This Woman Got Styled By Six Different Ladies And Here's How She Looked

“You look like Michelle Obama!”

This is Niki. She’s a video producer at BuzzFeed, and she loves wearing flannel the way dolphins love making clicking noises.

This is Niki. She's a video producer at BuzzFeed, and she loves wearing flannel the way dolphins love making clicking noises.

Niki describes her style as comfortable and efficient, and she tries not to spend too much money.

Niki Ang/BuzzFeed

And while Niki loves her look, she thought it’d be cool to see what she might look like if her friend-os, the women of Ladylike, each took a turn dressing her. And here’s how it went:

BuzzFeedYellow / Via

Safiya went first, and she was determined to glam Niki up.

Safiya went first, and she was determined to glam Niki up.


Saf dressed Niki in a black body-con dress with an attached choker, a bomber jacket with tigers on it, some heeled boots, and winged eyeliner.

Saf dressed Niki in a black body-con dress with an attached choker, a bomber jacket with tigers on it, some heeled boots, and winged eyeliner.

Macey J. Foronda/BuzzFeed

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What is Engineering?  Different Types of Engineering Degrees

What is Engineering?

Engineering is a very old course that most of the student choose this for our career to take the higher position. Engineering is about infrastructure.  Engineers are known as create building and vehicle.   Now engineering is spread a acknowledge of technology.  Engineering opens up opportunities to creates technology that live your life easier. Engineers are making your life easier or easier. Engineers are shaping the future by applying their skills make everything easy to use. You can apply technology to make a great product that will help you live happily and make work easier.  Now days most of the student choose engineering to make a great career .

Engineering is the application or course of knowledge to solve the problems in the real world. While chemistry, science, physics, biology allows us to gain an understanding the life problem and solve them with a skill of engineering. They create many product that will help you in daily life to work more easy.

Engineering covers many different types of activity 

Engineers make the product and that will help to you make life easy. Engineers use their skill or design  to create solutions to the  world’s problemsEngineers product that will help to build the great future. Engineers work in every area that affects human life – including biomedical engineering, medical, electronic and searches new materials for replacement the old product. Engineers make high-performance sports fabrics, gadgets,  new electronic displays.

 Different Types of Engineering Degrees –

Engineering is an application that will help the student make a bright future. Engineered are get paid high salary in a company or any area of the work or job.  Engineers find various colleges and university that will provide great placement and top level education. India has lost of engineers colleges. Top 100 engineering colleges in India is best to make a future and career in an engineering field.   If you choose engineering for make a great career you have various choice to choose different types of engineering degree.

Today a lots number of engineering degrees are in an education field. The student chooses lots of the stream to with our interested area or field. There are now six major branches of engineering: Geotechnical, Civil, Management,  Chemical, and  Mechanical, Electrical, and various different subcategories of engineering under each branch.

1. Online Engineering Degrees

2.  Mechanical Engineering Degrees

3. Biomedical Engineering Degrees

4. Automotive Engineering Degrees

5. Civil Engineering Degrees

6. Architecture Engineering Degrees

7. Electrical  Engineering Degrees

8. Computer Engineering Degrees

9. Chemical Engineering Degrees

10. Material science engineering degree

11. Engineering Management Degrees

12. Geotechnical Engineering Degrees


When  Student take admission in any of the streams they will first think about the future or career. Which stream is best for him/her that make a great career. Which stream is good for taking the best placement in the company. When you see a scope of engineering it is pointed out the growth of the career and opportunity of getting a job in the professional company or government sectors. We share information about the growth or scope of the engineering.  There are the various scope and job opportunity in all engineering fields.

You want to be a good engineer because you want to build a great product and things that will help you and world to do work more easily. Every engineering field involves various creative activity that will hep student to make a great future. In engineering college student do some  creative work, and make great or high-level projects

The Top 10 Benefits of Becoming an Engineer 

If a student chooses to do engineering that makes a sound good. Engineering offers a great career for any stream of the engineering. In engineering student can use the mind to find a solution’s of any problems.Engineers find out the real world challenges and the problem that will increase to find creative solutions. Engineering offers to opportunities that will make an engineering career.

1. Engineers have a  Job Satisfaction because that are offers carious job opportunity in professional company.

2. Engineering has various Variety of Career Opportunities

3. Engineers get more hard and  Challenging Work

4. Intellectual Development

5. Engineers make product that will  Beneficial for  Society

6.Professional Environment

7. Financial Security

8. Creative Thinking

9.  Prestige

10. Technological and Scientific Discovery

The Most Annoying Airline Passenger Is …

The results are in. Out of all the bad behaviors, from boozing it up to bad parenting to excessive chatting and being a stinky seat mate, one draws the most ire: rear seat kicking.

According to a study released on Tuesday by travel giant Expedia, rear seat kickers are the most annoying airline passenger – a dubious distinction they’ve now earned for the third year in a row.

