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The majority of our rootstocks are produced by commercial nurseries and for this reason are not organically grown. We do have a small number each year that are home grown in our stool beds these are designated in the catalogue by the code OR organic rootstock.

It should be noted that without exception unless the grower produces their own rootstock all fruit trees will begin their life from this commercially produced source irrespective of who the grower or organization may be.

Rootstocks used for our trees. Resistance to Wooly Aphids is excellent. Produces trees to m. Produces trees that crop earlier and heavier than Northern Spy. Produces tree to 6m. Good for most soils except poor draining sites. M26 Dwarf fruit tree growing from m. Recommended for small gardens or for espaliering Hardier and quicker growing than M9. M9 Dwarf fruit tree growing to 3m.

Suits well drained, fertile soils. Not suitable for heavy clay soils. Quince varieties Grafted onto Quince BA29 rootstock. Size and pricing inc GST All apple, plums, peaches, quinces and non inter-stocked pears are as follows: Ordering is done by emailing us specifying what you want ie variety and root stock. Local purchasers will have the opportunity to pick up their orders free of charge from the Whangarei Growers Market in July times will be posted.

We accept no responsibility for incorrect labelling. What age and form? We supply mainly one and two year old trees. Older fruit trees become increasingly difficult to transplant. Depending on the variety some have branches to use the technical term are feathered maidens while others have little of no branching maiden whips. Maidens have had a little or no formative pruning. Two year old trees will usually have a well developed branch structure.

It is a common misconception amongst the general public that size really does matter! It is for these reasons we do not send out containerized trees.

This is not to say that transplanting at different times of the year cannot be successful but the extra work involved and the added risk of failure is not worth it. Plan out when the trees need to arrive at your property and have your holes dug well in advance of that time, remember….

It also enables the tree to have a mulch or living mulch around the tree. Very juicy, sharp distinctive flavour. Quite early and stores a few weeks. Anna ,,,NS,m26 Low chilling selection originally from Israel.

Large apple light greenish skin with slight red blush, sweet, slightly tart, crisp and creamy. Self fertile ripens late June. This attractive tree bears crops equally stunning, medium-sized apples.

Found in the s near Stockholm, Sweden by E. Lindgren and introduced by him in the early s. Fruit has a yellow skin, splashed with crimson, and a cream-white — sometimes slightly pink — flesh. Fruit is crisp and tart, with good juice and flavor, ideal for ciders, cooking, baking, and fresh-eating. Jonathan or any Golden Delicious.

Ripe towards the end of April. Cooked it is excellent. The fruit will store for several months after maturity without needing refrigeration. Ballarat is very vigorous. A high-quality dessert apple with smooth yellowish-orange skin mostly covered with bright red and deep carmine striping.

The yellow flesh is fine-grained, crisp and juicy. Black Prince , Mid-late season. Large size with dark flesh. Dessert or cooking apple. Braeburn ,,NS Braeburn apples were discovered in as a chance seedling growing in O. The parentage of Braeburn apples is unclear, but both Lady Hamilton and Granny Smith apples were growing on nearby trees.

The apple is named after Braeburn Orchard, where it was first commercially grown. Williams Brothers nursery cultivated the Braeburn apple variety and introduced it to Washington apple growers in the s. Today, Braeburn is well-known as an all-purpose apple with a spicy sweet-tart flavor and crisp bite.

The fruit is streaked bright red and has some russeting. The flesh is sweet and juicy with a very good flavour. Reliable and regular crops that are ripe around early to mid March. From the Koanga collection. A seedling of Ribston pippin. A complex - some say perfect - blend of sugar, acid and aromatics is contained in juicy, tender, yellow flesh. Crisp eating apple that has a distinctive sweet flavour with enough acid to give the tang needed for culinary purposes.

The skin is greenish yellow with red stripes. The flesh is golden. Ripens in February and keeps well. Very popular world wide and deservedly so. Early strawberry Golden Delicious type flavour and texture. A small very sweet early apple ripening Christmas to late Feb. Green - yellow skin with bright red streaks when ripe benefits from fruit thinning.

A very old variety. The tree has an upright, compact habit so is suitable for container growing. Spur bearing mid season. Ein Shemer Low chill selection from Israel. Large golden delicious type, crisp, tart, good quality flesh. Self fertile, ripens mid June to early July after Anna.

A small medium if thinned , dry skinned, light golden yellow slightly russet streaked apple. The flesh is crisp, very juicy, and light yellow. It is sweet and moderately rich flavored. However, the outstanding flavor component is a distinct anise flavor. Some have compared the flavor to Benedictine liqueur. The anise component becomes stronger the longer the apple is left on the tree, and varies with seasonal climatic conditions.

Named after Lord Freyberg. Outstanding flavour sweet to very sweet with a cocktail of flavours. Fine and juicy texture and creamy white, aromatic flesh.

Hangs well and continues to develop flavour even when very ripe. Rosy red blushed skin. Creamy fine textured flesh, crisp, sweet and juicy. Matures in mid season. Heavy red striping over golden skin, a beautiful apple. Gala is a precocious bearer. Giant Geniton , ,NS,m26 Versatile variety, a reliable and heavy cropper that keeps well.

It has green skin turning very pale yellow with red streaks when ripe. It can be used for cooking in February or eaten as a dessert apple when harvested April onwards. Very similar to a tree ripened Granny Smith but smaller and redder when ripe. Very healthy tree, the fruit needs to be removed in early years so the tree can get some size. One of the early apples planted around the North that have been preserved and taken care of because of their successful growing.

A cross of Golden delicious and Gravenstein. Excellent keeper 3 months or more under refrigeration. However, the two varieties are not related.

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