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He falls in love with the town and gains a great deal of acceptance within the tightly knit community. Cooper displays an array of quirky, sometimes almost childlike mannerisms, such as giving a "thumbs up" when satisfied, sage-like sayings often inspired by his fascination with Tibet , and a distinctive sense of humor, along with his love for cherry pie and "a damn fine cup of coffee.

Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes into a microcassette recorder he carries with him. He becomes deeply involved with the inhabitants of Twin Peaks, and remains in town after the resolution of the Laura Palmer case, especially once his nemesis and former partner Windom Earle starts menacing the town in order to exploit its supernatural properties.

He is also an original member of the Blue Rose Task Force and by , is the only member who has not disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Truman to the point where Truman punches him. He also fights with Doc Hayward and harshly disparages the local police and medical facilities, showing respect only to his FBI colleagues, at least at first.

He warms up to the townsfolk as the series progresses, going so far as to hug Truman when returning to the town to help with their hunt for Windom Earle , but does not lose his sharp and sardonic manner. Albert has a minor role in Twin Peaks: He also appears briefly in The Autobiography of F.

My Life, My Tapes , under the entry recorded on February 4, He later discloses to Cole that he was apparently contacted by Jeffries, which resulted in the death of an agent stationed in Colombia. Desmond is introduced to his new partner, Special Agent Sam Stanley , and receives coded clues in the form of Lil the Dancer. Desmond and Stanley then begin their investigation by driving to a rural town called Deer Meadow.

A few days into the investigation, Desmond mysteriously disappears after picking up a ring later seen to be owned by the Man from Another Place. Desmond is briefly mentioned in the series, where he is revealed to have been one of the original members of the Blue Rose Task Force, alongside Cooper, Phillip Jeffries, and Albert Rosenfield.

Gordon Cole mentions that he cracked the Whitman case. He is portrayed as being somewhat stiff and inflexible, in contrast to the laid-back demeanor of Desmond; at one point Desmond manages to make Stanley spill coffee on himself when he asks what time it is noticing that Stanley is holding his cup with his watch hand.

He speaks into his dictaphone: Phillip Jeffries In Twin Peaks: He mentions names and incidents that are unfamiliar to those listening. His words are illustrated by the intrusion of a ghost transmission showing a small group of characters, including The Man From Another Place and BOB , in a series of strange rooms.

Albert Rosenfield also informs Cole that he was contacted by an individual claiming to be Jeffries, which led to the killing of an agent stationed in Colombia. With the death of Bowie, Jeffries is depicted as a grey orb right by a giant steaming kettle in a room above the convenience store. He is very hard of hearing wearing large hearing aids and thus speaks very loudly. He often misunderstands what is said to him and replies with comically inappropriate responses.

The conversation continues as normal, with the issue remaining unsolved. While in Twin Peaks, Cooper and Cole go to the Double R Diner where he is smitten by waitress Shelly Johnson , whom he claims he can hear perfectly well, although it is implied he is merely flirting with Shelly.

Shelly, being ignored by her boyfriend Bobby Briggs at the time, is shocked yet pleased by his attention, and upon his imminent departure they share a kiss, to the chagrin of Bobby, who happens to show up at that moment. Cole uses a coded language , in the attire and gestures of Lil the Dancer , to inform the agents of what to expect in their investigation. Cole and Phillip Jeffries investigated the first "blue rose" case, where a woman was killed by another woman who looked exactly like her, and uttered the phrase before her body disappeared.

By , Cole has become the FBI Deputy Director, and obtains improved hearing aids, resulting in fewer instances of him misunderstanding others. When at their maximum volume, Cole is able to speak quietly and hold private conversations, although he only occasionally raises the volume of the hearing aids as loud noises hurt his ears.

Bryson changed her name to Denise for the purpose of the operation, and retained it afterwards, finding it comfortable. Cooper quickly determines that the "Mountie" accusing him is himself involved in drug dealing with Jean Renault and Hank Jennings.

It is implied that her presence in the agency made other agents uncomfortable, but they were berated by Gordon Cole, something Bryson remains grateful to Cole for.

She also comes to fully embrace her female identity. She makes her first physical appearance in the series, played by Chrysta Bell. She is featured in the original series as an unseen character , receiving recordings addressed to her from Cooper that he creates during his investigations. Diane makes her first physical appearance in the series, played by Laura Dern. Her body promptly disappears after her death and her spirit is destroyed in the Black Lodge. The tulpa also says that Diane is the estranged half-sister of Janey-E Jones, who married the decoy Cooper replaces in his return to the natural realm.