They beat out inattentive parents, ‘aromatic’ passengers, seat recliners and more in the fourth annual Expedia Airplane Etiquette Study. The survey was based on feedback from just over 1,000 Americans aged over 18. John Morrey,’s vice president and general manager, said in a press release:

As we embark on 2017, millions and millions of people will be taking to the air this year, and should know that there’s no better gift you can give to a fellow traveler than respect and generosity. The Airplane Etiquette study shows that small acts of decorum can go a long way. After all, as it relates to flights, we are quite literally all in this together.

The Stats

The “Rear Seat Kicker” was outed as the most aggravating passenger by 64 per cent of Americans, beating out “Inattentive Parents” (59 per cent), those who were defined as “parents who have no control over, or pay no attention to, their crying, whining or misbehaved children.”

Those with bad hygiene or who had drenched themselves in perfume or cologne, dubbed “Aromatic” passengers, were the third least-liked, drawing 55 per cent of the vote. The “Audio Insensitive” (a passenger who listens to their music or talks loudly) and the “Boozer”, that person who is drunk and disruptive on a flight, were next, with 49 per cent of survey respondents nominating them as annoying.

The neighbor who strikes up an uninvited conversation with their seat mate and won’t stop was also maligned, frustrating 40 per cent of fliers.

But while the survey found plenty of contempt for bad behavior, many people were reluctant to put the kibosh on it. It found 62 per cent wouldn’t handle an issue directly themselves, preferring a flight attendant to sort out the issue. But a whopping 33 per cent of respondents said they would simply endure the behavior in silence.

One in ten respondents would “confront a misbehaving passenger directly,” while 13 percent would record the offending behavior via their phone camera. And five percent would turn to social media: 3 percent would “shame a fellow passenger’s behavior via social channels,” while 2 percent would simply “tweet about it”.

But it’s not all bad news

The survey also found 79 per cent feel that fellow passengers are generally considerate of one another. It also found not all behavior onboard was bad, with four in 10 fliers reporting having helped another passenger with luggage. Also, 28 per cent said they had offered up their seat to someone else.

Why are people so badly behaved on planes?

Dale Archer, M.D., a clinical psychiatrist and the author of Better Than Normal: How What Makes You Different Can Make You Exceptional, explains in this blog in Psychology Today:

Simple, we are becoming a nation of rude narcissists. Basic, decent behavior has been lost with day-to-day living in a smartphone, computer screen world where reality stars serve as role models. The sense of entitlement and privilege is exemplified by the thought: “I want to do what I want, when I want…. and I will!”

Now we know who are the most annoying plane passengers, and what drives some of their behavior, the bigger question is: how do you deal with them? As much as you’d like to just jam your seat back suddenly during meal time and “accidentally” knock over their juice and sandwich, that’s not the best approach.

The first thing you should do is talk to a flight attendant. Don’t sit there in silence. Remember, you also have a right to enjoy your flight. See if it’s possible to be moved to a different seat. If that’s not possible, hopefully the passenger has taken some advice from the flight attendant. If not, all you can do is keep your cool. You’ll have to stay seat mates with the offending passenger. Take the high road, try to defuse the situation and don’t make it worse. Remember, this situation isn’t forever and you’ll soon be off the plane.

Annoying passenger rankings

The full list of aggravating passenger behavior according to the Expedia study*:

  1. The Rear Seat Kicker (cited by 64 per cent of respondents)
  2. Inattentive Parents (59 per cent)
  3. The Aromatic Passenger (55 per cent)
  4. The Audio Insensitive (49 per cent)
  5. The Boozer (49 per cent)
  6. Chatty Cathy (40 per cent)
  7. The Queue Jumper (35 per cent)
  8. Seat-Back Guy (35 per cent)
  9. The Armrest Hog (34 per cent)
  10. Pungent Foodies (30 per cent)
  11. The Undresser (28 per cent)
  12. The Amorous (28 per cent)
  13. The Mad Bladder (22 per cent)
  14. The Single and Ready to Mingle (18 per cent)

The study was commissioned by Expedia and carried out by GfK, an independent global market research company.

* Survey respondents were given the option of choosing more than one answer.

What do you think of this study? Is the Rear Seat Kicker the most annoying flyer? Perhaps you think other flyers like the Inattentive Parents or the The Boozer are worse? Let us know your thoughts and comments below. If you enjoyed this story, please share.

New Year – New Truck? Top Four Best Pickups

Ford boasts that the top seller for 2017 and the past 39 years is the F-150. The 2017 F-150’s are claimed to be the best ever in their lineup with a starting MSRP of $26,730 for the XL pickup only having 4 x 2 drive train, with estimated MPG at 18-24. The attributes are impressive torque, capability and good fuel economy.  Ford is now offering tailgate and box side steps making access to the cargo box a breeze. Keep in mind everything you add jacks the price up, and if you have your heart set on these amenities right out of the gate, that gives your sales person room to work their magic by dancing you through higher priced add-on items to the basic bare bones MSRP making that monthly payment skyrocket. Make sure you know what comes standard and what does not, including the total prices of all the options tacked on. Tonneau covers, running boards etc. are usually not included in the price of even higher end models like the King Ranch, Platinum and Raptor.

