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FlashApply is a different from some traditional payday loan providers because we aim to be more socially responsible than many payday loan institutions. Given that the new Xbox One X supports 4K that makes the screen sharper, sports HDR10 for more lifelike pictures and runs smoother owing to the higher FPS, the pressure for an even powerful console hangs on Xbox 2. There are several questions that might be emerging in your mind right now, such as, what will the new Xbox 2 be like?

Will it even be called Xbox 2? This brings us to the following question: What happens in the industry will largely be responsible for what comes in the Xbox 2. And here we delve into the Xbox 2 features. But before we get to that, there is one major question facing us that makes us wonder if we ever will see the Xbox 2 the way we think we will see it.

The fact is, many console manufacturers look appear to be doing away with the full upgrade system entirely. Nintendo, for instance, does not believe in generational upgrades, and many believe that Microsoft might be following along the same lines. However, Sony officials having announced that they will not be giving up on their generational upgrades any time soon, which basically confirms that the PlayStation 5 is definitely happening.

The company also said that the PS5 would be a step necessary for the company to move forward. But at the same time, we wonder what shape we will see the Xbox 2 take up. We saw Microsoft focusing on a slimmer design and much better graphics- two of the features that we can expect to see being improved in leaps and bounds by the time the Xbox 2 release date rolls out.

Since the Xbox One X is not much of an improvement in the design sphere, the Xbox 2 will be quite different to the most recent console too. Microsoft has reportedly been considering the eradication of the box-type outlook for the console and is supposedly inching towards something a little more tech-savvy.

The Xbox Two has been in the news quite a number of times recently stressing on the specific fact that the console might be a portable one. One field where light-weightiness is a significant factor. Microsoft is going to great lengths to make the console more visually appealing along with the obvious incorporation of killer specs in it. In the gaming industry, 4K gaming is the new in-thing with more devices rolled out to be 4K compatible offering consumers a truly enriching viewing experience.

With the PS5 well far from its propped release date, there is n doubt about the fact that the Xbox Two will be the first console ever to offer gamers a true 4K gaming experience.

The upcoming console from Microsoft has been confirmed to feature 6 teraflops trillion floating point operations per second of graphical computing performance as well as an eight-core AMD APU making it perfectly compatible to successfully support gaming in the highest resolution specification possible.

VR Compatibility Virtual Reality is everywhere right now with even the latest smartphones getting VR compatibility allowing users to dive into the virtual world owning nothing more than a VR headset and this same technology is making its way into the console gaming industry significantly. Considering the fact, that the Xbox Two will find its way to the market by , the beast console is surely slated to feature 4K gaming as has been confirmed by the company during their Project Scorpio announcement.

This property on the Xbox Two will allow users to play previously saved games Xbox and Xbox One on the upcoming new console as well. The confirmation of the feature came from Xbox engineering lead Mike Ybarra on Twitter yesterday. Coming to storage, the Xbox Two , quite naturally will be rolled out in two different variants of varying storage size-one offering GB of hard drive space while the more expensive one offering 1 TB.

Xbox 2 Wish List: What would be an absolutely groundbreaking development in the Xbox 2 would be if the console was voice operable for the users who would be able to switch the console and off as well as verbally change settings instead of rummaging with either the console or the controller.

With the Xbox 2 pegged to be a revolutionary device of the future, it will not be a very big ask for the company to roll out specific controllers for games of different genres in the Xbox Two. Naturally, video games range from a variety of genres today from Sport to action to RPG and Strategy and some of these bigger genres require specifically optimized controllers for the best performance output.

The tech company who are already pegged to design a state-of-the art controller for their new console might very well roll out two more keeping in mind different player requisites like analogue spacing, analogue flexibility and feather-touch buttons. Are you planning to buy xbox gaming console and games use the best black friday deals and great discount.

There was a gap of 3 years, 5 months and 27 days between both of their release. Xbox One was released on November 22, This means that the gap was even large this time between Xbox One and Xbox release date with a time period of 8 years, 6 months and 10 days between them.

The high-end version of Xbox One is set for a roll out in November As for the release date of Xbox 2, there is no official confirmation, but in order to speculate when the console could use possible launch, we need to look at the launch pattern of both Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Every Xbox console has a life span of a few years, normally 3 to 4 years before Microsoft decides to launch a new console. Therefore we think Microsoft could be aiming at a release for Xbox 2.

While there is no official notification from Microsoft to corroborate this, rumors from trusted sources indicate that the Xbox 2 is already in the making. This is unsurprising, as console manufacturers usually start pursuing the next generation of upgrades right around the time they release a new device.

So if we have to look at it like that, then it is easy to surmise that Microsoft might have started planning the Xbox 2 release date since the launch of Xbox One. Recent rumors, however, state that the new console upgrade from Microsoft is currently in active development. So in the end, we wonder what this new console currently under development will be like, and if it will at all be called the Xbox 2. In any case, the rumors hint that it could be out within the next few years. So, possible Xbox 2 Release Date is How Much Will It Cost After all has been said and done, one of the biggest and most pressing points of interest has to be the matter of the Xbox 2 price.

To tell the truth, Microsoft has always priced their consoles a little steep. But at the same time, the company has failed to capture the market with the Xbox consoles the way their rivals over at Sony have with the PlayStation. So coming to the Xbox 2 price, Microsoft needs to set a price that will be comparable with their rival. But to determine a possible price for the upcoming console will be a tough job, particularly because of two pre-existing, and inter-related, factors.

Firstly, the Xbox 2 is not expected to be launched before or even Secondly, that same window is said to the time when we will see the PlayStation 5 console - something that creators Sony have already confirmed. Now one pointer to consider while determining the price of Xbox 2 is the Xbox One X. Moreover, the market in will be much more receptive towards the emerging 4K trend, making the process of implementing the technology much cheaper.

Aug 21, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is finally leaving Xbox One Game Preview, and the full game will be released September 4. PUBG will see the addition of War Mode, a team deathmatch mode complete. List of Xbox One Games release dates. Login with Facebook. Sign Up Forgot Password.

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