Dating and strict parents

Give her a time-out? Take away a prized possession? What about your fifth grader who is not doing well in school and refuses to do his homework -- do you take away his television or video privileges? And what do you do when your teen starts missing curfew? Discipline dilemmas plague all parents. How can you tell if you are taking your discipline techniques too far or not far enough?

Short, PhD, associate director of the Schubert Center at Case Western Reserve University, says, "In America, we tend not to be strict enough, and everyone wants to be friends with kids. You make too many rules. Your threats are over the top. What you have done is make an empty threat and taught your child to misbehave.

Your rules overstep your parental boundaries. But rules about personal issues -- for example, what instrument the child should take up -- may not be appropriate.

For instance, music with violent or demeaning lyrics may strike parents as something to set rules about. Your love is conditional or your words make it sound that way. Darling says you should s things like, "I always love you, but I expect you to behave in this way," or, "I know you can do better. Even if your tone is measured, your words matter. Work alongside them instead.

You are always the cop, nag, monitor, or reminder. Your child leaves you out. You can get your kids to do things that you like them to do, but they are not opening up to you about the things that make them anxious or uneasy.

If children do ask for return play dates, and other kids talk to you and approach you, you have made your house a home that kids want to be in. Your child is seen and not heard. Your child is all work and no play. Taffel says, "Kids need comfort time and downtime to synthesize what they have learned. You are the only one. But if you choose to do it anyway, I may keep a closer watch on you because of my concerns. The rules are the rules, no questions asked. But there also needs to be some wiggle room in special situations.

If you are authoritarian not authoritative. Authoritative parents set clear expectations and can be hard on their kids. An authoritative parent is age-appropriately controlling and also warm. You are as cold as ice. The problem, she says, is "when you are tough and cold.

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