Chevrolet claims fame in their proven power and performance full size pickup trucks like the Colorado and Silverado. Chevy has made some bold muscular changes to their front end on the Silverado, a more sculpted hood and signature LED lighting accents. They boast about their world class EcoTec3 engines that offer impressive V8 fuel economy. However, I believe it was noted that their claims regarding their steel truck beds vs. the Ford aluminum beds weren’t exactly tested fairly. Anyone observing their video of the competition product testing would have to see this for themselves. I personally can’t imagine any truck owner having cement cinder blocks dumped into their unprotected/unlined pickup bed. Landscape blocks such as those are usually loaded on a pallet.

All Chevy Silverado lines have phased out 6-speed transmissions and been upgraded to 8-speed automatic. They have added some new cool colors in the premium finish line like deep ocean blue and Siren red.  MSRP for the 2017 Silverado 1500 is $27,585 and would obviously cost much more if you purchased it with any other options other than the bare bones items included. The estimated MPG on this Chevy mirrors the stats of the Ford F-150.

Dodge Ram 1500 Express Quad Cab 4 x 4 is very popular but has a higher MSRP of $35,795 for a V-8 automatic. Anything that is not included as standard in whatever model you are looking at will drive that price up higher than you may want to pay for what should be included for a $35,000 truck and is not. Obviously whatever you use your truck for dictates what you have to have as opposed to what you want to have. Be wise and prudent in the choices on your wish list and don’t be talked into pretty stuff you could add later at your own pace. If you plan to tow with your truck, the GVW rate on the 1500 Express is 6,800 lbs. If you want 4-corner air suspension, it will cost you another $1715 while tacking on another $27/month to your truck payment.  These are all examples of things to consider.

Let’s explore a bit higher on the truck lineup.  The GMC Sierra 1500 Denali premium pickup has a starting MSRP of $52,155. It’s considered a light duty truck with a full size pickup design, signature Denali accents, distinctive lighting and a sculpted front end with bold lines. It’s a beauty for sure. The maximum GVW on this one is  9,300 lbs.  Price hikers include the 3.23 rear axle ratio, bed steps and tonneau cover. Obviously the larger the truck bed, the larger the price tag, so be careful not to get a huge truck bed if you won’t be hauling large amounts of cargo. All weather floor mats are a really good investment and I am pro-floor protection all the way, but are they necessary the day you drive out of the dealership? No, especially if you won’t be adding passengers right away.

Buying a new truck can be an exciting venture and so worth all the confusion and information. Do your homework and trust your salesperson if you have had successful transactions with that person or dealership in the past. I welcome your comments below, or feel free to cruise on over to and check out the add-ons we have to help you personalize your new or older ride. I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have, and I value all opinions of truck enthusiasts. Got a birthday coming? Your loved one can get you a Gift Certificate from Truck World for the things you wanted on that new pickup, but wisely waited to add later.

Easy Solution to Call Customer Care Centers of Your Favorite Brands

With growing dependencies upon various devices and the online purchase facilities, modern day people have to depend on the customer service teams extensively. However, how draining is it as a task to successfully put a query is not hidden to anyone.A contemporary human is too dependent upon various technologies and services.

Especially, since the emergence of the e-commerce or online purchasing facilities, such dependencies have grown a lot. On the other hand, it’s a fact at the same time that more are the products, more service center numbers one has to remember or note down.

No doubt, remembering such numbers is one of the daunting tasks possible on the earth. Some might claim that as most of the products or brands come with their own customer support calling app, one doesn’t need to remember all these numbers. But, how many apps would one install on his device?

It won’t be wrong to claim that starting from toilet cleaning to set-up box repair, modern day human is dependent upon the individual service providers for almost every service. And, installing one app for all these might slow down the device itself. On this context, how would it be to have a single app with the facility to access a whole range of customer service providers from a single point!

Good news is that the modern day technology has well understood the need of a single platform to access a whole range of customer services from anywhere, anytime, through fingertip.

It’s not all about remembering too many numbers or installing a plethora of apps. Rather, wastage of time is one of the prime concerns behind making customer queries through the phone.

Undoubtedly, most of the companies offer toll-free numbers to connect with their customer care number. But, one needs immense patience, and a bit of luck as well, prior deciding to call toll free number helpline.

Sometimes you might have to wait for long hours for your call to connect, and the other times the processing of such calls from one department to the others consume too much of your valuable time.

Well, the good days are back for the android and iOS users. Apps have been developed for these users that can act as a complete platform to access all their customer care number from one point, anytime, anywhere.

Moreover, they can schedule a call as per their convenience. Through the process, the customer care team will call them only on their scheduled time. In short, you don’t need to wait for those hectic processes of staying in line or the delays.

The only assured part about the customer care facility is the toll-free number helpline. Otherwise, nothing else remains under the control of the customer/caller. You can never guarantee that your call will be processed, or your queries will be solved at the first attempt itself.

You keep on calling through the toll-free numbers, and it keeps on putting you on a wait. Though it doesn’t cost you money, it does cost your time that is more valuable.

Even if it gets connected, there is no guarantee for your query to be completed. These processes involve various steps or formalities; you will have to connect with various other links. Mistakenly even, if your call is disconnected anyway, you do have to repeat the entire process.

