What does it mean when someone says would you hook up with me

I had to leave the U. Saying that, some men can be huge D bags. Who knows how many women he has cheated with. Heck if I know. I did tell him that someday his girl will find out and he will hurt her and he needs to give her the love, care, and respect she deserves. I doubt he will listen to me.

His girl deserves better. If I tell a girl I love her I try to show it, and I like to think that love should be something you DO, more then what you feel.

Its a verb, not just a noun. Tempted to tell my friends girl the kind of guy she is dating. Not to move in on her, because that is wrong, although she is pretty, just because she deserves to know, and she deserves to be treated better than how she is being treated. Hi Itsme i dated a guy for 3 years tooo. I was really happy that he told me he loved me, he said it first. I am reeally happy that htere are other people out there ljust like me and is going through what I am going through.

But when I caught on and started to go GHOST, meaning like not answer phone calls, blocking him, just ignoring him completely, he got the message. I dont even care that i loved him so much. Good luck to the rest of you ladies!

Please, love yourself first. I mean really love yourself and care for yourself. It is better to be alone, then to loan a loser money, or get abused, yelled at, cheated on, etc. Hi Itsme Thats Common Sense.

After you have been abused, it alters your perception of life. Lying is a form of emotional abuse. Also shoving words of wisdom down peoples throats has never helped. Good attempt cmor Hate to say this, as a woman…but some women are pushy, demanding, and desperate for a boyfriend and put pressure on men. He would not give me closure at all. Man i was gutted, absolutley heartbroken.

He must of been a truly great actor because he really did have me fooled. So as he swans about all happy n stuff , im forever struggling to come to terms with whats happened. I loved that man with my all but it wasnt enough. Hi Itsme forget about him girl! Your better than that piece of bullcrap Shane I was recently dumped by a man in his 40s.

He came on strong from the start. Introduced me to people, met my kids, told me a month into it he loved me and felt he met someone special. Dating is not fun these days. He even offered friendship but sabotaged that also.

Every time I would express how hurt I felt or how I wanted answers he would block me. Would tell his woman friend conversations I have had with him. I have never used or abused anyone in my life. He never apologizes genuinely for any of his actions because he does it over and over. He never admits that all he has ever tried to do was make me look like the bad person.

I sense, not a lot of self love. We have to love ourselves first, before we can attract real, true love that is suited to us. Addicted to love I have this new boyfriend and we have ben dating only a few months and hees already saying i love you to but refuses to go in public with me.

Yet he introduces me to all his friends. This last week he was short on his rent so i loaned him money now he never calls or texts me anymore i feel like the biggest idoit….. Did he just say he loved me to use me? Probably because they are dating others too. Please, love yourself more. I thought we had something special. The storys would change weekly, in between all the Drama he would call and text things like I want to get married to you in Las Vegas.

I am done with you, your mind games and your lies about loving me. Why did you wait so long. Read your first paragraph over and over to yourself. Girlfriend Sneha All three boys of my life were bastards. Boys always play with emotion. You hate the assholes who pretended to know what love is. Renae After 3 years my boyfriend told me that he never loved me, he was using me, and that he hates me more than anything.

He has told me he loved many times. Not even to respond to me that I said it. He would even text me I love you at random times. This is really scary and that i did not pick up on this for over 3 years. He did things for me, bought things for me, and seemed like he cared. I am really scared that I will never know what love really is.

Especially when that is the only person that will be there in the end. And they never loved you or cared about you at all. Sarah Renae I am so sorry that this happened to you. I just ended a 3 year relationship to find out he was having unprotected sex with DOZENS of other women while psychologically and sexually abusing me, making me feel crazy for being suspicious when his stories were odd and when he would take forever to return a text. He claimed that his lies were to protect my feelings how about not doing the reprehensible deeds in the first place?!

And he said he meant it when he said he loved me, just like he means it when he tells his sister he loves her. It just means he cares. The truth is when a man tells a woman he loves her she believes him, she will let her guard down and be easier to control. She will be more agreeable, forgiving, understanding, will try to please and will agree to more sexually deviant behaviors. Men like this are sexual psychopaths and I found out mine had been arrested for rape when he was younger and he would initiate sex with my unconscious body waking me up in frozen fear.

Please seek counseling like I am doing so that you will be able to trust and love again. The world needs loving people like us to counterbalance the damage people like this do to our world. Be gentle with yourself. You did nothing to deserve this psychological abuse. Trusting the person who claims to love us is not a punishable offense. Sherry Diesel Men that are good, do buy them, as a way of letting you know he is in love or interested.

Mari Arroyo That is so awful. Sorry to hear this happened to you. Not cmor Probably not. Sherry Diesel He may have. I had a steady boyfriend yrs ago, and we broke up, dated others, but got back together.

We still love each other, years later, but not with one another.

What Does It Mean To "Hook Up" With Someone? Swap that saliva. You meet someone you vibe with and next thing you know you're hooking up! But what does "hooking up" actually even mean? Is it. Feb 03,  · Best Answer: When I say, I wanna hook up with you, it means hang out/get together. Another scenerio would be, getting hooked up/setup with someone you're interested in yeah, as in on a date. (an example: you should hook me up with your hot friend) I've never heard hook up put in any other way but Status: Resolved.

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