128 tick cs go matchmaking

But tick what CSGO currently has results in a lot of shots fired by players not hitting their target. The bullets basicly disappear. A video showing tick: No insults in the thread, nothing offensive. How is it against the rules to ask for tick? My thread might be considered "spam" as others also asked for tick. But is that enough reason for a forumban, just asking for tick? Most likely it was an emotional ban from the forummod because srsly Probably I was just the victim of the mods rage against people asking for tick I know more people ask for it.

Then that account got forumbanned too, for longer. He later kind of admitted that the forumban was kind of an overkill. So he reported my profile his words, dunno exact what he did. So the next day I log in and All I did was making ONE thread asking for tick. I think I just became a victim of mod rage.

And this ban has come at the most important part of the year: All because I asked for tick Can you believe it? I went from an ambassador of Steam to a hater I just wanted to share my experience.

Have any of you guys had something similar happen to you? Because one month community ban is too rediculous for words for making a tick thread. When I had a billing issue I had received a reply after 24h. For this, will I even get a reply?

CS:GO console commands, launch options, and configs Most matchmaking servers run at a tickrate of 64, which is the default for local games you host offline. particularly on tick servers. We are tired of tickrate servers in competitive matchmaking servers on CS:GO. We want to make a change to the community and we want it now. Tired of not hitting those head shots when it's so obvious that it would hit in tick.

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Absolutely agree with you. In this there is something and it seems to me a good idea. I agree with you.