It’s a fact that many companies or service providers are coming with free customer care calling app facilities. But, through such apps, one can connect with the customer care of only the concerned company.

On this context, with growing private service dependencies of modern day humans, it’s not really a suitable option to install so many apps.

It’s not even a favorable suggestion to remember all these helpline support numbers; it might be a complete book itself. In short, the only option remained is to have an app that can offer the facility of connecting with all the customer support teams.

Interesting here is to mention that the apps have been already developed, through which one can handle all his/her customer care affairs. These apps are like a complete directory of all brands and their customer care numbers.

You can connect with any of the customer service team, anytime, from the directory itself. The best part, one can schedule a call as per his/her suitability with any customer support brand he/she wishes.

It means you don’t need to go through that hectic processing or call waits. Especially, these apps are currently available for iOS and android platforms.

Moreover, they can schedule a call as per their convenience. Through the process, the customer care team will call them only on their scheduled time. In short, you don’t need to wait for those hectic processes of staying in line or the delays.

The only assured part about the customer care facility is the toll-free number helpline. Otherwise, nothing else remains under the control of the customer/caller. You can never guarantee that your call will be processed, or your queries will be solved at the first attempt itself.

You keep on calling through the toll-free numbers, and it keeps on putting you on a wait. Though it doesn’t cost you money, it does cost your time that is more valuable.

Even if it gets connected, there is no guarantee for your query to be completed. These processes involve various steps or formalities; you will have to connect with various other links. Mistakenly even, if your call is disconnected anyway, you do have to repeat the entire process.

It’s a fact that many companies or service providers are coming with free customer care calling app facilities. But, through such apps, one can connect with the customer care of only the concerned company.

On this context, with growing private service dependencies of modern day humans, it’s not really a suitable option to install so many apps.

It’s not even a favorable suggestion to remember all these helpline support numbers; it might be a complete book itself. In short, the only option remained is to have an app that can offer the facility of connecting with all the customer support teams.

Interesting here is to mention that the apps have been already developed, through which one can handle all his/her customer care affairs. These apps are like a complete directory of all brands and their customer care numbers.

You can connect with any of the customer service team, anytime, from the directory itself. The best part, one can schedule a call as per his/her suitability with any customer support brand he/she wishes.

It means you don’t need to go through that hectic processing or call waits. Especially, these apps are currently available for iOS and android platforms.

Diagnosing a Countertop Dishwasher Leak: 4 Things you Should Check First

Serious problems may result due to leaks from your countertop dishwasher. If it’s leaking where you can see it, then you might have a bigger problem than just a wet floor or countertop. Mildew and mold are two problems that could develop because of residual moisture in the surrounding areas of your washer. If you don’t address them quickly, mildew and mold can spread throughout your home which can result in serious health issues, especially if you have a baby; this is why it is vital that you fix all leaks coming from your dishwasher. Below are some steps you can take to diagnose a leaking countertop dishwasher. 

Step 1 – Check the Gaskets

The first thing you want to do is check and see if the rubber gasket that is installed around the door is dry rotted or cracked. If is dry rotted or cracked, this may be where the leak maybe coming from. To determine if it is the door’s gasket, start with visually inspecting it for any tears. If you cannot see anything, try using a small piece of newspaper or note paper and place it between gap along the top of the door. Then close the door on the paper and try to pull the paper out of the door gently. If you find that the paper does not come out with slight pulling pressure, open the door and slide the paper over a little. Close the door and repeat trying to slide down the length of the gasket and do so going all the way around. If the gasket for the dishwasher door is good, pulling the paper out should not be easy.

Step 2 – Inspect the Water Supply and Return Lines

 I spoke earlier of two lines running to and from your washer: the supply and return lines. They’re about 1 to 1.5 inches thick. Now that you have access to them, run your hand over the exterior to see if you can feel a wet spot. Also, search around the counter and floor for evidence of leaks. If you do find wet spots in these areas, make sure the hoses are securely fit to their connecting points. If they are not, tighten them. Additionally, look for punctures in the lines. Doing so will help you isolate which hose is bad. Any damage will call for a replacement.

Step 3 – Check to Ensure no Leaks at Pump or Inlet Valve

The Inlet valve let’s water into the tub, and the pump distributes and drains the water. The valve rests on top of the water inlet line near the bottom of the washer. If you find the line at the pump corroded, this could be where the leak is. There’s a seal in the pump you want to check also. Remove the pump to inspect it, but also examine the pump housing to see if it is cracked. If so, replace the entire pump assembly.

Step 4 – Check the Water Level

Your washer will leak if the water level inside the dishwasher is too high. With no dishes loaded, turn your dishwasher on and let it run until it pauses during the wash cycle. Open the front door when you hear the water stop running. The water should be slightly below the door ledge. If it is coming past the ledge or just about to, check the spray arms at the bottom of the washer for clogged ports; this might stop the water from draining properly.

