towards the concern of right time of deployment of mobile app marketing services.

Effectively tracking the importance of the concern through an explicit analysis, we here guide you through the various parameters that help you know the right time of hiring an app marketing agency for your new business application. These parameters are-

1) Market Research:

One of the most important parameters that decide the appropriateness of the time you choose to start with your app marketing campaign is ‘Market Research’. If without a proper market research of your app market, you opt for an early hiring of the mobile app marketing agency, you are likely to face a failed marketing campaign and loss of investment. The market research factor includes knowing the-

Target audience

List of keywords to be focused

Popular categories

USPs of your competitors over you and vice-versa

With this analysis in your hand, you are now ready and can discuss the marketing strategy well with your app marketing service provider.

2) Dedicated Centre of Ideas:

Before hiring a mobile app marketing company for your business, you need to decide – who will be the main dedicated centre of ideas? Whether you have your list of ideas to be implemented by the app marketing agency or you want them to create and implement the marketing ideas for you? These questions need to be well thought and answered before making the hiring process. Here generally the firms with long-term marketing business partners generally let their app marketing partner decide and implement the marketing ideas. While if you are hiring a new app marketing company your prior market research will help you discuss your marketing ideas with him.


3) Readiness of Your Team:

Before you go for the mobile app marketing services you need to know whether your team is ready for the change and will support the required marketing operations on their side. With this, you also need to judge the technical expertise required by your team to add a functional support to the marketing campaign and ask the app marketing agency to train them for the same.

4) Coordination between the App Marketing team and the App Development Team:

Often overlooked, there needs to be a strict coordination between the app development and the marketing teams so as to know the effective intervals of promotion and the USPs that needs to be highlighted. Here, businesses providing a one-stop solution for both the app development and app marketing services promise a high success rate for your business application.

5) Knowing the actual App Release Date:

In order to target the mobile app market with a well-scheduled marketing campaign, you need to know the important dates like the actual app release date. A priorly decided app launch date can help you with announcements in the Tech World and earn enough space for the popularity of your app prior to its actual release. With this, you can hire the preferred mobile app marketing agency at the time of Beta testing, where you can get hold of the customer feedback and judge the values of the app based on the genuine customer feedback. Here a professional app marketing team based on the feedbacks can develop the marketing strategies for your business application and implement them accordingly at the right time.

A deep analysis of your business in coordination with the above parameters will help you to decide your readiness or the right time to hire app marketing agency for your new business application. With this exercise done, you can avail our peerless mobile app marketing services, just by connecting with us at – info@technologymindz.com