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The Custom is the guitar he is generally associated with. Gibson has also produced two Billie Joe Armstrong Signature Les Paul Junior models one double cutaway, and one single cutaway as well as a very limited run of signature acoustic guitars.

Since his death, Gibson has discontinued all Chet Atkins models and Gretsch has resumed the manufacturing and distribution of the Chet Atkins line. Beck told an interviewer: The guitar was given to him in by Peter Green.

This was the guitar Bloomfield used as a member of the Electric Flag, and on the Super Session album and concerts. Its whereabouts today are unknown. His main Les Paul model was refinished in an opaque orange to resemble the Gretsch guitars played by his hero Eddie Cochran. His main guitar was a lates non-reverse Firebird. Brian Carroll uses several Les Pauls custom-made by Gibson which feature oversized bodies, fret necks, DiMarzio pickups and his trademark kill switch.

They are usually all white. He is also known to own a modified Les Paul custom in Alpine White with gold hardware. Cantrell used this guitar on all of the Alice in Chains albums [15] and on his solo record Degradation Trip. He also added Bigsby B5 vibrato assemblies to both guitars. He later gave this guitar to his friend George Harrison , who dubbed the guitar with the nickname "Lucy". Starting in late , he also occasionally used a double-cutaway Les Paul Junior.

Gibson produces a Duane Eddy Signature model. Entwistle also used an EB-2 bass during the early days of The Who. Gibson made a "Tal Farlow" model in their Artist Model series beginning in Gibson has produced two completely different Signature models for him.

Garland also played an ES and an electrified L We accumulated dozens of guitars, but nothing quite matched her. But instead of tossing these other acquisitions away, they kept accumulating. He used a Gibson ES during this period. Green bought and used it in almost every notable recording he made from to Gibson currently produces an Arlo Guthrie Signature model.

Woody Guthrie used an L-0 and a Southern Jumbo. Gibson has replicated his model including his famous "this machine kills fascists" sign. His main guitar for many years was a Goldtop. Jim Hall used Gibson guitars for over 20 years. Justin Hayward The Moody Blues has used a ES with a factory-installed Bigsby vibrato tailpiece for virtually his entire career.

Gibson also gave him two guitars in , a custom Flying V and an ES both left-handed models. Gibson has released an "inspired by" Flying V replicating his Flying V including the psychedelic floral design which Hendrix himself had hand painted on the original.

Both are part of the Joe Kessler Collection. Jabs also owns several Les Pauls as well as a Moderne. Also uses the ES during live performances. He has also endorsed the Epiphone equivalents. Gibson produced a "Barney Kessel" model in their Artist Model series in King has used many different Gibson models, including an ES-5 and an ES early in his career; later he began using thinline hollow-body ES and semi-hollow aka "semi-acoustic" models ES and ES Also used an ES in some live performances.

This custom shop model has got his birthdate as the serial number. He also plays a sunburst Les Paul. Lee played the J during the Concert For George. The guitars are usually kept under lock and key. He refers to it a "No. In the mids Gibson issued a limited-edition "Lonnie Mack" model of the guitar. He named his album Firebird V11 after that instrument. Frank Marino has used s Gibson SG guitars throughout his entire career. The guitar is buried with him in his mausoleum.

Pat Martino uses a Pat Martino Signature model. Paul McCartney owns a rare left-handed Les Paul Goldtop [92] Like many players, McCartney has replaced the fragile original tuning machines with a more modern sturdy set. There is also photographic evidence of him using a Firebird VII fitted with a Bigsby vibrato, which appears to be a right-handed non-reverse model refitted as left-handed. Bill Monroe , the "Father of Bluegrass," used a Lloyd Loar -signed Gibson scroll-top F5 mandolin, making it the reference standard for bluegrass mandolinists.

He was also vocal about his fondness for the Explorer, which he used in his later solo career. Elvis Presley appeared frequently in concert and films playing a JN, which he had inlaid with his name in Since an ebony ES has been among his favourite stage guitars, along with a white ES that he unveiled in Number 1 was a modified model; Numbers 2 and 3 were block-inlay Flying Vs; and Number 4 was a mids white Flying V.

Schenker has over 70 vintage and collectible Flying Vs along with several Custom Shop limited editions including a doubleneck Flying V. Neal Schon Journey uses a heavily modified Les Paul, including a Floyd Rose locking tremolo, custom electronics and sustainer unit. He has also used an EDS Gibson continues to produce the design as the LeGrande. Chris Spedding , a top British session guitarist of the s is well known for playing a Flying V. He then switched to an ES for the latter part of New Order and still uses this today.

Gibson has released a Custom Shop version of this guitar. It was stolen in September She also used a white SG. Johnny Thunders used Les Paul Juniors. Gibson produced a Townshend Signature model SG based on the guitar he played on at Woodstock in It was a limited edition and discontinued in For acoustic work Townshend has consistently used SJs.

Walsh was known for "hot-wiring" the pickups on these guitars to create his trademark "attack" sound. He uses a J as his primary acoustic guitar, but has also used a B string as well.

More recently he has acquired a J Everly Brothers signature model. West also used an SG and a Flying V. White has been nicknamed "Gold Top" due to his longtime use of the model. Custom made in , it has blonde finish and gold hardware with a Bigsby B-7 tremolo. In the original guitar neck was broken and replaced with a neck from an ES His most recent signature, the "Zakk Wylde BFG" Les Paul is essentially a stripped down version of his custom bullseye Les Pauls, available in bullseye and buzzsaw finishes.

He also has a coffin shaped signature guitar produced by Epiphone called the "Graveyard Disciple" it is equipped with a Floyd Rose tremolo. Young also has two other Goldtops, one which has modifications similar to "Old Black", the other a stock original. An ES was his main guitar on his tour. Zappa usually heavily modified his guitars to include preamps, balanced outputs for studio work, and later, Fernandes sustainers.

gibson melody maker usa made(not for sale) here we have a balst of the past vintage gibson melody maker. guitar is all original,its shows lots of natural aged finish cracks all over the body,this is a true relic,nothing artificial,1 single coil pickup,wrap around bridge,its a shortscale,it plays very nice,and sound really great. Rare Guitars - part of my Collection: Gibson Flying V Custom-so fabulous to play:Guild SA-D a real rocker-supposedly once owned by Dave Hill of Slade Hamer Studio Mint Unplayed-two Seymour Duncan '59 pickups.

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