Another thing you might want to check is the plastic float in the bottom of the washer. If it is damaged or not operating correctly, it will not send the signal to the inlet valve to close. Lastly, and this should be first, check to make sure you are not overloading the dishwasher. Consult your owner’s manual for the proper loading procedures for your washer.

The steps provided are not the final solution, but they are the most common ones found in a leaking countertop dishwasher. If your washer still leaks after trying these inspection tips, you might want to call the customer hotline or a plumber.

25 Amazing Things about Mumbai

The sea breaks against the shore in rhythmic waves. The froth scatters, and somewhere, someone is nursing a dream. A dream that they wish to see to fruition. Amidst the huge imposing skyscrapers and long roads, millions of dreams like these materialise, and many don’t. The unsuccessful one’s sometimes let go, or persevere. Most of the time, they just keep working towards their dream. They say its because of Mumbai’s spirit.

India’s financial capital, a teeming bustling metropolis is home to many. People come to Mumbai to chase their dreams. They are attracted by the seemingly lucrative prospects in the film industry based here, or in the financial sector, or in any other sphere. For Mumbai is truly the land of dreams.

A city that has been in the limelight often, it is a jewel in India’s crown. A city where the one of the richest men in the world lives juxtaposed against one of the largest slums in South East Asia.

True to the much cliched adage, Mumbai never sleeps. Step out at any time, and you will be greeted by a flurry of sights sounds and smells. You may choose to follow the aroma of sumptuous Pav Bhaji, a Mumbai favourite, or you may choose to follow the sea breeze. Whichever direction you choose to head to, and there are multiple, you will be pleasantly surprised, because this city always manages to throw something new at you in terms of experiences.

Despite being one of the more expensive cities of the nation, Mumbai attracts a sizeable amount of the country and globe’s populace, both for work and leisure, for short duration or long.

India’s most revered cricketer, most prolific businessmen, and most loved film-stars. It is also the place which has spawned the most wanted of India’s underworld.

Such a vivid picture and such a multi-faceted experience is provided, you won’t know where to begin. Here are 25 of the most unique things that are inherently Mumbai.

  1. Mumbai was originally an island. 7 closely located islands, erstwhile Portuguese territories belonged to England, who, in the period from 1784-1845, combined these 7 islands to form a coastal city.
  2. It is the location of India’s most expensive home. Currently estimated to be around $ 1 billion in net worth, Antilla stands out amongst Mumbai’s skyscrapers. 27 floors make up this huge residential tower.
  3. In perfect contrast to Antilla stands Dharavi, the largest slum in Asia, also infamous since building a house here costs more than a whopping 3 lakhs. Slumdog Millionaire shot this slum into the limelight.
  4. Bagheera, Sher Khan, and Mowgli. These characters are etched into our memories. Rudyard Kipling was born in Mumbai, as was the controversial author of “The Satanic Verses”, Salman Rushdie.
  5. Harvard published a number of articles about these unsung heroes. Come rain or shine, they make sure that home made food is made available to the teeming working class, every day. The 5000 odd dabbawalas in Mumbai transport more than 130,000 lunch boxes every day. Nothing stops them. Not even Mumbai’s infamous rains.
  6. They walk in the shadows, equipped with nothing more than a crude hand held bag, and a long stick. Stalking out their prey, they strike with purpose, ridding the city of an ancient nuisance. Surviving on very meagre salaries, the Night Rat Killers of Mumbai, are employed by the city’s Municipal Corporation. They go about at night, stalking and killing vermin. The irony? If they catch less than 30 rats a night, they’re not entitled to their days wages.
  7. Mumbai is home to India’s largest Parsi population. This small community escaped persecution, and landed in Gujrat, spreading across the country. Their numbers are small, and their majority lives in Mumbai.
  8. Mumbai is home to Bollywood, India’s primary film industry. Crores of rupees are transacted, due to Bollywood. People love their movie stars, often giving them cult like status. Most of India’s most famous actors and actresses reside here.
  9. Picture this. A leopard stalking a feral pig, follows it into the dense undergrowth. It waits in the bushes, perfectly still. When the time comes to stalk, it starts following its prey. Like a scene straight out of Animal Planet, the leopard advances. Placing its hind foot exactly where the front foot was, it steadies itself. With one powerful leap, it launches itself, deftly lifting up a hapless piglet and disappearing into the undergrowth again. This isn’t a scene out of Africa. Leopards, often hunting outside the boundaries of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, in the heart of Mumbai, co-exist peacefully, with the residents of the neighbourhoods surrounding the parks.
  10. The Bandra-Worli sea link is an architectural wonder.Officially known as the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link, the 5.6 km stretch is an amazing drive. Made of 90,000 tons of cement and steel wire, it is truly a marvel.
  11. India’s first car owner, Jamshedji Nusserwanji Tata, lived here. He was at his time, India’s apex business tycoon and founder of the Tata Group, the first person to own a car in India, in 1901.
  12. Festivals are celebrated with great pomp and splendour in Mumbai. Ganesh Chathurthi, the most popular 10 day festival here, brings the entire city to the streets, dancing and rejoicing and making merry.
  13. A large number of flamingos, migrating from Afro-Eurasia parts, travel to Mumbai, between October and March. Birdwatchers will truly appreciate this phenomenon. It is quite unique, a bunch of migratory birds in an urban setting.
  14. India’s most advanced theme-park, Adlabs Imagica, located near Khopoli on the Mumbai-Pune highway, is India’s largest theme park spread over an area of 300 acres. Boasting of state of the art rides, adults and children are guaranteed fun here.
  15. The date 16th April 1853, is special. This day saw the first train movement in India. Comprising of 14 carriages and 400 passengers, the train left Bori Bunder (now CST), and reached Thane.
  16. Mumba Devi Mandir, is the temple at Bori Bunde, Mumbai, from which this city got its famous name.
  17. Marine Drive, India’s most famous beach, is located here. Vendors with various food items line this populous beach, where people converge, every evening, to spend a few hours in the sea-breeze.
  18. One of the oldest elevators in the city can be found in Navsarri Building in Fort. The wood panelled and crankshaft operated elevator, is a delight for those who love the vintage.
  19. The country’s only heritage toilet can be found at Bombay Dockyard. Allowing visitors in on a tour on the first Sunday of every month, this place houses the country’s only heritage toilet. In use since 1750, it was frequented by sailors of that era!
  20. The Bombay Electric Supply and Transport, the BEST bus, is India’s first bus service, started in 1905. Now operating a number of buses within city limits, it remains a popular mode of transport for the city’s residents.
  21. The 3rd best international airport in the world, the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, is truly a wonder. Equipped with advanced facilities, this airport is also one of the busiest in the world.
  22. India’s first 5 star hotel, the Taj Mahal Hotel, was founded here in 1903. Despite being the centre of a terrorist attack, it has risen to be an icon amongst India’s architectural and cultural marvels.
  23. The first inter-city railway, established between Mumbai and Surat, started operations in 1864, post its completion.
  24. 25% of the domestic, and 38% of the international air passenger traffic is handled by Mumbai!
  25. In the year 1832, at the residence of the junior magistrate of police at Byculla, the city’s first post office was opened.