The real Diane Evans is revealed to be trapped in the body of Naido in Part Fire Walk with Me. Harry is in love with the fragile Josie Packard , and is also one of the Bookhouse Boys. Harry and Cooper hit it off almost from the start. Harry is down-to-earth and plain-spoken, which often sharply contrasts with the eccentric Cooper and his unconventional methods of policing, fascination with Tibet, dreams, etc.

Harry regards Cooper as somewhat eccentric but well-meaning. In early episodes, Harry serves to introduce Cooper and hence the viewer to the more prominent residents of Twin Peaks. Harry states that he begins to feel that he is Dr. Despite their differences, Truman represents a literary alternate to Cooper: He regards Cooper as "the finest lawman he has ever known". Harry shares his name with Harry S. Truman , the 33rd President of the United States.

A picture of President Truman appears in his office. When she dies suddenly after murdering Thomas Eckhardt, Harry falls into a deep depression and takes to drinking. Following this, Harry resumes being the dedicated partner to Cooper he was before.

When Cooper disappears into the Black Lodge Harry tirelessly waits for hours, until his sudden reappearance. By , Harry is afflicted with an unidentified illness that renders him unable to serve as sheriff. His duties are assumed by his older brother Frank, who comes out of retirement after a prior tenure as Twin Peaks sheriff. Andy is a bit slow, even "dimwitted", and very sensitive, tending to cry at murder scenes.

He is also very loyal and trustworthy, prompting a disparaging comparison to a dog by Albert Rosenfield. She, however, has grown tired of him, and seeks adventure by seeing Dick Tremayne.

Not much is revealed of Andy during the show, except through physical comedy, such as his inadequacy at handling guns and sticky tape. However, Andy improves his gun skills at the range, later shooting Jacques Renault when he tries to go for Sheriff Truman.

In the pilot, he is revealed as a trumpeter , albeit not a very good one. Following the events of the original series, Andy marries Lucy and they raise their son Wally together.

When Deputy Chief Hawk receives an ominous clue from Margaret Lanterman in , he attempts to help Hawk solve the clue, but is unable to do so. Andy later investigates the death of a boy who was killed by Richard Horne in a hit-and-run incident.

He is a Native American , but it is not made clear to which nation he belongs, although during a discussion as to whether or not Tommy believes in the soul he references Blackfoot Indian mysticism to Special Agent Dale Cooper. He is usually referred to as "Hawk" because of his excellent tracking skills, which extend beyond animal and human tracks to those of cars and trucks. Hawk is also at one point shown to be a skilled knife-thrower.

He is clearly aware of the supernatural presence in the woods of Twin Peaks and also discusses with Cooper his belief in a direct connection to Native American spirituality. He is also the first person to verbally express to the viewers as well as to Cooper what the White Lodge and Black Lodge are. One of the Bookhouse Boys and an all-around dependable guy, he saves the lives of both Truman and Cooper on more than one occasion.

He has an unseen girlfriend named Diane Shapiro who is a local veterinarian with a PhD from Brandeis. Hawk is promoted to Deputy Chief by and receives an ominous clue from Margaret Lanterman that he is told is connected to his heritage.

She is seeing deputy sheriff Andy Brennan, until they have an argument. Lucy gets pregnant, which turns out to be the reason why she and Andy have been fighting. The paternity of the child is called into question when Andy reveals that he cannot be the father of the baby, due to low sperm count. He gets retested and finds out that he in fact could have been the father. This includes adopting "Little Nicky" through the Big Brothers program. After some particularly rude behavior from Dick, Lucy decides not to wait for the baby to be born in order to determine paternity and chooses Andy as the father of her child.

The Twin Peaks Tapes of Agent Cooper which compiled many of the recorded diary entries of Cooper that had been featured in the first season and the beginning of the second, along with specially recorded entries including several taking place prior to the pilot episode. Lucy and Andy ultimately marry and raise their son, Wally.

Formerly retired, he returns to the position after his younger brother Harry is stricken with cancer. Frank has a difficult relationship with his wife Doris, who is prone to emotional outbursts and frequently berates him. This behavior began after the death of their son, who committed suicide after serving in the military.

He is also shown to be corrupt, having ties with Richard Horne, who bribes him. After Richard kills a boy in a hit-and-run accident, Chad intercepts a letter identifying Richard as the driver. His corruption is eventually uncovered by Sheriff Truman, who has him arrested and his badge taken away.

Report link Open in NEW window Official Site Videos Popups Rate Link. Lucy Beale is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera character was played by Eva Brittin-Snell (from to ), Casey Anne Rothery (from until ), Melissa Suffield (from to ), and Hetti Bywater (from until the character's demise in and again in for a flashback episode). Lucy was .

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