Mumbai presents a unique experience for both novice and seasoned travellers. Tourist places in Mumbai are well maintained by the city’s civic body, and attract hordes of tourists every year. Those looking for luxury hotels in Mumbai will be pleasantly surprised at the sheer variety of accommodation and cuisines that this city offers. Mumbai Hotels are known for their hospitality and provide travellers with more than just a place to stay when they land in the Maximum City.

Why You Need to Stop Slouching This Very Second

Working in the office can be draining, but not necessarily challenging, to the brain. It requires continuous productivity for long hours. But what makes it difficult to someone is the fact that the body is kept at a single, unchanging position due to sitting for long hours which affects the body negatively.

Look around your office and see how bad the postures of your colleagues are. The most common scenario in every cubicle is an employee with their chests hunched over and head protruding with eyes glued to the computer monitor. Yes, you are unconsciously adapting the posture of a turtle, but without the shell.

Funny as it may seem, the increase in the number of people with bad posture is alarming. According to ACA Today, as much as 80% of Americans will experience back pain at some point in their lives. More than half of the US population will be affected by an avoidable back issue due to bad posture.

Negatives of Slouching

Whether slouching has any positive effect remains a mystery. But at this point, the negatives of slouching and its effect is overwhelming and extensive that they affect the physical, emotional, and even mental health of a person.

Here are some of the negative effects of slouching you need to know about:

You’re Hurting your Muscles and Bones

Okay, this may be a bit of a no brainer. Yes, slouching is bad for the muscles on your back. Slouching creates tension to your muscles that causes back pain often in the areas in the lower back. Furthermore, slouching also adds weight to your spine which creates or aggravates existing issues and damage on your back bone. 

Goodbye Proper Body Alignment

Let’s go back to the turtle pose that most employees do when sitting on their adjustable office chair. Look at your slouching colleague and see how they tend to lean to one side thus messing with the proper alignment of the spine.

Furthermore, spine alignment is also not one you can easily brush off as unimportant. According to Men’s Fitness, misaligned spine can bring tension to your jaw and even affect the ribcage. It can also subsequently damage the heart and lungs in the long run.

Bladder Leakage

Slouching might bring you to that undesirable situation of leaking down there with just a few sudden movements. As explained by She Knows, slouching can put more weight on the bladder and pelvic floor muscles causing them to weaken over time. It can further cause urinary incontinence.


Recent studies found that slouching can significantly affect a person’s perspective and mood. As reported by Daily Mail, a new study conducted with students as participants found that slouching has been linked to the decrease in energy levels and depression.

Aside from feeling down and low, people who slouch in the workplace were perceived as not important in the workplace. Slouching was also found to increase the risk of stress, acquiring disease and even death.

How to stop slouching

Check your Chair

Admittedly, slouching is a habit that’s not easy to stop. It isn’t like a switch that you can just turn on and off whenever and wherever. The key to better posture is to look at the things that make slouching easy, and eliminate them.

Is your chair for back pain effective in promoting better posture? Or is it making your bad habit easier to commit? If it’s not working for you then maybe it’s time to shift to another office chair for posture support.

Remind Yourself

Aside from changing your chair or investing on one that can help improve your posture, having a good chair is just half of the problem. You also need to remind yourself to maintain proper posture while standing up.

One good way to maintain proper posture while standing up is to keep your back straight but not stretched, relax your shoulders, and keep your chest out but not enough that your spine curves too much. One good trick is to imagine yourself as a puppet with the string on top of your head. Imagine someone pulling the string up so you need to extend your body according to the direction of the string.

Maintaining good posture can be extremely difficult especially if you’re one who has gotten used to slouching. It can be uncomfortable at first but once proper posture becomes a habit, it can make you look smarter and feel happier while eliminating its long term risks.

Make your Trip Comfortable with this Travel Guide to U.S

America is not just a superpower in terms of economy, technology, and military weapons. It is also a global force when it comes to size, natural beauty, and lifestyle brands. It is one country in the world that almost everyone, whether from an urban area or a remote area, has heard about it. People might not know other nations, but they can surely speak a word or two about America. Its global icons such as the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate, the White House, the Empire State, and the Hollywood sign are familiar to all. American brands such as Coca-Cola, Apple computers, hot dogs, and Levi’s jeans are so loved by the world that the turnover of the manufacturers of these brands is higher than the annual revenue of several small countries. It is a country potential of fulfilling every one’s dream provided the person is ready to use his or her mind and skills.

US visa information

Foreign nationals trying to visit the United States need a visa to pass the entry point check. They can only visit the United States without a visa if their home country has signed an agreement for U.S. Visa Waiver Program. In such case, an electronic passport for 90 days of visit has to be obtained. However, being qualified for the Visa Waiver Program doesn’t guarantee an admission to the U.S.  Some foreign nations still may be ineligible for admission to the U.S. In that case, they have to apply for a nonimmigrant visa minimum three months before the travel date.  In any case, holding a visa is not a guarantee that you will be allowed an admission to the country at the port of entry, be it the airport or the border. The decision to allow you an entry will rest with the immigration authority. You can check with about your eligibility and other terms and conditions for obtaining a U.S. tourist visa.

Places to visit in US

The United States is quite a big country. To visit the entire country, you will need lots of time and money. It is also not possible to talk about the places in this excerpt. However, you can still enjoy the diversity of its landscape by visiting a few famous regions. There is no need to travel and stay in big cities when there is a lot for you in small towns and cities. If you wish to start with an iconic city, then New York City is the best place to start your exploration with. This city is large and impressive in every sense. From its size to population, to culture, and finance, it has a vibrant history. There are several famous iconic structures in this city. You can call the New York City as the heart of America.  To see the entire city, you will at least have to stay here for some weeks.

If you move towards toward the north and explore the Mid-Atlantic region, beautiful landscapes and countryside hamlets will amaze you. This region too has big cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia and the famous sight popular as Niagara Falls. To the west is the Great Lakes where you can explore the lively cities such as Chicago and Minneapolis. Then, there are enchanting and less-explored lakeshores in cities like Michigan and Minnesota, where you can pack your bag and go for a picnic.

To get a feel of America’s history, visit Washington, D.C., the capital of U.S. Some of the most important and largest museums and monuments in the country are situated here. To the south of the Washington, D.C. is Virginia, which is nicknamed the tobacco country. One part of Virginia has an important historical background, whereas the other side of its west is famous for coal-mining and natural treasures.

If you admire the rugged natural beauty that are ideal for trekking and skiing, then the Montana’s Glacier National park and Sun Valley of Idaho. If you want to see the wonderland in America, then Alaska is a beautiful place where icy towers and great mountains will spellbound you.

U.S. attractions

The United States is like a huge canvas on which a melange of colorful scenery is painted. Every region, whether it is the Northeast, Midwest, South, or the West are strewn with breathtaking sights. Most of the incredible sceneries in the world are present in the vast land of the U.S. If time is the problem in exploring all the regions, here are a few U.S. attractions you can visit.

Grand Canyon:

Grand Canyon, USA

This natural wonder is in Arizona and is a result of over two billions of the continuous flow of the water from the Colorado River supported by its tributaries, cutting the rocks layer by layer, uplifting the Colorado Plateau and forming steep cliff walls and ledges. Visitors can stand on the rim of the canyon and look down a few miles below the canyon floor. They can also view the cliffs and ridges as far as their eyes can see. It is 446 km long, 29 km wide and 6093 feet deep.

Niagara Falls:

Niagara Falls, USA

Three waterfalls namely Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls flowing through the province of Ontario, New York, and Canada, merge and creates this gigantic waterfall called Niagara Falls. No waterfalls in the world spew as much of the water as the Niagara Falls. During the winter, the quantity of water flowing down is reduced since some quantity of water is used for producing hydroelectric power. However, no one can witness the difference.

Statue of Liberty:

Statue of Liberty,New York

This iconic statue is the universal symbol of freedom and the largest in the world. It is one of those symbols that the world instantly recognize it. It is installed in New York Harbor and stands 152 feet tall in height. You can view it from any points of the city. There are tickets in case you want to tour it from inside.

White House:

White House USA

This is another iconic building of the United State and the symbol of power. It is here where the most powerful person in the world – the President of America resides during his or her tenure. It was built twice – first in 1792 and then in 1818. You can take a tour of this influential official residence by booking a tour three weeks in advance.

Walt Disney World Resort:

Walt Disney World Resort

This is one of the top tourist attractions in the United States ideal for children, adults, and families. It is a huge amusement park that will easily take an entire week to enjoy all the attractions. There are theme parks, water parks, shopping centers, theaters, restaurants, and everything you would like to enjoy.

Hotels in U.S.:

Best Hotels in USA

No matter what the season is, the United States is thronged by visitors either for business or vacation purpose. You can find budget hotels, luxury hotels, and historic hotels in U.S. Even the cheapest hotels provide basic amenities as well as clean, and safe rooms. Such hotels are equipped with comfortable beds, TV, telephone, and an air conditioner. Though cheaper on rates, these hotels accept on-line reservation.

If you are traveling by a car and just need a room to rest for the night, the traditional motels along the highways are the best option. The motels may not be as good as compared to the hotels in cities, but they are affordable and can solve your purpose.

Best time to visit U.S.:

Traveling to the U.S. in a specific month of the year has its own advantage and disadvantage. For example, if you want to spend less on accommodation and want to avoid the crowd, then winter season from January to March is good for you. However, due to constant snowfall, access to tourist places are hampered. Anyway, you can enjoy lots of indoor activities in cities like Chicago and New York in the winter. If hiking and sailing are your choice of vacation, then visiting the southern region of the U.S. in the winter is best. Since the climate varies from region to region in U.S., the best time to visit can be decided accordingly. For this, take an advice from a destination management company that offer U.S. tourist visa services.

6 Big Moving Mistakes

1. You think you’ll be able to wing it or do it yourself

Oh, huge mistake. Even a move across the city could be terribly difficult and has to be planned in advance. There are a large variety of potential pitfalls – from personal injury or damage of your family belongings to sudden unexpected fuel costs. At the end, the move might not be as “cheap” or as amusing as you thought (that would be regarding the time you drop the TV on your foot or discover the truck is totally loaded however a 3rd of your home is still on the sidewalk). Provide yourself lots of time to analyse how you would like to move and find out everything that is concerned. Discuss with friends who’ve already moved and with professional movers to get the whole picture before you choose.

2. You have not got a moving quote

You have not got a moving quote

You don’t get a house or a car without knowing its price and therefore the same is valid for your move. Most of the movers offer 2 varieties of price estimates – “binding” or “nonbinding”. The ​“nonbinding” estimate offers you a view of the moving price, based on the mover’s quote (depending on the dimensions of your current house). You get the calculation in writing and might be charged 10% over the estimate. The “binding” kind is an official document that clearly describes the costs (they cannot be modified unless you request some add-on services – for example, the movers need to climb 3 flights of stairs they did not know about). Most specialists suggest that you just get 3 estimates and inquire about potential hidden fees. With today’s gas costs, there is no need a surprising fuel surcharge to blow your budget. You also do not wish to have the cheapest offer – there’s certainly a reason for this mover to be cheaper than others!

3. You have not checked the insurance

Whoops, that strong man simply drops a box of your favourite dishes. WHO has to pay now? Well, no one (or you), if your mover does not have an insurance. Verify it before starting the move. Your chosen mover could have some insurance however it can get only a fraction of your dishes or fancy TV’s price. Refer to your home insurance supplier to find what (when and where) is covered. Will your policy ensure moving and pieces in transit? If you do not assume you’ve got enough coverage, ​removal companies supply a big range of deals on extra insurance. You also have to find out if your mover has workers’ compensation insurance. Some agencies, with fewer than 5 employees, do not pay for that (and in this case, this will be your responsibility)!

4. You forgot that plants need special attention

Obviously, the vans are not convenient for plants transportation. Some movers will not handle plants, particularly if you are moving more than a hundred miles or crossing state lines. A couple of weeks before the move, remove the plants from your breakable pots (the movers will pack and transport those) into unbreakable ones. If it seems you cannot move your plants, give them to friends, a biological science class or local retirement home.

5. You have not packed a “survival kit”

Make sure you carry an individual “survival kit” with you in order to have a smooth move-in day (and night). What is included? Must-haves like scissors, your address book, a screwdriver, a map of your new area, a flashlight, a blanket, your favourite nightwear, toiletries, soap, a tin opener, tissue paper, coffee and some necessary medications for the entire family. Keep in mind to have enough cash in order to tip your movers and pay the food delivery (you will definitely need it)!

6. You have not cleaned your home

Accept it, there’re tonnes of things in your house that you simply haven’t used in years. However you will be paying to pack and move them, and after that you will be confronted to unpack them and find an area to store them, unused, for another couple of years. Not a good idea! Instead of that, arrange a recycle, reuse or regift weekend where everybody from the family gives the items they actually do not like or use. Give some things to charity, organise a garage sale or offer an item to the child next door. It’s going to save you time and stress during the move!